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Re: Whatever Happened to Interactive TV?
Posted by: Lou Hirsh 2002-06-24 16:47:36
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Interactive TV never exploded onto the scene in the way its promoters hoped it would, and
the features it once promised -- ranging from movie selection to Web-based shopping and
games -- have been co-opted by other technologies. What happened to this once-hyped
technology? GartnerG2 vice president James Brancheau told the E-Commerce Times that
cable providers originally misjudged consumer usage habits and underestimated the time
required to build the necessary infrastructure.

Re: Whatever Happened to Interactive TV?
Posted by: basehittimmy 2002-06-25 18:35:50 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
True, ITV has been a lot slower to evolve than expected, but I think the real smart people with a vision can see its potential. You need only to note the moves that the former Cable Baron, John Malone is now making with a slew of ITV acquisitions. Just as Malone pieced together bits and pieces of Cable TV assets in the past to make a fortune, Malone is once again doing the same thing with ITV assets. Malone has even gone so far as to set up a subsidiary name LBIT for his Liberty Media to acquire such companies as Open TV and Wink. Granted ITV may not happen next week or even next year, but the cagey Cable Baron is already getting ready for the day when ITV will be TV. Already the wireless remote technology that is being used in the UK that allows 4 players to play games on the same TV Sreen is coming to the US visa ve Two Way TV LTD's new subsidiary named Two Way TV US(TWTV). Arrangements are now being worked out between TWTV, Wink, The Game Show Network, Digeo and Charter. See TWTV's web site for details. The UK is light years ahead of the US as far as ITV technolgy goes, and the fact that the US will soon have the benefit of the very advanced UK technology should really get things moving. ITV will not have overnight instant gratification, but it will have gratification over time, just as Cable did. At least thats my opinion and of course, I don't claim to be an expert, but I have to expect that John Malone expects an ITV payoff at some point.
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