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Ebay has suspended me unfairly, causing me to lose $7,000.00 per week because of unverified complaints. I would like to hear from all of you who have or had any kind of problem with ebay.com to add to my list for this class action lawsuit.
They hide behind their auto-responders and do not return your requests, nor is there any way publicly to locate them, Address or phone # to talk to someone about your problem. They are getting very RICH off of us and we can not even tell our side of the story, they just suspend you and continue to charge (Fraudulently) your credit cards to gain as much profit as possible stepping on as many feet as they can on their way up the Global Ladder. How do we stop them? Who do we complain to? How do we support our family when using ebay.com as your way of making a living when that has been taken from? Even listing an ad to please help by donating to a Father of 2 children who is in urgent need of an Organ Transplant, they cancelled the ad as they were not going to make big listing fees. They would rather let someone die to gain Profit. What kind of company and owners would operate like this? EBAY.COM that's who

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Minniedee25 2022-01-19 08:30:32 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was recently permanently suspended and all it says is putting community at risk and there is absolutely no phone numbers email or app chat to be able to speak to them. I haven’t sone anything wrongfully and can’t even find how to fix this problem. As I see this is something common with EBay. Unfortunately, the way they are handling they’re suspensions is discrimination and unreasonable and very highly unethical practices with sellers. I hope something changes soon.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: me2022 2022-01-07 12:19:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
My account was also suspended permanently on christmass eve with no reason.(what a "nice" gift for christmass.
It was barely 2 weeks old.
Im in!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: biorapter 2022-01-01 15:02:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
Does anyone know who's responsible for these unfair restrictions, I've heard bad things about how they run things in the upper management realting to the harassment case from the ceo, i've heard they drink on the job as well. Wouldn't be surprising if someone is just picking on people as and when they feel like it. Anyway of contacting these people and betting their attention to the issue?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: GalvinELR 2021-12-31 23:51:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
Same here! My account was suspended for nothing and no matter what I did they said it was permanent. 20 year user with perfect feedback. All they ever said was something out the community at risk. Total bs. I have all the emails etc back and forth from them. They even admitted it was a mistake on their part in some way and still wouldn't fix it. I'd love to see a lawsuit. I'm in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: futureve 2021-12-18 14:03:02 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hello, does anyone know of a class action against ebay regarding our issues? Recent one? Because I think that we really need to do something. Talk about totalitarian nonsense. I am available if some of you want to put something together. Let me know

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: futureve 2021-12-18 06:21:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hello, I am adding my name to this very long list. My story is like many here. A few months ago, I started to sell retro style dresses, got great feedback and was selling great. On December 10, eBay told me my accouht was suspended due to activities that could put the community at risk... Just like you, i have tried everythinh and anything to get some answers, to speak with an agent, just like you I am beyond frustrated and shocked at this business's total disregard. The CEOs must know what is going on. I refuse to believe that the main offices of ebay havent been informed. Nothing is done obviously. And, just like many of you, I fear I will loose all the money I did. Money that we all need. Money that pays your roof for your children, your food, my medical bills for my dog who is old and unwell. I am besides myself. I hope to participate in any legal action and help as much as I can to fight this disgusting and contemptuous bunch of... who are behind all that.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: futureve 2021-12-18 14:21:45 In reply to: futureve
I intend to do something about this crazy situation. Write to the CEO, encourage medias to speak about these issues, let others know what could happen to them. I do not wish reinstatement but would like to have ebay send the money they owe me. How does everyone else feel?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jy6993 2021-12-27 16:46:48 In reply to: futureve
I was just suspended on eBay with holds out on my payouts for 60-72 days. They won’t tell me why or anything. I have only sold 3 things maybe 4 and they shut my account down for good. I am no longer allowed to use eBay at all. What the hell is going on here. I just atleast want my money. eBay is garbage and I’ll never even try to use them again

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ikahrus 2022-01-04 16:55:40 In reply to: Jy6993
Same for me.They didn't tell me the reason why. They said you have to wait for 60-72 days to get the money back.I called the shipping company to cancel the shipping but was too late.
Never doing business with these guys again. They are a failing company. Amazon is cheaper to use as a seller and they offer 6$ shipping. And They don't randomly steal your money

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: biorapter 2021-12-13 12:26:54 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have also been unfairly suspended by ebay. I would give my wholehearted support for any lawsuit against them.

Any ideas of how to bring them down would be appreciated. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this without any just consequences...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: deedragomerrill 2021-12-15 12:30:16 In reply to: biorapter
I have been permanently banned from ever selling on eBay again and have no idea why. No appeal is available and anyone I have had any communication with at eBay regarding this issue has been absolutely rude. Like so many others here, this had a profound effect on me financially, emotionally, and psychologically. It was the last thing I needed in the middle of the pandemic that was already devastating enough. I would like to be included in any class action suit. Thanks!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Rorykremer1 2021-11-14 01:02:16 In reply to: tuffbarn
I'm another of the thousands of sellers who have been stolen from by eBay and given a variety of excuses.
At this point I am roughly at a loss level of $8000 to $10,000.
I would love to be a part of any lawsuit against eBay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Schmallie 2021-12-15 14:28:52 In reply to: Rorykremer1
I have written an email which successfully reinstated my father's account. For more info please send me a private message. I can get you back in as long as you've not broken any rules

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Chrisferrin 2021-12-20 07:29:16 In reply to: Schmallie
I got suspended and am in the process of getting reinstated. I send them all the information they ask for and they refuse to lift my suspension. Its infuriating because they never tell me why.

Can you send me your email that worked? I'm desperate at this point.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jy6993 2021-12-27 16:49:08 In reply to: Chrisferrin
How do I private message you?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Classycritters 2021-10-11 20:20:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
They suspended me for a defect rating of 22% that was because of them, they indefinitely barred me from selling because they told me to have my buyers cancel their transactions because I was switching to ebay managed payment from PayPal so my buyers couldn't pay me. Ebay told me to contact my buyers and have them request to cancel then relist with buyers name in the title and that is what I did. Rhat was in April then in August they restricted my account and want me to reverie my bank info...it goes on til the 8th of September when they finally released my funds they put another restriction the same day for a 5 day performance evaluation then they finally released my funds. Then on the 30th of September they took down all my lustings even the ones I had bids on and said I could no longer see because my performance was below standard for 5 consecutive months. They are using the orders that I had to relist with buyers name in title as my defects...I did what I had to to keep my buyers happy, I went out of my realm to make sure my buyers got what they wanted.

Posted by: thrilla808 2021-10-07 15:07:05 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has suspended my account permanently after I verified all of my business credentials. I don't like the fact that Ebay can just cut your source of income off without any explanation. They should not be allowed to do this. My fiance's account is restricted and now Ebay is asking for the same documentation that was asked from my account. They have you to speak with people that can barley speak English and they get mad when you tell them that you can't understand there language. I was wondering was I the only seller experiencing this mess with Ebay I see that I am not alone. BBB or someone needs to intervene. They have been holding $1500 for over 30 days plus. I'M OUTRAGED!!

Posted by: futureve 2021-12-18 06:28:06 In reply to: thrilla808
I apologize but forgot to ask in my precedent message. Is there a lawsuit some are beginning to put together? I would love to participate and help as much as I can.

Posted by: Classycritters 2021-10-18 10:35:58 In reply to: thrilla808
I too was indefinitely barred from selling on Ebay on sept 30th

Posted by: Dekitaa 2021-12-19 06:23:35 In reply to: Classycritters
Ebay restricted my account and requires me to upload invoices when I literally have no invoices for the products I sell. All my items are collected and wild harvested from nature at the 32 acres I live on. They just assume everyone buys items and then resells them.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: DHines45 2021-10-05 22:38:32 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too was taking advantage of by eBay I started selling a few months ago and everything was going good getting paid then once my account got up about $500 that I was owed it wouldn't pay me and wanted me to reverify banking information I reverified it over 10 times spoke to multiple people and every department was making contact at least once a day and was continued to be told you'll get your money in a day or two you'll get your money in a day or two there's nothing wrong you can keep selling this went on for a month and a half then was told on a Saturday that everything was cleared my money will be deposited Monday morning well Monday morning came I went to get on my account to check and I was suspended indefinitely I never had no bad remarks never nothing wrong not one time and was never given a reason of why my account was apparently suspended since then I have tried every avenue to get paid with no resolve they owe me $640 and the craziest part is once they suspended my account eBay somehow created shipping labels made me pay for them out of my account and refunded money for items I've never received back and never approved and was never even asked to approve there was a request on a Saturday and approved on a Saturday and I was suspended at that time I have proof of everything even recorded phone calls and was thinking of filing a lawsuit in small claims court for $6,000 since I've lost that much since then as this was my main income since I've been laid off from my permanent job anyone that could help help me or have any input on this at all please feel free to reply and get ahold of me or I'm willing to jump aboard with any class action lawsuit anyone else has this needs to stop they've given me the runaround on purpose and no one will do nothing about it

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Classycritters 2021-10-18 10:40:33 In reply to: DHines45
I'm in idaho/Washington and I filed a complaint against them with the Washington ATI, I'm considering filing suit against them

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Kami B. 2021-08-27 15:08:31 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay is reckless now. Starting July 15, 2021, eBay has asked me to verify my identity by uploading my drivers license and bank info. They ultimately suspended my account for ABSOLUTELY no reason. They said I was a risk but couldn’t explain anything else. I have been buying and selling on eBay since 2014 (2009 with my other account). And they are still holding $2,988.44 of my money from my sales and said they will have to retain that amount. What in world?! Their live help in the chats are robots I think. They blocked me from being able to call since the permanent suspension. They were making it seem like they couldn’t verify me at first, but as time went on began to say I was a risk. This is outrageous. Today I tried Googling a customer service number for eBay and got 855.963.6116. She informed me if I go to Walmart and buy a Google play or eBay card they will unrestrict my account. Yeah right…they didn’t work for eBay. They were people acting like eBay customer support. eBay need to tighten up for their sellers and start unrestricting people accounts. If not, give me my $2.988.44!!! Every time I chat they never help and end the chat. If there is a class action lawsuit please let me know. I’m in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Schmallie 2021-12-15 14:29:56 In reply to: Kami B.
They done this to my dad too. I sent an email for him, happy to share it with you, send me a private message

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: futureve 2021-12-19 00:15:06 In reply to: Schmallie
Would love to see your email and where you sent it. And what happened to your dad by the way thank you

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Schmallie 2021-12-21 05:07:41 In reply to: futureve
Hi. Anyone that would like a copy of the email along with who to send it to please email me at klee30417@gmail.com

My dad received a response and they have reopened his account, and his money was paid to him the next day.

This will only work for legitimate accounts though!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: thrilla808 2021-10-07 15:11:48 In reply to: Kami B.
I feel your pain this is not right. All of my tracking info, ID, bank statement, business license was submitted only to be permanently restricted from Ebay's platform with no explanation.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: thebrickfairy 2021-07-28 12:20:59 In reply to: tuffbarn
Same thing just happened to me. I have been on ebay for several years with a storefront. Selling $5000-15,000 a month, 99.3% positive feedback, 2568 reviews, Top Rated seller and just boom out of the boom they suspended me permanently and said it was final, no appeal will help. They also keep my last two weeks of sales money and said they would not be sending it to me. They would not give me a specific reason as to the suspension, just that they reserve the right to suspend anyone they suspect is a risk. When asked what was risky, they would not comment or provide details. I had 3 people's livelihood in jeopardy because of this.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hennypenny 2021-07-22 14:51:37 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been an Ebayer since 2001. In Nov. '20, I purchased a refurbished Mac mini from a reputable seller. That made 68 transactions with 100% rating. A few days later, I noticed the purchase price deducted in whole from my personal checking. Previously, I would have been billed by PayPal for 6 months at 0% interest. I checked my PayPal status -- 0 balance, nothing owed.Two weeks later, I received a suspension notice in my regular Macmail.
Then I realized what could be the problem: I had not changed my banking info when I switched banks. Having input my new banking information, I thought that would solve the problem. NO !
Following the Ebay guidelines, I was supposed to have received a message explaining their reasoning. No message ever appeared in my Ebay message folder. I have spent countless hours attempting to phone or chat with no results
I have a large collection of antique violins, the sales of which I count on to supplement my income. Their policy (lack of response) is crippling. Count me in !!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Munyo 2021-07-22 06:06:20 In reply to: tuffbarn
Soo a few days ago I get a restriction on my account. At first I didn't understand what the heck and then it revealed a reason they had linked me to some email I didn't recognize at first. Then I realized it was my brothers. They told me oh 30 days will fall off and they'd unlink me..I said fine.. few days later not even three or four.. bam another restriction this time to the point they refuse to pay me another account I don't recognize but also similar to my homeless brothers email who I have zero contact with etc. Although I did message him furiously and he just said they want money he'll tell them no link. They don't care..they want money. They refused to help at all said themselves I was lied to about the unrestrictions and so on in 30 days and that *I* must resolve the issues of the other accounts to which *I* don't have access to or know anything about and have no control over someone else's actions an behaviors related to me or not, they said there were "similarities" that caused *them* to "link" our accounts.. there are really not any similarities cept we lived together a year or more ago att our mothers and he showered here once last year. But they even are like bank info etc I'm like how???? He doesn't have my bank issue they said oh not bank PayPal uhh yeah lots of people use PayPal I can't change that an he doesnt even have a PayPal anymore bc he is sketchy. Sooo.. f me basically. And it costed me a place to sell/portion of my income. I ended up going out an buying/making my own account via wix and am glad I did just furious at their behavior and how cruel they're being. I see they've done it to many people some of them have zero relationship to the accounts they attached them to too. I thought of making a new account but figured they'd just restrict it too.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: SOLUTIONS316 2021-07-15 09:34:59 In reply to: tuffbarn
they got me good yesterday i spent two months selling my favorite computer in order to make rent my account was in good standing until the night they were supposed to deposit the $200 i made i awoke last light to find out they suspended my account after i had shipped out the product i have been crying all day they wont give me my money they waited and waited till money was there and that was it i have screen shots to prove it

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: boble14 2021-06-01 08:28:31 In reply to: tuffbarn
I had signed up for ebay years ago, but never used it. But this week I bid on an item ($150 for a tent) and listed a tent I wanted to sell. There were some issues getting setup, but finally got my item listed.

5 min later I got the email that I was permanently suspended. I contacted support thru chat, which was worthless, and then email.They said there was some activity involving banned countries. Yikes. I'm a house painter and consultant not doing anything illegal... as far as I know. And like everyone else here, they refuse to tell you exactly what they found because it would enable people to get around whatever they were checking for.

And so either they made a mistake or someone is using my identity for something troublesome to eBay.

But since they won't tell me what it is, I am without recourse and concerned about what might be going on with my ID. I suspect it is an error on the part of eBay, but they make it hard/impossible to correct their error, thus the large number of people who have been unjustly suspended.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Skeeter1942 2021-05-27 15:02:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too have been wrongly suspended. I hadn't done any buying or selling this past year when I was warned by PayPal that someone had bought an item for over 600 dollars using my account. So I went on eBay to see what was going on. Found this person had bought three items two for lesser amounts. I was not warned by eBay. I was able to access my account and found this person had added their delivery address to mine. They also changed a couple letters in my email address so eBay would not be able to contact me. I contacted eBay and they ensured they had my account secure and I had already removed the address from it and restored my email. That was the end of April to the first of May.
I subsequently bought a couple items. Then a few days later I was suspended with no reason given. I tried to contact customer service. But only got chat. The person was very nasty to me. The chat and two subsequent ones were supposed to be emailed to me but were not. I did finally manage to print a copy of the first one from the eBay site. Finally after a lot of searching I found a phone number the the fraud section so I called it and told them I thought it was all because of the fraudulent purchases on my account. The person did some checking and said he would send to the appropriate department and they would get back to me within 72 hours. It is way past that now and still no answers. I have been with eBay almost from the beginning and have had 100% positive feed back the whole time. I was able to check if I owed sellers fees etc.but I do not. I would love to join your class action suit. Skeeter1942

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: gillray777 2021-05-28 08:05:49 In reply to: Skeeter1942
Just recently I received an email from Ebay Saying that I was approved to participate in their "New Payment Management System". I began posting laptops and sold around (12), all delivered and no complaints were received. Suddenly Ebay "suspended" my account while holding around $2000 of funds for items that I sold and that were delivered. That never gave me any reason fro their actions and they have not given me any timeline as to when I will be paid for the products that were sold. Secondly, I am an unemployed 64 year old US Marine Corps Veteran, I am pissed-off and ebay needs to be shut down due to their years of "Civil Violations".

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cgbrehab 2021-06-03 01:24:38 In reply to: gillray777
We were ordered to shut down our business and not ship due to Covid 19. As manager I got sick in July 2020 and had brain surgery. I was unable to answer e-mails for 3-4 weeks. We advertised in our listings we were closed, but people ordered anyway. Ebay shut our account down due to orders cancelled or not shipped.
In a time of a pandemic how can Ebay demand that companies ship when governers are fining companies that do not comply?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: TheInternetSamurai 2021-05-10 03:27:07 In reply to: tuffbarn
During the past week i have had three newly opened eBay.co.uk accounts closed with no explanation as to why, or when setting up the account no notifications on checks and balances that i had done anything wrong. They really make it difficult to do everything correct without any direction of what is and not allowed when filling out the relevant details, ie telephone numbers, addresses, PayPal account of what is and what is not allowed. I have recently managed to open a eBay.com to get notice that my listing is not allowed when there must be a dozen other eBay.COM sellers selling the same item from the same country I have placed my address with eBay.com.

Is eBay in total disorder, and have they got serious issues that they are not updating a prehistoric program. I am forever having to get sent an abundance of security codes even when i am logged in only to get logged out to be signed in again with a security code. WTF is going on at eBay ???

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: justscales20 2021-05-20 08:29:07 In reply to: TheInternetSamurai
Suspended since eBay called me a threat since I was persistent is doing something about fraud on eBay. I reported thousands of listings and reported many sellers. In the end, I purchased products in order to turn over the names and addresses of sellers to the FBI. I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Next thing I was suspended for returning too many products - I think it was 4 or 5, and all were counterfeit goods where the seller violated eBay rules by listing it - yet they were not suspended.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: BCuteer 2021-04-18 22:36:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was today banned from Ebay and Facebook marketplace. I have no idea why. I have been battling a hacker on Facebook for a month and even before I listed anything I was banned from marketplace. I appealled and they put me back on. I listed an item, a vintage coffee pot and I saw a bogus listing under my name. I was banned again. Again with no reason why. I didnt even have any violations listed. This week I listed two household items. I could tell that they weren't getting any views. And one time I clicked on my listing and it said under review. It was linen napkins! I tried tonsignnup tonoffer shopping and ingot an error saying "I could no longer use Facebook items for ads...." what??? Then today I received a notification that I had been banned from buying or selling on Facebook. I've never even bought anything. It took them 5 days each time to come back and let me back in. Never with an explanation. I thought they realized a hacker was sabotaging something. But I have no idea why me. They responded within a minute on my appeal today. I appealed several times finally just asking why. And they would pop on within one minute with the same response that they would not look into it further. I cant believe this.
Also, since the Facebook hacking both my husband and I have had trouble with eBay as well. Its like someone is just out to get us. I had just recently rejoined ebay after several years of no activity buying or selling. My account, around the same time as the Facebook trouble, was sent a message by a hacker who bought one of my items and messaged me off ebay to send him a gift card as well. I turned him in immediately to ebay and they discontinued that listing and sale saying he wasn't even registered on eBay. How did he message me on ebay rhen?
I asked for that account to be closed
But it still had a couple of listings so they said the listings would have to run their course and then they would close it. Nothing sold and when I checked yesterday they had relisted an item! After I initially asked for this account to be closed I opened another account using a different email as they said I couldn't use the same one. I first opened the email then Anne's PayPal and by the time I got to ebay an account was already open using that email address!!!! My husband had an ebay account opened for him too. This is just so weird. Why us? We asked for these accounts to be closed and as of last night when I decided to try again with ebay, it was still open. I opened a new email and ebay but not pay pal yet and within eight hours I get a message saying I had been permanently banned from ebay because they saw some threat to ebay security. What??? I didn't do anything! Not one thing. They would not give me any other information and after I tried to talk to a second human they wouldn't route me though to anyone. I just can't believe all this. I want to at least know what is going on. I want to file a lawsuit on Facebook and Ebay for all of this.

eBay makes false claims on website
Posted by: chaser 2021-04-09 14:58:04 In reply to: tuffbarn
I found a product on ebay that I offered a bid for and was accepted. I submitted payment using a debit card as I have a sincerely-held objection to using Paypal for any reason. The site specifically states you can offer payment with other choices if you do not want to use Paypal. False advertising, this doesn't happen. Regardless of which payment choice you make you get a prompt that your (info) has been received and you will be contacted after the transaction has been successfully completed. Minutes later I started getting an automatically-generated message that the payment must be resubmitted "or paid by other means". After many hours (14) I find out from the ebay customer service folk that the problem is not ebay rejecting my payment, but that Paypal is rejecting the payment. After telling them I absolutely refuse to use Paypal for anything the lady admits that "all transactions are routed through Paypal." Now why Paypal is targeting me specifically, I may never know, but the summary is this: Paypal has obtained a monopoly over all of ebays financial transactions by having control over all the financial payments for contracts made on ebay (which is illegal). They double jepordize themselves by as accomplises to misrepresentation on the site stating that other forms of payment are accepted, and then allowing Paypal to block other payments not routed through (themselves). Everybody will suggest politely that you the "take the easy route and use another credit card, have someone else pay for you," etc., as a work-around -- just so you can get your product-- but won't openly admit that all the offered choices still force you to indirectly use Paypal against your wishes.
I lost the negotiated bid that I accepted because of non-payment. The money was available, my bank confirmed they weren't blocking it, ebay wasn't blocking it, the seller wasn't blocking it, but PAYPAL, because I wouldn't agree to punch the button letting them process the financial transaction blocked payment violating their fiduciary duty (as I see it) not to interfere with financial agreements submitted for payment through competing institutions. This is double fraud.
Yeah, go after them. I kept screenshot copies of this mess and I will help in any way I can to get this deceptive practice shut down.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: diane_jessica 2021-03-29 22:04:01 In reply to: tuffbarn
Unjustly, Ebay suspended my Seller Account a few days ago with NO appeal, citing my listings as UNSAFE to the Ebay Community. Am a caricature artist/creator of Political pin-back Buttons selling since the 2016 Prez campaign. 100% feedback.
The only way I got thru to Ebay was via Live Chat. I wanted to know HOW my buttons like "Gov DeSantis 2022", "Jews for Trump 2020", "Marjorie Greene - American Patriot", and all the rest made any Ebayer UNSAFE? The CS gal just repeated that she was being clear by stating my listings were unsafe, and ended that chat.
EBAY has joined the rest of Big Tech targeting Conservatives. No matter what one's political affiliation is... this is alarming. Sellers of Democrat political buttons continue to sell without any censorship the vulgar, and violent in nature anti-Trump.
Am devastated. My husband tells me that Ebay, as with any other. business has a right to ban me, if they choose Nothing I can do about it, while I feel I'm living in an unreal existence in Nazi Germany.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: egwanderer 2021-04-28 17:10:01 In reply to: diane_jessica
I have a theory-- did you donate thru GiveSendGo to the bail fund of a particular individual who defended himself in Kenosha?


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Justmy2cents 2021-04-04 18:35:34 In reply to: diane_jessica
I'm currently suspended to for literally no reason too. I was listing an item the other day when their site asked if my item would be for a man or woman or a gender neutral, something like that and then it said boys or girls or gender neutral child? I was appalled at the thought of this kind of evil twisted selection option. This is child abuse pushing the sexualizing and perverting of our babies. When it comes to the children this Mommy goes for the jugular. By the way, I'm friends with Trump. Keep me updated.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Bidenwon 2021-05-08 02:16:14 In reply to: Justmy2cents
I literally made an account at 5am to tell you you are a disgusting human being if you have a problem with clothes/toys being made for both genders. Boys CAN wear pink. Girls can play with cars. You have issues.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: egwanderer 2021-04-27 12:49:13 In reply to: Justmy2cents
@Justmy2cents, I have a theory. Did you by chance donate to a $2million bail fund for a particular individual whom was defending himself with a firearm? This goes for everyone whom has been banned in the past month or two for seemingly no legitimate reason.

If you've been warned multiple times in the past by eBay please do not respond.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: MrBean99 2021-04-03 16:23:38 In reply to: diane_jessica
Nazi Germany! Really, is that how you feel? Given you sell products called "Jews for Trump" I'm wondering how you can make that comparison. If you went back in time and asked a few jews, living in Nazi Germany, if they thought your situation was somewhat similar to their own predicament. I wonder what they would say?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been RESTRICTED by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cyberquipment 2021-03-27 16:37:07 In reply to: tuffbarn
My eBay account has over 5000 positive feedbacks and I have been selling since 1999. This account is an important part of my overall business.
Just this month they severely restricted the number of items I can list because they say I am "strongly linked" to an account of an Ex-employee from OVER 5 years ago.
Apparently the "link" is that this guy used my stores' internet connection for his own private eBay selling/buying. But that was OVER 5 YEARS AGO!!!
I finally contacted the former employee and determined that he had a dispute with eBay and eBay says he owes them $$$.
eBay tells me that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to work with this guy to resolve HIS account so that MY account will be un-restricted!!!
How can they hold me accountable for him???

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Emisayeledis 2021-03-27 04:41:50 In reply to: tuffbarn
I got banned for no reason brand new account. I was thinking of writing a letter to eBay HQ to see what is going on. They can't even tell me the reason why

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Hejkasia 2021-03-19 09:28:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
Is this legal action lawsuit going ahead? My account has also been suspended for no reason and Ebay continues to charge me a significant monthly fee. This cannot be legal! Ebay business is how we support our family and our main source of income

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jonathangray2019 2021-03-01 09:07:14 In reply to: tuffbarn
Is there an attorney or point of contact we can call to join the class action suit?

Yes, is there an attorney or anyone that we can contact? I would LOVE to get this going and I'm sure there are thousands of sellers out there who have been treated unfairly. I'm sick of it! Let's do this!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: gpetr 2021-04-10 18:49:47 In reply to: dgward
I am 100% good buyer, spend over $1000.00 a month. Just got a permanent suspension been member since 1999. No strikes, pay on time.
Said suspended for pattern of
Activities. WTF. I AM 55 years old.
My pattern of Activities is buying things.
Ebay needs there phone contact back.
I am in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jonathangray2019 2021-03-01 08:39:24 In reply to: tuffbarn
I Want to go class action. They said I “may” be in violation of seller policy... so they limited my account and asked for all kinds of proprietary information. I have them very sensitive info, much of which was accepted. When they asked for my bank accounts, it suspiciously wouldn’t upload from any location. Finally they asked for all this proprietary info again but pictures of everything I ever sold on eBay... which is IMPOsSIBLe!!

This was all presented to me under the pretense that the info would not be shared or sold to anyone... but I guess that doesn’t include thier non-English speaking, outsourced employee...

Anyway the loss is 30k per month in revenue. Now I have very very expensive inventory that can’t be sold.

Is anyone pending class action against eBay? I’m in!!! Please respond!

Y'all realize Ebay is a private company who doesnt have to let you sell if they dont want to? You dont have a leg to stand on.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Pissedgrammy70 2021-04-09 21:31:47 In reply to: jonathangray2019
I am furious with eBay and if there is a class action I am in. I have been a 5 star seller for 14 years and just found today I am blocked and suspended permanently because I did not fill out the Managed Payments that they have started using recently. I am shocked and after an hour of wasted effort by chat, talking to an insolent person named Emily and someone in the Managed Payments department I am now unable to either buy or sell. They claim I violated the Anti Money Laundering Act by not responding as quickly as they wanted me to. Now I must be punished. Is there even an AML Act?? I told them I would bow to their wishes and fill the stupid thing out but was also told that no matter what I do I can never darken their door again. WHAT???

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mula_ 2021-02-25 16:46:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
I had a buyer account for years that I used a few times. Today I made a seller account to sell my car. I posted legitimate photos, put all the info (VIN, mileage, description, etc.) and it even brought up the title. The entire thing was completely legitimate! I am selling my old car because I recently bought a new one, easy as that. I even bought the 30-day listing because I figured it would be cheaper in the long run. An hour after posting the listing, I get the email that my account was permanently suspended and I had to pay the listing fee. What a scam. After spending 45 minutes with some incompetent employees on live chat (because they cut off all other methods of contact), nothing was resolved. I don't even want my account back. I just don't want them to take my money, and I want all my info out of their system!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: snkerhd2345 2021-02-18 08:30:05 In reply to: tuffbarn
Same thing just happened to me I just woke up received an email from ebay stating that my account has been Suspended due to all 261 pairs of shoes that I mostly purchased from name brand stores like Nike Store Foot Locker Footaction Champs Sports Eastbay and a few from ebay itself are all Counterfeit all at same time I'm waiting for a ebay supervisor to call me back in 24 hours I'm disabled with severe rheumatoid arthritis in my hands fingers and joints I live and help take care of my elderly father and he's about to loose his home my only source of income is selling on eBay I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get eBay to reinstate my account its hard for me to use my fingers even typing this message let alone retyping 261 auction descriptions I don't know what to do

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Crownh718 2021-02-04 15:12:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
My account is not suspended, I want to sue eBay for not having any policy that protects the seller. all of their policy only favor the buyer. I had a buyer who purchased a high-value item worth $3500. after the buyer received the item a few days later he emails about the parts of the item not functioning properly which was a lie because I tested the unit before shipping and everything was working fine. I smell foul- play I had a filling the buyer was switching part of the unit. Anyway even After I warn eBay of why was going on the buyer request a return and refund from eBay. When I receive the item back I notice that the parts were swap. Now I’m stuck with damaged products that were in great condition before selling on eBay. eBay has no protection plan for the sellers. We take the risks and don’t care yet they collected their fees.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Bidenwon 2021-05-08 02:31:21 In reply to: Crownh718
I have a solution for you. Dont sell on Ebay or dont sell high dollar items on Ebay. How are you going to CHOOSE to utilize a site and then sue them because you dont like the policies? Stop selling, problem solved.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: flowerboY27 2021-08-29 09:40:57 In reply to: Bidenwon
That response was like saying done buy at walmart if you don't like them. They wipe out any competition with buyouts and hostile take overs or just starve them out. EBay is a private company and can set whatever rules they want but when you agree to a financial contract with them in compliance with the policies they drafted, they must do the same. I was selling for only 2 weeks when a "periodic performance review hold" was put on my account. I had over 4k in sales. Every delivery was early and buyer reviews where all positive. My account was exceptional. They froze over 2k of my financial assets on products I bought and paid to deliver successfully. Via there contract agreement the funds should be allocated to the seller upon successful delivery. They refused me access to my assets that I allocated for daily operations such as shipment of continued sales. It's been over 3 weeks past due on the transfer of funds in compliance with our contract outlined in their own policy. I have refunded as many pending purchases as possible so the buyer does not also suffer from eBay corruption. EBay has blocked my ability to finalize these. They stated that in order to refund the remaining buyers I must do so with my own money and not with the money the buyer transferred to eBay and is in their possession. It's obvious they want to eliminate competition from the small seller so the Big Box sellers who are engulfing the platform can price gouge inimpeated. When you become as big as eBay and then become the financial manager by default and without options you then have new responsibilities and regulations to abide by that are so obvious to anybody who understands the basics of a free market. It is nothing short of stealing from the people that they don't want to compete until they starve. So, tell me again how eBay is justified in their actions either by moral or legally financial obligations.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ssbatarseh 2021-01-28 23:47:12 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay remove feedback without consent. this encourages sellers to continue fraudulent activities.
I am in for class action lawsuit... this is called "Deceptive and Unfair Practices"

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: dazoulay 2021-01-20 13:40:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
I sold a sewing machine and the lady wanted to send it back 1117/2020. I okd it, sent a label but she never returned the machine or used the label. The case closed 12/18/2020. I pd all fees. Then ebay reopened the case after a Mgr closed it - kept my seller fees and ruled the lady could get her money back...$198 and apparently keep the machine and stick me with all of it.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Justmy2cents 2021-04-04 18:51:11 In reply to: dazoulay
They did that to me with $1,200.00 worth of jewelry. The buyer stole the gemstones even admitted it in messages and they refunded his money and pay pal demands I repay them for money they refunded Ebay with. They both kept several hundred dollars being held and another $300.00 in seller fees. Ebay refunded $85.00 in a credit. I don't sell on there anymore so how does that credit toward future fees help me? They need to be held accountable. They just restrict your selling and ignore you. I want to sue them. Count me in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jenrmosier 2021-01-19 14:33:55 In reply to: tuffbarn
I noticed this as well. They told me I would continue to be responsible for fees and such. Seems shady to me.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ladyscrppr 2021-01-07 21:45:19 In reply to: tuffbarn
Yep! I’m another eBay user who was suspended without cause after being a frequent customer and occasional seller after 2 decades of a history with them. I had a fantastic feedback profile. There was zero reason for this and I have been wrongfully discriminated against! They refused to provide me any sort of explanation and tell me that they don’t have to give me an explanation. Unlike many of you though I was able to speak to a live body and have requested that they have somebody as a supervisor capacity contact me. They tell me I cannot appeal the process but I’m still going to try. I’m infuriated and happy to jump in on a class action lawsuit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ginamariee 2021-01-05 08:09:17 In reply to: tuffbarn
I recently updated my old eBay account that was largely inactive since 6 years because I wanted to start selling Pokemon cards. Upon uploading my first listing, I received an e-mail that my e-bay account was suspended indefinitely due to security measures. I have contacted them on multiple outlets and get NO ANSWER whatsoever, aside from them saying that I'm a threat and that they can't elaborate further than that to avoid my "circumventing" the system. I have never witnessed such garbage from anyone, let alone a public marketplace. I would like to be part of this class action suit should it take place, as my account was arbitrarily discriminated against.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jenrmosier 2021-01-19 14:32:44 In reply to: ginamariee
This very same thing happened to me. I've been a customer with the same account for almost 20 years. I don't use it often but listed a couple of things and updated my info. I later got an email of an indefinite suspension for "multiple accounts". I have never had more than one account. The customer service person wasn't helpful at all. He told me they don't tell anyone the reason for suspension so they don't try to come back under a different name and circumvent the policy. I asked for an explanation of that policy. I was told I didn't need to know since I am permanently banned. It was all so strange, I would have sworn at first it was a scam.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: bilosellhi24 2021-01-04 15:34:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has arbitrarily suspended and banned us from selling after a dozen years. we are not a business, we are private users. we listed 6....yes 6....dvd's and it was determined that we listed "adult" material. After pleading our case, we were reinstated, only to be suspended forever for risking the safety of the ebay community. we do not possess or list anything against policy....never have. when pressed further for explanation, we were told that ebay does not have to provide us a reason. after putting in tons of hours, and sharing proceeds with ebay the entire time via sellers fees and listing fees, it is unbelievable how they can just discard and condemn whoever they want for no good reason. hope that the BBB has been contacted in the majority of these cases, and we are on board for any pending legal action in a class action, so count us in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: TerryTelford 2020-12-24 06:24:33 In reply to: tuffbarn
Good morning
I have just had my account suspended as well and read through all the posts here to see that we all share the same story.

