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Re: Bill Would Let Copyright Owners Infiltrate File-Swapping Services
Posted by: Teri Robinson 2002-07-27 06:12:22
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The U.S. Congress is considering a bill that would let music companies and other media entities
legally enter file-swapping services to block users from trading copyrighted files.
Claiming to be "a big fan of [peer-to-peer] networks and the technology behind them," several
state representatives introduced the bill to protect copyright owners from "the mass
piracy of their works." Record companies, moviemakers and other copyright holders have
long argued that Napster and other services, such as Morpheus, represent blatant piracy.

Re: Bill Would Let Copyright Owners Infiltrate File-Swapping Services
Posted by: LizzieMarion 2003-07-11 12:52:41 In reply to: Teri Robinson
This bill will not serve its purpose because file sharers will find ways around it. With the latest technology no one will have any way of tracking the mass amounts of files shared. All one simply needs to do is upload a CD and transfer the file to another user. There is no way to track those files, the transfers, and the users in that little amount of time it takes. The only way to prevent copyrighted music from being shared is to make it impossible to upload. Either stop it before the music reaches the computer, or don't bother because there's pretty much no way of stopping it. It seems to me that these people who proposed the bill are fairly uneducated when it comes to this, because what they're proposing is nearly impossible to stop. And if I'm wrong, then tell me how you plan on stopping every single transfer.

Re: Bill Would Let Copyright Owners Infiltrate File-Swapping Services
Posted by: grifs21 2003-05-02 00:49:42 In reply to: Teri Robinson
Why is it that all we hear about are the lawyers who are trying to ban fileswapping? Where are the lawyers who are defending fileswapping?

The increasing antagonism of the music industry has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I, personally, do not download music. I had downloaded some in the past but found that the MP3 format lacked quality, although it WAS somewhat useful for determining if I wanted to buy the CD or not.
Because of my feelings toward the music companies I haven't purchased a CD in over two years, and in fact have pretty much ceased to listen to music. I haven't played a CD in months.
It is my belief that the music industry is committing suicide. I feel towards them much the same as I do towards terrorists, and I regard them as animals...at best.
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