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Re: Study: Broadband Adoption on the Rise
Posted by: Lisa Gill 2002-06-25 09:14:23
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One in five Internet users in the United States accesses the network with a cable modem,
DSL connection or other broadband device, up nearly 25 percent from the beginning of this
year, according to a study of Internet usage habits by the Pew Internet & American Life
Project. "I know there was some talk at the beginning of this year and the end of last
year that broadband adoption was slowing, but it's been fairly consistent growth," Matthew
Davis, director of broadband access technologies at the Yankee Group, told the E-Commerce

Re: Study: Broadband Adoption on the Rise
Posted by: omoniyi 2002-06-25 09:27:17 In reply to: Lisa Gill
This study is somehow right on the mark. However, it fails to address the major reasons for the increasing disparity between deployment of cable modem and various flavors of DSL. While price is a factor, the main problem with DSL is lack of availability. A big chunk of the country has no DSL service, and cable modem has simply moved in nicely thanks in large part to the ubiquitous cable service providers. Contrary to the DSL optimists, this gap is likely to increase rather than shrink. Also, the demise or shall we say operational difficulties of numerous DSL providers has actually created less hope that the lead by cable modem will be reduced any time soon.
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