May I suggest we all gather our facts and start a class action lawsuit? There seem to be hundreds of people here on this thread and I'm sure there are thousands on other forums too. I have never organized a lawsuit, but I am motivated to put it together if other people are interested in pursuing this, or know of one that's already in progress that we can join.

Please let me know if you're interested and we can get things started.


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Sticks561 2020-12-10 10:07:31 In reply to: tuffbarn
Here is my story.
A friend of mine reached out to help him sell some of his late mother's glassware. I packaged the glassware according to ebay regulations and shipped it to California. Upon receiving the item the customer filed a complaint (which I was never privy to knowing the reason), and ebay issued a full refund to the buyer. Now I'm no tyrant and understand many many thing,however; Ebay did not require that the customer ship back the product, although they were refunded the full shipping amount.
1. I had already paid my friend and he was unable to pay me back.
2. I did not receive the product back
3. My paypal now stands at -$355
Convienently the same evening my eBay account is hacked and I'm immediately 🔒 out. I get an email thanking me for updating my information and immediately call eBay customer service. We quickly figure out it was not me who did this, but while this is happening, the hacker is placing over $20,000 worth of bids on my account. I'm having to explain to each seller after winning several bids that It was a mistake. The following day eBay suspends me and says I'm a "danger to the eBay community". Now I am left with this PayPal bill, which I refuse to pay, and eBay will not even communicate with me. WTF

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ellie862 2020-12-12 10:14:42 In reply to: Sticks561
i opened a business seller account in eBay and listed my first item which was cashew nuts. after my listing was done, eBay immediately suspended my account without reason. they said its final and no appeal. i chatted with them they say they cant give me the reason. i bought lots of items and packages and need to take legal action. its discrimination. my email is dr.herbalenus@yahoo.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Scotfree 2020-12-11 12:28:29 In reply to: Sticks561
I have been suspended by eBay also please contact me at sdunc09@aol.com I posted a comment explaining what happened I have no idea where it went

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Scotfree 2020-12-11 12:25:55 In reply to: Sticks561
I sold several items to one buyer on eBay he claimed they were damaged when received the driver and the insurance investigator said they were not damaged buyer turned around and said items were misrepresented which they were not eBay refunded his money which was $10,000 in full and I never got my stuff back because I was unwilling to pay for return shipping so essentially I got ripped off for the money and the equipment..... Yes I would like to join a class action suit against eBay please contact me at sdunc09@aol.com, thank you....... My account with eBay has been suspended also and they are emailing me that I owe them money for the sales fees....

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mumbolia 2020-12-05 11:20:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
Yes, include me!
I've had a eBay account for good standing buying and selling items for over 20 years. They unfairly put a restriction on my account because they said my account was somehow associated with my son's account which was restricted. I could not convince them otherwise and they would not reveal on what basis basis restricted my account.( I contacted an ex ebay employee and he said my son may have logged onto my account one time on my computer and they track IP addresses.) My feedback was excellent and it speaks for itself. After failing to convince them of this,
I contacted my son to see why his account was restricted. THey claim owed $500 in sellers fees for an item they claimed he sold outside of e-bay (which he didn't) After many months I encouraged him just to pay the $500 fee that you claimed he will he owed so my account would restrictions would be lifted.I even gave him half. He paid the fee and yet our accounts are now permanently restricted from selling with no recourse to appeal. I am a 64 year old MD and have always followed the rules and paid all my fees promptly. Totally unfair as I have in no way been connected to his account.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Letsmakeebaypay 2020-12-02 00:12:20 In reply to: tuffbarn
TUFFBARN...I have had the same BS theft and dismissal from Ebay that everyone else has had. I want to make Ebay accountable for what they stole from me essentially aiding and abetting their buyer in committing a theft against me willfully and knowingly despite proof submitted by me time and again. If we do nothing they have screwed each one of us just like they have apparently been doing for years! There are no ethics, morals, values or even common sense involved in their business practices with us, the very reason Ebay even exists! No sellers means no buyers means no Ebay! Its time to put our money where our mouths are people! Tuffbarn, let's do this thing ASAP and see justice done. Contact me asap im beyond outraged and dumbfounded that they can, have and will continue to abuse, cheat, steal and lie daily to millions for over a decade and STILL be in business! Anyone on this forum who is only here to talk smack and defend Ebay needs to be mindful of the damage and harm Ebay has caused to so many..no one, not one honest seller or buyer who has been injured by deceptive, unethical and illegal business practices needs, wants or cares to be condescended to! There are lives and finances being seriously harmed. Karma is a powerful real thing.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: EBAYFRAUDLAW 2020-10-11 16:07:17 In reply to: tuffbarn
please contact me im in up on a law suit them adn pay pal for fraud. they refused to let me open a unsent item case and i lost 130.oo on phone. i lost money on vintage shoes that were sent out the y allow me to send without them paid for. i realized they were not piad for after i sent them. they were like . your buyer accept offer an now send them. not realize they did not pay. i just did not pay for shoes i offered on. and in two days a open case on me. they refusd tolet me open a case on phone i bought and refused to honor the buyer protection and on shoes to when i had to try to get pay pal to stop payment on the phone and wont adress the shoes? im in on the law suit. alot of strange buyers and they did not shut downthe fraud seller of phone and or let me leave negative. they then reported the person who stole shoes after they disapear as buyer.. and shut account. im in let me know.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sharono 2020-12-29 15:14:40 In reply to: EBAYFRAUDLAW
29/12/20 : I listed on eBay and cancelled my listing due to change of heart and wanting to keep my item. Having 100% positive feedback with over 6000+ feedback. Active member since 2005. eBay suspended my account - FOREVER - stating: 'We have reviewed the activity we have seen connected to your account. As a result, your account has been suspended because we believe this activity presents a risk to our eBay community.' They didn't even state what it is I have done wrong...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Daveprin 2020-11-11 11:52:17 In reply to: EBAYFRAUDLAW
Morning, I too have just been suspended after many years trading. I am Looking at taking them on as I can not get any information regarding why. I am willing to start a class action and as I am Australia I am going to sell others through social media to build a case. So count me in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: BarbaraK 2020-12-16 23:39:50 In reply to: Daveprin
I'm in Australia and my account was suspended permanently today after I listed a fish tank for sale! Member since 2004, 100% positive feedback, buying and selling occasionally. I contacted them via chat twice and by email but they won't tell me the reason for suspension other than "this activity presents a risk to our eBay community". I have no idea what I have done wrong. I'm so annoyed!

Now they want from the seller...Social Security...picture of passport or drivers license....bank info...for what to sell the info to a foreign country

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Karley1994 2020-11-03 15:30:34 In reply to: EBAYFRAUDLAW
Could you please give me some help or advice on how I could even talk to a real person at eBay? I can't find any way to get in contact with them via phone or email. Please help thank you

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patk7717 2020-09-30 18:03:42 In reply to: tuffbarn
Count me in. I was a seller on ebay and have been screwed over by ebay several times, cost me over $4000, plus countless time and stress.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: HugoP 2020-10-09 03:18:58 In reply to: patk7717
Hi there this also hapened to me, and was done by another seller, just becasue i had better prices than him. call ebay and they are full of s...., they alll talk rubish, i like to sue then, i am in UK

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: bojon13 2020-10-02 13:41:59 In reply to: patk7717
yes ebay wronged me big time ..and stopped a thriving business about 10 yrs ago and since ? pay pal has harassed me for basically nothing ..I owe them no money,but they won't close my account .

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Brunhilda 2020-08-04 14:38:57 In reply to: tuffbarn
Same situation here. After selling on eBay for several years all of a sudden eBay suspended my account due to what they say are "policy violations".

I have been trying to find out exactly what it is they think I did so I can respond to the allegations in some way.

However, they refuse to tell me what it is that I have been accused of and found guilty of by the powers that be at eBay. They say it is not their policy to divulge this information. They just throw out allegations and then it is all a deep dark secret.

They requested documentation.. all of which I submitted. Then I receive a follow up e-mail saying after reviewing my account they have decided not to reinstate my selling privileges and that their original decision to suspend the account stands.

They have said I am welcome to email them if I feel I have been unfairly suspended. But, in the following sentence they also state they will not be responding to any further emails from me.. WHAT??

I have NO idea what sort of policy violations they are referring to. It is impossible to send any sort of rebuttal when you have no idea in the world what they are talking about. And, if they are not going to respond anyway.. what's the point?

The way they treat their sellers is in complete violation of human rights laws.
Find an attorney! I'm definitely on board.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Oedison 2020-08-03 10:05:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
They did the exact same thing to me. Suspended my account out the blue, created fake complaints I couldn't respond to and then refunded the buyer's without requiring them to mail back the product. I lost $3500

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: apaskell62 2020-06-15 20:59:26 In reply to: tuffbarn
I filed this dispute after EBay went in favor of a buyer knowing and admitting to me on a recorded line they knew the buyer abused the return policy, promised to make it right and then gave the buyer back their money, going in her favor after telling me not to give the money back, to which they only call you back if you are looking for help, interested in listing on EBay as a seller, only link I could find and clicked on for support. "A Bunch Of Liars" I have been an ebay member in 2002 and selling my own personal things for approx. 6 yrs, having delt with so much over the years! Proof of all I say herein the below! This is the dispute I just filed with PayPal in hopes they will do the right and fair thing! We'll see, never has in the past, always sides with EBay! I sold a opal 14k gold ring to a buyer totally as describe. The buyer filed with EBay stating the ring was not as described said it looked bigger in the picture even though I stated right in description it is a size seven, uploading a video to ebay taken prior to mailing it. Ebay allowed the buyer to return it to me even though acknowledging it was totally as described. Once I received it back there is a slice in my ring that was not there prior to mailing it as shown to ebay through video before and after videos. ebay again acknowledged through email to me realizing I received my ring back in different form, but still gave the buyer back her money for some reason. I should not have to give the buyer back her money for all of the reasons I note here.This buyer is the only one who had my ring and could have sliced my ring, stated it looked bigger in the pictures, stated she felt she paid too much for it, buyers remorse and knew there was a no return policy stated right on my page, showing the ring as a size seven on a professional ring scale as described. Please dispute this charge for me. Thank you Item No. 293024166310 Video taken prior to mailing >> https://sendvid.com/sdnlljdq Videos taken upon receiving ring back>> https://sendvid.com/1ddh6q4j https://sendvid.com/0xovc6wv

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sambosamford 2020-06-11 09:07:37 In reply to: tuffbarn
We too have been scammed or stolen from by ebay. Posted an item for sale, insured the package when it was shipped and buyer claimed item arrived damaged. Buyer refused to let UPS inspect the package so we could file an insurance claim ($3000 item).Buyer then opened up a claim with Ebay. Ebay stated we had to provide the buyer with a return label. Label was sent, and buyer claimed return label was unreadable and refused it. We sent another return label and confirmed with Ebay's High Claim Merchant support that label was indeed readable and would work. A few days later Ebay closed the claim and found in favor of the buyer saying that we did not respond to the claim or provide a clear shipping label to the buyer. In all we have over 50 emails between us and Ebay support (Which was a different person every time) supporting the fact that we did indeed conform to all the policies and provide everything that was required for the return. Ebay has now refunded the buyer his money, and the buyer STILL HAS OUR MERCHANDISE. Ebay also refuses to look at any appeal on our behalf. If anyone else has had a similiar experience, I would sure love to hear from you, as we are to the point we will pursue legal action if it is not resolved. Feel free to email me directly at tammysamford1@gmail.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ChairmanMeow 2020-06-08 19:27:08 In reply to: tuffbarn
Count me in. I had to set up a new eBay account because it was linked to a Gmail address that I deleted for personal reasons. I started a new eBay account with my new email address and was banned within the same hour. After sending emails asking why this was happening, they asked me a few questions as to what kind of stuff do I buy & how I intend to pay for it. When I shut down my old account, all of my purchases were already paid for so what gives? They said security reasons & then said I was no longer allowed to use ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: teamsasquatchsewing 2020-05-24 05:12:21 In reply to: tuffbarn
I've been a seller on ebay for 20 years. One of my items was allergy masks. When Covid came around, I got MANY mask sales, then they took those ads down, wreaking havoc. After they took the ads down, they made it impossible for me to see the specifics of the orders, so I had to chase them down through emails and paypal.
THEN, because the mail has been so insanely slow, Ebay proceeded to issue refunds to people I had sent masks too, leaving me out hundreds of dollars a day.
THEN they restricted me, even though they are now allowing EVERYONE else to sell face masks now! I am losing HUNDRED a day, and my performance rating has gone down due to THEIR actions.
One by one, Ebay is refunding people for items they claim they never got. I print postage through Stamps.com so I have definitive proof that I sent the Item, but Ebay continues to refund people!!
I am so f_cking sick of Ebay screweing me. If there is a law suit filed, I want to be a part of it. www.teamsasquatchsewing.biz trich@teamsasquatchsewing.biz


I am very interested in pursuing this and that's how I found this forum. Over the last few days there were items that I was not allowed to post that others are selling daily. I have been actively selling on ebay for 2years. A few days ago I tried listing authentic 3M masks. Yes they are made in China as most products. There's something strange about why there is a shortage of 3M masks in the USA but that discussion is for another time. I wasn't allowed to list. When I asked eBay why when other sellers were selling the same they stated the banned the sale of masks in March. Ok for who? They responded people selling masks were selling before covid-19 and they don't have a pre-approval process..but other sellers are pre-approved and I'm not. I saw a seller selling 3m masks that only had 30 feedbacks. Well not only are they allowing others to sell but I have gotten several promotional offers from EBAY offering me coupons to purchase from these sellers. Something is very off. I have a few stories about items I wasn't allowed to sell according to their so called policy to see other sellers with the same items selling dozens weekly. eBay's practices should be thoroughly investigated. They need to be taken to task for having different policies for different people. I am ready to pursue this.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: samchasejones 2021-06-30 06:54:22 In reply to: JaneSane
Thought it would be worth a shot is this still moving? I have a big issue with all the bells an whistles you need

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: MikeinFlorida 2020-05-14 18:24:49 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has refunded buyers from my Paypal account for items they returned damaged. Their "seller protections" are fake. Even with photos and Ebay messages between the buyers and myself concerning the reasons for returns, Ebay always finds for the buyer. They have cost me hundreds of dollars in losses on products and many hours of time spent. Ebay is a dishonest company and they do not abide by the "rules" they have set up for doing business on Ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: VossCollectables 2020-05-11 09:09:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay has suspended my account unfairly a couple of times recently. They asked me to remove a listing, rightfully so, so I did. And they suspended me for it. Then yesterday, they sent me a message saying they are removing the restrictions, and five minutes later, they suspended me for 10 days for the same issue. I don't know who and where they are answering me from but all I get is scripted untrue responses. I really feel like I may have upset someone there and they are just messing with me at this point. Now a days while people are suffering, eBay a multi-billion dollar company is making things worse. So unfair. I'd like to find an attorney to start a class action lawsuit if at all possible.

eBay issues
Posted by: Tamosmm 2020-05-11 13:22:26 In reply to: VossCollectables
I have not been hurt nearly as bad as some of y'all, but eBay supports fraud. I decided to sell a OnePlus 7 pro phone on eBay. It is not my business so I simply put it on for $400. The phone is worth $1000 and others are selling for $1950. Regardless. I used this phone for two days prior to the 8 pro being released. It was in perfect condition. I took dead on pictures showing the IMEI as proof. I had misstated the RAM as 12 gb instead of 8 gb but I disclosed this immediately to the buyer. The buyer received the phone in the afternoon, activated the IMEI thus using the phone and by 10pm was contacting me telling me there were scratches and damage. This is after he used the phone. He filed a claim to return it. I refused. Why would I send a perfectly good phone and accept the return for something Mehmet Alpas destroyed? He said he returned the phone, which he did not as we are under quarantine and nothing has arrived to my address. eBay gave him a full refund leaving me with no phone and no money. Then the told me they are a buying platform. That selling/sellers don't matter. It's the buyer they care about. How is this even legal?

Re: eBay issues
Posted by: cellet 2020-06-19 08:36:58 In reply to: Tamosmm
I sold my new Samsung Galaxy S20+ on eBay for $999.99 on March 3rd right before the COVID-19 shutdown started. The buyer said the phone was not working and returned the phone back to me using FedEx. I tracked the package and it shows delivered in my city, but I never received the phone back. eBay has already refunded the money back to the buyer because the tracking shows delivered to the city where I am at. I opened a case with eBay but because it shows delivered the closed the case in favor of the buyer. When I contacted FedEx, they could not give me the exact address of the delivery because I was not the sender. I had to call eBay and FedEx so many times regarding this because I still didn’t receive my phone and eBay just didn’t care that I didn’t receive the phone. As long as the tracking shows delivered there was nothing eBay can do about this. After days of contacting FedEx they finally was able to give me the address the phone was delivered to and it was delivered to few office down mine. I couldn’t go pick up my phone because all business was ordered to close due to COVID-19. 30 days have past and I was finally able to pick the package at my neighbors office. After opening the package I picked up, there was no phone that was worth one thousand dollars instead there was a cheap used watch the buyer has sent back instead of my phone. I had opened a new case with eBay telling them what they buyer has done and their responds was “After looking at the details to look for a possible recourse, I found out that the case was closed more than 30 days ago and is no longer eligible for an appeal. With that being said, we cannot begin an investigation to where your item was actually delivered. We will have to deny this appeal

Moving forward, you may send us an appeal within 30 days since case closure.

This may not be what you're hoping to hear but I trust I've explained things clearly and I wish you all the best on eBay in the future.” eBay made the mistake of ruling in favor of buyer just because return tracking shows delivered to my city but not my address. eBay did not care the buyer committed fraud by sending a cheap used watch instead of my expensive phone. This is not right and eBay needs so do something about this.

Re: eBay issues
Posted by: VossCollectables 2020-05-11 13:58:53 In reply to: Tamosmm
Here's what I'm realizing is happening; first of all I want to be clear that I'm not being prejudice just stating facts. eBay subcontracts customer service overseas to countries like India and China. Although they speak English they follow a script so it's almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation. And eBay's computer system, where it selects, pretty much our faith, decides on what it thinks is right and submits refunds or suspension. I literally begged for them to help me out and finally got some one within the US to contact me and they were sympathetic and removed the suspension, but I'm worried what may happen tomorrow. Hopefully nothing, but hey it's eBay. Also competitors have been reporting some of my items, assuming they want to sell more of theirs, and VERO will first suspend you then ask questions. Then you have to spend hours and days explaining that you weren't at fault. Meanwhile same items are being sold similar to mine in thousands on eBay. What eBay suggested, instead of correcting their error to fix mine, that I should report them too the same way they did me. I'm not a person who will mess with someones livelihood regardless of what they may have done. But some of the answers I get are ridiculous. I even got emails as why they did what they did stating a product that is not even close to what I was suspended for. They just read a portion and unfortunately, since we can't call, every time you send an email a different person may be answering you back, and again scripted. I've been on eBay for 18 years without much issue, but this past month I think I aged 20 years. I guess it all depends on who gets your message and how smart or understanding they are. It's very frustrating.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: OahuSeller 2020-05-10 13:18:34 In reply to: tuffbarn
I just got suspended for selling an "RX Only" product. I had a product removed in the past because I was told (incorrectly) that that was a prescription only product. This time they are telling me that AND stating that if it says "RX ONLY" it's not allowed. Meanwhile, I found many others selling the exact same product, but for some reason theirs doesn't say "RX Only" on the boxes (I have no idea why theirs don't but mine does). It seems obvious that I was reported because I had just lowered the price yesterday which must have ticked off another seller. So I assume that anytime one seller reports another, eBay NEVER checks to see whether the one reporting is making THE EXACT SAME VIOLATION. To me, if I were to sue, it would seem to be a slam dunk case against eBay for punishing one seller but allowing all others to continue unimpeded, but of course something is in the fine print that allows them to get away with this. Just to be sure that eBay doesn't try to block my money in PayPal, I just transferred about 95% of my balance to my bank so they can't freeze it for any stupid reason. It's mind-boggling how eBay keeps shooting themselves in the foot by blocking so many sellers and often without justification nor explanation.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:20:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
Sellers tell me to call customer service, but having tried that, I don't like being on hold for 90 minutes, to get a rep. that knows nothing and can not offer any changes. In the new policy that becomes effect on March 27th, 2020 Item #11 Quotes/ 11. Holds and Restricted Funds
To protect eBay from risk of liability for your actions as a seller, eBay has at times recommended, and may continue to recommend, that PayPal restrict access to funds in a seller's PayPal account based on certain factors, including, but not limited to, selling history, seller performance, returns, riskiness of the listing category, transaction value, or the filing of an eBay Money Back Guarantee case. This may result in PayPal restricting funds in your PayPal account./ The justification for freezing your Pay Pal assets. I had never heard of such a thing! But it was imposed on me! As far as I know, I never agreed to these terms! The idea after they kick you off the site, is to guarantee 100% seller refunds if they complain about a past purchase. I had no refund policy, and yet they literally control my paypal account. I couldn't go to Bonanza or any other auction site, because all require a Paypal account to sell. Like a true monopoly you can not sale elsewhere for 180 days. They still control you after they remove you for 6 months, how is this legal???

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hammadse 2019-12-09 13:09:27 In reply to: tuffbarn
what were you selling ?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:25:30 In reply to: hammadse
Iron on patches, art coins, belt buckles, transfers, lapel pins. Who is to say, if it was unfairly? I felt it was, but everthing is automated and there is no real people to talk to. I did bypass the Velcro copyright contact to generate dialog to use later, should a legal need require it. Velcro International recognizes the huge miss use of their name by 3rd parties, but on ebay they are God! Try GOOGLE searching VELCRO and every one uses the generic term, as I did. If you grew up with the term like me, you think its a closure type, not a copyrighted phrase.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Rick318 2020-01-28 12:42:32 In reply to: hammadse
I opened a account and went and started posting an item to sell. And when I got done I hit submit.And it said my ebay account was suspended indefinitely. I called Nd all they could tell me was is that it was because of a couple risk factors.i never even got to use my account.im very up set at this help me please.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Karley1994 2020-11-03 15:13:30 In reply to: Rick318
This is the exact same thing that happened to me. So this is also the problem I've encountered. I can not find anyway to talk to a real person. I've been at this for about 5 days now. And the best I've got is a computer sending me automated responses that arent helping me at all or answering my questions. Can someone please tell me how I can email them or talk to a real person. Or is this a lost cause? I posted a childs card game. It's nothing inappropriate. I was really counting on this and never thought I would have problems with something so simple. *please help*

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:31:17 In reply to: Rick318
1-28-20 was a bad day for both of us! I was at $4140 gross for that month, not bad for a part time gig, and in seconds ebay deleted my store and 870 items. Velcro name use was the main complaint, but they also gave a vague statement about other items in general. It felt like a purge of unwanted sellers, but without contact from other sellers, we take the experience blind folded. I had been on ebay 22 years and 18 days.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:09:32 In reply to: Rick318
ebay dumped 870 of my items in one action, on 1-28-20. They closed my store and froze my Paypal assets for 180 days. My explained infraction was using the Velcro name, instead of the title of "hook & loop". At present ebay has 69,000 items that use the velcro name, many by 3rd party retailers and many that are not genuine. I have been on ebay since January 10th, 1998 and my closing or existing ebay feedback is 20096 at 99.6% for the last 12 months. In 2019 my ebay fees were $4340. In 22 years I have seen many unfair practices imposed on sellers. I think ebay violates the Interstate Commerce Claus and Anti-Trust issues as they control sales and restrict sellers, as though we are employees. They dictate everything and charge us for it. Under infractions, they are to big to listen to corrections. I had a seller claim copyright on 208 art coins and upon going to the patent office, the seller had only 2 copyrighted. The 8 coins I had removed were not like the 2 recorded at the US Copyright office. They also use image scanning software that generated suspensions on my account, months after such items were sold. Contacting companies that claimed copyright with explanation in print, ebay refused to review. Restrictions on small sellers get penalties, while chinese sellers selling the same exact item, are given a free pass. ebay controls the message boards and prevents sellers from communicating with each other. MONOPOLY.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: lewisc123 2020-01-11 02:08:15 In reply to: hammadse
I was selling movies and all kinds of things. then a buyer told eBay flsse accussation and I was suspended

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:36:17 In reply to: lewisc123
It is interesting in hind sight! VELCRO was the noted complaint source, but I did notice, my chinese supplier replaced me and raised their prices slightly. I thought that was odd! But I have no idea whether they had a part in it. The only clear complaint source was VELCRO. My patches were 98% Iron on, but maybe 2% were HOOK & LOOP which is what VELCRO is. I don't think ebay would share who else might of complained, but Chinese sellers of the same are bigger sellers than I am and closer to the mfgr sources.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: EbayVictim 2019-12-09 06:57:56 In reply to: tuffbarn
I absolutely want to join thus California law suit against effing Ebay.
I had an excellent account for years, with 100% positive feedback.
Then, just a month ago, weird things started happening-no doubt some jealous competitors on Ebay and of course, Ebay itself.
Fir example,suddenly one day I got an Ebay message from a new "member," demanding I verify where and how Ingot some of the vitamins I was selling and to take down the lusting, due to "infringement." This was not from Ebay itself, though. I ignored this new "member." However, suddenly I was getting many bogus SNAD cases. Wells I fought and won them all. But suddenly, the next day, Ebay itself suspended my account. So, I then SUSPENDED all Paypal payments-I HAVE NO INCENTIVE OR WISH TO PAY OUTSTANDING FEES, WHEN I HAVE BEEN ABUSED AND UNJUSTLY SUSPENDED. FUKK EBAY.
Where do I join the class action suit?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 15:45:37 In reply to: EbayVictim
Interesting! I got 5 negatives in 2019. It has little effect when you get 1800 positive in the same period, but it was always personal trying to maintain that 100%. 4 of my 5 negatives, each gave the exact same words, but different user names. The jist of it was buyers questioning if they would get the exact same item in the photo image. But with 4 to 6 items listed, that is not possible, only one might be the exact item. But items mass produced are generally the same. Metal items can have bag/storage marks, so using a magnifying glass, a buyer might find differences. But each negative stated I was a Chinese seller! While 80% of everything comes from China, I was out of zip code 97439/Oregon, but branded as something else. I had others that I refunded and refused to sell to when the weird questions came in. I also blocked these buyers expecting more attempts to drag me down. I don't know who they were?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: JasonLu 2019-08-27 23:26:44 In reply to: tuffbarn
If you have a suspended ebay account then go to www.reinstatetoday.com to get it fixed. They helped me get my account back in only one day. Im very happy now and I can sell again.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Karley1994 2020-11-03 15:27:19 In reply to: JasonLu
I saw this so I went to that website to check it out and it even says replied immediately and I messaged on the jet page probably on the dozen times now with no reply in the last 30 minutes. I don't know how I could possibly be doing this wrong. Please help?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: TampaEbayUserScrewedToo 2019-06-28 07:35:12 In reply to: tuffbarn
Where do I even start?? Lets start with I sell something that is clearly marked "NON-REFUNDABLE BEING NATURE OF THE ITEMS" make-up, shampoo, conditioner and etc...yet these folks can get a refund because it "wasn't as described" yet the eBay supervisor was in agreement with my claim but being their policies the buyer is always right (one example: a lady bought head lice shampoo with clearly described item saying the label was sun bleached because it wasn't stored properly and she was able to get a full refund plus me having to buy yet another label for her to return the item, also says buyer pays for return shippment, her claim is was that it smelled funny, well because she bought LICE SHAMPOO AND NOT REGULAR SHAMPOO but I had to eat all that money out of my pocket). I post things only to have them taken down, eBay allows other eBayer's to sabotage my store (causing me to lose my Top Rated Seller Ribbon). I have listed items to wake up the next day saying there's a copy right infringement, but yet there are many of the same things on ebay posted just like my item and not on ebay's "Restricted Items List" yet my account gets suspended because of it. I ask whom the email comes from but yet no answer on that because WHY?? No answer of why either. I know a lady (Yes, I personally know this Lady, Named Belinda) whom told me she reported one of my items because she thought it was "unfair" I didn't offer it to her at a better price so she reported me and ebay told me it was from the "owner of that label" which obviously it was not. I've had to pay for return labels for many of items that clearly say "BUYER PAYS FOR RETURNING OF ITEMS". Both of my accounts have been up for over six months and my brothers account of about two years now and we're both dealing with the same BS from eBay. eBay keeps putting holds on our money on items I've sold for NO REASON AT ALL, I call to ask why and they say because they account hasn't been up that long....HOW?? No clear answer yet again. I've had buyers return Items I never sold them, yet I was forced to give refunds. This IS MY ONLY WAY to provide from my family and eBay just keeps taking and taking and taking and I cannot will not take it sitting down anymore. I don't know what to do or who to turn too. Christina

Very interesting! I didn't realize this site had so many sellers! I hate looking at the ebay forums, because ebay absolutely controls the narrative. So as for your situation, I too had no return policy. I could never use the ebay shopping cart, as it required the 30 day return policy. Since I joined before pictures in 1998, I always hated buyers remorse! When a buyer bids an item up or buys fixed price, but learns they can get it cheaper, many want a refund. I did infact give refunds for items lost in the mail and to avoid negatives. I did find myself getting negatives after I refunded on items and wondered where my incentive was to refund, if I was going to get a negative any way. I shipped a Western Badge to a buyer, one I felt was setting me up before I shipped it. It arrived and 2 weeks later, the guy shipped it back. I sent in a padded envelope as a package. He mailed it to me in an envelope with a 1st class stamp. It went through the automated postal rollers and survived! I had to pay the postage to get from the postmaster. His complaint was it was not heavy enough. It was solid brass and he paid a mere $4.99 plus $4.00 shipping. I gave a 100% refund and still got his negative. There are buyers that want refund without returning the item, yet another problem.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: selahsretro 2019-04-24 13:28:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been permanently suspended without any explanation at all. I can only guess that it is retaliatory for me getting upset that they too quickly charged a customer of mine and would not reimburse the person and I was blocked from doing so, until I had a tantrum about it. My customer was finally reimbursed and I was suspended with no reason. They claimed I would be reimbursed any fees I have paid, but have not done so and have attempted to take more money from me. When they did not succeed in taking my money they sent me a bill saying I owe them over $200! What a scam,

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: AlexChrz 2019-04-25 08:56:49 In reply to: selahsretro
Count me in. I have the same problem. My name is Alex if you need to reach me regarding this matter. Good luck getting it going man.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: edwiley 2019-04-23 20:08:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
count me in on the case. i was unfairly permanently suspended on my saleing right and i have been on ebay buying and saleing since 2009 i recently just opened a store on eBay and was on my way to make 10000 a month before they banned my acct at the beginning of the month and after i jumped through all there hoops and the money that my store lost in profit and in man hours of making all the listing and research because of the injustice of suspending my acct would be around 10k now since the did this i will have to close my store down and lost all the hard work i put into it and and in the past 10 yrs i have only one neg complaint out of 120 sales and that one that started this whole thing but we need to bring the rights back to the salers and have eBay feel the hurt that they caused our stores if thee is a casing going on how to i become part of it

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: crassfrazier 2019-04-11 14:05:53 In reply to: tuffbarn
It's not just sellers that are being effected by this. I have only ever started BUYING on ebay just this year and have only bought maybe six items...Some vases for my wedding and some boots. I got the same message saying my account was suspended. I called being concerned because ebay has my husbands credit card info, and they were fishing for personal info....Like what kind of car I drive telling me it was public info! It was alarming. I told them I wanted my account PERMANENTLY closed and my credit card info removed. The Filipino told me no one has access to my account any longer...Yea right. I will NEVER engage in trade on ebay again, and will make sure my husband watches his account with an eagle eye.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: poligirl24 2022-01-05 16:56:07 In reply to: crassfrazier
This has happened to me - and I'm happy to join a class action suit if there is one. I have used my ebay account TWICE ever that I can recall - to sell a swimsuit in 2020 and I purchased a charger in August. I got an email today saying that my account was permanently banned. I talked to two different customer support people, and they both told me that there were "patterns of behavior" that were concerning to the community, but they couldn't give me any additional information and then ended the chat on me. I have looked through all my emails, everything, and I cannot figure out what is happening. It's not like it's even a big thing since I rarely use ebay, but how am I supposed to explain in the future that I am banned from ebay for literally no reason? I am considering reaching out to BBB - I'm sure it won't do anything, but it'll at least maybe open a complaint or something. If anyone has any advice here (since I'm not a buyer), I'd love to hear it. I'm just upset! I'm only a grad student, barely even ever use things like ebay - what the heck?!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: poligirl24 2022-01-05 16:37:02 In reply to: crassfrazier
this is similar to what happened to me! I bought a charger off ebay back in Aug - the only other thing I have ever used ebay for was to sell a swimsuit in 2020 when I was in college. I recall that the swimsuit came back to me as a "return to sender" and after talking to customer service, they told me it was fine and I didn't need to do anything else. So all I can think is maybe the thing I bought? but im also worried I was maybe hacked or now someone has access to my information and I am worried!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mrcheckoutmarketing 2019-03-31 13:39:44 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been suspended twice in the last 2 months and told a 3rd time could be permanent. All this for selling CBD which is legal. While removing my product they are allowing over 500 other Companies to sell the same items without fear. They are even sending out promotional emails for CBD. I have filed complaints with the FTC, the FBI's IC3 division, and the AG of New York. Any ideas on who else might take a shot at them.

