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Re: The Problem of Fighting Spam
Posted by: Lou Hirsh 2002-03-26 11:36:35
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Despite numerous legislative, consumer and technological efforts to weed it out, experts
say spam e-mail continues to proliferate, sparking increasing user irritation in the process. "There
is now 16 times as much spam on the Internet as there was just two years ago," Gartner
vice president Joyce Graff told the E-Commerce Times. "It's like stomping on cockroaches
in your kitchen. You can get rid of some, but there are always more coming from somewhere

Re: The Problem of Fighting Spam
Posted by: ngaard 2002-03-27 18:25:23 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
Why not send offenders to prison? A spam sent to 30 million addresses results in approximately 2 seconds of wasted time for each user to observe and delete it - of course more if it is opened. Total wasted time amounts to minimum 694 days. A sentence of 694 days of prison seems like a fair punishment, right? Perhaps we should add lost revenue to the bill too: 16700 man-hours at, say, a mere 8$ per hour results in a 133,600 $ fine.
That would stop spam rather quickly...

Re: The Problem of Fighting Spam
Posted by: cop4you605 2003-04-12 09:49:02 In reply to: ngaard
Putting people in prison under unrealistic conditions would be construed as excessive or unusual punishment. On the other hand I face the same annoyances of "spam" and have come to the conclusion that stiffer laws should be passed to at least put a dent in spam (junk mail).
Spam is here and no software is going to exterminate it, nor is anyone going to expend resources to prosecute anyone outside any country that does have anti-spamming laws. Spammers would only smirk at any laws in the United States. I'm sure anyone would agree that "spam" isn't on any politician's mind. We are at war now, with Iraq, and spam is the furthest from any goverment entity's mind. If we can just bear with it and come up with some solutions in combating spam in a civilized manner, we can beat it. The technology and brilliant minds are out there if someone would just tap that resource.
Kind regards
Lt. C. Bowen
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