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Re: Study: Web Security Spending To Surge
Posted by: Lisa Gill 2002-07-20 11:04:21
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Spending on Web security is expected to triple in the next four years, according
to a new report released by research firm IDC. The report predicted that Web security spending
will increase 60.5 percent annually to nearly $700 million by 2006, compared with just $65
million in 2001. "The Web presence needs a tighter type of security," IDC research manager
Charles Kolodgy told the E-Commerce Times.

Vulnerability Notification Service
Posted by: hubbelyo 2002-07-20 13:13:02 In reply to: Lisa Gill
At work we use a vulnerability notification service to keep up-to-date with the software we are using. It works really good and we don't have to spend our days searching and browsing bugtraq and securityfocus.
We looked at several providers, such as Securityfocus and Vigilinx, but we soon found out those cost very big bucks.
But then we found a more affordable alternative at http://www.securitywarnings.com/info/ and it was exactly what we were looking for.

Re: Vulnerability Notification Service
Posted by: faelyne 2002-07-22 17:12:09 In reply to: hubbelyo
Vulnerability assessment is certainly the way to go. I make the analogy between using a vulnerability assessment and having a physical monitoring system that will tell you when one of your doors or windows are open. There's no point locking the front door if the back door's wide open! There are some really good products/services out there, and as hubbelyo found, they can be really reasonably priced (like eSCAN, Retina or QualysGuard), or they can be really, really expensive!
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