ebay is not to big to be brought down, but it takes time! In about 2004 I was working with law enforcement, the San Jose PD included, trying to get ebay to remove bomb making instructions, the sale of vandalism supplies and addressing stolen property sold on line. ebay was not cooperative. You have to think outside the box. Boycotts are fully legal and using past skirmishes are fair game. Per your issue, big sellers and chinese sellers are protected, while ma & pa sellers get penalized. Rumors of a purge also exist of certain smaller operations. You or we need more seller data. Find a list of sellers booted and unite them, then compare notes of similarity.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Tyru831 2019-01-15 09:02:13 In reply to: tuffbarn
My eBay account was recently suspended at the same time a couple of items sold.so I did the right thing even though there would be no recourse if I didn't and mailed out the buyers products who had already completed payment.i called eBay to try to figure out a way to contact buyer and assure them there product was on the way in 2 separate packages.ebay said since my account was suspended I could not.well the day the first package arrived the buyer opened a dispute and eBay sent me 3 messages within a half hour saying first a case had been opened then that they were reviewing the facts and finally that they reached a conclusion and we're refunding his money all without speaking with me at all.when I saw all this I contacted eBay and they said since my account was suspended they could not change the ruling even though I had tracking numbers showing the first package was there and the second was a day or two behind.i spent hours on hold and in multiple pointless conversations over the course of two days but in the end they said no one had the power to change the outcome even though he had the products and had his money back all because my account was suspended.like no one at eBay can change the refunded status.then I said well at least take the wrongful amount that was taken from me by them and given to this con artist and take that off what I owed eBay before it went to collection or I had to pay it.they said they also don't have the power to change that because of my account status.noone at eBay could do that unbelievable.so now here I am with no product-no money- and a fee for eBays wonderful services.it feels like a systematic procedure for stealing all they could before leaving me voiceless so I hope this account of eBays scamming ways helps your cause and if you need anything further from me let me know and I will do my best.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fincenmib 2020-02-29 17:13:34 In reply to: Tyru831
The day they closed my account, they removed my history and I had buyers messaging me about when items would arrive. I couldn't look my items up with my ebay store removed. I complained and in 24 hours I had listings without photo's. ebay said I was still responsible to buyers, but had tied my hands. About 72 hours in my listing were returned and I was able to ID items already shipped. It was like an idiot removed things they shouldn't have, then returned enough for me to address buyer concerns. I have no idea who was making these decisions. They make us responsible, freeze our Paypal account, offer 100% refunds to buyers without our approval and we can do nothing! I moved to Bonanza got a store there and 300 items up. Then a buyer said my Paypal wouldn't take their payment. I called Paypal and learned my account per ebay was frozen. I went to SWIPE to replace Paypal, but most auction sites still require Paypal. Last week I got a notice of new policy from ebay, explaining a new rule that goes into place March 27th 2020 that explains how they can freeze our paypal assets. If they are adding this rule, did it exist when they used it on us? I wonder!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: bobbygitrplyr 2019-01-07 19:58:39 In reply to: tuffbarn
The same happened to me. I've selling on ebay for nearly 20years. I had an Ebay store for last 4 years they suspended me having an out stock product. I had 100% positive rating. I tried speaking to someone that didn't know what to say. The worst part of it is all the real scammers that sell on Ebay. I've been burned for almost $1000 dollars on bad products and ebay didnt want to hear it. Guess what these scammers are still selling their crap on Ebay! Ebay needs to get hit hard. They practise very unfair business practices especially again small business. Thank god for Amazon!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: bestdeals200167 2018-12-13 21:22:51 In reply to: tuffbarn
same here
ebay just suspended my account for no reason, support via telephone is rude

I've been robbed by E-Bay. An E-bay Scammer claimed UPS damaged his package but never showed or made any note with the UPS driver & never allowed UPS to inspect it either. They never made it available for inspection by UPS whatsoever, even though I filed a claim UPS from the very beginning. Then E-Bay Paid no attention the multiple problems including that with UPS. There were many other things that weren't right about the whole claim too. Everything I kept trying to explain, E-bay seemed to just be ignoring! E bay rushed into ruling in the buyers favor without consideration of the fact's including alternative advise given to me in the matter by PayPal supervisor's which totally conflicted in regard to return of the Item. Also E-bay then instantly closed the case on me right in the middle of the holidays leaving me no possibility of appeal & the buyer with a complete $190. refund & My $190. merchandise all of which he's now paid absolutely nothing for. All this even though I have 100% Perfect Positive feedback. I know I've been man-handled, ripped off & robbed by E-bay & now looks like PayPal's joining the club ! So here's another case you can add to you're list of E-bay's Criminal Lying & Cheating. And Crime's it Comets against it's own Sellers & how they force any compensation away from themselves in order to line their own pockets as much as possible while screening, stopping, & silencing any calls of protest or complaint as soon as they start to come in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sambosamford 2020-06-11 08:39:30 In reply to: dk405a
@dk405a I would love to visit with you more about your experience as the EXACT same scenerio has just happened with us. Wondering if it is the same user, or an inside scam with ebay. Please email me at tammysamford1@gmail.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Yoda1204 2018-12-14 21:56:56 In reply to: bestdeals200167
EBAY is so huge their administration people trampled me like a tiny ant and just unconscionably attacked me with a charge of SELLING COUNTERFEIT ITEMS when I am merely re-selling an item I purchased from one of their TOP SELLER because I always make sure I obtain my high end goods from their trusted sellers to mitigate being in trouble with eBay. They did not find any fault with their Top Seller while items were for sale at their store and yet after I’ve personally re-listed these very same items, I was charged as a FRAUD twice over? Third time, I'll be kicked out of eBay. Where is justice here? When I provided documentation to them of proof of my purchases from eBay itself and the data available to them within their own platform, I was just ignored and nobody would respond despite documented promises to do so. I get messages to correspond by phone but having done so in the past, I NEVER had my issues resolved. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP, we need assistance and intervention from these unfair trading practices imposed by giant rich corporations on little people like us who are merely treated like dispensable dirt. Thank you.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Yoda1204 2018-12-11 20:22:15 In reply to: tuffbarn
Thank you for starting this action as I'm on the same predicament now in 2018 as you were back then.

Am new to eBay but in a span of a few months garnered Top Seller status as I have stood by what I believe in service being: honesty, integrity, rules compliance and great communications and camaraderie with buyers.

Working so very hard yet getting toppled by unfair and unfounded accusations from eBay policing staff who do not even do their detective work or seek seller's viewpoint or proof on allegations of COUNTERFEIT items, instead just flagrantly issue VIOLATION charges. No one from eBay wants to take responsibility for opening the can of worms they created, they just choose to ignore you, promise a response and never get to the bottom of their false accusations. Yet it is my account that is getting threatened of being shut down once a 3rd Violation is issued from them again - my hands are tied, I have no say, they don't listen or respond, please help!

Following are my correspondences with eBay regarding TWO UNFOUNDED COUNTERFEIT VIOLATION CHARGES that has not been responded to-date after close to two months, I get promises of an answer but this never materialises as evidenced by transaction trails I have collected on these so called eBay experts on Customer Support - I've even had several instances mid-chat, where they hung up on me and yet I have not been abusive or use foul language on them. I call and get nowhere, even when speaking with so-called Managers who I get escalated to. I pay eBay & Pay Pal's exorbitant fees and yet their admin arm are so devoid of customer support.

We need an intermediary here.

This was my email to eBay's Customer Help on 11Dec18.


You never heard back from me since Oct. 20,2018 as I was overseas on medical treatment for awhile. Subsequently, nobody from eBay ever gave me an update on the status of my Rescindment Request to-date, 2 months later. I am so disappointed and frustrated that a slur on my integrity has not been vindicated and no one from eBay that you forwarded my appeal for removal of so called Trademark Violation EVER responded or gave me feedback. To make matters worse, I am once again being accused by eBay of the same violation. I went through so much trouble producing receipts and documents in support of my request for vindication tod prove that I bought these high end items for re-selling from a respectable Japan based eBay trader, *top rated seller name*
Now I am being accused once again of the same violation, this time for an item I bought from *ANOTHER TOP RATED SELLER NAME* for close to $1,000.00 on 09Jul18. I have the purchase proof on eBay itself. So why did eBay not accuse seller of the same violation I am being accused of now? That means I bought a spoof, yet I checked the authentication code on receipt of the item and it was authentic - is ebay claiming I was sold a Replica by one of their Trusted Top Sellers who's notched sales is going on 2,000 items to-date and was never issued a Violation Notice, yet once item was acquired by me, it was deemed a counterfeit? Is this double standards against a small seller like me?
I feel that this is all so unfair and wrong from eBay’s end - I feel so violated and my integrity challenged so I would like to escalate the matter to your Manager or whoever it is that just issues these Trademark Violations without consultation with seller – somebody who would action the matter and could give me a desired outcome. I have not been proven guilty yet I was sentenced straightaway?
The details of the 2nd incident of my so-called Trademark Violation is following - embedded below. This pertains to a Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull Tote Bag with Authenticity Code AR0099, indicating bag was manufactured in France on the 9th week of 2009.
Below is Trade Violation Charge received from eBay on 11Dec2018
After reviewing your eBay account, we've taken the following actions:
- Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted. You won't be able to list new items or revise current listings for 7 days.
- Violating listings have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.
- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).
The listing or product that was removed appeared to violate eBay policy. Please remember that you are responsible for the quality and authenticity of the products that you offer on eBay. It is against eBay policy to sell any counterfeit items.
For more information please see our Replica, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy:
After 7 days, your account will no longer be restricted. However, please be sure your current and future listings follow these guidelines, keeping in mind that additional violations could result in the suspension of your account.
Here are the listings that were removed:
123533631670 - Authentic LV Damier Ebene Neverfull MM N51105 with FREE New Organiser

I have been feverishly doing listings and now I am being deprived access to eBay operations arising from the company’s trusted policing bodies raising unfounded accusations, perhaps with a vested interest in obtaining brownie points in December for bonus rewards?

On Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 17:46:16 GMT+11, customerhelp@ebay.com <customerhelp@ebay.com> wrote:
Appealing for COUNTERFEIT TRADE VIOLATION on Listed Item Removed SR# 1-180980055297
Good day!
I'm sending this email to supplement our conversation earlier. As what we have discussed, just please reply to this email and attach the Proof of Purchase for the recent LV Women's Gold Bag that you listed in order for us to make an appeal on the listing that was just removed from the site.
We look forward to hear back from you.
eBay Customer Service Supervisor

[THREAD ID: 1-180980055297]
eBay Document ID: 62617449000

Sent: 10/11/2018 4:51:37 AM
To: "customerhelp@ebay.com" <customerhelp@ebay.com , *MY SELLER NAME*
Subject: Re: Appealing for the Listing that was Removed SR# 1-180980055297

Thank you for your pro-active offer to help with this eBay Violation matter that I adamantly and vehemently dispute as inaccurate.
I have just sold exactly the same LV bag version but of another colour, a bronze LV Mott, with no questions from buyer because I have built up my reputation and people trust what I sell. On the same token, I also just sold a Gucci watch close to $1K so I stand by the authenticity of what I sell because I vigorously check them and if they're not owned by my relations, then the items are personally mine and I know where I acquired them from. I know my brands quite well too as I love high end items, not so much nowadays though that's why I'm offloading most of them.
Re: item in dispute, we bought them from a reputable Japanese vendor who has a top ranking for selling vetoed items. These were purchased for our nieces and relations based in London who asked us to coordinate for them for an upcoming gold themed event (as they were busy) and they were flying over here anyway as event venue is in my country. That is why you will note, most of the items on the receipt are YELLOW for converting to GOLD as we cannot find gold LV items, their brand & colour of choice specified.
Enclosed is a folder containing all the attachments that could support my claim for vindication.
Thank you again and kind regards.
Cheers & regards,
From: , customerhelp@ebay.com

Sent: 20-Oct-18 21:07To: *MY SELLER NAME*

RE: Re: Appealing for COUNTERFEIT TRADE VIOLATION on Listed Item Removed SR# 1-180980055297


Good day!

I apologise for the late response. I just got back from a long Vacation leave and I just read your response.

*MY SELLER NAME* please know that I already forwarded the documents that you sent to our Account Specialists for them to process your appeal. I'll get back to you once they already made a decision.

Thanks for choosing eBay. Have a great day!

eBay Customer Service Supervisor


Is someone leading a current class action lawsuit
Posted by: SBayton 2018-12-13 18:41:21 In reply to: Yoda1204
I wanted to check and see if anyone is filing a current class action lawsuit against eBay. My account is currently suspended because someone hacked into eBay, accessed my account along with others, sold fraudulent items, and collected money for these items. eBay caught the actions and stopped any new postings and alerted me that this had happened, reassuring me they would take care of this. That’s was in August 2018 and now months later it’s not cleared up. My account is suspended and eBay is trying to make me pay the money the hacker took, which is against the law, and they have said they are sending me to collections. It makes no sense. It’s all in their system...all the notes and they admit that but they say don’t know how to fix it so my account remains suspended and I continue to be harassed. I have screenshots, emails, call records, etc. and an admission from eBay reps that this happens a lot. This company is corrupt and needs to be stopped.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: heymissdolly 2018-12-07 09:33:45 In reply to: tuffbarn
same situation... i received an email one morning which stated, "YOU CAN NO LONGER SELL ON EBAY" (in big red letters).. the call was useless.. all the reps. were located in the Philippines (of course for a lower wage) & you can only get so far... My reason was "cases closed without resolution" & ebay fails to look at each case individually....nope....to them, the buyer is always right...
i have been selling on ebay for 20 years...15 years on this account, going on 7,000 feedback.. back in the day, i didn't sign up for this cheesy performance nonsense...i know right from wrong...i know how to be fair...Over the years this company has gone from being a platform for people wanting to sell their goods to a corporation with ridiculous standards...
really...i feel betrayed
the kicker.. they suspended my 68 year old mother's account the same day....why, i asked...because it's associated to my account...what??

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: heymissdolly 2018-12-07 21:22:29 In reply to: heymissdolly
i forgot to mention how much time it took me to make the 950 items that were removed.... time that could have been spent doing other work or spending time with my kids....
guess those boat loads of fake designer items sold on ebay is up to their standards...
it's sad ...nobody is going to benefit from this nightmare...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Stephanied 2018-11-30 08:43:44 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay restricted both me and my fiances account because they got linked to each other. Both are good accounts. Ebay wont let us appeal to clear this misunderstanding. This was my only way of income. Is there someone here who can please help me. What are some other sites to sell on? Ebay has made us feel like a criminal and we did nothing wrong but share the same phone.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: SBayton 2018-10-02 05:25:41 In reply to: tuffbarn
Where is this case currently? I just found this and I would like to bring a case against eBay for illegal and unethical actions against members. I was contacted by eNay that someone had hacked in my seller account and sold fake items - they even connected their own PayPal account which I just found out on last two hour call to eBay. So they know it’s fraud and told me it’s fraud...sent me an email noting all this and then they turn around and try to recoup loss from fraud from me and suspend my account. eBay is horrible. They are crooks and someone needs to stand up so them.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mdstefani 2018-08-02 17:32:52 In reply to: tuffbarn
I just had my account suspended for 3 days for a listing that mentions ivory color!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Seekingjustice 2018-09-19 14:38:43 In reply to: mdstefani
In October 2016 Ebay suspended/restricted my account. It was based on my refusal to refund a sale where it was clearly marked no returns. Customer claimed returned which did not happen. After Ebay suspended my account they continued to charge me monthly fees for a store account which does not exist. I became aware of the fees during the summer of 2018. I thought they had reinstated my account. In September I tried to list a book and was informed that my account was permently restricted. I contacted Ebay and was told that I should receive a refund for all the fees charged because the store has been closed by eBay. The refund is supposed to be for $766.95. I have received a call saying that I will receive no refund because I had not closed the store. Ebay closed my store but continued to collect fees for a store that doesn’t exist. Contacting Ebay is almost impossible for this issues. There seems to be no recourse. No phone calls or emails directly available to “Supervisors”. Ebay seems to be worse then the phone company. I would definitely participate in a class action.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Speedtrap1 2018-09-03 09:38:42 In reply to: mdstefani
How about Ebay employees signing into my account without my permission? I have definitive proof! And more proof of Federal laws broken.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: utronixs 2018-08-28 22:48:32 In reply to: mdstefani
I've been selling on eBay for over 10 years. Started 3 years ago turning that into a business. have a customer rating over that time of 98.8% with just 1 negative rating in past 15 months.

I was placed on performance alert 6 months ago for late deliveries but had difficulty in chats with ebay understating how that was measured or how I get off the bad boy watch list. I continued to receive only positive feedback and then this week I was suspended permanently. No explanation and no appeal. They are insisting I still pay my monthly fee, again no redress. Effectively my business shut down and three years of solid, public visible and positive customer feedback lost.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: newsfrank2010 2018-08-08 06:48:19 In reply to: mdstefani
I just got suspended by eBay twice my most recent was on 8/8/2018 without providing me a legitimate reason. I feel like giving up on them because they are so strict and they failed to provide me legitimate reasons why my account get suspended and they always keep it confidential. An outrageous permanent eBay suspension effects me and my merchandise dramatically on my business and we sell real merchandise not FAKE!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-07-16 16:47:07 In reply to: tuffbarn
Dear wrongfully suspended ebayers
eBay must be deterred


explain in comment to the U.S. SUPREME COURT how a outrageous permanent eBay suspension effects you and your merchandise. KEEP IT BRIEF because any type of suspension on eBay implies the selling of fakes. WE GOT 45 DAYS TO ACT

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mdstefani 2018-08-02 17:40:16 In reply to: CandyKane
I have been selling on eBay for 10 years! I had so many issues with them but to be suspended for 3 days because my listing mentions an item described as "ivory color" it's insane!! I am losing my only income for 3 days for absolutely no reason!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Metrosales 2018-05-22 13:03:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hello community, if this class action lawsuit is still taking business owners who have been wrongly suspended from selling on eBay, I'm in.
I've been selling on eBay since 2008 when I was forced to close my 1 hour photo lab in Boston's medical area, due to the fast rise of digital imaging.
We sell everything high end from a-z specializing in the purchase of products being liquidated from business closures, storage facility auctions, and new old stock that luxury stores won't sell because they're not current.
EBay has just suspended my selling privilege indefinitely. I've spoken with a supervisor today, I got a call back.. wow.. 100% positive feedback, everything goid said. Customers loved my items that they could not find in the store any longer. Top rated seller, but my privilege to pay them to sell items has been stripped, indefinitely.
Supervisor told me if I was going to continue selling I should find another platform and apologized and wished me luck.
That's not good enough, I'm told the customers must be protected, but my customers all loved me.
I told him that I understand the customer needs protection but who protects me, as a seller. Supervisor is at a loss for words now because he has no good answer.
So.... Where can I sign on?
Metro sales

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Firstclass2ndhand 2018-06-27 22:24:59 In reply to: Metrosales
I would be very interested in joining in a class action. I have well documented my situation with Emails, SR#s documenting conversations, and numerous recorded calls, all proving ebay's personal attack of my business leading to its closure and destruction of my reputation as an honest business operator. Please contact me and let me know how to get involved in a suit. Thank you.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-27 05:41:59 In reply to: Metrosales
will have to check into Boston area being brought into California Law .
for now know you have someone who is interested and understands

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-16 00:33:37 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been wrongfully suspended from eBay and would like to do a CLASS ACTION Law Suit ....I understand California Law ...Respond with your breif story please and thank you ... perhaps we can put a stop to unorthodox neo online defective behavior

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: AbbyGrace 2018-05-03 16:58:15 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was suspended indefinitely for no reason and I recently signed up for eBay and received no warnings which is why I switched over to Amazon

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-15 05:31:27 In reply to: AbbyGrace
if you want to legally approach how eBay suspended us message me back and have a nice day

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Whitebelly 2018-05-28 05:09:25 In reply to: CandyKane
How do I messgae you

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-29 03:12:43 In reply to: Whitebelly
read instructions looks like we can go private from here reach me EKOMMERCES@AOL.COM

let's litigate eBay on California State Law
Statue of limitations is running out hurry to respond all those wrongful suspended from eBay

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CaliforniaSeller 2018-05-01 00:50:48 In reply to: tuffbarn
Where do I sign up. 15 years a seller and one thief said they didn't get their item, so now my seller account is closed. The idiot not only received it, they accepted it, in person from the mailman. I won the claim, after my account was turned off, but because I also sold several e-coupons during the past 90 days, my shipping was marked as 77percent late?!?!? Because the e-coupons were never marked as delivered?!?!? They were listed as e-coupons and electronically delivered through the ebay messenger. Hours and Hours of phone calls to the outsourced customer service center has been no help, as every agent says something different, and no seller account still. All of my listings are down the toilet and so is my income. Help!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-07-13 07:38:29 In reply to: CaliforniaSeller
I am still waiting for you to get in touch with me .... EKOMMERCES@AOL.COM

we have a case and can move forward
time is ticking and Counselor at Law feels
class action will produce a better result
ebayers let's defend out selling rights

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-29 10:04:20 In reply to: CaliforniaSeller
Let's litigate !!!
we get two more to join we can get 'er done

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Firstclass2ndhand 2018-06-27 22:42:49 In reply to: CandyKane
Im in. Contact me with more details please.

keeping it simple ...write down what happened when it happened..how it happened and how it affects you and your currency flow ... when enough the right number is met for litigation.. i shall have it a formal complaint filed ...my email is post plainly already ..look up from where your comment to be apart is located ...have a great day

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: dominique13 2018-11-24 22:01:12 In reply to: CandyKane
I was suspended FOR LIFE because my personal account that I had was linked to a business that I worked for that was banned. I had NEVER sold anything like them and had 100% and 307 positive reviews since 1998. They will not help me and even the company I worked for was wrongfully banned for selling AS IS items that people were angry about when they did not work. Items even stated they were NOT tested (logic boards for Mac's). My husband and children were even suspended? I DID NOTHING WRONG! They won't unlink because I can't get into my personal account. No one cares, I even have the LLC documents showing I am NOT involved.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Bowmanium 2018-04-15 15:15:09 In reply to: tuffbarn
They canceled my account after I had a few cases opened against me in a small timeframe. My seller rating never dropped below 97%, but it appears that eBay views anything less than 99% as a bad rating. I believe the real reason my seller account was canceled is because I called customer service multiple times complaining about the fraudulent cases opened against me. It was easier for them to just shut me up by canceling my account instead of fixing the problem that the buyer always wins in a disagreement.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Bidbybid 2018-04-29 10:55:28 In reply to: Bowmanium
I've been suspended from ebay several times. Last time this last week because one of the buyers sent me a phone number. I did not reply, but got suspended. That's not fair because I did not violate any policy. The time before that got suspender for giving a buyer the name of my company in messenger, even though the name of the company is displayed in every listing, they said that in the message it constitutes contact information. I have been with eBay for 20 years and I am a top rated seller. Their policies are driving me out. I used to average 100K a month in sales on ebay. In the last 7 month that went down by 45%. I sell hearing aids and the average price for a set is around 3K. People want to talk to the seller before spending that kind of money. Also people need to be guided as to which hearing aids to buy. All audio grams(hearing tests) come frome doctors in PDF format, and there is no way for the buyer to send them to me through ebay message because it won't take that format. This drives buyers away.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-28 08:01:03 In reply to: Bidbybid
Looking for do gooders that want in on a class action law suit based in California

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Buckman1 2018-03-06 04:21:12 In reply to: tuffbarn
Tell me where to sign

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: pmtbell6 2018-02-25 19:43:55 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was not suspended but I might as well been. I am fairly new and had found a niche. I was grossing $2500+. Ebay removed my listings saying that I was selling a controlled substance. Nothing could be further from the truth. I buy my supplements from a us mfr who I have established an account with. I looked online and saw that there 20 listings still for the same supplement and called ebay. They promised an email within 48 hours explaining their decision. I never got one because the supplemet is perfectly legal. Gone went all my sales.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: CandyKane 2018-05-15 15:10:27 In reply to: pmtbell6
sorry that things flew south in your promise Land and likely hood ...Sue's California state laws???

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jirka 2018-02-25 04:59:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
I think that I know now why my ebay account was suspended.
I was paying with my CC. I entered one digit too few. Second attempt: I entered one digit wrong.
Third attempt: SALE!

The funniest thing ever:
I purchased an item 10 days before this second purchase.


It appears that paranoia at ebay is running rampant. You enter wrong digit and their robots
will notice and think that someone wants to buy something for you with his cc.

BANG! Your account is suspended.

P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jirka 2018-02-24 02:07:32 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been with ebay for 10 days and my account was suspended. I violated policy. They don't tell you which policy. Police officer will tell you what you did wrong. Ebay won't.
The only thing I might have done wrong was that according to ebay I made bid for an item for $10.

Dear eBay Community Member,
The bid that you entered for the item (291228531757) has been cancelled. You can view the reason provided for the cancellation by selecting the (bid history) link from the individual item page.

The funny part is that I DIDN'T BID. I bought the item right away. Besides that, there is no box for bids. I paid with cc and the item was shipped. If I did any violation of policy, I am not aware of it. As a novice on ebay, I could have clicked on something accidentally, but no warning was issued.

So this is the way ebay welcomes new members. Ten days on ebay (purchased two items) and BANG!!!!!
We kick you out. Wanna know reason? You violated our policy. We won't tell you which one. You can read our 1000 page policy and you can pick a reason you like the most. Don't bother us with emails. Bye . . . . .

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebaylosingeyeballs 2018-01-25 14:42:40 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay just suspended my seller account indefinitely because of 7 defective transactions in past 12 months. 4 of these are actually buyer cancelled transactions. I simply selected the wrong "buttons". I have been with ebay for just over 2 years and have been bent backward to help my buyers. Ebay said their decisions on my account is final and it came from "Corporate headquarter". Ebay will lose a lot of buyers in the future without thousands and thousands of small sellers like me. They need us more than they realize. We make ebay unique and competitive against other online market place and selling platforms. Otherwise, ebay is just like any other selling platforms. The large retailers will move to other sites when ebay lose its "buyer EYE balls". If anyone knows how to reach ebay management, please let us know. we need to find a way for them to see our view points and work with small sellers rather than push them out.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jdub8301 2017-12-28 15:01:50 In reply to: tuffbarn
So I just recently was suspended indefinitely from eBay for being below seller standards. The handling time which I had set was 2 days but yet I was dinged for my packages not being scanned in by the post office. So I spoke with the post office and they said they were scanned in on time... ok . Regardless I was still hit for this. So I have documentation from the post office. Still doesn’t matter they say. So I look further on items I got hit for and three of them were shipped out within 2 days yet they were late. I looked at a few that were passed 2 days, when I was out of town, and these were not counted. I did not have my vacation settings on either. This didn’t make sense. But they couldn’t say anything except sorry we undertand... no you don’t.

Now with the new defect rates they say it doesn’t hit you twice with international and regular selling... they are wrong. A buyer bought an item and then asked how much shipping was to Singapore. I had international shipping off. So I sent the buyer telling him that and I canceled the item and guess what... I got hit for that. And the best part is eBay monitors the messages and could see he was at fault. And to put the icing on the cake I received 2 defects for 1 transaction..

I could keep going but my fingers are about ready to go through my iPad with frustration and disgust. I understand having certain things in place but this is ridiculous. My feedback was at 98.9% positive. They never once suspended my selling to a certain amount like it is stated. In a the business world there are action plans and that is to improve. But what are they doing to improve themselves. Am I not a customer to them? This is unjust and not right. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit let me know. Thank you for letting me rant!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: PhoenixRising 2017-12-13 07:50:24 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay treat sellers with contempt because they can afford to do so as they have the monopoly and that is the sad fact of it! There are a lot of complaints against how they treat sellers but there is nothing you can do to change their attitude. You agree to their terms and conditions to use their site before you start selling, so i doubt there is anything legal you can bring against them for the way they treat you and your business.
You will find sellers with 90% feedback scores or less still allowed to sell on their site, while they block others with 100% feedback scores over something quite trivial. They only care about volume and will push out the small fry any way they can. Do not waste your time trying to argue with them or give them any extra information about yourself or business in the hope that they will change their actions because they won't!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: BusyBee2210 2017-11-22 11:14:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am also one very unhappy bunny! I have been an ebay customer since 2002, I have sold £ 40000+ over the course of those 15 years, I have a feedback rating of 1255, all of it positive, and I have no unresolved cases.

My seller level fell below standard because of one silly mistake I made back in Nov / Dec last year when I started using the multiple listings option for the first time. I did not realise that you have to manually remove any stock sold before relisting your item. I therefore ended up with 6 orders (out of a total of 385 for the whole year) I could not ship because I had already sold them to somebody else. I apologised to the customers, refunded their money and everybody was happy.

Everybody, except EBAY.

My seller standard dropped because of this issue and I found it impossible to recover from that, especially when they started restricting the number of listings I was allowed to have.

I called them to discuss the problem and to explain to them that you cannot improve a percentage figure when you are not allowed to increase the sales figure that this percentage is based on. The lady on the phone agreed with me but there was nothing she could do. She told me my only option was to wait for 12 months until the problem orders dropped off my account history. Because of that I had to give up my ebay shop, which had been growing nicely until that point.

My 12 months are almost up and I suddenly received an email to say that I was now no longer allowed to sell anything at all. Complete suspension!

Not only that, my husband who had an account for many years way before he even met me, has also been told his account has been restricted, purely because he is related to me.

So I called them again today. The lady on the phone had a look at my account and she agrees that there is no reason why I should be totally suspended. She talked me through the correct procedure to appeal via EBAY's contact section and she even told me what to say in my email.

So I typed a nice long message explaining the situation and asking for an appeal. I got an almost instant (probably automated?) reply to say that they had looked at my account, I was still below standard, the suspension would not be lifted.

I am furious! I tried to call them again. Guess what? The only contact option for this kind of issue is via email. No phone number, no chat button.

I am left with a shed full of items I bought for my ebay shop, plus all the packaging materials, stationery, etc

At this rate I will have no choice but to give it all to a charity shop or to throw it into a skip. A total loss and 12 months of my life building up a business completely wasted.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sprtcrazy 2017-11-08 19:27:21 In reply to: tuffbarn
I joined Ebay in 1999, a lot has happened since then, like 11,800 feedbacks and currently 100% rating. Now I am 61 and ready to slow down and retire, that was my goal, but not anymore, Ebay is asking me for receipts of the items that I was currently selling before they removed them. These items include garage sale buys, items purchased on a pallet at local auction, that includes pet supplies, open box, partial box items. I can not provide them because they never existed. Have you ever bought a pallet or mixed lot at auction, were the items listed seperately with an invoice? No.

So I am never allowed to list on Ebay again, the last 10 years I have worked my Ebay items 7 evening a week. I enjoyed it, I built a customer base, I built 11,800 feedbacks that made selling easier, with honesty, great service & much pride.

I have always believed if you are honest and worked hard, it would pay of in the end. Ebay has proven me wrong. It's no wonder this country is going to hell, so much fraud and scams. I tried to be different.
Thanks for taking away a huge important part of my life!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: KryteAudio 2017-12-28 22:01:50 In reply to: sprtcrazy
I have had the same thing after selling on eBay since 2005 with 100% feedback the entire time. I never had bad feedback ever. I have had disputes but for people not selling as decsribed and won them all. eBay started sending me below selling standards and finally shutting me down. I have not been selling due to rising fees on top of other new fees. Now I just opened up another account and it was shut down because I was a risk? I called and they had no answer. I also found another seller who had his phone numb er and google info to go outside of ebay to purchase? He listed his choppers as Harley Davidsons which they were not. Trademark violations? the seller offered his cell phone along with other personal contact info in his ad along with vulgar language. eBay is going to get sued for harrassment. I would suggest we all POLICE the website and find people who are doing this and getting away with it. The customer service is so subpar. They have no answers for nothing. I see why the stock is in the neg. Something has to be done. Accountability is for everyone.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: berwen47 2017-10-20 06:53:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
Greetings! I am exceptionally interested in participating in Any Lawsuit filed against EBay. I am among the legion of sellers whom have been defrauded, lied to, exported, UNFAIRLY treated, and flagrantly Stolen from...among other offenses, all perpetrated by EBay. I will be quite happy to publish my list of complaints simply at the asking. In addition, I have blatant evidence of all that I allege against this fraudulent company, and will be pleased to assist in Any way I can to facilitate such a Lawsuit against EBay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Czdunski 2017-11-01 15:04:46 In reply to: berwen47
That first response was from awhile ago but I've noticed there are more than enough of us recent eBay suspensions to get together and file charges. I am more than happy to join or get this started myself. If someone is already in the process please reach out to me so I can join the coalition. If nobody has, reach out to me everyone and I will put this all together because they can not continue to do this while cornering the market. I have included my email in the registration but hopefully I can leave it here for you all to reach me right away. Chrisamhers@gmail.com. There is strength in numbers, let's put an end to this. Chris

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: nuzzo 2017-09-28 11:52:47 In reply to: tuffbarn
Horrible, eBay suspended my account without any reasoning. Tried to get an answer from them, but they kept cutting me off. The reps are morons and the support is crap! Being a member with them for over 5 years yet they don't care.

Has anyone got back on eBay successfully? I came across these people: www.auctionessistance.com which they seem to offer accounts, but not sure if it is safe to do or the best option?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: infobencrag 2018-02-06 04:13:57 In reply to: nuzzo
Great article! My wife is a veteran. We have really done a few doozies on both our credit reports. We have been trying to raised our scores to 750 and above plus excellent her score is 550, while mine is still in the high 500’s. (I think 529 currently.) I also have a judgement against me for a credit card. The judgement doesn’t show up on my credit report anymore; I assume because it’s 7 years old. I know it didn’t just “go away”. All effort to increased and eliminate all negative item on my report was proven abortive until a saw many remarks of how this credit coach had helped them "morrisgraycracktech at gmail dot com". He did a tremendous job by helping me increased my score and remove all negative item on my credit report just few days after we fixed agreement. you can also contact him on his email, tell him i referred you, he's going to respond quickly.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: 2stoned2use 2017-11-28 09:46:56 In reply to: nuzzo
Yes,I successfully got back onto eBay after 3 yrs into a lifetime suspension. eBay has no email or phone number you can appeal to. I used a message they sent me and replied to it asking for a USA Manager to contact me. I had been a member for 10 years with a 100% rating but let emotion overcome good judgement.

I was getting ripped off by 2 or 3 buyers filing claims on tools stating they didn't get them. When I saw new orders one Monday I went into a panic mode and cancelled all of my new orders an issued refunds. eBay responded with acct. restriction.

Its a catch 22, your restriction goes to lifetime suspension unless you improve defect rate. There is no means to improve a defect rate if you can't sell. On the flip slide you can never close your account if it has restrictions on it. In essence without a means to close your account eBay has effectively forced a lifetime membership into an agreement with no recourse to remedy it.

I found an Arbitration Form and downloaded the PDF from their site. It allows you you to create and send your case to an independent board of review. It cost money for attorney's even if they win. In an independent review its only logical if you've done nothing criminal or illegal they will side with you providing a 2nd chance. Keep a calm head and ask the help of a couple friends to review the message so it doesn't appear as a threat. My reply was my intended course of action and why. I got a call from a USA Appeals Manager within 24 hours.

I explained why I wanted to close my account and why I was suspended to selling. I detailed what lead up to the cancelled orders since eBay always sides with buyers. They rendered my punishment w/o a means remedy it. Their action had forced me into a lifetime binding contract against my will. On a split vote by their review board I was reinstated after 3 plus years of lost revenue.

