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Re: Walking the Line Between E-Mail and Spam
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-17 11:29:37

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When does e-mail become spam, the universally
hated, unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail that
clogs in-boxes and frustrates Web surfers? Is it as simple as
getting permission? More importantly, do the rewards of e-mail
marketing outweigh the potential risk of alienating existing

A number of factors are likely to impact how widespread
e-mail marketing becomes in the next few years,
including pending legislation. However, no matter what,
spam isn't going away. Even the strongest anti-spam
bill would only require that the e-mails be clearly marked and
have opt-out information readily available.

Re: Walking the Line Between E-Mail and Spam
Posted by: Claes T 2001-06-17 13:39:27 In reply to: ECT News
Spam (in the discussed meaning) is Unsolicited Bulk Email. If it's Unsolicited, Bulk and Email, then it's apam.
Get permission (before sending the first email) and it's not spam.
Confirm that any address given to you is given to you by the legitime address holder, that is -
first mail should not contain anything other then a notice of how you got the adress (IP+time+timezon), and how to confirm this was a legitimate opt-in (normally reply to first mail containg a random token).
If not this foirst mail is replied to - don't add the address to the list, and don't send any more mails.

So: Get persission, from the address holder, and it's not spam.

Getting spam marked [spam], [adv] or whatever doesn't help. The cost (receiving of it) is already taken to the bigger part by then, even if filtered and so never-seen.

Re: Walking the Line Between E-Mail and Spam
Posted by: Tony 2001-04-17 11:34:01 In reply to: ECT News
Unsolicited email is the bane of marketing on the internet. The sale and proliferation of email addresses should be banned and abusers should be fined.
All to often those "opt out" email addresses are phony.
I have the right to not be annoyed with having to delete this junk. That right is being trampled.
They have no right to invade my privacy.

Re: Opt-in Email offers Higher Response rates
Posted by: Erika Moore 2001-04-20 13:47:03 In reply to: Tony
Opt-in Email is the way to go in sending communications. response rates have been as high as 12-20% depending on the promotion. And, there has to value associated with the promotion. No one likes SPAM.

Re: Opt-in Email offers Higher Response rates
Posted by: Tresa Schneide 2001-11-06 11:07:01 In reply to: Erika Moore
I am trying to understand this whole SPAM thing. I have a new online business. Was interested in the comment about 'Opt-in email' - any information that anyone can give me about this or SPAM or if you can direct me to a site that will enlighten me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

Re: Walking the Line Between E-Mail and Spam
Posted by: celticsfan 2001-04-19 13:16:16 In reply to: Tony
trouble is congress is in the pockets of the lobbyists who are sending out all the unsolicited e-mails. yes it should be stopped, but we need to elect representatives with some guts first.
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