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Re: Microsoft, HP Team for $50M .NET Push
Posted by: Keith Regan 2002-09-24 14:56:00
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Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard each will spend $25 million during the next two-and-a-half years in an effort to foster more widespread adoption of the .NET Web services initiative among e-businesses. The campaign calls for the training of 5,000 HP sales professionals on the finer points of .NET and the certification of another 3,000 HP service workers on the software.

Re: Microsoft, HP Team for $50M .NET Push
Posted by: Elektro 2002-10-02 09:47:25 In reply to: Keith Regan
I don't know yet what this .NET is all about. A X-platform library, a c# compiler, a passport service, Office .NET? Marketing Buzz! Sun One is similar, the salesman was unable to explain the basic concept at hanover CeBIT 02.

Re: Microsoft, HP Team for $50M .NET Push
Posted by: redmondrose 2002-09-24 15:22:43 In reply to: Keith Regan
$25 million isn't that much money for either HP or Microsoft. Microsoft spent about $200 million on in-house training in only a month. This is about $5 million a year. Big deal. I know that HP is spending more than that pushing their Linux Servers. Dell is doing the same thing and so is IBM. Microsoft is spending more for charity donations. So don't get so hyped about .NET. I have no idea what Microsoft is doing or where they are going, but when Charles Simonyi quit this month I think that said it all. He was one of the last holdouts from the old hard-core engineers originally from Xerox who brought the Windows GUI to the PC. After hacking over the Microsoft languages and tool group for about two years, he is leaving to develop new development tools. :-) Yes, we all know where the real security and math problems live at Microsoft.
Ten years ago I was trying to convince Gates that splitting the company would allow his own Systems, Applications and Multimedia groups to use other development tools. He didn't let it go, and they have a mess today. The Multimedia group has never been successful and Charles was the designer for Excel, a product known to have major math errors. So what is with this stock market? Fuzzy math of course. Trust that spreadsheet or math program at your own risk.
Charles doesn't see a fix to the problem. What is the problem? They don't teach how to do computer math in the colleges now. The engineers don't understand when and why they need to use integer math and they are using floating point in all the wrong places. It's worse than the West Nile Virus.
The bug? Well it's definitely sucking the economic blood from all of us.
Well, I wish Charles the best. But I have my doubts that he can create a fix for the bad development tools and shabby computer programming being taught today in time to prevent a major economic disaster. D.C. can create any diversion they want, but the facts are the same. Our technology is a bigger mess than any other epidemic from a blood sucking bug. It's going to be years before Charles can help... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/businesstechnology/134536972_simonyi17.html There is a temporary fix. That is to tell the truth about the problem. You never know, the truth might work... Billg.
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