I no longer sell tools and use the BLOCK BUYER as a 1st course of action. If a buyer asks a stupid question they are BLOCKED. If I am asked anything outside the listing such as do I have this or that they are BLOCKED. If they ask me to sell direct they are BLOCKED. If they send me their contact info "buyer at gmail dot com" they are BLOCKED. I don't hesitate to block users for stupid questions as they will always be an unhappy buyer. Contact info or questions against eBay's seller policies never lead to positive outcomes so I immediately block the buyer from buying or contacting me.

Hopefully this will help you. In rare instances they will reinstate seller accounts, but typically many sellers are not totally honest in the forum and have committed more infractions than they will admit and of a more serious nature than they will ever admit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: SARS12345 2017-10-19 12:25:10 In reply to: nuzzo
I haven’t been suspended but my seller account has been negatively affected by a scam buyer who keeps on trying to buy my items on sale and not paying for it. What’s worse is that every time he makes a bid and purchases it he gets my private contact information a.k.a. my cell phone and starts texting me and leaving me voicemails that I should send the item to an address in Africa. eBay knows as this has happened 3 times and won’t do anything about it.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: SARS12345 2017-10-19 12:46:26 In reply to: SARS12345
If there’s any class action lawsuit against eBay I have multiple screenshots and recorded conversations with eBay representatives to present. Let me know if anyone here’s anything - I’m in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ILLYILLS 2017-09-04 14:25:30 In reply to: tuffbarn
I had the same thing happened to me cost me everything

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Dodorue 2017-08-25 04:22:49 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am an eBay seller with a restricted account. I started on ebay to stay at home with my ailing mother. I was a top seller and respected every rule. Then one day I was restricted out of nowhere. I called several times and received very vague answers. The closest thing to an answer I got was that in order to take the restriction off I would have to discontinue communication with my disabled mother, because my account is linked to hers and she did something so terrible that any account linked to hers is restricted...

The rediculous part is that my mother, an elderly woman permanently in a wheel chair with half her body paralyzed barely uses ebay. My account isn't linked to hers at all other than using the same computer, and there is nothing this elderly disabled woman could have done that is fraudulent, yet they keep it vague and tell me there isn't any way to sell anymore. Ebay kept me afloat for several years.

If there is a class action lawsuit, count me in! I now work at a pizza hut in a small town so I can stay taking care of my mother after ebay ripped my whole at home business away!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: saake28AZ 2017-08-06 13:24:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
I to abruptly had my ebay business account shut down after 15 years as a buyer and seller. They banned my personal name from their system as well as my wife's account. I also had my personal account closed as well. Their really was no clear explanation as to what their reason was. I asked them to send me an email or us mail explaining that they have banned my personal name and any businesses that I open from their seller platform. Is Ebay going under?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WillRoss 2017-08-06 10:45:14 In reply to: tuffbarn
When you are finished crying about your ebay suspension and you can finally re-focus your mind enough to find out how to get back to selling on eBay again, here is what worked for me, I suggest you check it out : https://www.backinauction.com Good luck.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Speedtrap1 2017-10-16 13:43:53 In reply to: WillRoss
Suspended!!!! Reason? I won't disclose Bank, Credit Card and Receipts for items I was selling. The Supreme Court ruled that it is a Federal Crime to a Company to request that information. I just contacted a high profile attorney. This might be a burying point for EBAY. It is not about money it's about principal and laws!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jack_jack 2017-08-03 11:58:45 In reply to: tuffbarn
Is eBay purposely trying to go out of business? They enforce seller policies willy-nilly, protect criminal buyers over well-established sellers, and change the rules whenever they like. Also, the website look and functionality is never consistant and changes constantly. Oh but you know, the CEO and managers will still probably get their million dollar bonuses and stock options won't they.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: aliascsc 2017-07-23 09:45:08 In reply to: tuffbarn
Twice wronged by ebay and their policy of the buyer is always right.

Cost me over $300

One was for an international shipment that didn't have a shipping update w/in 10 days even though the item showed delivered ebay sided with the buyer

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Melanieb2323 2017-07-15 10:14:51 In reply to: tuffbarn
Yes I as well have been suspended for reasons of gain by eBay. I had been growing with sales in last month and eBay began sending me soliciting emails encouraging me to buy from sellers products such as injectables (Juvederm voluma) to be exact , so I did they were sponsered product suggestions from top sellers through eBay, I paid for product even had shipped to me then relisted item sold eBay collected their normal fees from sale had me ship then after everything suspended me for 3 days, so they continued to send more suggestions to purchase more and then took upon themselves to Auto relist the draft of previous listing and of course the item sold I called them telling them I don't even have this item so they suggested to purchase again or risk losing my positive ratings mind you they again collected their normal fees from this sale and told me on phone and in writing (email) even though I wasn't aware of the sale or listing the back office would see it that way so they have to cover the back end and have to suspend me again but do apologise, mind you also there are 16,000+ listings for injectables, syringes etc listed and they're all getting this done to them now you times that by 10%per each seller and that's illegal shady, they're skirting loop holes trying to keep their hands clean and make it look like the sellers when it's actually eBay fraudulently don't this, why has no one done anything? Because I've person alone thinks of week it's 20 bucks here and there but if you stop and think and time's that by millions of buyer's and sellers hmm I mean come on now..

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Kbthreads 2017-07-11 18:56:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was also susupended for the reasons unknown and I paid the ourageous last bill they had for me. I lost a ton of money and it's so sad. I'm down to be involved. Glad I wasnt the only one

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Samtop 2017-10-23 02:41:47 In reply to: Kbthreads
Hi Guy's

I have been suspended on eBay wrongly. I have not done anything but I was planning to sue eBay company for there lawlessness in judging people wrongly with their unqualified staffs. I was selling on eBay and all my customers gave me 5 stars and every customer that bought stuff from me received it. suddenly 2 customers reported that their goods came late and that is all. They started asking me to provide my ID and receipt for the products that I sell on eBay if they are in my care and i did. Ebay sent a an email saying that i am suspended just like that. What happened to my goods that i havew already wasted money to purchased in the warehouse. Can i eat it or what. I need to fight for this

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: IhateebayBay 2017-06-19 02:49:54 In reply to: tuffbarn
I hate eBay now and have registered for this suit against them. As a small buyer and seller for 10 years with 100% feedback they suspended my account for giving 2 potential buyers my phone number to inspect the items (big kitchen in house being demolished). I was not going to sell out of eBay, people wanted to inspect the items before spending over $1,000AU. Now the house will,get demolished with an expensive kitchen in it because I can't sell on eBay. eBay are assh*les and they're registered office here in Australia is a "virtual" office that doesn't even physically exist.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jaimiesmom 2017-05-28 21:27:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have used ebay and PayPal for 10 years. When a buyerdemands a refund, my account was suspended. No help at all from either PayPal or eBay. Four customer service reps just kept repeating the canned speech. This happened three times with three high end items. Everything thing documented thru email and messages or chat. I lost over $400 dollars. I sell on eBay to buy extra for my grandkids. Will never sell on eBay again.
Did I miss the class action suit?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: AntiquePatriot 2017-05-15 05:58:40 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hi, Ebay just does not care about the seller as sadly your story is all to common, actually the very same thing happens to me so i have been trying alternatives and have found an amazing platform but it just needs more support from the selling community Stuffmine-dot-com. I have been trying to tell as many people as i can about it to try and grow the members. check it out, you may get hooked on the site like i have

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: moniquenoodley 2017-05-12 08:30:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
Same thing here. My account shut down (restricted) due to "cancelled orders", yet they won't listen to any explanations. I was a top seller last year selling estate sale finds which is tricky and time consuming. When I called to find out the reason they asked me multiple times why my sales dropped. I find that curious. They did not care to listen to any explanation, just shut it down, done. It's a shame they lost a good seller. And now I'm stuck with alot of stuff to figure out where to offload...uggh...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: scully951 2017-04-03 11:40:34 In reply to: tuffbarn
I've been selling on eBay for almost 20 years with very good feedback. I sometimes can't get out my packages exactly on time due to health reasons and all of my items were taken off and my sellers account was closed. It is half of my income and I don't know what I'm going to to do.
I guess that's what I get for being a good seller / customer for almost 20 years thanks a lot. Please BAN eBay They DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WEBER796 2017-03-25 10:04:08 In reply to: tuffbarn

Active listings dropped 56.3%
We noticed that you've had fewer active listings lately. The more you have listed, the more likely it is that buyers can find what they're looking for. The next time you get a chance, try getting some listings out there. See your active listings

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: starbooks 2017-05-09 08:18:37 In reply to: WEBER796
Hello Weber,
If you hear of a class action suit against eBay, please notify me. My eBay account has been severely limited due to comply with the ridiculous tracking demands (none of my buyers, all 1400+ have ever complained). My PayPal funds are also on a 10 day hold, due to this.
Thanking you in advance,
Nancy Andrews writergrl22@yahoo.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WEBER796 2017-05-09 16:33:03 In reply to: starbooks

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: starbooks 2017-05-09 08:06:25 In reply to: WEBER796
I, too, had this happen to my eBay account, after 12 years of positive feedback, and 1400+ listings.
I am a so-called 'below standard' seller, due to shipments not meeting their code of tracking (but no complaints EVER from my buyers). eBay will only allow $500 worth of listings for my account in a 30 day period. Worst of all,
PayPal withholds funds for as much as 10 days.
Something needs to be done about this

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jdjonnythunder 2017-03-16 09:10:34 In reply to: tuffbarn
Make sure to mention to your attorney, that Ebay is utilizing out source customer service agents that they do not train effectively. These agents may speak English, but most likely do not read and write it nor are they proficient in English. This is why crazy incompetent things are happening to multiple sellers on Ebay. I have reported sellers that are selling cracked illegal software loaded with trojans and guess what? Ebay took action against me and confused me the reporter as being the violator and then started hassling me with account restrictions and false copyright infringement accusations, and guess what 7 days restrictions, and black marks against me a power seller with perfect feedback. Ebay needs a wake up call but until they stop employing people who are not proficient in English or whatever language they are trying to learn, there will be this kind of thing that continues. As for me I am not reporting anymore violations to Ebay, they don't do anything about the software pirates unless you call them on the phone and file a report then they might, but the same listing they removed from my account, is totally legal and conforms to Ebay policy, but those others that don't are still up there going strong. They interpret English, in their own special way...Hope you stick it to them really good.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: TheOldsman 2017-03-09 17:48:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has suspended my account and deleted all contact info and all sales history . All attempts to deal with them have been very unprofessional.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: rocky92357 2017-03-16 07:59:01 In reply to: TheOldsman
I have been suspended for selling highland's teething pills for babies a month back. I tried to look it up to see if it was banned and could not find anything.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: anthonybecker 2017-03-09 07:26:34 In reply to: tuffbarn
Your PayPal account was Permanently limited and closed?

Even if you open another account, it will be Permanently closed and limited again! Because PayPal knows it's you! I CAN HELP! I have step by step information with full instructions on what to do in order to open a new PayPal account without having it to become limited or closed again!

If you want more info, email me to WQ1F@shuffle.email

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: nuzzo 2017-01-27 19:09:29 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay also suspended me outright for no reason. They didn't even give me a chance to appeal when a buyer opened a fraudulent dispute on me. No matter what evidence I provided, eBay and PayPal sided with the buyer. Absolutely ridiculous. I am losing nearly $12,000 a month not selling all because of a moronic buyer!!

eBay & PayPal are no help in trying to get your account restored. I have come to the conclusion that they will not reactivate it and I am at a lost. Rather than waste time contacting them, I just decided to hire Auction Essistance in helping me set up a stealth account.

eBay & PayPal cannot do anything about stealth accounts or claim they are illegal. Stealth accounts are legal and eBay & PayPal cannot turn you down as a business. See here for more on that: http://auctionessistance.com/ebay-paypal-business-stealth-accounts-legal/

If you are willing to get back on, I highly suggest people to look more into the idea of stealth. It may be the only solution when eBay & PayPal give up on you.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Prsjacki 2017-06-25 10:16:52 In reply to: nuzzo
Yes but it seems that eBay has found a way to get around the stealth accounts because now you can't sell .ilyou can set up an account but they won't let you sell anything unless you have it linked to another account , which then they're going to know who you are . you can call for selling increase when you called, they want all info or no increase. Even if u get a seller grace allowance its minamal, like 15 items 1500 . And 30 days before eligible to increase3 so how do you work around that apparently they found something to block the stealth accounts by making it where sellers have to have permission to sell and the only way you can get permission to sell is the show that you sold before on eBay or else answer all kinds of questions which bottom line is there just want to know who you are and find out that it's a stealth account

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: realdeal 2016-12-11 06:46:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
Join our fight for justice at http://www.ebaylawsuit.com

We are working on a class action lawsuit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Maximum-Overheat 2016-11-15 22:27:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hi I was wrongfully suspended and I am losing over 10,000 sales cause most of my business is done on eBay my feedback rating is 100% never had a negative feedback and eBay policy enforcement is When a buyer or seller issue arises, we may consider the user's performance history and the specific circumstances in applying our policies. We may choose to be more lenient with policy enforcement in an effort to do the right thing for both buyers and sellers but my feedback is 100% and my buyer was like 60% he had so many negative feedback but they told his side gave him back the money allowed him to keep the Bracelet which was a 10 carat gold 40 inches yellow gold so they didn't follow there policy at all if any one organization a lawsuit I would love to get in on it but due to suspension I can't print out my messages from the customer or my feedback rating

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Toucandeal 2016-12-10 23:04:53 In reply to: Maximum-Overheat
We started toucandeal.com because we were also sellers on ebay and we went through the daily stresses and unfairness that goes on there. We were not permanently suspended, but we were "restricted" multiple times and we had items removed multiple time for "Copyright Infringement" which didn't happen. We got tired of proving to them over and over our products were 100% legit. Come and join us on toucandeal!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jackiekf2004 2017-03-03 09:11:25 In reply to: Toucandeal
Please forward or post EBay's legal department. It is unfortunate that the company is exploiting people.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WEBER796 2017-03-28 07:59:01 In reply to: jackiekf2004

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: debbieslack 2016-11-21 10:19:11 In reply to: Maximum-Overheat
I am a buyer only, never a seller, never had a listing. I have always paid as soon as an auction closed, my feedback is 100% positive. On November 06th I ordered and paid for items totaling $65. I have received 3 but not the 4th so I went to ebay to check the tracking. Lo and behold, I am suspended. Why? Paying too fast? Having all positive feedback? I am really ticked off and finding I have no recourse. I didn't do a damn thing wrong. I feel really bad for the people who rely on the income from sales. What the hell gives them the right to arbitrarily suspend accounts without allowing for the person to be told why and being able to respond? This isn't the way businesses should be allowed to conduct themselves.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Toucandeal 2016-12-10 23:08:07 In reply to: debbieslack
So sorry to hear this happened to you! Not at all surprised though, which is why we built toucandeal.com. Please come and join us!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: MrsSkippy 2016-11-01 16:06:17 In reply to: tuffbarn
We were suspended today for 3 days... We had a WWII German Wounded Soldier Badge listed... The WWII vs. WWI do have a swastika. But we never said "nazi", "Hitler", or "Swastika" in the title or description. They pulled it because it had a swastika. We searched items that say "swastika" in the title... over 7000. We even called ebay because one seller ReichLeader had 60 current listings; all with the symbol. The csr seemed shocked when we told him and he pulled up this guy... But after checking he now has 81 listed... We understand it's illegal to sell items with that symbol in certain countries... But it needs to go for everyone. We think someone with a WWI version reported ours so they didn't have the competition (ours had bids)... We want to join your suit...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: realdeal 2016-12-11 06:47:09 In reply to: MrsSkippy
Join our fight for justice at http://www.ebaylawsuit.com

We are working on a class action lawsuit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: realdeal 2016-10-25 14:49:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
We are forming a class action lawsuit against eBay for unfair business practices with restricted and suspended accounts.

Join now by going to www.ebaylawsuit.com help us spread the word. Its time for some payback!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: j-allen 2016-10-17 13:51:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
My story is similar to others. My daughter asked me to sell a pair of Beats Solo hi-fi headphones she had received as a bonus when she bought a computer, so I posted them on eBay. Since they were in the original sealed box, I used a generic photo, but noted so in the description.

Shortly after listing I was informed that my item had been taken down and that I was suspended for life from selling in the Electronics category. Of course I protested, speaking on the phone with eBay customer service and was promised that they would call me back "within 72 hours." After more than a week, I tried again and spoke with another agent. Each acted as though my claim was legitimate, but in the end the ban stood.

Most distressing was that eBay refused to tell me what rule I had allegedly broken; I still do not know. Their excuse was that if they told me what I had allegedly done wrong, I or others might use that information to circumvent the rules. Yes, they actually said that!

At no time was I permitted to communicate directly with the "enforcers" who remain secret and isolated. Do they even exist, or are people just booted by some computer algorithm? For that matter, how do we know what criteria these "enforcers" use? If an enforcer were prejudiced and booted people based on the ethnicity of their names, how could the victims seek redress?

eBay demands openness, fairness promptness, adherence to promises, and lots of other standards from us, but apparently these principles are not reciprocal.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: MrMagoo 2017-01-02 13:04:02 In reply to: j-allen
You have to ask yourself if we are on the SAME PLANET as ebay, at times...most of the time in fact.

If you were a SCAMMER, ebay would move Heaven and Earth to protect you. A class action would be a FANTASTIC idea, and I for 1 would be happy to show details of a scammer ebay have been told about a dozen times, over 6 weeks/18+ (and counting) auctions ago, with atLEAST 2 seller accounts, and 2 buyer ID's bidding on it's own goods (Sony Laptops) but as he's a TWAT (and greedy) so keeps winning (not every time), and has to resell under a different name.

I have just started my 3rd community forum suspension in as many weeks...the 1st was 1,440 minutes long (why not just say it's for a day?) A couple of days later, I DID it again (got myself banned)...this time for 4,320 minutes (3 days) and an hour ago,again, THIS time for 10,080 minutes (a WEEK). OH yes...ebay can act when they feel the need, such as when you threaten their 10% Final Value fee.

Could we be looking at "Obtaining money by deception" if ebay collect the final value fee, knowing it (the final value) was obtained as a result of FRAUD?.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: vmcorbett 2016-10-01 00:34:41 In reply to: tuffbarn
In reading all of these post's and because of my own current situation with Ebay I am inclined to say "Class Action Lawsuit" Now I am no lawyer but I do know how to read and it appears that all of us have had some of our civil rights violated. For example "The right to due process" (following certain procedures before taking action that affects an individual’s life,liberty,or property.) If our livelihood (a means of securing the necessities of life)has been taken from us without a due process is that not a violation of our civil rights. Moreover, Ebay does not make knowable the actions that they will take should there be a policy violation that they suspect has occurred by a seller. Nor do they say on how to appeal a decision and/or action that they have made against a seller. So we are doomed before even leaving the gate. Ebay is an american based public company on nasdaq, and they whether internet based or not, have to follow laws.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Maxair222 2016-10-02 09:58:17 In reply to: vmcorbett
I here am a young entrepreneur/business owner who fell victim to this crap system eBay has. They are unclear, inconsistent and will not work with first time sellers. I'm willing to do a statement and help with a suit. Thank you!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: kfost0225 2016-10-03 10:17:42 In reply to: Maxair222
Is there a law suit pending for the ebay account suspensions for absolutely no reason. Mine has been on hold since last October and I haven't bought or sold for at least a year except as a guest on checkout. I'm baffled, so I have went to ETSY instead.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: tb0156 2016-09-07 20:55:08 In reply to: tuffbarn
I wAS also suspended and so was my husband. Apparently my daughter who is 36 years old and is married and a mother of 3 that operates a similiar business but totally independently from mine or my husbands accounts wAS suspended by ebay for some reason that they won't disclose to me. But because we are related they suspended our accounts. I quit my job to open this business and I invested my retirement into it. I have thousands of dollars worth of inventory that now with no warning at all I can't sell it. The employees at ebay are totally smug and rude and they shut my account down with not even 24 hours notice and there are no other options. My daughter has never sold any of her inventory on My site and I have never sold any of mine on hers. We don't run our business together ever so there is no basis for their accusations. It is totally unfair and now my business is sunk. . how can they use my personal info and hers to know we are even related. We are related by blood but not business and this crap is totally wrong!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2016-09-17 17:45:42 In reply to: tb0156
I can offer an alternative to ebay. Come join me at www.fulow.com I started this after getting banned by ebay myself. My account was hacked and after months of disputing it, I got no resolution and my account was permanently banned.

So, I started www.fulow.com for those like myself. I've made some of what I consider to be improvements. 1, there is no listing fee, and you are free to relist any item as many times as you like until it finally sells.

When a auction is successful there is a small closing cost fee, but that is it, only one fee not the multiple fees ebay gets you with.

Also, if you sign up and refer other people who sign up and have a successful auction, you will get 5% of there closing fees so I also give back as gratitude to those who use my service.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: built2nd 2016-09-04 10:36:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too was suspended as well. Ebay didn't even give me the chance to appeal. They told me it was indefinite and because of suspicious activity. What gives? What activity? I done nothing different from the past 5 years and now all of a sudden they are outright suspending my account?

Absolute trash. I have 4 kids I need to support. We barely make it on two incomes as is. Not only did eBay trash my earnings, they are putting a family at risk for losing their home.

I had to make desperate measures and contact Auction Essistance to help me set up a new account.

For those looking to get back on, I would follow these steps here: http://auctionessistance.com/newebayaccountaftersuspension/

Maybe they can help someone make back their income and not risk losing their home like I am.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: frustratedseller 2016-09-22 09:07:13 In reply to: built2nd
Hi. Wanted to check to see if you used the Auctionessistance.com group. Did it work for you? Any other feedback on the experience?


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: toomuchtime8833 2016-08-29 05:55:55 In reply to: tuffbarn
My eBay business account was just suspended two weeks ago. No reason was given. I have sent two emails to eBay and to date I have had no response. My account was in good standing, no money owed. No bad feedback. I've had the account for 6 years, sold about $100,000 and have about 300 positive feedback. In six years I've had one negative feedback. I do not sell anything illegal, all original custom made products with patents and trademarks.

I used to get really angry with eBay. The ridiculous account restrictions, listing restrictions, quantity restrictions, category restrictions that would come from no-where. They suspended my account before because I logged in from overseas and made me re-validate and provide all my personal and business documents (again). It goes on and on.

Then there are the Chinese sellers who have flooded and infested eBay. They copied and pasted my listings (literally whatever I wrote), some of my custom made products were ripped off. eBay did nothing. A lot of the Chinese sellers now use fake addresses too and pretend to be in the US and UK. Oddly, they don't face any selling restrictions as they seem to receive a huge number of feedback. Reporting them to eBay was very time consuming and the overall benefit was minimal, sometimes they don't even do anything. You may win a battle, but ultimately you are losing the war.

Then there is eBay support. They are THE worst I have ever come across on this planet and in my entire life. If there is a hell then I am sure they are using eBay customer support to torture people down there.

Luckily, I decided to make a concerted effort to move away from eBay three years ago. It was just getting too stressful, wasting way too much time and affecting my sales negatively. I realized this is not the way it should be. At first I was hesitant because eBay had become a large source of my income. However, with a little effort I managed to steadily boost my sales and income elsewhere while reducing my listings on eBay (dealing less with eBay really freed up my time and removed a significant burden and stress from my life). Within a year I had reduced my eBay listings to just 5-10 a month and cancelled my eBay shop (that felt good). Two weeks ago they suspended my account, again, with no reason given again. But now I am just going to leave it. Enough is enough. I will never go near eBay again, I will warn everyone around me for the rest of my life - I want nothing to do with eBay ever again. Truly awful company, they deserve to go out of business. Good luck to all who wish to fight eBay or continue using eBay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jdjonnythunder 2017-03-15 06:25:44 In reply to: toomuchtime8833
Well I am sorry to hear your situation. I personally have been victimized by Ebay. Their employees intentionally have retaliated against me for me reporting multiple sellers for selling illegal cracked software. The minute I start reporting then they start removing my legimate listings and then restrict my account for 7 days.
The very listings they remove from my account are the same listings that they have previously reinstated and do not violate any Ebay policy. What you have going on in Ebay is a high level of employee incompetence and employees who do not proficiently read and write English. That is why I believe they make these errors over and over again. They also get mad when they get too many reports from a Seller about listing violations and illegal pirated software sellers and then take action not against the violators but those who report the violators. It sounds like your situation is based on a back office employee playing GOD and intentionally causing your grief. When I contacted Ebay to ask them why my listings where removed the first words out of their mouth was we are not picking on you in a Phillipino accent. I have had my listings removed after reinstatement and my account restricted 3 times for the same listing that Ebay had previously reinstated. Ebay just apologizes and I have to go through 7 days of not being able to list anything which sets me back. There is a big problem inside Ebay operations and it has come to the point that someone needs to do something about it. If I can help anyone please contact or respond to this post.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: brokeddog 2016-08-30 20:38:21 In reply to: toomuchtime8833
OMG I'm reading my story as I read and empathize with you. I thought I was loosing my mind and there was no place to turn when I decided yesterday, my birthday, to change some things or behaviors in my life. I and some others I know who deal in collectibles have had a rash of items pulled in the past year so bad it's becoming criminal. There is a lot of sophomoric behavior taking place among sellers and buyers who are irate because they lost in an auction or couldn't afford something and sent private messages to me and others requesting that I pull down an item and sell to them for half of the asking or high bid price..I mean all out hysteria. A lot of it is do to the lack of any means of screening buyers who just sign up and have many alias accounts. There are known sellers in this particular area, whom have persons report items to eliminate the competition.These buggers don't even make it look good, but the problem as you have stated is eBay. I have wasted more hours than I care to admit fighting with these idiots they call support. First of all they make it such a task to call them. When you finally get a voice it's always some foreigner who can barely speak English, let alone read it..They sometimes pretend to agree with you and get their supervisor, who has no name,to agree with them. They tell you " oh you'll get an email...stating a decision in 3 days...blah blah blah bulls&*%. They never change anything. When I catch them contradicting themselves after about 5 times...they get flustered and start making up rules...there is no escalation procedure anywhere and they won't offer anything. I swear I get the same girl who has a name that isn't normal...I mean she can't pronounce it and I give up after a while. About a week ago I was out of state taking care of my 89 yr young Mother who had suffered a bad fall. I made the mistake of trying to tend to business and even shipped up product to her house before I left because it turned out I was there for about a month. I interrupted this babbling fool at eBay because my Mom was calling me from her room and it was time to eat etc...She agreed to call me back in about 2 hrs. 10 minutes later I get a call from some Asian gentleman who sounded like he was talking from one of the early Jupiter missions the service was so bad..I'm trying to say that he called too early and he's like b bb bbbbe cause bll iip. And he's whispering I swear. It's a grind you down program. They are always on time to take their fees and the way that monthly statement reads makes it very difficult to discern. I know they charge me for the listings that they take down. Unbelievable. My problem is similar for I rely on my weekly and monthly numbers and I have a large following who have their constant demands. I'm always a Top-Rated Seller with all great feedbacks but it doesn't matter. The thing with the people making fraudulent complaints is so bogus. I found through one of my IT people that all it takes is about 3-4 people to hit that button at the same 10-15 minute proximatey and the software just immediately pulls your items. the worst is when I have a 5 day auction and there is one hour left....that's where all the hot money comes out and these buggers pull the plug on me. When they pull that, all of the information about bidders, the listing itself..EVERYTHING VANISHES WITHOUT A TRACE!! You want to loose it...oh my God..it is the most unfair thing to do to someone for what,,why...I even know who some of these jerks are and it doesn't matter..I'm 64 yrs. young..do you think I'm gonna stoop to their level? They know that too. I know bad karma catches up and everyone has their come upping but man...that doesn't pay my bills today.Thanks for letting me air. If there is anything I can do to help bring these folks down, whatever it takes I'm in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Kibbles00 2016-08-30 11:42:36 In reply to: toomuchtime8833
I finally closed my store after listing over 1700 items over 5 years. I went from highest rating seller with 100% customer service rating.

I had brain surgery 29 April 2016 and 2 items I gave to charity by mistake. I contacted the sellers immediately and refunded the money.

I was told I had 5 situations like that since Dec 2015 and they put me in below standard. They would not even give me consideration since I was in the hospital having a tumor removed.

I had to close my store. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, EH? Thank You Ebay

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: klaudia0707 2016-08-24 11:25:58 In reply to: tuffbarn
suspended me unfairly too, 3 times.. from different acounts.I've never sold anything on ebay, I never have problem with my paypal, and every time it was my own stuff I post for sale.Every time I make listing, I got email that they close my account because I am the father for ebay community.first time i sent 28 emails to them,and ask for explain me they decision, i never got an ansvar ... I wish bringing them to justice, like everyone else here.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: paulmickler 2016-08-02 12:19:48 In reply to: tuffbarn
can not list items although I have a perfect score.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: rogersonlaw 2016-08-01 19:21:24 In reply to: tuffbarn
I took have been suspended by eBay recently. I tried many times to call them and send them an email, but they wouldn't give me any clear answer. They told me they could not disclose any information on why I got suspended.

eBay has been an essential part to the overall household income.

As a result of the permanent suspension, I had decided to go stealth with the help of this website: www.auctionessistance.com.

Talking with them, it seems like going stealth would be the most ideal way to go since a permanent suspension is impossible to get reinstated.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: FaceTruth 2016-07-13 14:05:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
Please print and swear to this statement. as being true and correct. sign and date it then email it to me at email that appears. any questions just email me. ALL like comments made before 2006 are welcome.

"I, _______________, declare the above statement is true and correct."

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: twitcherzx 2016-08-02 12:00:55 In reply to: FaceTruth
Hi I would like to be included in any class action suit. I too have had the same problem

"I took have been suspended by eBay recently. I tried many times to call them and send them an email, but they wouldn't give me any clear answer. They told me they could not disclose any information on why I got suspended.

eBay has been an essential part to the overall household income. "

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayaredisgusting 2016-07-03 15:20:53 In reply to: tuffbarn
Over 3 years ago now eBay suspended my account. In short I always stated on ALL of my auctions and in the "post item within" days as always set to 5 - 7 days and I always stated thiis in my auctions as I am disabled it just takes me a few days longer to prepare a item, but just a few took a little longer, so I did warn everyone about this and always stated this. Anyhow, what happened, I started to have messages in in "my messages" from eBay stating, sell now, or we will suspend your account fully, I phoned them and asked why the hell am I getting these messages? They stated, hmm, we are not sure, so here, have a £10 voucher on us. Then a few days later they sent me another warning message, I phoned again and stated what the HELL are you smoking? They said, we are so so sorry, it's the "system" They just gave me another voucher, anything over £45 they would take 5% off and they stated, sell, sell, SELL to stop the messages, I got very angry and said what the? I have NOTHING! to sell, do you want me to go and sell the paper on my walls and skurting board? - they slammed the phone down on me. Then about a week went past and I signed in one day and hey presto, terminated account, I phoned them to ask for a explanation and all they stated was, sorry, you did not sell enough, tough luck.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: collect-a-thon 2016-05-01 12:02:18 In reply to: tuffbarn
5/1/2016 If you are an Ebay SELLER who has been arbitrarily, frivolously or wrongfully restricted or suspended a)without any warning b)without any opportunity to cure your alleged policy violation c)in spite of UNCLEAR Ebay policy or 100% compliance with Ebay Policy d)for a terminated listing or listings e)with inconsistent explanations by customer service or no explanation f) with no answer to subsequent emails or letters you sent and/or g) were denied any appeal or review of the circumstances, and have lost at least $5000 in revenues, please send me a succinct summary of your case. I am trying to get a Bay area lawyer to prosecute a CLASS ACTION SUIT for UNJUSTIFIED RESTRICTIONS/TERMINATIONS on contingency. I need 15-20 U.S. Sellers with strong claims, 5 or more of whom are available to be deposed/appear at hearings/testify at trial in Santa Clara CA. If you already posted your situation in this thread I will contact you if it falls within the legally required parameters (no need to resend details).
Thanks, Robert Collect-a-thon

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: denyse1966 2018-03-21 07:56:12 In reply to: collect-a-thon
I awoke one morning to eBay like I did most every morning to a suspended account after 18 years and 9000+ score with almost 100% feedback most days except when eBay would support the buyer and rarely me. The reason was as they said is that I had 18 "bad" transactions in 18 years (late shipments or returned items) which makes that amount to about 1 mistake a year? I was so upset, I cried for days! I explained that the late shipments were due to my elderly mother having brain surgery (which I have documentation of) and printing the mailing labels the day that I mailed the packages which made them a little late - I even contacted the buyers and most of them were super understanding and I think one wanted a refund so I gladly refunded. eBay however told me that when I item sells that I should print the label right away even if I did not plan to ship for a couple days which to me seemed dishonest. Then they said that because I lost a couple of items (but refunded the customer) that was part of their decision to eliminate my account. I explained to them that we were remodeling our office and a few things were lost but they did even take that into consideration. Bottom line I was a GREAT SELLER and was even told so by one of the eBay staff - how can you get 9000+ feedback without really working at it? I had a couple of stressful years where most companies would allow a "few mistakes" and even ask if they can help in any way! At a regular person-to-person job they would at least give you a warning or two and give you the chance to correct your mistakes. But eBay failed to do this and caused me grief, suffering and a loss of income. I work in non-profit as a manager and I would never treat my volunteers or staff like eBay treated me. Can you help me>

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Maxair222 2016-10-02 09:49:44 In reply to: collect-a-thon
My account has a suspension and was not clearly stated after my appeal, they are not going to tell me. I would like to file a suit out of frustration and wrongful buisness ethics. Thanks

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: newhopedreams2010 2016-08-19 12:04:11 In reply to: collect-a-thon
My account got suspended because I purchased daily deal by two different accounts. I purchased by different accounts because my accounts all got invitation for 6% eBucks. I did not know it was in violation until I called eBay. eBay said they sent me wanring/notification before , but I swear, never, I never received any notification about violation of buying things by different accounts.

I believe, I am under a)without any warning b)without any opportunity to cure your alleged policy violation.

I have tons of different things selling on eBay since 2009. This will cause loss to our sale, and income.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: forbycorp 2016-08-14 05:48:09 In reply to: collect-a-thon
I have had an ebay account for years and never used it. Last week I decided to list some inexpensive items for sale, and a few days later I received an email saying my account had been suspended and the listings removed. No reason was given for the suspension and no information was given about what I should do. After scouring the ebay website for info on how to contact a representative, I finally found a phone number and talked with someone who said "Ebay has done an extensive investigation of your account and found that it is not eligible for reinstatement". She said she could not tell me the reason why this had happened nor give me any information on what else I can do to find out and/or try to rectify the problem.

