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Re: Can M-Commerce Ride Wi-Fi Coattails?
Posted by: Sarah Z. Sleeper 2002-11-19 15:30:42
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Wi-Fi, a technology that enables wireless Web access at speeds many times faster than a standard dial-up connection, is cropping up in coffee shops, airports and hotels. But despite Wi-Fi's increasing convenience, m-commerce, once seen as a promising way to sell goods, is unlikely to be a boon for retailers this holiday season -- or next, or the one after that. Why aren't consumers clamoring to place orders on the go?

Re: Can M-Commerce Ride Wi-Fi Coattails?
Posted by: juzliqan 2002-11-22 05:34:19 In reply to: Sarah Z. Sleeper
There is m-commerce and m-commerce - buying goods by browsing on your mobile is just one model out of many.
In Europe you can send person-to-person payments from your mobile, and buy goods in shops by authenticating yourself using your mobile handset. The key to these services is that they are quick and easy, and don't require fiddly and extended keypress sequences on a small mobile handset.
The future of m-commerce will not be to try to imitate fixed e-commerce on the mobile handset. It will instead be to offer new ways of making purchases, that simplify and speed up certain kinds of small, timely and repetitive transactions. Comparisons to fixed e-commerce are largely irrelevant.
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