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Re: Spam Stampede Clogs Internet
Posted by: Henry Norr 2002-09-10 14:18:22
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With the economy sagging and advertisers hunting for low-cost ways to promote their wares, the volume of junk e-mail -- known as spam -- has spiked over the past year. It now represents about one-third or more of all e-mail, according to analysts, and that ratio is climbing by the month. The result, most observers say, is a standoff between network administrators and spammers that is costing both corporations and consumers billions of dollars a year.

Re: Spam Stampede Clogs Internet
Posted by: aim2optic 2002-09-15 16:00:04 In reply to: Henry Norr
Life's problems often contain the seed for tomorrow's opportunities. When considering the powerful degradation of our enjoyment of email, it is worth contemplating the common format of email itself. Being more of an "arts" type than a technical "misfit", I had always felt uncomfortable speaking aloud my email address. As I'm sure socially aware people would agree, pronouncing the @ sign in public is certain embarrassment. Another thing for us to consider is that since an email address is normally double barrelled, the exclamation "ah!" often separates the prefix from the domain. Hence Bill Gates' spoken address would sound like "Bill-at-ah-microsoft-dotcom". The horrible thing is "at-ah" which must forcefully pepper millions' of people's conversations is too similar to repeating the name "Atta" whom led the attack on America. This may seem spurious, but surely not irrelevant when millions are obliged to repeat this name or sound as part of the English language. Before Sept 11th I was making an effort to avoid using the @ in my conversations, being aware it sounded clumsy and ugly. We could of course replace the circled A with a circled P. However one easy solution is single barrelled email, namely using an adjectival noun which only contains one A. Hence the @ sign is not pronounced but understood. e.g "creating government" is the email cre@tinggovernment.com or cre@ting-governement.com I have extracted an alphabetical list of the possibilites which you can examine at tingbusiness.com

Re: Spam Stampede Clogs Internet
Posted by: joemc 2002-09-11 08:19:18 In reply to: Henry Norr
The argument that federal legislators can't do anything holds as much water as saying that there shouldn't be copyright legislation because it will still happen in the far East.
The EU is in the process of implementing a ban on unsolicited *electronic communications* (i.e. all electronic spam, not just e-mail). If the US were to follow suit, it would help marginalise countries which are the source of junk. Unfortunately, the US "first amendment" appears to allow free harassment when it comes to electronic communications and not free speech. Add that to the fact that the big business lobby in the US will certainly block any move to opt-in, there's no hope that it will happen and ordinary americans will lose out. Pity.
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