This entire scenario is ridiculous and unacceptable and I want to see eBay pay for it.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: suppamommy 2016-08-03 09:35:42 In reply to: collect-a-thon
My account was closed to low performance and was not given a warning. My sisters who live in the same house also had their accounts restricted and not allowing them to sell. I don't understand how this is right just because they are associated with my account.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jdjonnythunder 2017-03-15 07:57:26 In reply to: suppamommy
What is going on in Ebay is that the company utilizes outside labor and employs customer service representatives that may speak the English language but are not proficient in writing it or reading it. The end result that 100's of Ebay sellers are being unjustly suspended because of Ebay's failure to train and hire the qualified Customer service representatives. Therefore because of the lack of comprehension of these customer service employees things are not being communicated properly and Sellers are getting the brunt end of things. Today I was told by one that I can not write in my ad that your order will be processed within the hour and sent to your verified Paypal address. They said it was vague and incorrect? What the hell is going on here now we have a Customer service agent who is not proficient in reading and writing English interpreting English the wrong way and this is happening over and over again. That is why Seller's are being suspended unjustly and it largely because of Ebay's customer service incompetence or illiteracy.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: twitcherzx 2016-08-02 12:01:27 In reply to: collect-a-thon
I would like to help:

I took have been suspended by eBay recently. I tried many times to call them and send them an email, but they wouldn't give me any clear answer. They told me they could not disclose any information on why I got suspended.

eBay has been an essential part to the overall household income.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hackery21 2016-06-01 15:30:18 In reply to: collect-a-thon
Hey, I have over $5000 weekly sales on eBay and they've limited my account and taken down all of my listings because I've "started selling too much". I'm ready to pour money into a lawsuit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WEBER796 2017-03-28 12:16:32 In reply to: hackery21

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ALICAT0000 2016-05-27 16:29:17 In reply to: collect-a-thon
I am a prior ebay seller who was on ebay 7 years before being suspended suddenly and without explanation. I found out later I've been banned for life. I am still unclear as to why, as I was never given a reasonable explanation other than my scores were low. I was never given an appeal or a chance to rectify whatever the reason is I am no longer able to sell on ebay.

I had a good business, becoming a power-seller. I did nothing to warrant this. I could understand if I sold questionable/counterfeit goods. I did not. There was no real reason as to why I my selling rights were termination. I have been searching for 2 years for a lawyer to represent me or a class action lawsuit. I am extremely interested in joining this class action lawsuit.

I have contacted the BBB regarding this. They advised me to contact the D.A. in northern CA. My rights have clearly been violated.

All the best,
Alicen Boyer

My eBay account was suspended April 4, 2016 for mainly the Defect Rate which was the cancellation of listings. I discovered that an eBay lister that was working with my business last year in August had traded listed items for drugs during my outside worktime as a teacher. I didn't know exactly how bad the theft was until 7 items were sold and I couldn't locate them. Also, my shipping time was effected by USPS acquiring new systems and their internet wasn't working, so they shut down their postal stores. When they were open, boxes left were getting scanned the next day. I filed a complaint with the Post Master General of the United States Postal Service. The cancellations caused eBay to suspend my account when review came up a month later. I provided a police report number, but through two appeals, nothing did any good in getting my suspended account reinstated. I live in Stockton, California and I'm not working right now and can travel for a class-action lawsuit. I'm a 19 year eBay Seller, two time PowerSeller, feedback rate of 98.5% currently with a Feedback of 1,353, number of listings cancelled around 6 am on April 4, 2016 was 1,647. I sell an item or two a day, had a middle eBay Store, was charged over $40 recently for not even doing any business with a suspended account. I was averaging over $10,000 in sales annually and growing towards $20,000. My listed items total value is over $38,000 and eBay Listers paid 20% of total listed price which is $7,600. I was one of eBay's largest listers and sellers of yearbooks with close to a 10% market share of listings. I also have over 6,000 unlisted clothing items and one of the top 30 sportscard dealers in the world with a collection of over 4 million sports and non-sports cards. I had lots of potential for eBay to make money by helping provide a platform for selling, but they are buyer friendly, not seller friendly and only concerned about being in the business of collecting fees. Unfortunately, they missed this seller big time in providing them with some serious revenue.

Since May-12-16

"Your eBay account is either suspended or on hold."

It looks like your account xxxxx is associated with another account, xxxxx, which is currently restricted on eBay. As a result, we've restricted the xxxx account until you can resolve our concerns.

Called to explain I didn't know this user, customer service said they would call back & would have to report to credit card co. Paypal is not suspended at least.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: delmymarroquin 2016-05-17 11:52:26 In reply to: collect-a-thon
Please consider me as part of your class action suit. I was also unjustified blocked by eBay. I didn't do anything wrong; they just linked my account to a person that I don't even know. I live in California and I can go testify in Santa Clara; I also know more sellers with the same issue who will be able to testify.Please let me know if there is something I need to do in order to be part of the suit . I was selling at least $15.000 a month and I have proof .

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: collect-a-thon 2016-05-17 17:03:28 In reply to: delmymarroquin
Hi Delmymarroquin,
I am having trouble mounting a class action suit due to the arbitration clause in the user agreement. I plan to pursue arbitration but if that does not resolve the issues I will continue with my efforts to bring the class action suit. Please send your contact info to collectathon@hotmail.com

Ebay has a "technical glitch" or hack which bars all adult listing
Posted by: EbaySeller01 2016-05-08 09:15:08 In reply to: collect-a-thon
You and other news organizations need to research why ebay is currently banning all adult listings. They claim they have not been hacked, and are attempting to fix a "glitch" that prevents sellers entering the condition of an item. For over 30 days sellers have been unable to list a condition as "Unsed," for the last few days they are unable to list the condition as "New," or indeed anything, thus preventing all listings. Ebay deines it has been hacked, states they are working on the "glitch," and says that they expect it to be probably fixed within 30 days and most probably fixed within three months.

Consider his my reply. I was an eBay seller for years, sales between $10k-$25k annual. I was indefinitely restricted. PM me or email me at mjcjb5 at g mail dot com and I will give summary of restriction. It killed my business. I would love to be part of suing ebay. I can not come to California but could skype depose or other online.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: yousungj 2016-04-22 09:04:45 In reply to: tuffbarn
My account got suspended on 4/18/16 without no reason.
We are titanium level seller.
When my account got suspended I called ebay and ask for a reason. They told me that it was done by 'error' or it was an 'accident'.
They reinstated my account but nothing is same.
All my sales history and listings are gone. My listings lost all the visibility.
I asked eBay how this 'accident' can be happened and I ask them to further investigate. All they told me is 'we can't tell you anything more.' They literally told me ' hey it's all about the perspective. You got your account back. Now go sell some products'.
I am just speechless. How somebody can suspend someone by 'accident'. I'm seeking a lawyer to sue eBay. If you guys know any good lawyer let me know.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: odotscott 2016-02-10 14:01:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay Suspended my seller account for 30 days without notice. I have a 1071 100% positive feedback. When I called to ask why the item caused this they would not tell me, they said they couldn't. I was on a good roll getting great repeat customers and Ebay calls a timeout. This is not fair with no warning first that they have a problem with a item. Why cant they tell you what they don't like about your item? give you a fine that increases if you get more. It does no good for anyone to just cut you off.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: blangollc99 2016-01-13 21:23:28 In reply to: tuffbarn
I don't have a business, but did have an account with ebay for 10 years. I tried to sell my first item in 10 years (a fitness DVD set) and they suspended my account indefinitely. I listed it wrong, and i was flagged for "Authenticity", So I offered to send in the item. Which is a fitness DVD set still in box, I got for Christmas and never used- brand new! They asked me not send it in to clear up the confusion and there is nothing I can do. Additionally, my information sit's in EBay's system forever in limbo. I cannot believe it!!I never did anything wrong, nor did ebay contacted me when they did their investigation. I can understand if I tried to sell a fake item or something illegal, but it is a 8 set fitness workout DVD set. I was not given a chance to prove my mistake was not an attempt to defraud Ebay or a customer. Not fair! Boycott EBay...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: stpeterphshop 2016-04-18 10:43:43 In reply to: blangollc99
Hi all you there,
I am very sorry to hear that many seller are still suspended up to this moment, and I think this will carry on as they wish.
I am gone ebay seller year 2012, and that is nearly Christmas. As my ebay was suspended, paypal also suspend my account.
After long day of waiting and patiently talking to them, phone, emails, chats, etc, I was finally given answered that my account is suspended permanently for violation of their policies.
"Policies" to mean ebay policies which is so generalise and so many, that you could fall any of them and all of us can go under the category.
But what had really happened, is just 2 cases filed on paypal for item not received. I keep explaining that it should take a while from UK to rest of the world to deliver the item, and that Royal mail, can only show tracking information when the is received. While the item is travelling , there is nothing you can do but atleast wait from 30-45 days. I am sure, any of you are familiar how international shipping works, but anyway, I have settled my complaints thru paypal and ebay, then came back and say, I have reconciled everything clean. But then the answer is sorry, they could not do anything....That's it! False Hope. What else I can do, I felt so heartbroken, that you will be kick out being not heard, by your evidence. There are so many people on Ebay specially from China, who do tricks and avoidance to their customs, here I am doing fair and honest trade, was kick out, because simply because, they don't like me anymore....
There are so many unfair and sad stories about Ebay Members who were treated unfairly, mine is just one, and some here are just a few, there are a lot....
There are some sites works, Bonanza fairly good, need paypal though. Ebid.net, also good, slow but okay, need paypal, skrill, or pppay.com and its not hard to sell, though for some, those who are also suspended by paypal, pppay.com and skrill, is not so familiar.
For ipad and iphone application, shpock and wallapop is nice, letgo as well is good, though there is no automatic buying, everyhting done manually, messages, and can work like classified adds, but definitely there are people there.
There are some sites working, just browse them and read what suits you, I hope we all can move on, and stand again... I have ebay!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Berno 2016-01-05 11:32:06 In reply to: tuffbarn
I found I have also been banned this morning. I looked to see if I'd sold anything and could not believe it. I've been selling since 2007. Reason? I cancelled 9 orders. One order was for 5 items but they counted each individually. I contacted the buyer and they asked me to cancel. Big mistake but I didn't know it was going to be my downfall. I had 2 disputes. Both were where items had not arrived. No contact from buyer as is supposed to happen. One was for 99p and free p&P. I sent another recorded delivery! My feedback is 100% positive. Postage is above average. I usually send same day unless it's a day when there's no post office open. I got EBAY to phone me. No joy. Supposed to go to a tribunal hah! Then my son called me to say he had been banned because of ME. He moved out 9 years ago! So now he's banned for life. He had done the chat thing but after calling me he phoned them. He's banned. they would not tell him why as it is MY account but they said they believed he was the same person. He asked if his brother and father would banned also and the answer was yes. So anyboody associated with me will be banned. There is no second chance or any way of arguing my case. No is No. My son also asked if his name was John Smith would all John Smiths be banned and the answer he got was YES. He also asked if they knew how many JOhn Smiths were in Britain - no matter they'd all be banned. He then asked if he changed his name, bank, phone and moved house etc can he then open a new account - no problem. I am very seriously wondering if there is an undercurrent going on.
Ebay definately has the monopoly. I actually did a search to see 'who owns ebay' and looked at the wikipaedia one. There is a list of who they have swallowed up and it makes for quite shocking reading. Anybody in UK selling on Guntree of using Skype.....well I'm convinced they will be spying and innfo gathering. I don't want to go the conspiracy theory route but I think it might be time for somebody VERY high up investigating exactly what is ging on.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: designerstuff 2016-04-07 13:36:23 In reply to: Berno
I was permanently suspended from ebay as well. They removed 3 of my listings and then suspended my account. I would receive emails saying something about trade mark issues. Basically they were saying they were counterfeit. Two of the items I purchased at the actual stores that sell them. The other I have a certificate of authenticity for. My dashboard was above average and they kept increasing my selling limit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebaydeliberateaccountsabotage3 2016-08-14 09:24:02 In reply to: designerstuff
Restricted account over 1,000 listings wiped off.
10 yrs and over 10,000 feedback gone at the click of a finger
No pre comms no ethics.
Mine was deliberate sabotage reports by competitors.
Legal action needed to find name of person /s who did this. Then sue the arse off of them

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Stixy 2015-11-27 22:18:06 In reply to: tuffbarn
I used to be a popular member of the Community Boards years ago, giving sound advice to upset buyers and sellers both, but was reported into oblivion by 'haters' on my own side. I am no longer permitted to use the boards, even after all those years have passed. That in itself was regrettable, although I am happily ensconced in Facebook now doing something similar.

My concern is that I have a very small problem with eBay at the moment, in that I can no longer use the 'live help' facility. I purchased an item out of the UK, only to find that it actually came from Bulgaria (the seller is stated as being located out of the UK, hence my search was MANIPULATED by the Seller here, in order to facilitate a sale).

Upon trying to contact customer support, I find myself going all around the houses with no clear responses whatsoever. I reported the listing itself as 'search manipulation' and have attempted to leave a 'follow up to feedback left', only to find that it isn't working; my follow up is typed, entered, and nothing appears. The same applies to 'follow up to feedback received' - neither work.

I have NO way of warning the eBay community that this seller is a location manipulator, and NO way of contacting Customer Services as it doesn't seem to exist.

I've read some of the posts here on this thread; eBay is looking like a pretty dangerous place to buy or sell on right now. Accounts suddenly suspended after years and years of loyalty, for no good reason?

It was popular thought back in the day on the old Community Board, that eBay was ultimately hoping to do away with small sellers and bidding - aiming for Buy It Nows and huge sellers that they would 'protect' by removing negative feedback etc etc.

I see dozens upon dozens of companies operating out of Hong Kong, China and g*d knows where else, ALL masquerading under the search manipulation of 'located in UK'; I've reported some, but nothing EVER gets done.

I don't believe there is such a thing as eBay, not a real company that you can contact real people in, and get real answers, real results. It's a platform, and it's manned in a very basic and crude manner by people who do not speak or understand English, but who are probably advised (strongly) or PAID to protect these large eBay sellers, no matter WHERE they operate from, so long as they keep bringing in the big bucks via fees to those at the top (whoever THEY are).

I see people mentioning selling elsewhere, and one poster saying that they sell more on another site - can they name that site, please? Is that permitted here?

I don't sell, I buy, but I'd be interested in buying elsewhere, if eBay is as unreliable and accusatory towards its buyers as it is towards its decent small-to-middling sellers, and that it is now even resorting to the farcical scenario where a good buyer cannot even leave a response to feedback given or supplied.

Thank you. :)

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayebay 2015-12-02 14:03:50 In reply to: Stixy
Well written. well spoken. Such a shame on ebay.
It makes me feel better to get it out there. Now I. m looking for a lawyer to sue them. Thanks to you for the encouraging reply, my friend. Etsy is ok as a site.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayebay 2015-11-13 18:06:16 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been wrongly suspended forever for and from selling by ebay.

I got canned by ebay Thu 11/12/2015 12:37 AM.

Here's how it looked in my email:Hello 637125,
After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account:- Your eBay account has been suspended...
There was no reason given.

When I called Lea at ebay she said it was a big mistake and would fix everything in an hour. Not! My listings were never reinstated and when I called again to ask why they said I had been told the wrong thing. I asked what does that mean and the answer was given: I could not buy or sell on Ebay- forever. Then they added (relished saying) "We suggest you take your listings to another venue." The reason why was a secret they refused to elaborate on. I said ebay changed since Paypal left. Then I said, "I wouldn't sell on ebay anymore if you paid me!" You guys don't know what your doing anymore.

My nickname WAS Miss ebay.i was the envy of all my friends, The one they went to with a question.

I love the ebay song which sums up my business ethic. I loved selling clothing on ebay for about 10 years.

There is no selling violation.

There is no security concern for the safety ebay community members from me.

My feedback hung around 100% positive or so with no selling real issues. My merchandise has receipts. nor stolen. I had an ebay store on this account, which I terminated last month. I have typically about 125 -150 items per month.i always paid my dues as they became due. I have mega retail experience too so its not like I'm new to the game.

I have been wrongly suspended for selling by ebay.

All these years I have enjoyed a great relationship with ebay, per phone but this was a low blow and showed me that ebay also fosters a horrible side, as I see this a typical scenario shared by MANY wrongfully dismissed other sellers. It was a very low blow to me.

I think the security people must be on drugs.

I think a class action for wrongful termination would be a good idea because there was no chance to defend myself/ ourselves.

ebay is now judge and jury. How about that!

No nobody is.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Carmella123 2019-02-17 09:25:29 In reply to: ebayebay
I have been wrongfully suspended from eBay as a customer, requesting help with a refund, as they so clearly advertise that they are always willing to help. I requested a return within 24 hours of receiving product. The error was not seller's fault so I fully expected to pay for return shipping. There was not a no returns posted. The return request was immediately denied and the case was closed. I sent seller another message asking her to reconsider as I did realize it was my error and that I would have to pay for shipping; but she told me to contact eBay, (and gave me the number). When I called I only got a recording saying my account had been permanently suspended and I could no longer buy or sell on eBay. I am so confused for all I did was try to get a resolution and they even refused to talk to me. I called one more time but never did get to talk to anyone as my phone number alerted them that my account has been permsantely suspended. I do not understand. I am only a shopper, trying to get fair and reasonable treatment. Ebay does advertise that they are always willing to help (even if they seller has a no return policy), which she did NOT. I didn't expect a miracle but did expect for them to follow through with help as they advertise. I am totally perplexed.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2015-11-30 20:23:12 In reply to: ebayebay
I am so sorry to hear you are joining the ranks of us being banned by ebay. I have started a very similar website, I call it www.fulow.com it's an auction site and I need people to list items here. Therefore, if you feel ebay is screwing people over I encourage you to list your items with me, I have NO listing fee's, and only have a fee if an item actually sells. On top of that, I also offer referral fee's if you sign up and refer someone else who sells an item I give you a percentage of their closing fee's.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Berno 2016-01-05 13:20:18 In reply to: Ralest42
Have just looked at your site. It looks brilliant. Sent a message as I am in UK but want to know if I can sell. I am just waiting on my husbands account being banned too. One son already blaming me

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2016-01-05 19:16:43 In reply to: Berno
Yes, of course you are free to use our site to sell.

we wish you nothing more than success with our site. Still hoping to pull in more users, would like to be a place for those who can no longer use ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: olast82 2015-11-26 17:32:23 In reply to: ebayebay
I was suspended for selling a ecigarette which there are 1000's on ebay but they called mine illegal. I bought over $2000 dollars worth after researching ebay and ecigs. They have a "sell one button" I used and the same item I used to post the ad is still selling. They don't have an email because that would leave a paper trail. One of the sorriest customer services on the web.I will lose a lot of money. Bad Christmas coming. Thanks Ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: olast82 2015-11-27 09:00:29 In reply to: olast82
I also want to add. I was suspended twice once in September and now on Thanks Giving 11/27/2015. The day before Black Friday the most active day on the ebay. I will miss out on $100's of $1000's of dollars.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: dpdiscounts 2015-10-30 06:57:28 In reply to: tuffbarn
We have also been recently suspended for no reason whatsoever! We now owe £3,000 to eBay and PayPal and have unfulfilled orders that we can no longer fulfil because if we send the items, the buyers can claim a refund as well as get the items!

We need to get "WATCH DOG" on to eBay as they are with-holding information illegally. The only answers they give us is copied and pasted to every single user who is suspended without giving any kind of explanation... Just "We cannot disclose this information as it is confidential" - confidential information about me, the account holder who has the right to know why I have been suspended! It's a joke! eBay have made a fortune, this IS illegal and it is THEFT!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Soles 2015-10-10 17:19:18 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am ready to go after these Pricks… They have gone after my account more than once and restricted it and I've had to jump through several hoops to open a new one for my business… Even with 100% feedback… It sucks they shut them down in the middle of the night especially when that is a great time for shoppers. I have lost over $8000 in one week… And to get someone on the line to tell you why they decide to restrict you or suspend you and then keep all of your information you can't get a straight answer and then they will not tell you why you were restricted… I say we go after them and file a class-action suit they don't have a right to randomly suspend you for ever and keep your information that cannot be legal as well is not giving us valid reasons especially if you are on the same computer is someone else who has an eBay account earlier in the day… Which is happened to me… The insanity of eBay just kills me! Yet I need to sell somewhere and the holidays are coming, it's time that they stopped being a dictatorship

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Berno 2016-01-05 13:27:58 In reply to: Soles
I looked at 'who owns ebay' and a wikipedia page comes up. The list of acquisitions is seriously interesting. If you all look at the 'Use for data analysis' section you will have a shock. Or probably not! 'UK's GCHQ has a suite of tools for monitoring target use of eBay, named ELATE' I was looking to see if this very site is owned by them.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2015-11-30 20:25:47 In reply to: Soles
I posted this earlier, but I am posting it again to you. I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with ebay. I have started a very similar website, I call it www.fulow.com it's an auction site and I need people to list items here. Therefore, if you feel ebay is screwing people over I encourage you to list your items with me, I have NO listing fee's, and only have a fee if an item actually sells. On top of that, I also offer referral fee's if you sign up and refer someone else who sells an item I give you a percentage of their closing fee's.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jaki37 2015-12-14 07:25:36 In reply to: Ralest42
Hello !
i got the same probleme with ebay i have the same idea to open an other auction place contact me pleas to mourdline@yahoo.fr need to know moor about your offer.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: azpenngirl 2015-10-24 11:44:45 In reply to: Soles
So I just checked the other sellers account to see if he was selling again and low and behold he has the exact same 5 listings up he had up before and I get suspended again for 30 days selling the exact same items. I'm ready for a class action lawsuit against eBay and I do not understand why nobody will go after their asses.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ALICAT0000 2015-11-18 22:34:20 In reply to: azpenngirl
I was banned for life from ebay 2 years ago. It was rough going at first, as I lost my entire income. I have health issues and working from home is my only option. Luckily, I began selling on another site and sell more there than I did on ebay.

I tried everything to get back on ebay, but was not able to. I even wrote to government officials and the Better Business Bureau. Ebay refused to allow me back on. I never found out exactly why this happened. I was a power-seller and on ebay for 7 years. I proudly displayed my power-seller award on my wall. It was useless after I was given the boot! I believe it was due to a scammer, as shortly after I was banned from ebay, I learned someone was using my PayPal account. When traced back, it was an ebay seller who hacked my PayPal account. Ebay said the seller would get sanctions. Sanctions and not banned? Here I'm banned for life and a hacker gets sanctions?

It has taken a lot of hard work and creative thinking, but I can tell you that there is life after ebay. I am all in favor of a class action lawsuit and I would welcome being part of one. Ebay should not be allowed to shut sellers down without cause or notice. Sellers who have been with them for years and ebay is their only source of income. We need to fight back!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: crittergal 2016-01-19 17:36:14 In reply to: ALICAT0000
Alicatoooo, I have been preparing to go onto eBay as a seller but after reading comments and the horrendous experiences people are having with eBay I feel that it would be better to stay clear of it. I hate doing business with any evil-doing company anyway. I'm sorry to hear of what you had to go through but I'm glad you found another venue to sell on. Would you be so kind as to share with the rest of us what venue you are now having success with?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ALICAT0000 2016-02-15 03:26:06 In reply to: crittergal
Yes, I sell on Bonanza and Sears Marketplace. I highly recommend these sites.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: wvmarine 2016-02-22 13:01:10 In reply to: ALICAT0000
I started selling on Ebay in 1999 and was permanently suspended approximately two years ago. I had been a "top rated seller", "power seller" had over 16000 positive feebacks with a 99.7 positive rating. My DSL's were 5.0 down the line. I was selling $150,000.00 per year and buying huge volumes of items at lower prices for selling on Ebay. It would take me 20 years to sell these large volumes here at my brick and morter store so I am now stuck with it and about to go bankrupt because of the loss of income after 27 years in business, all mostly thanks to the lack of income from Ebay sales. This is a real tragedy for me and it appears I have no recourse. Ebay is certainly a cold-hearted and unethical operation. They should be punished for what they have done to me and countless others.

Wrongly suspended from ebay
Posted by: azpenngirl 2015-10-20 11:08:12 In reply to: Soles
I was just recently suspended from eBay for a firearms listing violation, I was selling freeze plugs? Don't know how they came to that conclusion, I was turned in by another seller selling the same items, his items are still up, mine got deleted and I was suspended for another 30 days. My description and listing category was exactly like his. I would like to be involved in a class action lawsuit against eBay. This is how I was making my living, I can't work and my boyfriend was injured over in Afghanistan and can't work. Let's get this lawsuit in the works, I'm currently filing a small claims suit against eBay and their statutory agent.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: redmon 2015-06-17 22:44:40 In reply to: tuffbarn
ive posted on her when ebay kicked me off... now i was selling and buying on ebay and now since they kicked me off they made it where i cant see the items i bought and now the sellers i bought from some of them are not shipping my items because it says im not a member so i contacted Ebay and asked them to help me ether get my item or my money back and they said YOU ARE NO LONGER A MEMBER that i needed to contact the seller and talk to them but guess what the seller says not my problem call EBAY so now i have lost all that money i spent and cant get it back so EBAY is letting the people i bought from rip me of my hard earned money and i got 4 kids so i dont have any extra to spare SO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AROUND im so mad about this so now so far my total that ive lost is at $1200 and is still climping

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: leonhardy 2015-06-14 11:09:55 In reply to: tuffbarn
Bitching and moaning relieved me a bit, but didn't get me back to selling. After I got over the shock, I decided to be an adult and started to look around on the internet to see if anybody could show me how to get back. What worked for me and got me back to selling is I watched some Youtube videos about it. I searched for "ebay suspension" or "ebay account suspended". I watched the ones with the most views because I figured they have the most views for a reason. It worked for me and I'm selling again. Good luck to you guys.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Karmakid 2016-06-28 23:24:57 In reply to: leonhardy
I was suspended from EBay at a really bad time in my life, I sold on EBay for 16 years, being a single disabled mum it really helped a lot. Two years ago I lost my only son and around that time I got suspended from EBay. I didn't go online for a few weeks and ended up with low DSR's. I had over 1,500 feedback and was around 99%, I did mail all customers their purchases when I went back online, a couple of sales were late but none were not sent. When I received the email saying I had been suspended I went into an even worse depression. I still have a garage full of UGG boots and nowhere to sell them. I tried about a year ago getting back on, they said if I sent a death certificate they would reconsider. I received an email telling me they were sorry but they were sticking to threat original decision and I would not be allowed to sell again. That is pretty cold, they had told me that sometimes if they could see that an unexpected death might be a reason to affect a seller they would check into it and let me know. I can't imagine any mother reading hat request and not thinking that was a enough of a reason to explain why a few emails were not answered in a timely manner.
I have tried other sites but they really just don't work for me. It is over two years now and it made the worst time of my life way worse. I was making over $20,000 a year and then suddenly nothing. Those are really cold hearted people that wreck people's lives and have no feelings or compassion.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: redmon 2015-06-11 18:21:07 In reply to: tuffbarn
i posted on here before but now everything i bought on ebay there canceling my orders and not letting me get my money back and making it where i cant see what i bought so i can keep track of what got here and whats not here yet

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: redmon 2015-06-11 09:43:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
im new to ebay i sold 2 items right off the bat they gave me great feed back then had a guy buy a item and he first said he didnt get it then when i uploaded tracking he pulled it wasnt as described and before i had a chance to do any thing he posted bad feed back i was on the phone with the ebay rep 3 diffrent times and they never said a thing about me may being kicked of and told them to look at the measages he was sending me they could tell he was trying to pull a scam and was being really nasty and when i would go for it he opened the case and left bad feed back and they sided with him on the case and kicked me off cause of the feed back on my 3rd item i ever sold and now im out of the item witch is a $500 item and im kicked off and he is still able to pull this with any one he chosses and we use paypal for our store here in ohio and now with ebay buying paypal ill probably loose that bussiness as well

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Kisnothappy 2015-09-25 08:46:55 In reply to: redmon
Every seller has to be aware on ebay i had 100% feedback got a women using a guys name to buy an item and then email us saying she doesnt want a broken one she has one thats broken so refund. Then they took pictures of NOT OUR item. There was clearly differences there item was white ours was black big difference. Just so many differences found out they had there other accounts closed down. Yet ebay is still in favor of them. Now got a 250 freeze on account and we dont have the funds this is unfair. I wish I knew away to get a probono case and take this to court I am tired of ebay trying to get one over on good sellers. Did I mention the buyer opened an ebay account same day bought our item and had the email under a girls name and buyer a guy. Then the buyers name was not the signer of the package the girls name suzanne signed it. Oh yeah then about 20 min after she signed for it went online and opened a case what the heck. This is unfair and we have to pay for this. Ebay is horrible does anyone know a better site to sell on? Sellers should get together and create an account and work with some bank that would do transactions and not paypal. Wish a person with money would start this out of the goodness of there hearts.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: thisthatmo 2015-10-04 16:37:41 In reply to: Kisnothappy
eBay just suspended my acct indefinitely without explanation. I had an existing account that I've used for years for personal purchases and sold a few items "above standard". Having recently retired from my career I wanted to get serious about selling on eBay. I called CS to see if I could have a 2nd acct. I wanted to keep personal & biz separate. I was told it was no problem. I opened it in May 2015. Then Sept 2015 I was ready to get started. My "new" account only allowed 5 items, but you could request higher limits if you had an existing acct. So I "called" to ask about it and was walked through the procedure by the CSR. I listed my items, bought 2 items and went to bed. In the morning I had an email that due to "security concerns" my acct was susp indef. I called and they refuse to tell me anything. This was absurd to me, and still is. I have spoke to at least 4 different CSR's. I wrote a letter to 4 different SVP's at the corporate office, I'm sure they will go unanswered but I have a hard time accepting unjust actions. I've found many instances on GOOGLE that this has happened. I can honestly say there was nothing I did that would cause a "security concern" and if it did, it was under the instruction of their own customer service dept, because I called them twice that evening for assistance. It's like being sentenced indefinitely, without any information as to the charge. I admit I was devastated. I was really going to pursue an eBay biz. Nothing can be done when this happens, it's quite frustrating.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: kdroid101 2015-04-13 00:28:02 In reply to: tuffbarn
this just happened to me.. im so disquisted this was my basic "gas"money as im a disabled mother of two.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Braxybear 2015-05-04 08:22:02 In reply to: kdroid101
I was restricted today from Ebay. I have over 12,999 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS ..Perfect Feedback. They said I didn't sell enough in my store. They said I will no longer ever be able to sell. What is going on? I have been on here sixteen years. This was my stay at home job so I could be home to homeschool. Someone needs to help us sellers that have given all this time and dedication.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: AuctionEssistance 2015-03-01 10:08:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
We have clients that have been suspended after being members for over 3 years. They are desperate to get back on as eBay makes up a little over half of their income.


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: theshampooguy 2015-02-06 18:41:21 In reply to: tuffbarn
Had 11 stores on eBay with 100% positive feedback I didn't have any negative feedback and anyone that try to use feedback extortion to me would get block and I would refund them whereas later I found that I wasn't supposed to do so, I had a lot of competition as I only sell cosmetics and I found that some of my competition would purchase merchandise from me and return it damaged or try to leave negative feedback or open cases against me in which case eBay block all of my accounts I had an $11,000 per month profit and I was using the profit to rent stores in order to get my merchandise went eBay block me from selling I lost everything I now work in a different industry and I'm not making a quarter of the money that I was making before I would like to know why I was singled out as well and lost my income, no one gave me a fair excuse so I've spoken to many people who work in the same predicament, and the end result is you can re-open an account but you have to file an LLC which is a limited liability corporation and pay annual taxes as you would any other business then you will have to use someone else's address whether it be a cousin and aunt and uncle or friend and if so you will have to purchase a new computer and if you were using a broadband service you will have to find another means from a different carrier as your IP address will be shared with eBay and they will block you And less I can recommend that I know a few people that have paid their spouses or a cousin or a brother to use their Social Security number but do not do one without the other if you have to use a different computer and change the router that you're using as far as the Internet provider that you're using for your computer, I am in the means of going back and doing it again this time I'm not going to keep my site up as long as I did what I think I'm going to do is once I have the site working well with positive feedback I will sell it then change my corporation name and start another company and start all over again this is the only way that you can intercept eBay from canceling out your account

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: DANNY212 2015-02-04 06:17:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hi I'm sick to stomach I just got suspended by Ebay after
Over 12 years of a 100% feedback -and over 600 transaction
They suspended my account and have tod me that it's final
I never received any accusation just a final suspension
With no recourse I don't understand this it crazy how can't
They do this it absolutely wrong and I have no recourse?im
Dumbfounded I do not understand how they can do this .They
Accused falsely that I'm sell counterfeit items! I never have and never will but they say I did and i don't even have a chance to face my accuser? This is crazy? Help me

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: RAIN121506 2015-08-17 18:27:24 In reply to: DANNY212
We also have the same case with the complain of DANNY212. Our seller accounts was suspended, and the CSR have told me that it's final and that we can't make an appeal? Please advise on to which ebay channel we can elevate our appeal? We're losing opportunity to showcase our product on ebay? Hope you can assist us.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: alottasigns 2015-07-26 18:44:38 In reply to: DANNY212
This is an unfortunate thing that happens all too often. Who are they to play judge and jury with no proof! We are moving our listings to toucandeal. Much lower fees and better offerings.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Staceyt89 2014-11-25 18:41:14 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay suspends sellers by the dozens lately. Paypal also limits many sellers at the most random times.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cs17dsw 2013-01-04 00:01:58 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ijust wanted to respond to Tuffbarn. I have purchased items from her with no trouble at all. Very fair prices and an all around great sale. I am dsaqueen on ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2012-10-06 18:20:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
My ebay account was hacked, someone posted an item for sale on there that sold for $4400. The buyer claimed it wasn't what was posted and contacted ebay. I found out about this after I got an email from ebay saying my account was suspended. This has been going on now for about 4 months. I've contacted ebay customer service and they were able to verify that my account was infact hacked.

I submitted copies of my statements from paypal showing that there was no money in my account from any sales on ebay.

They went on to reimburse the buyer and have now come after me to reimburse them, this is even after confirming my account was hacked. Customer service rep told me all was resolved and my account would be no longer suspended, almost 2 months has past, my account was suspended and I've now started getting letters from collection agencies to reimburse Ebay this $4400.

They don't want to honor their word, do serious investigations etc... I'm starting up another auction site similar to ebay for those of us that have been screwed over by ebay. In fact, I'm taking it to another level and making it cheaper and easier to use. Anyone have suggestions on good appealing domain names?

