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Re: Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
Posted by: Keith Regan 2002-05-10 11:26:27
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When Amazon.com executives said earlier this year that they planned to build their
business by lowering prices whenever possible, the statement raised more than a few
eyebrows. "All of our research shows that consumers are most interested in convenience,
not price," GartnerG2 research director David Schehr told the E-Commerce Times. Shoppers
do still expect bargains online, but fast delivery and a wide selection are more
important factors, he said.

Re: Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
Posted by: mikerigg 2002-05-10 12:41:07 In reply to: Keith Regan
Bargains still abound online.
Example: I buy DVDs online. A glance at a site like www.bargainflix.com will point me to several bargains each day.

Re: Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
Posted by: herewegoagain 2002-05-10 13:13:09 In reply to: mikerigg
I buy a lot online and am just about tired of it. After factoring in shipping and the frustration that comes with waiting for my goods to show up, I'm not sure it's worth it. Besides, I have successfully used online advertisements as bargaining tools in-store many times. Most times getting the exact same price w/o shipping or waiting. Also worked great when buying my last truck. I saved a ton of feddy w/o having to deal with the online hassles.

Re: Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
Posted by: workinghard 2002-05-10 15:58:04 In reply to: herewegoagain
I am happy to wait if it avoids standing in line in some store.

Re: Is the Best Shopping Deal Really Online?
Posted by: shalu 2002-05-13 04:56:28 In reply to: workinghard
Online shopping is good but for some accessories. We can select items acc. to our choice, price. But one problem always the customer faces is about security. On the net there is only one payment option, by card, and you have to enter your card number. And there are no assurances of security.
But what i feel is that online shopping is best shopping. In less time and with very less effort we can get the thing that we want.
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