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Re: The Future of 3D E-Commerce
Posted by: Lisa Gill 2002-11-05 16:30:02
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3D e-commerce is a pair of jeans seen from every angle. It is the ability to mix and match shoes, dresses, coats or belts; to explore the nooks and crannies of an entire home; and to capture the most realistic, detailed view possible. It is also entering the mainstream as companies strive to win consumers' hearts and pocketbooks by improving how products are displayed and how well potential customers can interact with items. Are customers ready?

3D E-Commerce and the Apparel Industry
Posted by: kolef 2003-02-11 10:02:37 In reply to: Lisa Gill
How is it possible to operate in a real-time environment, when CAD solutions are operating in a 2D environment, and when the solutions are still not interoperable.
It's just that we are not really there yet and these solutions are working mostly internally and on a B2C environment.

Re: 3D E-Commerce and the Apparel Industry
Posted by: godogo 2005-10-04 07:11:38 In reply to: kolef
I'm responding to a message that was posted in 2003, so I'm wondering if we are there yet (3D e-commerce)?
I'm experimenting with a site design that integrates 3D elements as a tool to sell garments. In this case, clothing contains imagery that needs to be seen from all angles. The challenge is to provide a 3D interface without causing people to wait too long for the elements to load. What I've done so far is offer an image element to load right away, with the 3D element loading in the background. This way, if people don't want to wait they don't have to. I'm looking for feedback to see if my solution works, or if there is a way to improve on my solution.
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