I'm tired of these companies screwing people over.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cvj1988 2014-06-02 20:16:43 In reply to: Ralest42
My mother and I are going thru a slimier type of thing. We are actually new sellers just started selling within the last 24 hours. We spent 4 hours on the phone with ebay getting everything working and in order that day making sure we were doing everything right even had them on the line with the drop-shipper doing 3 way. and at no point did anyone tell us anything was wrong. then out of nowhere my mothers account got suspended indefinitely and they wont explain the reason, they said they can't give us all the information because the decision was made by a different department. then because I have used my mothers address as my shipping address along with others they suspend mine and said that they were linked and you can't have more than one account. we told them countless times that we are 2 separate people and the accounts are not shared. they might nu-susspend my account but there is nothing they can or will do for my mothers. we tried to avoid all problems before anything even happened and it got us nowhere. If you are going to make another site such as we would love to join your network of sellers. Because punished without knowing what for really is more than wrong.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2014-06-09 14:44:21 In reply to: cvj1988
I have made another site, being as ebay is so large it's hard to get people to use it, at present I have only 91 members. I'm hoping that it continues to grow as one thing I do differently is I don't have any listing fees. The only fees on my site are when an item sells.

I don't want to post the link as I don't want to violate any rules here, so I'm checking into those rules and if I can post it without breaking this boards rules I will.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: WebmarketingConsultant 2013-02-13 15:19:32 In reply to: Ralest42
Dear Friend,

I have had a similar problem like you.

Indeed ebay is ripping off allot people and the big company's are taking all the piece's of pie and with out even leaving crumbs.

I have a great name because i was also looking forward to build a website like that maybe we can work together i got a domain name registered called Fleekey.com short and strong name and catchy if you have any or any interest regarding the domain name or concept please leave a reply back.


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: golm51 2012-11-28 09:02:46 In reply to: Ralest42
somebody hacked my ebay account and when i sorted it out. and got told i had listed a fake wwe autograph. so my account was suspended then they told me iwas listing to much stuff what more can i say i am at a loss anybody got any ideas

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: golm51 2012-11-29 07:29:58 In reply to: golm51
now they have come up with another excuse they are now saying as well as being accused of like listing a fake autograph wich is a blatent lye. i am now beibng accused of being asocited with other suspended accounts this is total crap i think they just look after the scum and screw us that have worked hard to get where we are they suck big time

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2012-11-29 14:44:10 In reply to: golm51
Yes they do like to screw people over. I've started my own auction site using their template come list with us at www.fulow.com be sure to recommend your friends and everyone you can think of.

Come on over, we are small but over time maybe with us you will again be able to make that same money back that ebay has cost you.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: golm51 2012-11-30 10:11:27 In reply to: Ralest42
if everybody felt so strong about they way ebay is treating the sellers the only way to treat them is get rid of the scmammers on ebay and do what they did last time every seller that feels strongly is to do not list anythink for sale for a month that would screw them the other way if anybody out there does not now do not list anythink for 30 days list till finished then they would not get any listing fees untill sold sellers unite

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Ralest42 2012-11-30 16:40:37 In reply to: golm51
It's not that simple with Ebay anymore. Figuring that they make money with PayPal, half.com and dozens of other sites, they'll make up their losses elsewhere. While it's a good plan, the best is to completely ditch ebay all together and find another medium. Part of the problem with Ebay is that their isn't any real large scale competition against them, if they had solid competition and a real threat of losing money never to recover than and only they would they be prompted to take an appropriate course of action. Also keep in mind, that they have outsourced their customer service so that's another indication as to what they will do for regaining money.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: golm51 2012-12-01 02:47:06 In reply to: Ralest42
i do not understand because what i selll on ebay is exclusive not to be sold to anybody else i will not allow anybody to sell my stuff but they still suspend me why. if there is no sellers there will be no buyers so they are high and dry others are getting away with murder and they turn a blind eye and i still think accounts are being capped

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: marimarihi 2012-09-21 09:34:18 In reply to: tuffbarn
yes i have been a buyer on ebay for three years until september 15 and ebay removes my buyer protection indifinitly then bans me ninety days but without buyer protection what are you to do.
I try to make a appeal but everytime i call on phone every agent has a foreign ascent or broken english and they say they will make a appeal but i check in follow up no appeal was made and i cant get it via email which would be easier and give the complaints in writing and let me tell my side of the story.
Iam in the dark and they claim i made returns outside of the seller guide lines i checked and every return i made was with return time frame and always inform the seller for reason of return and give seller five star review to be fair and i have no negative feedback as a buyer and when i run into a bad seller then i have no choice but to go to resolution center and out of a thousand purchases only 36 resolution center cases but ebay gets several complaints from some sellers who sent me profanity or refuse to refund or never sent items these sellers complain to ebay like crying babies when they treated badly and they get away with it and ebay removes the neutral or any negative feedback from these complaing sellers and give five star and bans me i was even accused of shill bidding and here i dont know any sellers or buyers you have to be in cahootz with a seller to do shill bidding and i was shocked that i was accused of this but left in the dark about the nature of my complaints and no defense what can i do?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: xenon1 2012-05-19 19:14:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am working on a world wide class action against eBay and PayPal , both have made a mistake and have tried to cover it up . everyone that has sold on Australian Ebay could be part of this action . everyone that listed before they changed the membership rules and has lost money due to that condition would be compensated
I believe this could even include those being terminated like myself soon , and I have just a email in saying I am a respected and appreciated member of the community .
eBay terminates on lies and has no provision to except the truth.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Trical1977 2016-02-03 01:53:22 In reply to: xenon1
I don't even need to share my story as it sounds like everyone else's. It seems a lot of absurd and unexplained restrictions/suspensions have been occurring as of late. I spent an hour or so today reading over eBays site as they are making somewhat of a big transition to restructure their business model. It's really a joke what they have printed. They state they are basically becoming less strict so people don't get suspended. They are removing a lot of things from the past that would essentially get someone suspended because it, along with a few other defects or strikes against the seller in too short of a period of time, would drop their "seller performance" "below standard leading to a suspension/restriction and therefore no more eBay.

They have enough literature written about this so-called new business model, that is supposed to be officially launched on February 20th, 2016. I feel me like I have enough now to file a lawsuit against them. If they launch this and my account restriction isn't removed, everything I read today is just firepower for a good attorney to take advantage of.. I was an honest to god hard worker, as I really believed in customer service. I had 100% positive feedback over a ten year period, and I really never encountered a problem. I had an issue here and there but I always made the customer happy. Then came Memorial Day weekend and I wanted to have a lot of things listed. I kept a lot of inventory in my garage and I wanted to get rid of some label printers I had sitting around too long. I sold them all over memorial weekend. I payed for and printed the shipping labels at home Monday nightt. On my way out Monday morning I just needed to grab the box and head to the post office and grab the medium sized boxes I knew each one would fit in. Well, I couldn't find them Tuesday morning after making the garage a big mess. I found out my house was broken into through the garage exterior window and the police came to he house a couple times and I can get a report from them to give to eBay. Then only maybe my account will be reinstated. After feeling panicked about the box missing I diligently cancelled all orders and refunded everybody the same day and gave them the story about what happened. eBay wasn't involvedat all, and I got one neutral feedback, , and the others that left feedback gave me a positive rating..... Lol. .. I was officially done. Cancelling orders as a seller in a short time period dropped my performance below standard. I fought with eBay and they told me to get a police report and then maybe I would be reinstated. I didn't have any idea that would end my time with eBay. If I did know I would have went and spent about $100 at staples to buy the items and ship them.

I worked my way up the ladder talking to some higher ups that just have an absolute firm stance, they have no good reasoning, just like you all say. I believe they had a hidden agenda especially after what I read. They may have already been hit and now they are shifting to protect sellers.

There new model is to help the seller. I've already taken screen shots of how much they are talking about protecting the seller and their quarterly evaluations they will be doing on sellers, working to keep gem above standard. It's really a joke. They go into depth about it and my original argument with them was looking at my account in whole/ it's entirety, which is what they claim they are going to be doing at the end of this month. There is some really shady s**t going on and it's always about money. Someone commented on eBay fading away. I think it's kind of happening with other avenues to sell that are growing. They won't monopolize the market for too much longer.

So I expect my account to come off restriction based on how they are going to evaluate seller accounts and performance going forward. It pissed me off reading all of that crap today and I'm waiting before I hand them the police report.

Maybe someone should start a new thread that says "eBay Class Action signup" or something like that and people can put down an email address to start. I mean I feel like I have been reading this shutdown eBay account bs not just here, but in a ton Of other forums, blogs and chats.

Something is up with all these bogus indefinite suspensions and now they are making a big move to restructure the business so it can help sellers avoid falling below standard and ultimately be shutdown. I'm angry!!


Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: missie333 2014-09-22 04:46:50 In reply to: xenon1
After having been with ebay com for 18 years i too have been canned and told they dont want me no more ! I have had power seller status for a long time - in august i had above average status then i get a warning that my dsrs are due for evaluation on september 20th and i am below average in certain parts of the world ! Without having done nothing wrong! On the 12th of september my account was limited and i was told i could not sell on ebay anymore but of course you can buy if you want ! I sent a tweet to the big cheese and got an email from ebay saying they would be happy to help ! That was the end of it didnt hear anything - i questioned as to why they didnt even have the decency to wait for the evaluation date before chopping my account got no reply.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: lesliep11 2012-08-22 10:40:41 In reply to: xenon1
I have just been suspended again...second time in two months, both times for Trademark violations. Both times the items I am suspended for have lots of people selling the exact same item. I buy vintage items at thrift shops, garage sales etc. I check to make sure the item is legit before listing by checking to make sure other items like it are being sold on ebay.

My only source of income is ebay, and a 30 day suspension is ridiculous. It would be different if I was purposely selling contraband.

I hope others with like problems will band together.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: rescamil 2014-04-07 12:40:46 In reply to: lesliep11
My account is currently being restricted again...second time in two three, both times for Trademark violations. Both times the items I am suspended for have lots of people selling the exact same item. I have an Ebay Money Back Guarantee on these items and ebay stated my money should be refunded. I buy all my sports memorabilia on ebay. I got two of my listings removed yesterday because of what ebay state's were trademark violations. I called ebay and asked the representative why my account was being restricted from selling for 30 days when the seller that sold these items to me is still selling the same items. Ebay stated to me that their is nothing they could do about it and that this was ebay policy. I know it is just a matter of time before ebay permanently suspends my account because of my complaints but, I feel I must do something. Ebay states that I will be refunded the money for the items that were sold to me by other sellers on ebay that were not as described. I asked the ebay representative why my account was being restricted and the seller that sold the items to me is still allowed to sell. It appears to me that this is discriminatory. If you are a large fish and make big money for ebay you can break ebay policy and get away with it but, if you are a small fish beware eventually you will be eaten up by the larger fish.

I am disabled and part of my income was coming from ebay, and a 30 day restriction will hurt and maybe even prevent me from getting the proper medications I need. When the seller sold these items to me they were represented as authentic with legitimate COA's. But, when I sell these same items with the same representations as sold to me on ebay suddenly my account is being restricted for trademark violations. Sounds to me like another almost transparent switch and bait business tactic underneath it all.

My hope is too that others with like problems will band together and finally, take action.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: RAIN121506 2015-08-18 17:53:43 In reply to: rescamil
Please share to us if you find another site that we can showcase our products.Ebay must have competitor so that they will realize that using robot for verification is not a realiable source of information. We need to take action before they hamper our business and our future!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Jeffrey3 2012-09-03 19:01:20 In reply to: lesliep11
I believe that the eBay employees are over regulating others to there benefit. Weeding out there competition. For they trade on ebay themselves. It's not for small businesses period. They have turned into a far left think tank. Distract and destroy for there sole agenda. Owner ship needs to see what really is going on there. Or the company will be taken over a cliff by its employees. They should be promoting small business and want competition. It's like the blind leading the blind at ebay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cshanders25 2012-05-09 11:58:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay is a hard cookie to crumble, I can tell you how to get back to business with out eBay suspending you again. Iv tried it and it works. Iv been suspended twice before I started to read "eBay Stealth" but once I started putting all the tips and tricks in the works eBay has yet to suspend me let alone figure out who I am, give it a try you have nothing to lose.

Count me in too - 100% Feedback 83 transactions - suspended account due to Ebay not recognizing a software issue and listing fee discrepancies. I refused to pay listing fees on 2 classic cars because Ebay admitted to the problem of relisting items via a smartphone but would not credit fees associated with the listings. To sell a classic vehicle it often takes multiple recurring listings to achieve enough interest to meet or exceed a reserve. If you are away from your main computer and cannot relist due to the "relist" icon not functioning on either of their apps AND thru the Safari iPhone browser it should be a creditable issue.
I pay hard earned money to Ebay for a service and if they act in a shady manner due to their own corporate red tape mindset they should be brought to justice. Extortion is a good word that comes to mind - Monopoly I thought was illegal in the US?
I also find that when you have high ticket items there seems to be an attitude when I call in asking for credit... I was actually told a note on my account said that I was profane to one of the servers. They can notate whatever they want which affects future correspondence. NOT COOL. There is a lawsuit there somewhere too.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: seashell 2011-11-28 21:38:28 In reply to: tuffbarn

Note to seashell
Posted by: lufkincy 2011-12-23 13:44:28 In reply to: seashell
Hi: Nothing disrespective intended, but you should never use all caps.

Evil Bay
Posted by: htl8888 2011-11-17 23:43:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am one of the sellers that the account was got restricted just recently.

I have been with Ebay since July 2005, mostly as a buyer. I just became a seller since September 2010. The items I sold including designing handbags, shoes, and clothing. For more than a year selling on Ebay, I only had 2 neutrals feedback, none negative feedback and the rest of my feedbacks are positive. I have over 250 positive feedback since I started selling last year. I paid my fee on time.

Recently, I received a notice that Ebay restricted my account. From that email, Ebay instructed me to reply if I want to appeal. I did reply. The next day, I received another email (automate responder- I could not reply) telling me to go through the link to get the phone number and the PIN so that I could call and talk to someone. Well, I did follow through the link, got the phone number, called and talked to a customer representative. I asked the same question that why my account was restricted. Here is what he said....."Look like your account was restricted indefinitely, but if you want to appeal, you have to reply to the email they sent you because I could not answer to your question......."!!!!!! Where do I go from here....I replied to their very first email. They responded by telling me to call. I called and the representative said he could not answer my question and told me to reply to the first email???? Am I stupid to go around and around and around with their game?

I feel this is very unprofessional, unethical. It's not how people are doing business. I am very frustrated. All I want to know is why they restricted my account and they keep going around and around without giving me a straight answer to my question......I pay my due on time everytime so why don't I deserve to know. I just don't understand.......Obviously, they want to hide something or don't care about their sellers while still collecting their money....really unfair

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: borya 2011-11-01 07:57:09 In reply to: tuffbarn


Please indicate your interest in pursuing this matter and our attorney’s office will be in contact with you
Please email sokolcharlie@gmail.com
We are represented by an attorney who, I believe, recently received documentary evidence that conclusively proves that eBay deliberately manipulated Detailed Seller Rankings (DSRs) to intentionally exclude numerous sellers from their platform. The evidence received also shows that eBay deceives Sellers of the true picture of their Policy Compliance on its Dashboards by “hiding” the actual status. Such actions, at the very least, are unethical and possibly criminal.
Email: marina.trubitsky@lawcontact.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: DANNY212 2015-02-04 07:17:02 In reply to: borya

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: zoe231 2012-10-31 02:50:35 In reply to: borya
I have been a buyer & seller on ebay for a number of years, I'm a top rated, power seller with a 100% fb score.

I have just recently been UNFAIRLY suspended/restricted from buying anything on ebay for 3 months! I was suspended for leaving too many low dsr's, I am accused of doing this to hurt other sellers. Of course I am still in shock after receiving this email nearly a month ago, and after trying to communicate with ebays customer support robots, and of course not getting anywhere, but frustrated... I've decided to start searching for a solution to ebays unfair and very upsetting decision to suspend me.

In July I was sent a 'Warning' email, it stated that if I continued doing one of a number of things that were listed, like too many returns, leaving too many neg. or neutral fb, non payment cases that have been opened against me, etc... none of these fit me at all, but the email stated that if I didn't stop doing one or more of these things my buying and/or sellers privileges would be suspended or restricted. Of course I called ebay right away, and of course no one there could tell me WHY I received this warning. I had to talk to a few different support people and not one of them could tell me the REASON why I was being warned... they just keep repeating that I MUST be doing one of these things that were listed on the email... they said I just need to stop doing it!!I kept asking... It, being what?... they didn't know... isn't that hilarious? How do you stop doing something you have no idea you're even doing?
Anyway, after talking to a couple more 'robots' and being put on hold for over 1/2 hour, the last support robot told me that he would make a note of my call, put it next to my name & account on the computer, and since they couldn't tell me what I was doing wrong, I continued doing it.

Now when I got this account restriction email and I call to ask why my buying account was restricted they STILL could not tell me why, at least not right away, the woman kept saying the same things over and over... for example, maybe it's because you have too many returns or too many open cases, blah, blah, blah... so she puts me on hold, when she finally comes back after 15 min. she tells me that I am restricted from buying anything for 90 days because I'd left too many low dsr's for other sellers, and that ebay find that I did this to intentionally and maliciously to hurt these sellers!! UN-Freaking-Believable! I told her that I called in July when I got the warning email and the guy I talked to said he would leave a note about it, but she said there was no note in the computer, go figure... I started to argue with the support dingbat but caught myself, why bother. All I did was ask her if there was any way to appeal this decision. She said there was not any way to appeal this type of case, to not even bother trying. She was right, I tried and could not find a way to even send anyone an email about this.

So, ebay can tell you that they want you to leave HONEST dsr's for sellers, but it's a lie... because when you do, look out! I've never left low scores for a seller that did not deserve them and never left low scores in every one of a sellers category, maybe 2 at the most... and I never leave negative or neutral fb because I feel that a seller would have to been really bad, in all of the categories to deserve that!! ebay tells you to leave honest dsr's so sellers can LEARN from them and change what they are doing wrong, but when you do leave honest dsr's you're penalized? Why? Then they accuse you of being dishonest and don't even get a chance to appeal?

BTW, I would like to know how many low dsr's a person has to leave before ebay considers it TOO many? I couldn't have left so many that I'm being restricted! No way. I am just a small seller who pays my seller fees on time, and considers myself a very honest person. As a seller I would hope that if any of my buyers had a problem with something I did or didn't do they would leave me low scores in those categories so I could see what I'm doing and fix it...even though the dsr's are hidden, if you're paying attention you can figure out what you're doing wrong! Why did ebay even change the fb system in the first place, it worked great for years the way it was... they should just go back to the old fb where a seller can leave fb for buyers who constantly stiff you, or when have to wait a week to get paid and then the buyer pays you with an eCheck,so that's another 4-7 days before you get your money, but no, they change the way fb is to be left and then look what happens. Honest people are getting screwed. Not fair! I believe ebay is the one who is being dishonest, just look at all of the people on just this site who are being screwed over!

I would really love to quit ebay all together, but I am a divorced mother and have been on disability for 4 years, so I NEED the little extra to money I make on my sales just to get by sometimes. Plus, even if I quit it won't make one bit of difference to ebay anyway, so until someone comes up with another auction site that can actually compete with ebay I'll have to stay.

If anyone knows of a way to contact the right people and appeal unfair cases like mine, I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

And thanks to everyone who actually read this for letting me vent!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: RAIN121506 2015-08-18 22:14:32 In reply to: zoe231
I agree to your sentiments over ebay. it was a disaster creating an account thru ebay. They are very suspicious for something that they themselves can not prove. Someone here suggested toucandeal.com we are now gearing towards creating an account from this site.Don't lose hope, just keep on selling, someday ebay will realize that because of their wrong move, they were slowly destroying themselves.
God bless you, I'm also a single parent, I understand your sentiments.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: tomcoind 2011-10-25 10:49:39 In reply to: tuffbarn
We have an e-bay store and today (again) I had an unfortunate encounter with e-bay customer de-service that wasted 2 hours of my day. Our listings in stores range from 180-300 at the time. When e-bay changed their listing policies to not include e-mail address for (joke) "sellers protection" we have spent days changing listings to make sure we comply. Today we got an e-mail from e-bay that one of the listings have been "kicked out" because "they detected we used an e-mail address in it". FALSE No e-mail address in any of our listing only @ symbol when we list weight (example 13x13 pallet @ 25 lbs). MORONS that programmed their new rules just thought that by program recognizing @ sign it means there is an e-mail listed in your listing. Symbol @ has been use in English language, is a mathematical symbol and is here to stay. We do not have the man power to "fix" e-bay morons mistakes. After two hours on the phone and refusal to be connected to supervisors, corporate or anyone else we are back to "go and change all your @ in your listings". WHY??? We are in compliance with e-bay rules, we pay them a hefty fee to do our business and have already jumped to hoops to please the morons. Enough it's enough. Please post and any one else with same problems e-mail us at TomcoInd@aol.com. Attorneys WELCOME. Had enough of e-bay abuse!

please join me to find an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: shipcalifornia 2011-12-12 17:01:17 In reply to: tomcoind
my account has also been suspended indefinitely by ebay on 12/7/2011 for below standard performance and I don't know what to do since I can't make anymore sales I proved to ebay that I do have a high performance standard but they totally ignored me for good. if you been a victim like I am please email me at edsslvr@gmail.com with your name and phone number or call me at (818)-640-4168

or you can call the media and make headline news

I sold a baseball card for $1,600.00 to a buyer in Canada, I'm also part of Ebay's Global Shipping Program. They never gave me the buyers name or address, I needed to ship the baseball card to Ebay's Global Shipping location in Erlanger, Kentucky. It was shipped Two Day Priority Mail and Insured for $1,600.00 the cost of the card. Ebay managed to ship the card to the wrong address, the buyer opened a case against me, now Ebay say's $1,600.00 is a lot of money and put the blame on me, even thoiugh it was delivered to them. Anytime you have a problem with Ebay they tell you the same response, you'll hear back from us in 24 to 48 hours. Ebay constantly lies, it's time to leave Ebay after 22 years, they really treat you like slaves and not like sellers. Ship the next day, you can't even make a friend, they rule with threats and an iron fist. They have the poorest customer service, I collect high end and lost nearly $40,000.00 they don't care and enable it.

Re: please join me to find an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: Iwhistleblwer 2021-06-09 21:15:26 In reply to: EbayLies
I purchased five graphics cards along with twenty other buyers.
The seller advertised 100% money guarantee by eBay.
I even called eBay before I purchased and asked if this was a scam and eBay assured me that "I have nothing to worry about"
I never received anything but the seller-provided tracking #'s and the info also displayed that it was received in my zip code.
I discovered that this scam is extremely sophisticated and it is probably in coordination with eBay employee(s).
The seller provided a valid tracking # that originated from Amazon and the package Amazon shipped was to someone else but in my zip code.
UPS will not provide the details of the recipient.
I provided all info to eBay and after three months of screwing around, eBay denied my claim and PayPal is demanding payment from me.
As an extra bonus, eBay shut down my account because "we have a mutual interest in not doing business together"
This after I sold and purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars through eBay in the past 22 years.
Does anyone want to start class action?? I am in.
Please contact me.

Re: please join me to find an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: Ronando2610 2021-02-15 08:57:15 In reply to: shipcalifornia
Ebay is the worst company every I think they do this for a living suspending accounts beyond no possible reason because they can I've being using Ebay for some time now an I've last more that 7,000 on accounts that's have being suspended because of claims ebay proclaimed that we as sellers an buyers are violating there policies ion get it you'll have your account an all you do is buy an sell an yet one say the same thing you've being doing for decades or more one say you'll get a message stating that your account is suspended for bidding an crap we dont even bid more times an still at the end the resolutions is the same suspended I hate Ebay I'd personally drag them to hell if I could theres no justice for this an you can't find or contact them all you can do is go thru an automated virtual assistant an some agents ion even know if even existing am frustrated an fed up

Re: please join me to find an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: EbayUser9898 2021-02-02 10:52:24 In reply to: shipcalifornia
I will join also if the suit is brought. Brief breakdown: Ive been shopping on Ebay since 2010. I had very good buyer feedbacks. Over the last several years Ive built a race car of which a mojority of high dollar top of the line autoparts have been purchased through ebay. On or about feb 2018 I decided to let some of the stock parts go and chose to use ebay (limited number) free posts. However, I never could get anything to post so I contacted them and was told to try open a sellers account and to use a laptop or desktop to post the items. After I did those things, I still wasnt able to get my used parts to post up, but I paid the 5 dollar a month fee for three months and decided it was not working. Again I contacted a live rep and was refunded the 15 dollars plus tax and she was very polite and understanding that I didnt want to pay for a service that I could not use. I thought it was over, unbeknownst to me though the account kept accruing the sellers fee which I absolutely refused to pay and my account was suspended/restricted. Ive contacted numerous agents since who have not been helpful or polite in the same manner as the first rep I dealt with. I stand to lose quite the investment in the automobile in question without the records of this account. Today is 2/02/21 so this is ongoing now for almost 3 years. Im pretty sure a class action suit cannot be brought against them for the unfair practice we have endured but if is I will sign up immediately. I am away from home but as soon as I return I intend to start arbitration/litigation against them myself as I have sufficient knowledge of how to do that, unfortunately I need my records at home of all this and to file where I actually reside. Best of luck to everyone here.

Re: please join me to find an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: mikemorg55 2020-08-15 05:46:45 In reply to: shipcalifornia
As I said on my trustpilot review: "ATTENTION ALL SELLERS: Let me start by saying that eBay is bad, horrible, terrible! (insert any derogatory term). The biggest lie that you will ever hear from a company is in an advertisement in which ebay stated that it cared about its sellers through the COVID pandemic. I was connected through their verified integration, Printify, and I had an issue which was in no way my own fault. It stemmed from COVIDS. Anyway, there's more details of course but what ebay did to me was criminal and they should be prosecuted. And THEY WILL BE. I'm considering a class action lawsuit. If anybody can share their experiences and misfortune with me, when it comes to this issue and being mistreated during the pandemic, please do so at mikemorg55 [at] yahoo.com. The more people the stronger the case."

I have a really strong case. What they did to me was seemingly beyond gross negligence.

Selling on Ebay since 1999 and account suspended indefinitely
Posted by: ebjsportscards 2011-12-25 01:42:59 In reply to: shipcalifornia
I been selling on Ebay since 1999 and recently my account was suspended indefinitely for selling below standard performance,yet I have a 95.3% positive rating and over 1600 feedbacks. The DSR rating is very unfair and biased. Not everyone leaves a rating so even if they leave a positive feedback it does not count towards your rating.You are at the buyer's mercy,there is no guarantee that they wont leave low DSR even if you do everything right. Ebay can go to HE**

ebay class action lawsuit
Posted by: roseysmom 2011-10-17 14:20:49 In reply to: tuffbarn
I, too, have been kicked off ebay for an alleged policy violation - after twelve years! - for leaving positive feedback for a nightmare buyer that simply directed other potential buyers to my ebay site. I have been told it was not "transaction specific", even though there's no mention of such a thing in the ebay policy. If you all are serious about filing a class-action lawsuit, may I suggest attorney Joe Kohn of the Philadelphia law firm of Kohn, Swift and Graf. He will listen to your concerns and let you know if they have legal merit. He is also known worldwide for fighting fo the "little" guy. Good luck!

Just suspended unfairly
Posted by: rexwyman 2011-09-25 16:02:21 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been with ebay for over ten years with perfect feedback and record. I purchased a Tudor watch to sell. Before I bought it I took it to the local Rolex distributor, since tudor watches are made by Rolex, to make absolutely sure the watch was authentic. It cost me $50 to do this, and since the watch was genuine I bought it for $425.

The first day I listed the watch ebay removed the item stating it was a trademark infringement. No one in customer service department could tell me what a trademark infringement was so they eventually transferred me to the trust department. The man I talked to in the trust department told me I could relist the item with no problem if I went to a certified appraiser and could get a certification saying the watch was authentic. I was then to post the certificate he gave me and that would allow me to sell the watch. The Trust Department emailed me a list of appraisers they would accept and said with their certificate of authenticity I would not have any problems with the listing. I expressed to him the fact that I was worried about being kicked off or suspended from ebay because that was my livelihood. He then told me it only cost $5.00 and their would be no problem if I did as I was told. I sent them {David Sperling} the information and pictures of the watch and paid $35 dollars to receive a certificate of authenticity. Three days later he then sent me a certification the watch was probably authentic, but this was the best he could do without having the watch in hand. I then placed a copy of his certificate with my listing and waited to sell my watch. I listed it for 7 days. After six days ebay removed the watch just before it was officially sold, and the reserve had been met.
I then received a letter saying that it might not be authentic and my pictures were not clear. It also stated I was suspended from selling on ebay.

The pictures of the watch itself, from the front and back were extremely clear. I also included a picture of the watch with the back taken off while at the Rolex Dealer who originally told me the watch was authentic. Unfortunately it was taken with the camera in my phone and was not as clear as the pictures taken by my camera.

If I had not included pictures that I had paid for as part of my listing they could not have removed my listing the first or second time. I do not understand why they have the right to say anything about my pictures when pictures are not required to sell an item. In fact I paid extra to have the pictures posted.

I paid for the watch plus fifty dollars extra to authenticate it and then put out an additional 35 to the place they recommended I use to authenticate the watch.

For doing what the trust people told me to do I was suspended from selling on ebay and was told I was stuck with the watch, and also suspended from ebay. This is how my family and I make our living. I am also stuck with the 3000 worth of gold and silver that I had purchased to sell to make my living.

I also spent 3 hours on the phone trying to talk to two different customer service representatives who insisted the trust department had no phones so I could not talk to them, even though I had spoken to them the week before. I was told the only way to do anything was to reply to the email I was sent that said, {Do not reply to this email}. I ask for a supervisor, they then said thank you for using ebay and hung up the phone on me. I also sent 9 emails to them before getting an additional letter telling me to read the rules, that I was still suspended. There is nothing in the selling rules called a trademark infringement anywhere I could find. No one in customer service could tell me what I did wrong; they kept saying you must have done something or they would not have removed the item. The other thing I kept being told by the customer service department was, {You know we have to air on the side of caution so we are not sued by anyone with a trademark}. I am absolutely sure the Rolex Company is not going to sue them for selling a used tudor watch that their representative guaranteed was original.
I had prepared to file small claims tomorrow and ask for 5000 but I would really rather be involved in a class action lawsuit for wrongful suspensions of selling activities. Since this happened to me I have read about many people with this same problem.

I am a former Regional Bank President and have been to small claims about 2000 times; I know I would win but I have been so badly treated the 5000 max I would receive in small claims is not nearly enough money for what they did and how they treated me. This must end now.


Rex Wyman {Please someone file this lawsuit and make me a party to it}

Re: Just suspended unfairly
Posted by: AayMajjy 2019-07-19 07:14:34 In reply to: rexwyman
i have been on ebay buying and selling since 2009 i recently just opened a store on eBay and was on my way to make 10000 a month before they banned my acct at the beginning of the month and after i jumped through all there hoops and the money that my store lost in profit and in man hours of making all the listing and research because of the injustice of suspending my acct would be around 10k now since the did this i will have to close my store down and lost all the hard work i put into it and and in the past 10 yrs i have only one neg complaint out of 120 sales and that one that started this whole thing but we need to bring the rights back to the salers and have eBay feel the hurt that they caused our stores if thee is a casing going on how to i become part of it..


Re: Just suspended unfairly
Posted by: ralphsmart 2012-09-12 01:02:43 In reply to: rexwyman
I heard of a guy that was so frustrated over ebay that he started his own web page to showcase his items for sale and would use forwarded voicemail numbers that he got at voicemailnumber.co m and used a green dot card to open up ebay accounts for the sole purpose of listing his items on ebay and placeing his web address in the listing. Ofcourse people would wine and report it to ebay but not quick enough to stop him from getting sales directed to his website. On his website he would list the price he wanted and have people send there best offer. Then using either square.co m or gopayment.co m would accept credit cards inorder to avoid paypal who are well know for stealing peoples money when they defy ebay. Send the best offer an invoice by email or they can call and leave a call back number on a voicemail. So in essence used ebay for free traffic and avoided there ripoff fees and the only fee is to charge the credit card which is just under 3%. I was so intrigued that I opened an account at both square and gopayment which was easier than openng at paypal. Now I have decided to start setting up sellers sights for this purpose. Of course the decision of useing ebay in such a manner is up to the seller on there own.

Ebay is going Downhill
Posted by: dondadda13 2011-09-28 12:25:03 In reply to: rexwyman
From the incompetent and secretive customer service all the way down to their pick and choose suspension policy Ebay is looking like its on its last legs as the Internets leading selling giant. at the rate its going it wont even rival your local pawn shop. I recently had my Ebay page unjustly suspended while I was uploading my hard earned products. I understand that Ebay is trying to protect the buyer, and unfortunately Ebay has had alot of counterfeiting in its midst but you honestly cant treat ur sellers this way. they buy to and vice verse. but where is their protection. Ive been burned by bogus buyers and the whole 9. When I called Ebay about my wrongful suspension they have no explanation for me and try to put everything off onto a third party.I have sold no fake merchandise, as a matter of fact I hadnt even sold anything so WHERE DOES THE SUSPENSION COME FROM! GIVE IT A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE EBAY AND PAYPAL TAKE A HUGE DROP IN STOCK

Ebay is a scam!!!
Posted by: hooverman 2011-09-23 08:05:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
I agree 100% a class action should be started. I went to sign up for ebay and used for like a month and they suspended the whole account. With no reason they told me that I can never have a ebay account again! Its utter bs!

I am in
Posted by: varuj 2011-09-11 13:13:49 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have my eBay account for 4 years with 100% positive feed back. Just stocked up my inventory and started selling again about a week. This morning my account just got suspended and eBay won't provide me any reason. The reps just said that she couldn't provide me a reason, good luck... Now I can't get rid of my items. I think all you guys have the same feeling as me right now, but can't do anything. I am now searching for another way to sell my items to survive, if anyone knows a good site or way, please suggest.

