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Re: 'Dot-Com' Redeems Its Good Name
Posted by: Keith Regan 2002-09-13 15:36:53
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About a year ago, even true dot-coms were distancing themselves from the Internet label. But as e-commerce enjoys a somewhat tempered revival, the dot-com is no longer a pariah. In fact, some analysts say the name may help consumers distinguish pure-play Internet firms from their multichannel counterparts. "If someone says their company is a dot-com now, I know what that means," Wharton School of Business professor Peter Fader told the E-Commerce Times. "It tells the consumer what to expect. It's part of the brand message."

Re: 'Dot-Com' Redeems Its Good Name
Posted by: aim2optic 2002-09-15 17:05:12 In reply to: Keith Regan
Picking up on the observation that most people now refer to amazon without pronouncing the dotcom, it should be questioned that the final correct form of amazon is and not ...... Since the Gutenberg press, the space between each letter has become strictly controlled by the needs of printing. The rules for registration of domain names allow the maximum of one hyphen/dash between each letter. Neither can a domain name start or end with a hyphen or dash. Hence if I tell you to look at economist "saturated" you know to look That is the noun saturated with as many hyphens/dashes as is allowable. I have heard of a strange religious cult where no letters are allowed to lie side by side, even the breakfast cereal needs repackaged. Joking! Yet saturated hyphenation is a step further along the process started by gutenberg since it more carefully defines space, it leaves no arbitrary space between letters but crisply defines between every one with a character ( - ). Logically spaces between actual words should become three hyphens e.g. but that would require changes in the registration rules. In case you think it laborious to type (owning a few I find it fun!) it would only require the introduction of a special button on the keyboard/browser to automate it.
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