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Re: Will There Ever Be Another Amazon?
Posted by: Teri Robinson 2002-09-27 12:01:15
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Many online retailers have spent considerable time and money trying to duplicate the success of, but the market conditions that spawned Amazon no longer exist, according to Giga Information Group analyst Andrew Bartels. "It is unlikely that any existing retailer would let you take over a [marketplace] now," he told the E-Commerce Times. "Amazon was the first selling books and music. Retailers like Barnes & Noble just didn't respond."

Re: Will There Ever Be Another Amazon?
Posted by: hortonc1 2002-12-23 19:41:15 In reply to: Teri Robinson
I see advertising as a way to increase marketshare for online retailers. I do not see too many commercials anymore, and in the past few months, I have noticed more and commercials, so I would expect to see both of those companies growing or at least more people visiting their sites.

Re: Will There Ever Be Another Amazon?
Posted by: Jim Pflaum 2002-09-27 17:59:24 In reply to: Teri Robinson
It's going to take awhile, but I think it's entirely possible that Buy.Com could topple Amazon someday as the Net's top retailer. Buy.Com's ascendance, ironically, won't happen until Amazon proves that it can consistently return quarterly profits, at which time Buy.Com will likely restructure itself again as a public company.
The reason I'm bullish on Buy.Com is because the performance stats that I track clearly show that pure-play sector's customer acquisition cost is slowly declining, a situation which will likely renew the investment community's interest in the pure-plays over the next year or so.

Re: Will There Ever Be Another Amazon?
Posted by: bit-o-data 2002-09-27 17:19:19 In reply to: Teri Robinson
I still purchase goods from, but my favorite site on the internet for computer hardware is There are plenty of large retailers on the internet. I still buy stuff at Amazon dot com from time to time when I have some money to spend. Sometimes they have great prices on Linksy home networking gear and things like a Microsoft Optical mouse or other items.
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