Re: I am in
Posted by: ralphsmart 2012-09-12 01:04:18 In reply to: varuj
I can get rid of them 4 u

Go To Ebid
Posted by: ebjsportscards 2011-12-25 01:50:29 In reply to: varuj
I joined Ebid. Its free to register and there are no listing fees and FVF. Check out the site for yourself

ebay suspention
Posted by: jobee3900 2011-07-21 21:05:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
I and my sister were both suspended for good,we told that we could still buy(how convient) but we couldnt sell do to the fact that she and I would logon to one anothers accounts to check for errors.we sold items together,once the items were shipped(we shipped within 24 hours) paid the ebay invoice usually before it was due.we then would split the profits after reinvesting in new items.We were doing very well,then out of the blue.ebay shut us both down with some vague excuse.I was told that the suspention couldnt be listed since there was no one to do it.If someone put it on,someone can take it off!Ive since posted my items on webstores.com but I do not do nearly as well as I did on ebay.Im all for a class action lawsuit.What ebay is doing is completely unfair!If someone out there is filing suit,petitiioning etc please contact me.I want to join the fight to end there unfair practices

Re: ebay suspention
Posted by: amy123 2011-08-25 19:06:09 In reply to: jobee3900
i was too suspended from ebay about a month ago i was selling on their for only a month and made a pretty good amount of money. Ebay kept pulling my items down and when i would call they would give me no iformation on what i am doing wrong. They told me i wasnt selling authentic items, even though i had the proof to show it was they didnt care. They suspended my account for seven days, and i wasnt able to sell or change anything for that time. Two days later they suspended me forever and paypal froze all my money. i have to wait 6 months to get it out. Ebay wouldnt tell me what i did wrong or how i can fix the situation. I never had negative feedback and i always made sure my customers where happy. How can they do this its happening to so many people? Does anyone know if a class action lawsuit is being brought against them?

keith williams
Posted by: fontaine101 2011-08-18 17:04:56 In reply to: jobee3900
I was just unfairly kicked off as well leaving me with $10,000 of product and nowhere to sell it! They claim to have kicked me off because my seller rating was below average for the whole year, but get this, it was all due to one month in which I had like 10 low DSR scores for shipping price. After that month in July of 2010, I changed around my selling tactics in order to have my account up to par. I actually spoke to Ebay about a month ago in which I was even told that once this July go's by, and those low DSR's from that month fall off, you will actually be a power seller. As of right now my account is at 100%, and all my performance ratings are in the green. Yet, instead of giving me power seller status with a 20% discount, I have instead been kicked off Ebay!! F-Ing BS! Oh and they also told me that I had plenty of time to increase my seller rating which in fact I did every month, yet could only due so much since they had my account restricted all year allowing me to only sell so many items. All I'm thinking right now is "How can we sue these inconsiderate bastards?"

Posted by: TREETOPMERCHANDISE1 2011-08-25 14:47:49 In reply to: fontaine101
I agree with everyone here. I am all in for a class action lawsuit against Ebay. Here is my story: I have been selling on Ebay for almost 5 years with over 1400 positive feeback with a power seller status. I recieved an email with all of my listings ended, but was never given an explanation as to why until I called customer support and I was told I was suspended due to complaints about my merchandise(furniture) being fake. I have been harrassed by a sick person for almost a year now. What he would do is set up fraudulent Ebay user id's and go through my feedback page and contact my prior customers (I do not even know why Ebay allows that in the first place) and tell them that they need to return the item they bought and return it immediately to Neiman Marcus and to contact their loss prevention department. What happened is everyone freaked out and Ebay recieved false complaints about me and shut me down. They have all the records of the person who has been harrassing me and all the user id's he has set up and I even sent them the emails that my customers were receiving that my customers forwarded to me. I faxed proof that my items are authentic and I still have not heard anything back from them and when I call customer support it is always a different person and I have to go through the same speech all over again and they keep telling me over and over again that they are sending the info up to the trust and safety departmen and there is no way to contact anyone up there. I am very frustrated with all of this and I think sellers should have a voice when it comes down to false accusations. If you take some time to google TREETOPMERCHANDISE1 you will see pages full of false slander and defamation all from one sick person pretending to my customers taking time to sit there and type all of those lies. Please let me know and keep me in the loop for any class action lawsuit against Ebay. I am already working with the Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Re: keith williams
Posted by: Jack007 2011-08-23 16:55:58 In reply to: fontaine101
I am agree, eBay have suspend with unfairly. I have suspend due to my DSR is low ( my feedback 100% is positive), suspend only due to late some days arrive items to buyer. I am very tired and have frustation for reinstate my account again. I have back to open new account but ebay will suspend again. Now I want to forget it eBay, I will leave ebay in my live. Now i have build my website self.

ebay suspension sites
Posted by: timtim 2011-07-18 19:48:19 In reply to: tuffbarn
My first accounts were suspended from ebay some time ago. They're kicking off everyone these days! If you look back on almost anyones feedback you see NARU no longer a registered user all over the palce! No one is safe from the suspensions! How do these people expect to stay in business?!?! There are a lot of suspension sites out there, and I've found wwww.pandanger.com , by far the best ebay suspension site around. They're just starting up, but in my opinion, they're the best. Ebay will never change their rules for the better, they're too pig headed and corporate minded to know what they're doing!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: David44uk 2011-07-10 11:17:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
itoo have been suspended from ebay without any reason. 10 years as a user 600+ Pos feedback i have not even sold anything for 6 months. i have bought a few items sand paid for them. have no outstanding fee,s at all. they said i breeched ebay policy. heres there reply after 10 phones and 5 e-nails to customer support.

Dear d2k5,

Thank you for contacting eBay.

Due to the risk presented to the eBay community by your account, we have
decided that you will no longer be able to participate on the site. This
means that we will not be reinstating your account.

eBay has determined that it is in our mutual best interest to part ways.
We regret any frustration or inconvenience this matter may cause you.

Please understand a person suspended from eBay loses all membership
privileges. A suspended individual is not permitted to participate on
the eBay site using any existing account, or to register new accounts
with eBay.

-- Note --
Although we will read any future appeals you send, we may not respond to
your inquiries.

ebay are a joke. even there reps are dead from the neck up. the way they treat geniune sellers and buyers is terrible. meanwhile all the fake items from hong kong, and scams still are there and they do FA about it. also like to add i change my password on the advice of ebay . and i no for sure my account has not been hacked.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: olast82 2015-10-16 12:09:42 In reply to: David44uk
Yes, I too have been suspended by ebay for no reason at all. I can tell they are choosing Winners and Losers. They have buyers trying to get refunds and not return the purchased product.

Its sickens me to know that this is going on an no law enforcement and no court will do anything about it, even with all the evidence.

I am now a victim
Posted by: stellarlifestyles1 2011-09-11 21:11:57 In reply to: David44uk
I just had my account suspended for no reason. I called to find out why and the ebay rep read me this same notice. No explanation. I don't know what I did wrong. My username is the same as this one. Very frustrating. I was barely making a profit before and now this is really gonna kill me especially in this economic climate. Too much power for ebay.

Suspended Ebay Seller Account
Posted by: Heidi65 2011-07-17 19:36:26 In reply to: David44uk
My husband has been suspended from ebay for slow shipping. That is crazy...We have a 4.8 out of 5.0 feedback for shipping time.
All it takes is some disgruntled unhappy buyer and you are suspended as a seller. I would like to know if there is any class action lawsuits out there right now.
Since my husband got suspended we are loosing tons of money, which paid our bills, put food on the table etc...

we're with you on this; down with ebay!!!!
Posted by: jborning 2011-08-08 23:39:22 In reply to: Heidi65
i'm sorry to hear this. this just happened to us 4 days ago. i was suspended for reasons i am not being given. i was selling relatively high volume $90k/week. we were getting bombarded by scammer buyer messages all of the sudden, and then bam. our site goes down; or i should say our inventory was completely deleted. now we have 400 unhappy customers who can't get their product. we're out of business and starting over. are you guys based in the USA? i'm going to start the lawsuit process. i already have legal representation and will hire a team if i have to. i want ebay shutdown. i want paypal shutdown. i want the truth to be told. paypal and ebay are no better than enron. let's let em have it!!!!!!!

I agree
Posted by: ajinlove888 2011-08-15 10:37:11 In reply to: jborning
I am sorry to hear about this too. I am just a causual seller and just wanted to try to make extra money. My ebay account and paypal account were closed because of a couple of mistakes I made while listing my items. I had 100% feedback on both seller and buyer side. I never scammed anyone in my life. I have my fee setup for auto payment. And then ebay just closed down my account not willing to listen to explanations at all! I think they just got so big that they don't care about their customers any more. Although there are other online sites that you can sell your products, but ebay is still the biggest one. If there are more effective competitions, ebay would not be closing down people's accounts for no reason. I am really looking forward to see some other sites would take over ebay's monopoly! And count me in for the class law suit too.

Suspended Ebay account
Posted by: SantanaG 2011-08-08 14:21:52 In reply to: Heidi65
My Ebay account was suspended for basically the same thing. we only worked on ebay once a week so if you didn't pay by then, then it was next week before we shipped. This was clearly noted on our ads. We got several complaints and ebay refunded several customers even though I sent the items. And of course I never got those items back. I had to reimburse Ebay to get my account reinstated. I reimbursed Ebay but I can't get them to accept the payment to get reinstated. I feel like they are playing games with me. I wish there was an alternative to Ebay.

ebay can suck it
Posted by: jborning 2011-08-09 00:01:15 In reply to: SantanaG
i say forget ebay. they're dishonest and running a very illegal operation. i just had our account "restricted" ...indefinitely.
unfortunately there aren't many alternatives at the moment.

Ebay Suspention
Posted by: David44uk 2011-07-18 04:09:34 In reply to: Heidi65
thats another poor excuse ebay are doing. i have never heard that, suspended for slow shipping. i have waited for some items on there i bought when i had an account, for nearly 10 days. something has to be done to this company. there getting away with to much. i thought the sellers on ebay had more rights than the buyer, as they are the ones that are paying the fee,s to ebay, not the buyers. apparently the buyer gets more protection than the sellers. dont ebay understand, the sellers are making them the profit, not the buyers. they treat people like dirt, and they can do what they like. i just wish ubid.com and ebid.net get stronger and most of the ebay sellers register on there. ebay needs to be taken down a peg or 2 and not be the monopoly, as at the moment they are.

Taken off ebay so annoyed
Posted by: clarenjason 2011-03-15 03:43:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was also suspended indefinetly for no reason i have 98.8 positive feedback and would have had 100 apart from a buyer who had 3 coats and a refund from me then left bad feedback which i could not return, how can this be fair, ebay whipped me off ebay and would not listen to my say. :( i have 3 young children and all my buyers were very happy with the bargains they got from me, i was making a nice little amount of money to re buy childrens items for my children and have had it all whipped off me for no reason. I emailed ebay only to have an automated email back. I am very upset, my mother and 2 sisters have had similar problems with ebay. I always pai my chunky invoice on time and ebay are raking it in from us, why are they allowd to treat us like this, it shouldnt be allowed. Some Buyers are making the most of the feedback blackmailing system ebay have made and are ripping off sellers knowing that the seller cannot give bad feedback back! I am very unhappy and have now bags of items to sell and nowhere to sell them :(

Ebay Suspended Me After 12 YEARS!
Posted by: lynnjulian 2010-11-18 12:34:20 In reply to: tuffbarn
I sold on Ebay since 1998 and have now been SUSPENDED INDEFINATELY due to alleged copyright violation for re-selling authentic Chanel ribbon. I make jewelry with designer ribbons, and state clearly that my jewelry is made by ME. My last round of items, leading to my final suspension, did NOT even use the real names of the designers who made the ribbons! I want to join a Class Action Lawsuit against Ebay for wrongful suspension.


Suspended Indefinatelty
Posted by: racv4mfu 2012-02-16 23:19:45 In reply to: lynnjulian
I have been abruptly uprooted by Ebay. Suspended my account because they think I am selling counterfeit items,which I am not selling counterfeit items. All my items are authentic. They give me the run around...at first they said I was suspended because of 3 violations, misspelling, initialing instead of writing the full brand. Now they tell my items are counterfeit. Go figure. Morons they are. I had 100% feedback, i was on my way to Power Seller in a couple of days, I paid my bills on time. Why would I jeopardize my credentials? Stupid they are.
I got to find a way to sell my merchandise. Going to try Webstore.com. Ebay must be taught a lesson. Don't do business with EBay. Horrible online merchant experience.

ebay suspension
Posted by: daisygrl 2010-11-20 14:13:03 In reply to: lynnjulian
I could not agree more 'lynnjulian'. I have been suspended from ebay recently, despite having 100% feedback as both seller and buyer. I was trading on ebay for 7 years!!! I got suspended for some kind of wrongful buyer activity. When I requested more information about this odd reason for suspension, I got none! Ebay simply suspends your account without even giving you details. They truly have no shame despite charging ridiculously high selling fees. Someone should do something. Otherwise, ebay will just keep closing people's businesses for no reason. It is, for many people, like loosing a job - but when you are fired, you are given a reason. Ebay does not honor even this action!

Posted by: sarz_fabu 2010-11-29 22:47:59 In reply to: daisygrl
Everyone this is sooo ridiculous how eBay does this soo randomly its so not fair at all to all these sellers and buyers. I'm a buyer only but still, so pathetic how they think they can suspend me for no reason at all, literally. i have 69 POSITIVE FEEDBACK and i pay my items right after bidding! I couldnt even finish half my christmas shopping because they screwed me over! We all must come up with something or they should have a contact NUMBER instead of those idiots on live chat who dont answer 1 question!!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Kailey81 2010-08-26 08:27:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has gone over the top with suspending people left and right. This is so injustice. I am not a seller nor do I have any complaints against me! I have had my account for almost 5 years and because I live under the same roof as my sister her account was suspended so they suspended mine. I tried to contact them but I got an automated response saying that they will not reinstate me and to not contact them. It makes me furious because I tried to create couple of accounts and they block me within hours. As a buyer with over 200 POSITIVE FEEDBACK with no negative complaints I am being punished for no reason. While EBAY and Paypal rips us off with all these charges they have no shame.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: skiber 2010-02-04 22:56:12 In reply to: tuffbarn
all my problems solve went to www.tgosell.com and started selling making cash again there is not much listed there but alot of sales wish you luck works for me very happy.

All you need is...
Posted by: Aspkin-Forums 2009-12-16 18:17:44 In reply to: tuffbarn
Really, if you're having eBay and PayPal issues, feel free to join the discussions at aspkin.com/forums where eBay suspensions is their specialty.


Posted by: MoveOn 2009-07-30 05:14:18 In reply to: tuffbarn
It sad to see so many people still having the same old troubles with ebay and i anticipate more unreasonable suspensions as ebay implement more changes since they tend to suspend anyone who didn't get the memo.

i'm pleased to be running my business again though and i have detailed how i did it on my blog. It's the full "how to" on getting back on ebay after suspension and of course it's all free. have a look guys and good luck.


Posted by: SUSPENDEDEBAYSELLER 2009-07-01 07:43:58 In reply to: tuffbarn




permantly evcited from eBay
Posted by: Pammyjo1951 2009-06-29 05:45:59 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too was evicted from eBay permanatly. I did business with a low life, liar and common thief, I posted the story on Rip off reports and lost my account because I identified her by name and state. While at the time I did not care as this person stole from me, I did not know this was against eBays rules, was NOT given a warning other than to have it removed within 24 hours or suffer the consequences. I lost my small business and income, eBays answer to me when I tried to tell my story? "sorry I don't want to hear it, I am only interested in what you did wrong". The original post and follow up... Thanks, Pam, formerly Bedazzled-Liquidators now Beduzzled and bewildered..




Re: permantly evcited from eBay
Posted by: Braxybear 2015-05-21 05:16:58 In reply to: Pammyjo1951
I too was indefinitely removed from ebay. I have over 16 years on Ebay. My situation is totally unfair. My internet company insightbb.com was bought out by comcast.net awhile back. Somehow a glitch happened that the old email went to my auctions. Of course when the buyer paid it sat void. I called Ebay and they told me to cancel the sale and relist it for the buyer. I did as they told. I received great feedback. Later I am told because I had canceled sales .. remember ebay told me to cancel that I now am removed and no longer able to sell!! They even removed the cancellations but still refuse to let me back on. My feedback is totally perfect and I have no idea why they do not understand or just do not want me back on?????

You go, bro!`
Posted by: Grannelle 2009-06-05 13:30:41 In reply to: tuffbarn
Sue 'em down to nothing but a pair of sh*tty shorts to stand in!

Highly recommended Lobbay.com
Posted by: Mandersjay 2009-05-27 14:50:40 In reply to: tuffbarn
I've also had that kinda problems with eBay but I found that site the other day and it totally helped me out! I've purchased an eBay account from Lobbay.com with 10+ Feedback, 6 months old, and its perfectly working well. You can also have a lot of other options. It all depends on your needs.

Ebay destroys lives...
Posted by: ebayvictim7 2011-03-18 05:29:27 In reply to: Mandersjay
My 11-year old ebay account with 100% positive feedback has been indefinitely suspended, just because I was selling a few items for individual suppliers, whom ebay accuses me of not knowing. uhhhm.... do most ebay sellers actually know their suppliers personally? Do you know your wholesaler or dropshipper? They claim it violates their rules to sell for others - I haven't found anything in their policies that supports their claim. They haven't been able to refer me to any such text in their policies. It's really disturbing that some ignorant and arrogant person can sit their and earn money by handing out highly unjust and unfair verdicts, leading to the cutting off of peoples livelihood! How many lives have these people not destroyed?! My paypal is also frozen and risks being closed down entirely.

Posted by: Miaxoco 2009-05-28 17:51:33 In reply to: Mandersjay
2 THUMBS UP FOR THAT SITE!! seriously I love it ! they are very professional and they have exactly what I've been searching for for sooooo long!! I'm very satisfied you should check out that site. A happy man!:D!

Does Lobbay really work for bank and ebay accounts
Posted by: britney111 2009-10-14 07:56:48 In reply to: Miaxoco
Does lobbay.com really work?

getting back on ebay
Posted by: MoveOn 2009-05-12 02:11:58 In reply to: tuffbarn
since i first posted here, after being suspended wrongly by ebay, telling people about my blog/website where i was detailing my attempts to get back on ebay i am glad to say i have helped over 500 people get back on ebay.

i don't charge for the info, it's all free on my blog so if anyone else needs help please take a look and good look getting back to selling.

i just wanted to let people here know that i have not been able to work on the site much lately, as it is 100% not for profit site, in fact i run it at a tiny loss, but i will be adding some interesting info for the U.S.A users that i have learned about ebay, which will keep people ebaying for longer.

I have now been back on ebay for approaching 2 years and i will leave my site up for others to try for as long as it gets hits, even if it's only 10 hits a day. So if anyone wants to read about how i got back on ebay and how you can do the same, read it for free here........


Posted by: jojokinkaid 2009-04-21 09:16:23 In reply to: tuffbarn
There is a forum I found on the internet that is free, and helps with Ebay, PayPal, business and the law.

The forum has a lot of expert advice on it.

I found advice there about how to avoid EBAY suspensions, get past PayPal limitations, also lots of detailed help on creating your own business, getting past trademark violations, VERO and lots more.

Beautiful forum.

Ebay Indefinite Suspension
Posted by: DigitalLine 2009-04-21 06:17:46 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was doing the same as you selling quite a high volume on ebay and they suspended me for the same reason. I was emailing back and forth for a 5 months hitting my head my head against a brick wall of auto response messages.
Now I've designed my own site and started selling through that and using Google adwords to advertise. Much more profit and volume. I recommend you do the same. I've come to realise that Ebay is for mugs as they take most of the profits!! I suggest you do the same.

lobbay.com 100% satisfied customer
Posted by: miblehy 2009-03-10 20:40:55 In reply to: tuffbarn
They have a very good service. Lobbay helped me get back on ebay within the next 48 hours after I placed my order. I liked my experience and I am still on with them. I got referred to them by an old customer of theirs and they are highly recommended. I have wasted my time so long trying to read these ebooks and follow them to the letter and never had any success. I tried them all. Name it, I tried it. Lobbay is the best in term of efficiency and quality. Keep up the good job guys.

Question about class action suit
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-02-15 17:18:51 In reply to: tuffbarn
I feel that a class action suit against eBay is justified. There appear to be hundreds of sellers who were given indifinate suspensions that were either unjustified or for very minor infractions.

I will take on looking for an attorney that will take the case on a contingency, but need more information.

Is there an estimate of how many sellers have been effected by indefinate suspensions.

How much income was lost as a result of the suspensions

Examples of unjustified suspensions

If you will email me at heroautographs@consolidated.net I will start putting together the information to present to attorneys and will keep everyone nposted nas to what is happening.

I have a number of attorneys who are close friends. None are involved in tort law,but all will be willing to help me find an attorney who might be interested in this case.

Keep in mind that if what I am reading on this and other sites is accurate, the probability of winning a ase with a jury trial is excellent. While the attorney might get as much as 50% of any damaged assessed, we should share in both actual damages and punitive damages. The punitive damages should be huge.

If eBay loses the case, which they undoubetly would, they would certainly appeal. That will take some time, but sooner or later a judge would refuse to allow further unsubstantial appeals.

Some years ago a similar suit was filed against Kodak. Kodak sold all of their commercial product through dealers. The way it worked was that the dealers sold the product and Kodak shipped the product direct to the customer. Then Kodak decided they did not need the dealers so they started selling the customers direct, cutting out the dealer. This destroyed many dealers across the country since their business was built upon selling Kodak product. A friend of mine was in the class action suit, which was won by a unanimous vote of the jury. Kodak appealed and each time the appeal came up Kodak had changed attorneys and got it delayed. Finally a Houston judge told Kodak they could not delay it any longer and that they had to go with the legal team they had. Again the jury found Kodak at fault. My friend's portion of the suit was several million dollars.

The thing with eBay is similar in that what they have done was to destroy our business. It may take a while before we get paid, but if I can find an attorney to take it on a contingency basis, we will ultimately get paid.

Cy Stapleton
Lufkin, TX

Re: Question about class action suit
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-02-17 12:10:27 In reply to: lufkincy
Several of my attorney friends have given me names of attorneys to contact about a class action suit. Unfortunately this area is not a specialty of any of my attorney friends.

If you are interested in participating in a possible class action suit, start putting together your details - reason you feel you were unjustifiably suspended and be able to substantuate any losses you have incurred as a result of the suspension.

Contact me at heroautographs@consolidated.net or cy@hotlinecy.com if you want to participate. Be sure and include your contact info.

Cy Stapleton
Lufkin, TX

Posted by: skiber 2009-02-10 12:55:16 In reply to: tuffbarn
Tgosell easy to use
www.Tgosell.com very easy to use, no Auction listing fee, checkout easy cash, money order, check, Alertpay or paypal. have shipping link on top of page for shipping. looking for former ebay sellers that have been kickoff ebay or have left because of high fees. wish to make our sellers very happy to keep them with us. so Email me at Tgosell1@yahoo.com let us know how to make you join us at www.Tgosell.com today we will listen to you.

Re: Tgosell
Posted by: skiber 2009-03-27 10:31:18 In reply to: skiber
get paid the way you wish cash, money order, credit card or us alertpay. its up to you no more lock it to paypal and getting rip off. and no more big ebay fees bring the internet back to the people not wall street. and equal feedback for sellers as well as buyers. most of the stuff on ebay is by ebay http://www.dropshipaccess.com/ so you pay there fees to list there products they just sent me this email. bring internet back to the people not wall street check out Tgosell Old fashion auction website for the people free the net.

Unjustly Suspended
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-01-17 13:08:34 In reply to: tuffbarn
I knew I was not the only one but had no idea there were this many. I was a seller for over 10 years, a Powerseller, almost 6,000 feedback,high seller rating, and over 5,500 unique eBay customers.

Several months ago they zapped me for two postings I had no control over. One was a display I created using the mineral, Trinitite. eBay said it was dangerous & hazardous. The mineral was created in a smallarea at Alamagorda, New Mexico during the 1st Atomic Bomb test. It is sold in rock and mineral shops around the world and even in gift shops at some Federal parks. The descriptive cards that came with the pieces I got from my rock wholesaler notes "zero radioactivity." Even some of the vintage watches sold on eBay cannot claim that. I could find nothing anywhere on eBay's site saying Trinitite was not allowed, and I have sold scores of my displays the last 5-6 years.

The other thing they zapped me for was adisplay I made using an Apache Tear. It was ended because they say it was "grossly misrepresented." Like the Trinitite, my Apache Tears came with a descriptive card telling about the legend. That was the description I used. Interestingly, we visit the Alabama Cossauta Indian Reservation occasially and their gift shop gets their Apache Tears from the same rock wholesaler I get mine from and the dump they have their in in on a table labeled "ancient Native American Artifacts."

I talked at length with Live Help. Live Help talked to someone in Trust & Safety who asked that I send the details so they could review it. Shortly I also got an eMail from "support" requesting the details so they could review them. I sent a 4-page description and within minutes I received a boilerplate reply that I had been indifinately suspended and at the present time they would not review my case.

I would love to be a part of a class action suit against eBay's policies. If such a suit has merit, it should be no problem getting a highly competent attorney to take the case on a contingency. This has ruined my online business and cost me between $2,500 and $3,000 per month profit. If damages were awarded in the class action suit, I would suspect they would be huge.

BTW, I am 74 years old and am a retired print shop owner, columnist,public speaker and author. My business ethics are beyond reproach. I have received numerous industry awards for my business operation and was twice named Angelina County's Favorite Printer in the annual local business recognition week. One of my public speaking topics was the importance of high business ethics.

Cy Stapleton
Lufkin, Texas

Correction to my post
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-01-18 05:25:20 In reply to: lufkincy
When I mentioned "watches" I should have said "vintage watches with luminious dials."

eBay suspended two of my accounts. I then consigned my inventory to my daughter, who does not live with me and within days they suspended her account also. Our only connection with eBay that I know of is that we share the same PayPal account.

i'll help you and your daughter get back on ebay for free
Posted by: MoveOn 2009-01-22 10:52:03 In reply to: lufkincy
Let me just say to you and anyone else reading these forums, when people get suspended from ebay there are hundreds if not thousands of sites offering to sell you information that will get you back on ebay. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
i bought some and they all had one thing in common, they were all useless. And what they dont tell you is that you have to spend more money after buying the "guide".
I am an ebay seller like you who got suspended wrongly and was refused help from ebay. I have managed to get back on, and stay back on for more than a year, i have several back up accounts, just in case i am wronged by ebay again, and i am making a living. I have also successfully taken paypal to court twice to remove 180 day account freezes imposed without due cause and i tell everyone how to do theese things for free on my blog/Website at www.iwassuspendedfromebay.co.uk, copy and paste this url into your address bar and you'll find all the information you need.

Best of luck guys.

suspended two accounts
Posted by: gingerhaven 2009-01-19 13:53:33 In reply to: lufkincy
yes, that is how they got her is through paypal, ebay owns paypal, and now that they have suspended you remember if you ever do get back on they have red flagged you and her. so anything you list if you get back on will be closely looked at and they will suspend you again. i have been suspended 7 times in one year over linked accounts like yours and your daughters. i just got back on after a 30 day suspension that i had, but there was no suspension of the other accounts that i have, i dont get them but i want to let you know ebay owns 3/4 of the wbsites you see on the internet, they a portion of google, craigslist, paypal,amazon, i cannot name them all but they own alot, and they own a percentage of alot of them. if you can your better off having your own website, buy a domain or something. im thinking about it as well if i can find a wholesaler to dropship me antique jewelry. ebay does not suspend sellers that make them millions, they suspend the little guys and only the little guys. and paypal sucks, they hold your money for 180 days because they are afraid of credit card chargebacks. what is the point of using paypal then if you cant get your own money. ebay and paypal what a joke they are. why do you think you can only accept paypal now , you cant take money orders becasue ebay owns paypal, so not only do they charge you listing and final value fees they also take a percentage when somebody pays you with paypal, why do you think they did it becasue they make even more. either way you look at it, nobody is ever going to be able to get any money from a lawsuit, your rights are gone here, i dont care what they say as long as people keep using ebay and paypal there will be no changes made at all. everybody needs to buycott and you will never see that. thanks

BS suspension
Posted by: Cire3PC 2009-01-11 12:11:03 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have had now 5 ID's kicked off ebay stating I was selling Microsoft Software. And I'm not at all and never did. Even ebay couldn't find where I was ?? Was a power seller on 2 accounts, all nuked.

Sign me up, happy to help.

Ebay ID's

nikita070800 POWER SELLER
cyberstormsales Backup account


Posted by: howiedoit 2009-06-04 11:00:01 In reply to: Cire3PC
DO NOT be fooled by cire3pc.com he was not suspended from ebay for any other reason than harassing other sellers with his multiple ID's.

The owner at cire3pc.com was first banned from posting any and all communications on the ebay message boards because of his inflammatory and derogatory remarks towards his peers without provocation. He was then banned entirely as he systematically placed bids with each of his miscellaneous ebay accounts on the auctions of ebay sellers he didn't like so he could ruin their feedback profiles and to cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

www.cire3pc.com is a notorious part of ebays past. He is a sorry excuse of a business man who spends more time on personal vendettas than tending to his customers.

Updated help page i can get you all back on ebay!!
Posted by: MoveOn 2009-01-15 12:26:51 In reply to: Cire3PC
I posted here a few weeks ago linking to my website where i detailed how to move on from ebay to other selling platforms, HOWEVER, i was blitzed with emails from the site asking did i know how to gety back onto ebay.

Well the fact is i do!! although i dont like ebay and i try to concentrate on other sales platforms i do still have an ebay account that i sometimes sell from, in fact i have several.
I have lerned over time how those old ebay pros keep on ebay even after falling fouls of ebays automated security system.

I have updated my webpage to give all the information you need to get back on ebay and stay there, follow this information and you will be undetectable to ebay and paypal forever!!
All the information is FREE, i do not charge a penny, so if you want to know how to get back on ebay and stay on come and see me.... www.iwassuspendedfromebay.co.uk.

eBay... what a shocking experience I had!
Posted by: terraform 2008-12-12 22:32:47 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was an ebay seller/buyer for over 10 years with stellar feedback and even invited to join the elite PowerUsers group. So what could possibly go wrong here? I am a digital art instructor at two colleges here in Atlanta and I thought it might be a great idea to list Photoshop command e-guides on eBay since no Photoshop book has this offered. It turned out to be a great success on eBay quickly selling 17 guides! I also had two other guides on eBay but no sales with them.
After about a month I get a warning e-mail from eBay telling me to remove the other two guides from the digital book section and relocate them in the everything else>other section because they could cause feedback fraud (what ever that means). I promptly removed them and re-listed them in the suggested category. The Photoshop guide auction had expired so I needed to re-list that one also. My mistake was I clicked on the re-list buttons not thinking that it was going in the "wrong" category. Without a warning eBay promptly suspended me and it's be about 7 months now with no reprieve after sending letters, emailing eBay support, etc. Pretty stiff punishment fro accidentally re-listing the Photoshop guide in the "wrong" category. They didn't even warn me about the Photoshop guide initially..they just simply suspended me! I don't see how they can last much longer with these kinds of customers treatments. A ten year veteran too! I wish some layer would take this case to court. Pro Bono of course :0)


Re: eBay..wake up
Posted by: lakelassie 2009-05-28 00:29:51 In reply to: terraform
Same story here.

I joined #2 auction site ebid.net, and found 500,000 sellers, MANY from ebay who had similar horror stories.

Get auction site and a source for finding former ebay sellers. What more do you need!?

Moving on from Ebay or Getting Back on
Posted by: MoveOn 2008-12-21 09:14:49 In reply to: terraform
I too have been the victim of ebay and paypal suspensions and it nearly wreacked my business.

However i managed to overcome the problems with ebay and my business id now flurishing.

I wanted to help other people in my situation so i started my own blog, in it i document my story and how i moved onto other sales platforms, and even how i eventually got back on ebay, and how you can too.

take a look at my homepage iwassuspendedfromebay.co.uk,

hopefully you will find some usefull free information there to help you get back in business.
Please post your experiences there too as this often helps people share advise and tips for saving our businesses.


Posted by: ICANHELP 2008-12-17 05:55:39 In reply to: terraform
I purchased the #1 get back on ebay book in June of this year. I currently have 5 accounts on ebay and am selling many items every week. This book works! Anyone can do it! You can easily be back on ebay in a matter of minutes by following the techniques easily explained in this book!

But, one thing I needed in the beginning was some personal support. This was very hard to get and was outrageously expensive! I was charged $50 an issue! By 'issue' I mean that because this was all new to me, and I desperately NEEDED to get back on ebay, I wanted to do everything right and STAY on ebay. I have accomplished this and I want you to also!

You will learn how to open as many new ebay accounts as you need.

You will learn how to open as many newpaypal accounts as you need.

You will learn what you did 'wrong' that got you suspended or banned.

You will learn how to change your ip address.

You will learn how to acquire a new address, phone number, credit card, merchant account, and more!

Here is my offer. I will email you this book and give you my instant messenger address all for $20. You will be able to get back on ebay and stay there! Also, if you run into any 'issues', I'll be here to help you!

There are many ways to mess things up and get suspended again! This book, and my coaching, will help explain and show you in more detail what ebay does to try and link your accounts and ultimately suspend you. Don't let it happen again! Email me right now!


Posted by: sassy666 2008-12-01 14:07:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely with no plans for
reinstatement. eBay has taken this measure because you violated the
terms of your reinstatement agreement. Previously, we reinstated your
account after you provided us with a statement, signed under penalty of
perjury, promising that you would not list any potentially infringing or
illegal items on eBay. You also agreed to abide by all eBay policies and

Because you continued to list potentially infringing items on eBay, we
had no choice but to suspend your account indefinitely with no plans for
I about cried and I am a 36 year old male just openned a store up a month ago and had 82 itmes listed and was making ebay money and my feed back was great and i call them and they blame microsoft .. I get to talk to a kid in charge of ebay trust and safety she did acted like all is my fault and funny thing is ..I called their support before i posted the item in question they said no problem WHAT A JOKE EBAY IS they donot care

Posted by: MoveOn 2009-01-15 12:31:03 In reply to: sassy666
sassy come and see my site at www.iwassuspendedfromebay.co.uk
all the information you need to get back on ebay and stay there is on my webpage, and it's all totally FREE!

same notice here!
Posted by: terraform 2008-12-12 22:36:25 In reply to: sassy666
I got the exact same stamped out notice. Letter by letter exactly the same! They are a bullshit company that can't possibly last much longer.

Posted by: proud93 2008-11-24 21:24:13 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was shocked to find this web site and see that I'm not alone when it comes to Ebay. I started selling on ebay exactly a year ago. Everything was going great then all of a sudden I received one alert right after the other all within a matter of two weeks. I contacted Ebay customer service, Ebay Safety & Trust team, etc. Trust me when I say I utilized every outlet possibly availabe to me and got nowhere.

After the 3rd alert, my account was SUSPENDED!! To begin with, the items I was selling were 100% authentic. I even provided my customers with gift receipts to prove authenticity. Some a**hole out there felt threatened that I was selling my items and decided to ruin my little business. I never thought that Ebay would stoop so low as to just take anyone's frivolous complaints and not allow me to prove them wrong.

