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Re: Fighting Back: Dissatisfied Online Shoppers Take Action
Posted by: Jon Swartz 2002-09-19 13:25:46
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Peeved consumers who claim online auction sites are unresponsive to fraud are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. These cyber vigilantes are filing more police reports, attempting more often to track down merchants on their own, and putting up more Web sites to warn others of merchants they say are unscrupulous. They say they have little choice, because auction sites don't have enough employees to enforce millions of daily transactions.

Re: Fighting Back: Dissatisfied Online Shoppers Take Action
Posted by: smartgirl 2002-09-19 15:56:18 In reply to: Jon Swartz
After reading this story, my blood pressure has risen again after my encounter with e-bay/PayPal. I recently purchased a Windows 2000 OS on e-bay & gave PayPal $150.00 by credit card. I waited the 30 suggested days, & by that time PayPal told me it was past 30 days & they couldn't help me. I went through their Buyers Complaint Policy hoops & by the time I complained, the seller had flew the coop. I only had an e-mail address which turned out to be bogus. PayPal told me to settle my dispute with the person I bought it from & I told them that they (PayPal) took my money & they should be responsible. They responded by telling me that I gave them my money. I was one of the lucky ones & got my money back from my credit card company, but I had to do a lot of research to prove my case. E-bay & PayPal should make sure that the sellers are legit. They should enforce stricter rules for the sellers. In my case, they could have software installed that would automatically check to see if an e-mail address is good. It might not solve all the problems, but it would be a start.

Re: Fighting Back: Dissatisfied Online Shoppers Take Action
Posted by: ebrainy 2002-09-28 18:48:37 In reply to: smartgirl
Oh, wow! I think that if the Banks weren't so outrageous in charging high FEES for every transaction for the use of a payment gateway for online payments, none of these horror stories would have happened. First of all, Banks should have taken into consideration the customer service factor here. It is common sense to assume that it'd take some time to PROFIT from selling goods ONLINE. Putting up something to sell online is not same as putting up something to sell on a physical store front. If Banks worked with their customers in helping them get on their feet for, at least, a year, before charging monthly fees, I believe none of these other third-party payment services would exist. What a complicated world.
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