I was treated like crap!! Each time I contacted them, they send me an automated BS response with no real information concerning my issues. Instead, they have continued to ignore all my messages and I have been completely taken out of the loop.

Ebay's policies are completely unfair, unethical, and unprofessional!! They refuse to answer my questions and reinstate my account. After waiting for a while, I decided to open a new account and again they canceled it within hours. I contacted them and again no response from anyone. I pretty much had given up until I found this web site full of people just like me. I'm willing to sign anything to help out with this situation.

It's funny to see how Ebay is quick to take our money in fees but when it comes to protecting our rights they turn their backs quickly. I do not appreciate what they have done and as mentioned previously, if anyone can recommend anything that can be done to sue Ebay then count on me.

In the meanwhile, I'm stuck with inventory that I can't sell because aside from Ebay, I don't know where to turn to sell my items. I'm so disgusted with Ebay and all I want is to be given the chance to defend myself. I didn't work so hard for so long to have my 100% feedback not taken into consideration. I have never received a neutral or negative feedback and for them not to acknowledge this is beyond wrong. They have no compassion for honest sellers trying to make a living and they have unfortunately proven that they don't care for anyone but themselves!!


Me Too
Posted by: jbentnl 2008-11-18 15:03:02 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too have been hit with the ebay police. They have suspended my account for 7 days for allegedly infringing on property rights. I have been using the same wording and pictures for over a year and all of a sudden they are an infringement. I sent numerous inquiries looking for a simple answer to a simple question:What specifically did I do to violate this policy to prevent me from doing it again? All I got was the same automated answers you received telling me to check out these links where I had to guess which one I had broken. Thinking that I had solved the problem, I added another listing and Bam! It was pulled as well for the same reason. Furious, I wrote the Ebay police again and demanded a specific reason why my listings were pulled again. All I got this time was a warning that I am repeatedly committing the same offence and I would be repremanded if I didn't stop. No explanation was given, for "security reasons," they said, for why,specifically, my listings were taken off.So I pleaded with them to give me the reason why my listing was repeatedly getting deleted. Same rhetorical answer again. Nothing specific to help me. So I changed all my pictures and wording again and even checked to see how other buyers were listing similar items and tried to mimic these listings in a way that they would not be copying and my listings were still pulled for infringement rights. I was convinced then that they had it in for me so I said everything to them for not helping me with this.The next email I get is a notice that I am suspended. For a company that says they are glad to have me as a seller and offer all kinds of help options, their own policy of not being able to be specific and actually help really sucks

Who cares!
Posted by: supplies2008 2008-10-24 18:40:26 In reply to: tuffbarn
My business was barely making it after investing 13 years on ebay, the income was equal or a little less than bills, was suspended without any merit or reason, they can't even provide a reason. Now, I am facing bankruptcy and divorce. I only blame myself. About 9-10 years ago, some sellers including myself suggested that we make some kind of union to protect us just in case ebay becomes a mammoth machine and lose its human touch. Sadly people were making good money at that time and never took it seriously, look at it now! If I want to ruin some business on ebay, all I have to do is complain that it violates something several times and that poor sole's business will be closed. No ifs, ands or buts!

Body Parts
Posted by: ab8ru 2008-10-14 09:34:05 In reply to: tuffbarn
Lets put it this way you cannot buy someone for Body Parts and by E-bay policy they have a right to reject stuff that is objectionable. If you have a reason to be concerned unfortunately in this world I can only say that if they have a waiting list for Organ Transplant I am sure the medical profession is doing their best, besides testing everything to insure everything humanely possible to select a part is not diease infected, etc..

In Mean time your best bet is making sure a will is drawn up and assigning family member if you choose to do so, what can happen is probate will consume a majority of it and they may even assign your children wards of the court, and the foster system is not all roses either.

Wrongfully suspended
Posted by: kayes 2008-10-05 03:14:33 In reply to: tuffbarn
Like most of you guys, my account was suspended. Thier reason, is because they believe that I sell counterfeits. Truthfully, their the ones that violated my rights and by allowing other sellers to continue selling counterfeits. I filed a complaint through Paypal against the seller who sold me fake bags, but the seller retaliated and reported my pre-owned bags as fakes, and that all it took for ebay to believed her, she has less than 10 FB with 78%. Ebay removed all of my posted items and suspended my account, yes, I have 100% positive of almost 700 feedbacks. I wrote back to them that I do buy and sell on ebay, and gave them my buyer's account. I told them in that letter that, I did not violate any ebay rules and did not try to sell counterfeit goods to risk my reputation. If ebay thinks all of my handbags were fake, then, I did not violate thier rules, they did, by allowing all handbag sellers to sell fakes then.
Huh! they did not like what they heard from me, I have all the informations with all the sellers in ebay where i purchased my goods, I gave it to them and I save it myself for future use. I did asked Ebay to closed my account, as I am not happy with what they did. So, if anyone here is suing ebay, count on me as well. Thanks for allowing me to post here.

I hate ebay
Posted by: RandomWon 2008-09-25 09:00:51 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have had multiple accounts suspended.. One for having a competitor complain about "counterfit" items. The other for registering while I had a suspeneded account. But now, I freely roam ebay. Their rules are so restricted its ridiculous. Not to mention paypal. Who are they really protecting? Noone. Thats why I started this site.

Happens in UK too!
Posted by: Hieroglyph 2008-11-27 06:04:55 In reply to: RandomWon
I have the exact same problem. I started getting accustional claims made to me from another seller of same items but his at 10x the price of mine and then getting arsey with me when I wouldn't enter into dialogue over it. Then came the violation notices and listings removal - 4 times! Got a reinstatement, but then almost instantly, I got suspended because of 'Microsoft copyright infringement' that was on item nothing to do with them! I was told to take it up with Microsoft... (My partner had her listing for some secondhand Bose headphones constantly removed for copyright too!!)

So I tried the new account trick and had it for a week before it coming down - I had new names/emails/credit card etc... must be the IP that caught me - since realised after reading great info here:


I had been running for 2 years and great feedback and happy punters. I was however hating how ebay was getting and as of this week - PayPal freezing payments into accounts only to be released 21 days later as long as there is no dispute from buyer or until a positive feedback achieved - how dare they!!

I have tried ebid but only sold one item in 8 weeks + I was getting this a day on ebay even for my limited and low cost bits and bobs. Sick to my stomache at this treatment... I'm UK

stealth book by askin is garbage
Posted by: johnchin 2009-02-07 13:08:35 In reply to: Hieroglyph
I read on aspkin's site itself that this "auction stealth" guide by aspkin is utter garbage. Supposedly from what some people on there say, Aspkin was booted off EBAY two years ago and has not managed to even get back on since. His ONLY EBAY account built up a whopping feedback score of 26.

Also he does not sell ANYTHING on EBAY anymore according to what I read. What a fraud. How can someone who doesn't even SELL on ebay try to teach people ABOUT EBAY? Like the blind leading the blind.

Why buy a guide from someone who knows NOTHING about EBAY? Whatever he knows he lifts from his forum is what the guy said in his posts.

Re: I hate ebay
Posted by: DKS1964 2008-11-05 15:35:41 In reply to: RandomWon
how do you freely roam and buy off of ebay?
I have been suspended for apparently being associated with a suspended ebay user. I asked how they linked me to this person but all they can say is to check the email linked to that person. Whom I have no idea is.
So how can I fix my suspension when all they do is give me the run around.
I have 193 stars to my name and 100% feedback. with over 200 purchases.
I am so frustrated at their BS runaround and the notices they sent to my previous bids saying my account is suspended, thankfully I paid for them and have since received the items.
I am wondering if I have a liable and slander suit in the works here.
from a frustrated why I hate ebay person.

linked ebay account suspension
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-11-10 14:45:54 In reply to: DKS1964
in response to "how do you roam freely on ebay", well you will never be able to roam freely because theres always going to be some *BS* with ebay trust & security, i can however tell you to email ebay trust & security back and ask them for a reinstatement form and tell them you will verify your information and then they will request you fax it back to them , the catch here is you have to wait about 7 to 10 days for them to post the fax to your account and then they will unsuspend your account long as you proove who you are by faxing along with your form a utility bill in your name with your address on the bill or they want a valid form of i.d. ha, ha inst that *BS*, i just had to do that my self to get my account back. i called them 3 times a day to keep checking to see if they posted the fax yet. im pretty sure they got sick and tired of hearing from me. i will also tell you that when you call them initially regarding your account suspension their is NOT a ONE REP. that will help you , what in the hell is the telephone # there for. they have billions and billions of dollars and one person person that works there can help you with anything and i mean anything you call about. all they say is you have to wait for "ebay trust & security" and you cant talk to them, you have to email them, i just wonder if ebay trust and seurity really exist?????????????? anybody got any answers??????

suspended ebay accounts
Posted by: DKS1964 2008-11-10 15:35:40 In reply to: gingerhaven
my son sent me the forms because he needed them before on a complete different matter so I sent them with a pic of my license and a telephone bill...they wrote back thanking me but also saying they still wanted me to take care of the account that was first suspended (the one I still have no idea about) they still won't talk to me so I opened a new account.

linked ebay account suspension
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-11-10 17:05:31 In reply to: DKS1964
are you serious, what a bunch of ***ks, you know its really unforunate that ebay does not have some competition out there, there are certainly enough people who have been f***ed out there by ebay. i have tried over and over again looking around on the internet for auction sites, i say everone get togher and start listing your stuff on another auction site, if a few years pass and another auction site gets ebays customers, well then we will see how REAL ebays trust & security really is, ha, ha. anyway make sure all your cookies are deleted and paypal info is not the same i mean everything so they dont trace you, i have heard horrer stories about that too, good luck and everone get together NOW because the future does matter for little people like us , especially in this ecomony!!

linked account ebay suspension
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-11-06 17:13:02 In reply to: DKS1964
hello, on 11-04-08 i was suspended from ebay as well for having an account linked to another ebay users account that was supended. ive been on ebay for 8 years. i am so frustrated by this as i have emailed them and they tell me that i have to clear up the other users account that was linked to mine before i can be reinstated, i emailed back saying what in the hell are you talking about how can i clear something up i have no idea who in the hells account it is and why its linked to mine, they have put me through so much and i still dont have my account back up and running, i have to fax all this stuff and got no idea why????? ive done nothing wrong and i really depending on my little sales of making only a couple bucks here and there on ebay because i never had anything on there that went for any big money. i sold items for only a couple bucks. im sick of this, there are so many people on ebay that get away with everthing form fraud to ripping people off over and over. its just plain "BS" in my book. ebay never suspends them because they make big,big money off them. im still apealing because ive done nothing wrong here and im suffering as i used that money to put food on my table and gas in my car. i cant believe this crap, i hate them but i need them. so frustrated??????

I definitely hate ebay
Posted by: DKS1964 2008-11-06 18:04:07 In reply to: gingerhaven
like you they linked me someones suspended account but refuse to tell me whom or how.
they now refuse to talk to me as I mentioned they are liable and slanderous as they sent emails cancelling my bids to sellers of whom where already paid....
I hope the get theirs.

Legal action to remedy eBay suspension
Posted by: ckessler 2008-09-19 11:04:25 In reply to: tuffbarn
Every eBay account in my home has been suspended indefinitely for reasons that are unknown. During a phone call to eBay the rep. from Trust & Safety implied that it might be for selling counterfeits - which simply isn't true. I have all the documentation necessary to back up my inventory and it is all genuine. eBay doesn't seem interested in letting me defend my reputation. I have considered having one of my "legal team" write them a letter. This is grossly unfair.

Phone Number???
Posted by: jbentnl 2008-11-18 15:09:59 In reply to: ckessler
You mean there's a phone number that you can actually call someone and talk to a real person? What is that number?

ebay phone number
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-11-22 04:58:07 In reply to: jbentnl
in reply to the ebay phone number. yes there is a phone number but even though you get a body on the phone, not one of them can help you with ebay trust & security, not one!!!! all they say is you cant talk to anybody in that dept. you have to email them. this is why i keep saying there is no ebay trust & security. they keep telling you there is is but there is not . they have a computer that randomly just suspends your account as it does checks on different things, or if somebody on ebay has got it in for you they turn you in for something stupid. if you notice they never ever suspend accounts that make them the big money. its all a conspiracy. click on some of the links on some of these postings on here. by the way that phone number is 1-800-701-3229 but you have to have a registered pin # with them and i have no idea how you get it. im telling you i have been through every dept. there is to try and get my account up and running several times. i have had so many suspensions i cant count and for petty crap.

Something needs done soon
Posted by: snuka 2008-08-21 14:31:26 In reply to: tuffbarn
Thye have become more crooked than ever.I remember a few months ago i received a huge email with banners saying the gallery fee would now be free , then in the small print at the very bottom of the email it said the final value fee would be raised .It was basically a scam to get everyone excited about a free fee thinking most would not read the whole email that the final value fee was being raised.Thats when i knew ebay had become too corporate.
I have a violation on ebays policy because i listed a necklace that had a brass knuckles charm.In the title it said necklace & in the decsription it said necklace & the charm was 1" inch. But i have emailed them over & over stating that i did not list a weapopn , i listed a necklace eith a charm . They could only respond with a reply that the charm has to be next to a tape measure or something to show its actual size , which i saw as fine . But just email me & tell me that . Instead on my file is that i listed a weapon , i have emailed & talked to ebay & they will not budge , even though they are completely wrong .they make up their own rules & it tis tough luck if they decide to suspend you.Just not right & somoneone needs to take action against ebay.

Ebay suspenede me ..I'm a SUPER SELLER w/99.5 FEEDBACK
Posted by: WILL316 2008-10-14 15:18:22 In reply to: snuka
EBAY suspended me and my 10,000 auctions for having the same physical address as another ebay seller ..this is a building of 30 different spaces ...now I am left holding 3 years worth of ebay listings inventory , rent , expenses and in this climate possible bankruptcy ,i WAS GIVING THEM OVER $8000 A MONTH IN FEES.if you had doubts if ebay was evil ..THIS CONFIRMS IT

Re: Ebay suspenede me ..I'm a SUPER SELLER w/99.5 FEEDBACK
Posted by: jandee 2009-02-14 05:32:40 In reply to: WILL316
Say I know how you feel....I have an idea...We need to start yelling to the congress,pores.& anyone interested in the Economy.I know this sounds backwards to our problem but Ebay ruined the Economy not a couple over paid exec's
We have seen more small stores close because you get it wholesale from Ebay.
Also I think 3 fees on one sale is up for some regulations.
We need to fight.
I am writing my Governor & getting advice where to
start,how to get a letter to Obama & Congress
& don't forget Hannity, Oreily ,Glen Beck, Greta Etc.
WE can get to them but we have top work on it.Everyone bitches but NO one does much....Jan

suspended from ebay
Posted by: stopebay 2008-08-15 18:28:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
Please count with me. We have to do something to stop ebay unfair policies etc.
5 years silver power seller and they just decided to suspend my account. Everytime you call or send messages there is a robotic answer.

eBay allows copyrighted bootleg CD-R celebrity media to be sold on their
Posted by: m-michelle 2008-08-07 11:14:48 In reply to: tuffbarn
eBay suspended my account because they claim that I cannot sell celebrity media on CD-R because it’s copyrighted, yet eBay still allows SEVERAL other sellers to sell exactly the same thing on their eBay site.

You can see some of the other eBay seller’s here:

I bought CDs from some of the above sellers almost a year ago, and eBay it still letting them sell ‘copyrighted’ media, yet they suspend me for selling the same thing. What a bunch of hypocritical basters!

If these items truly are copyrighted does anyone know who (other than eBay cause they do nothing) that I can report these copyrights to?

RIAA can go after you also
Posted by: ab8ru 2008-10-14 09:41:20 In reply to: m-michelle
If you are selling copies of someone elses material RIAA see http://www.riaa.com/ there was a recent law signed at the time this is posted you may have some legal troubles ahead of you.

see http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10064527-38.html

hope you have a good attorney & good luck.

Everybody donates for a lawyer $50
Posted by: lawyer 2008-07-11 22:06:12 In reply to: tuffbarn
The lawyer wants $15K usd to start a lawsuit, So anybody who is ready help us donate some money please contact us with brief description of your problem with ebay or paypal. WE MUST SHOT DOWN THEM IMMIEDIETLY! They suspended me because I grow up to fast and they have "to high risk" with me. for no reason! I had brand new PC brand new IP and brand new name with bank accounts for my friend who never been before on ebay,I had 100% feedback score, no paypal cases etc. In case you have cheaper lawyer or expensive but GOOD one also let me know, I am tired of ebay and paypal ignorance.
They must pay for all our losses/expenses such as non-relisting fees, good ebay store name, our inventory , labors , warehouse fees etc.

About the lawyer
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-02-17 14:37:26 In reply to: lawyer
One of my attorney friends has a friend in a large Houston law firm which loves this kind of case and eBay hits their hot button. I am putting together some details for him to send to that lawyer,but am having trouble getting in touch with others who would like to join a class action suit. It would cost us nothing, but the settlement, if settled out of court, or the actual and punitive damages if it goes to trial could be huge. The law firm would get a substantial percentage of any proceeds, but where would be plenty left over for us. How can I get the contact info on others who would like to join the suit?

Cy Stapleton

About hiring an attorney
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-01-18 06:16:22 In reply to: lawyer
One thing to consider here. If the class action suit has merit, there should be no problem finding a highly competent attorney to take the case on a contingency. Apparently there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers who have been severely financially damaged by unjust suspensions. Contingency fees would probably be between 30% and 50%. Apparently I am one of the smaller sellers - having lost around $3,000 per month for the last four months, or $12,000. I would gladly be willing to pay 50% of my share of any settlenent eBay might make.

I would also suspect that eBay would much rather settle than go to court. A major class action suit would create a media frenzy and would be terrible for eBay's public relations, not to mention their already declining value on the stock market.

I am not sure how one goes about locating a competent tort attorney. I believe that if we could get a list, with contact information, of 1,000+ who would be interested in being a part of a class action suit, that would hit some law firm's hot button.

These type of awards and penalties normally include not only the actual damages, but also severe penalties.

count with me doit immediately
Posted by: stopebay 2008-08-16 10:50:26 In reply to: lawyer
Yes count with me, just send me the bill and the paperworks showing lawsuit is time to stop this people treating us as they wanted because they are the only one who have reconquest the internet marketing.

every body can pay the lawyer.
Posted by: stopebay 2008-08-15 18:30:25 In reply to: lawyer
I am sure there is thousand deceiving sellers from ebay who will love to pay a lawyer.
count with me.

Unfair Suspension
Posted by: manhattanman 2008-07-28 03:02:17 In reply to: lawyer
I too, have been suspended. I have been a member in good standing since November of '99, with a 100% approval rating. I have never sold anything on eBay, but have 43 purchases. They informed me that I had "Published Contact Information", but wouldn't provide evidence of this alleged violation. The support staff refuses requests for proof of the violation. Is this legal? I don't even know what they're talking about?

Why is ebay so evil?
Posted by: james_autos 2008-06-10 13:18:25 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was a small time seller who sold about 10 die-cast models cars a week for over 2 years. I never encountered any problems until last october. I was overcharged on listing fees, and was never refunded. So far this year, I have had two sets of listings removed because I accept cash as a payment (hardly a crime, but another one of evilbay's many ridiculous policies). A couple of weeks ago, two buyers left bad feedback. Out of the 1600 feedback I have, 6 were bad. It eqautes to a 99.2% rating under feebay's new feedback system, but this clearly wasn't good enough. I had my account suspended because I'd apparently breached their seller performance policy. Basically, if you get less than 20 feedback a month, and you get one or two bad feedbacks like in my case, you don't have a chance.

They said my account would be re-instated in 30 days if all open transactions were completed and that the buyers were happy and that the complaints from the two buyers who left bad feedback be resolved. I asked them a simple question - how do you resolve buyer complaints? I've actually asked ebay this question about 7 times now since I was suspended; the first five times they did not answer me, just telling me to resolve buyer complaints. The last two emails I have sent to them have been completely ignored.

They clearly do not want to know. They do not want to help. I have tried my best, but I've got nowhere. The only two options I could see were to either mutually withdraw the feedback or offer refunds. But, it seems that the option to mutually withdraw feedback has vanished so that is out of the question. As for offering refunds, I could do this, but as they don't actually go through ebay, how will I know whether this will get my account re-instated?

From the way they ignore my emails, not helping me to get my account back in any way, and reading what other suspended members on here have wrote, I've concluded that I'm screwed. Next Thursday I will find out whether my account stays active, but I know this isn't going to happen.

What annoys me the most is that it was the small time sellers who helped make what ebay what it is today, yet ebay now make it clear that they're not interested in small time sellers, and instead just the shop sellers who generate them the most money. Quite frankly, it's a disgusting way to treat people who use ebay to sell a few things every week to make a bit of money to then spend on ebay. It's no way to run a business.

It just happened to me too
Posted by: djantzen 2008-06-09 21:39:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
I had a descent business going selling jerseys. I got suspended from ebay because they said I violated a trademark. HUH? I only sold authentic jerseys, I used my own description and used my own photo's. Plus, I had a 100% feedback. I believe it was competitors who reported my items. Why would I think that? Because their were other sellers selling the same jerseys. And my wifes account was suspended today. I moved my auction to overstock.com and epier.com but without the same sucess I had on EBay.

Ebay Suspension
Posted by: 2manykittys 2008-05-15 15:58:28 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too, was suspended from ebay. no I wasn't a power seller but I did alright. I got suspended with a generic script saying I fell under the 1% tile of non seller performance with a 99.3 feedback rating, saying I had 30 days to bring my rating up.From One complaint because buyer didn't read that Personal checks were not accepted so I sent it back. So I had emailed a few customers to let them know that their items were on the way , come to find out ebay blocked me from sending those emails and there fore recieved another negative feedback.Needless to say at the end of the 30 days they didn't reinstate me. and No replys either after numerous emails. So I opened an account under my fiances name and because we had the same address, they suspended that account saying that it was linked to my account.
<br />I have lost alot because of someone elses ingnorance and worst yet lousy ebay.Who's the Trade and Safety Harbor against ebay?Someone needs to suspend Ebay! Anyway I have moved on other places to sell online. I emailed my customers telling them where they can find me.

We should help together for distribute all problem
Posted by: hate_ebay 2008-05-18 11:56:48 In reply to: 2manykittys
I too , silver powerseller about 3 years, I resign from my job to work ebay business but only one night is loss of all, I only sell one ebook which put in wrong catagory but my product have over 300 item, I don't know how to do with my life.

Pls. help together email to USA commerce organize and all of government organize.

I already do that and still send continue.

Sorry for no so good for english because I'm from thailand.

Now very upset and cannot found way about my life because I put wrong and too trust wtih ebay.

Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-12-28 19:03:24 In reply to: hate_ebay

ebay sales horrible since july
Posted by: innovated 2010-08-14 20:19:44 In reply to: gingerhaven

You may want to try ioffer, I currently list items on ebid.net, oztion.com.au, ioffer.com, and a current powerseller on ebay. In the past I have tried bidz.com, yahoo auctions, and a bunch more that that is not worth even mentioning and currently I have been seeing a steady increase in sales for ioffer that is showing "hope" for a future "REAL" competition for ebay.

You see, I have been in your shoes with ebay many times in the past myself and must admit, Just as angry with them for treating me as a worthless peice of "POO" that is not worth them even listening too after I have put soooooo much revenue in their pocket since the very first year ebay started. Every time it happens, I search and search for any half-reliable source other than ebay in frustration and try to find a replacement for them.

ioffer remains the best alternative I have found, in fact this month so far, I have sold more items on ioffer than I have on ebay although I have more than 1000 more items listed on ebay than ioffer (if anyone can figure that one out).

Although I stumbled across this site during another one of my searches for more auction sites, I did not do it this time because of a supension on ebay. This time it is because my sales on ebay have dropped to near nothing since JULY 1st and continue to decline til this day. Geographical Rolling Blackout? (G.R.B.), Geo-Clustering? , I do not know, but I do know something is happening and feel that ebay is causing my current 80+ percent sudden decline is sales and am glad to see ioffer in the lead at the moment anyway.

Just in case you do decide to try any of the auction sites I have mentioned, I will let you know the problems I have had with them so you decide the best choice for you.

bidz.com-------------poor sales,poor support,high percentage of non-paying bidders.May be a good source for sellers that can make money selling items at $1.00

ebid.net.............United Kingdom ,Horrible support,spend a lot of time trying to get fees returned on every sale because they have a glitch in software that some how selects qty 2 on every sale instead of qty 1 the customer purchased. Have to send an average of 3 emails every sale to get the credit on the 2nd item and have to explain every time what the issue is. I came to the conclusion that they "DO THIS ON PURPOSE" for the extra fees hoping most will not notice somehow?? If you sell on this site, be VERY careful, and be prepared to have HIGH-traffic/LOW sales. (I have had a few items get close to 1000 clicks and never sold).

Oztion.com.au--------Australia, support great, sales kind of slow, but you have to convert to Australian dollars so be careful or you could lose money in the transaction. Convert item price and shipping into AU currency before listing.

ioffer.com-----------Best alternative I have found to ebay, Great support, always a response from a human on support issues, Sales increasing. Free listing until item sells. Only bad thing I know of is that not all bidders pay, but that comes and goes and currently about 98% of my customers there are paying. I predict ioffer will fix that problem in the near future and will begin to take control of the situation to stop it from happening as much. Fees are guaranteed to be returned to your account for Non-Paying-Buyers, but you have to wait a month after the sale to file. I think it also depends on the types of items you sell too. Most of the items that I sell that do not get paid for are items that a teenager would purchase so this issue may not apply to you.

Hope this helps,

Suspended Ebay Account 30 days
Posted by: gingerhaven 2009-01-16 19:48:05 In reply to: gingerhaven
Well here I am again to let you all know Im back on ebay again , they have decided after 30 days to give me my account back and lift the suspension , for how long i dont know, everytime I turn around and log onto my account its suspended so we will see how long it last this time. i have seen on a couple different websites that ebay sales have dropped drastically over the last quarter of 2008 (gee i wonder why!!). they have lost millions over the last quarter because seller and buyers are just simply not usind ebay, where they are going i dont know. i wish there was another auction site to give ebay some competition, and kick their asses, so they just down!!! Im tired of hearing about "the lawsuit" you all know ebay will never be sued, not going to happen no matter what lawyer it is on the case. everyone needs to boycott and that is the bottom line and who is going to do that, certainly not the big time sellers. so the little sellers will keep on paying for what the big sellers are really doing on ebay which is ripping people off period!!! im going on ebay now to sell a couple of things now and i will always remail forever a little seller just trying to make ends meet. I hate ebay and i wish there was someplace else for me to go but there isnt. i have been all over the web looking for auction sites and they never sell anything nearly what ebay sells. I Dont Know!!

ebay suspensions
Posted by: ZECCards 2008-05-08 20:48:52 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay is out of control - i am a former powerseller on 2 accts and made them a LOT of money, it all started when i shipped worldwide, i get 3 complaints, they never received items - ebay jumps on it and suspends my accounts, so while im trying to do the fax , generic email replys for 2 weeks, i have 20 people still waiting for their items, but i cant access buyer account to respond to their emails or access the sold page to ship these items, now the negatives start piling up, 4 weeks go by, ebay apologizes and reinstates me for the small fee of 346$ for item listings they cancelled. Open a new account and sell with clean slate, sell with 150 positive feedback in 3 weeks, then im suspended on Sunday morning, cancell all listings, linked to suspended user. 8 emails and i get nothing but a generic email, now same thing is happening on this account while i have 25 people waiting on their shipments. so finally i say uncle and am thinking of giving up the second income game... oh wait, my cousin just called me - her accounts on ebay just got banned, for what i ask...she replies well after 6 emails, their explanation was she was linked to my main account - how is this possible?? she has never been on my ebay accounts, bank accounts... she has her own ebay id and paypal account... the only thing in common is the same town and last name. now i call ebay - because some of us lucky powersellers were slipped the back door phone number - but everytime i call - i get the old safety and trust dept is working on the problem for you and will contact you through email -

ebay suspended me and I got back on!
Posted by: business101 2008-04-14 17:44:02 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay suspended me for re-listing a bunch of art that they took off without question or advanced notice. I did get an ambiguous notice after the auctions were pulled. I looked at the auctions and didn't see anything wrong, went to vendios message board and asked everyone what was wrong with my auctions, nobody seen anything wrong. So, I re-listed, then I got suspended. The reason I was because that I mentioned "COA" and didn't show a picture of it, is that lame or what! I figured I'm a target so I found www.suspended-from-ebay.com and opened a new account because I believe my competitors were behind this and rather than fight with ebay, I just opened a new account, but you can't just "open a new account" there are steps you need to take to make sure you don't get screwed, check out that site and you'll see.

Re: ebay suspended me and I got back on!
Posted by: nuzzo 2017-03-05 18:41:21 In reply to: business101
I was able to get back on using this guide: https://www.slideshare.net/AuctionEssistance/ebay-incognitostealth

EBay did it to me too.
Posted by: canuhairmenow 2008-04-11 06:42:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
They did it to me too. I sell a legit product, hair extesnions, and it started out with the PayPal issue of security and now I am suspended. They have been all over me since day one. I see that they do this to people over and over again and there is no phone number to even contact them. My whole business and life is at there mercy and I have lost about 3oo dollars a day since March 23.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ftktickets 2008-03-31 10:33:57 In reply to: tuffbarn
We've been suspended so many times I don't even remember...lost thousand of dollars and our good name ruined. We've decided to sell off of ebay for now, but also try to make some money off of these anti ebay shirts and office item...
Help support your fellow suspended!!!!
Thanks for your support!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: epscham 2008-02-26 21:22:33 In reply to: tuffbarn
Dear Tuffbarn,
Please your contact will be much appreciated since I do not know what else to do.
I got my shop suspended suddenly without any reason .I contacted trust & safety department and nobody replied my email back. My shop had 100% feedback.
It passed already 32 days and I am still waiting to know the reason this happened.
I have right now $15.000 worth in inventory sitting on my basement and I do not know what else to do.
EBay was the only income for me and 2 daughters.
If anyone can give me an advise of how to reinstate my account and avoid the same thing to happen again in future.
Kindly contact me,

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: brafferty 2008-02-14 13:55:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
I also was suspended by Ebay because they said I was linked to another supended account. I sent them all the documentation they requested and still would not reinstate me. I don't know who this user is and never had any traanctions with them. How can they stop you from buying from them as I would say this is unlawful. I can understand the selling part. This is the same as if you went to a Target store and said thet you can't buy here because we suspended you because we just feel like it. I also lost money on Ebay because of this.

Ebay needs to learn some mannors
Posted by: ebaymustpay 2008-02-11 04:24:39 In reply to: tuffbarn
Below are the emails i sent the company that apparently reported me and the message i sent e-bay, neither one has even responed after nearly a week, this is a very poor way to practice busiess. If my story can help im in!
Here are the detailed picture's of they jeans I purchased at the "Unique Thrift Store" in Merrillville Indiana, Please examine disclose your findings to me. I did not knowingly try to misrepresent your company, I buy used (primarily vintage) clothes from thrift/second hand stores and resell them and this is the first time I had ever even heard of your company I just thought the jeans looked cool and knew I could sell them. If there are truely authentic and a mistake was made this would really get me out of a HUGE jam with ebay because as I mentioned below they suspended my account over this and shut down 100 active auctions I had listed and it is very important to me and my family to get (my job) back. Hope you understand.
Please help! I am a legitimate person and have been a ebay member since the year 2000.
I have over 2000 transactions and have a great feedback from my customers.
last night 2/7/2008 I had close to 100 auctions shut down, it takes many hours to list 100 used, unique items on ebay.
My partner and I hunt, peck, dig and pillage in the dirtiest resale stores, thrift stores , warehouses, yard sales etc to find our items we sell on ebay. We know a lot about clothing and specialize in vintage, we sell nothing new.
I just found these pair of Evisu brand jeans at a thrift store, listed them and them they were removed from ebay with out any specific reasons. I did not remake or reproduce these jeans infact I had never even heard of the brand before I found this pair they just looked cool so I purchased them.
There is really no proof provided to me that they are fake? How the heck is a guy supposed to know when item is used.
Look I will agree never to sell this brand again I just need help getting back on ebay this is my job and how I feed my wife and 2 young daughters. I really think this is extreme unjust punishment and need help here.
I had several auctions end last night that I cant even communicate with my customers about this is killing me here.
Could you please contact ebay and have some mercy on me? I will send you photo's of the jeans what if they are real, I don't even know how to tell.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: UNFAIRVICTIM 2008-02-05 21:10:37 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay shut me down with no questions asked due to "unusual activity". We had monthly sales of $10,000 and 100% positive feedback!! Paypal launched a faceless investigation putting all of my funds on hold, and eBay sent my customers dozens of emails telling them to file claim against me. Disputes with paypal increased, and I helplessly watched everything I worked for crumble. I am still trying to recover financially and emotionally from the loss. I WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS LAWSUIT!! Both eBay and Paypal monopolize off of the small business owner and still collect fees even when your account is inactive. IT IS UNFAIR!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Sheeebah 2008-06-11 09:20:04 In reply to: UNFAIRVICTIM
CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATELY!! PayPal will charge you for all kinds of things and continue to take money from your bank and your charge cards if you don't close and change all of your attached accounts.
First try yo close your PayPal account. You can always REOPEN IT LATER. If they won't let you..then you have to close your bank account and open up a new one with a new account number that PayPal won't have.I just told my bank I was having fraudulent activity from PayPal and Ebay (which it is) THEN YOU MUST report any charge cards that you have attached to your PayPal account as LOST OR STOLEN. that way your old numbers will be canceled and PayPal won't have your new ones. THis WILL CUT THEM OFF COMPLETELY.

Posted by: Sheeebah 2008-06-11 08:41:20 In reply to: UNFAIRVICTIM
Hello! It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to detatch PayPal from your bank accounts and charge cards.I was suspended and lost alot of money from canceled listings and bidders. I'LL BE DAMNED if I'm gonna give ebay another red cent.PayPal would not let me close my account because of all the disputes filed because of the suspension...even tho all of my won auctions were shipped.
The ONLY WAY to disconnect and avoid more fees and charges...is...change your bank account number at your bank. Report your credit cards lost or stolen. This will cut off any way for them to charge you any further.I can assure you..they won't let you close your PayPal account because they will KEEP TAKING YOUR MONEY. Get a new bank account and close your old one... DO IT NOW...Good Luck to all...SHeeebah

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: aggravated1 2008-01-31 20:16:25 In reply to: tuffbarn
I have been one of the selected in the ebay world to be unfairly suspended. My account was questionable through paypal to begin with when I changed my email address. (According to paypal) I had received an email from paypal saying that there was unusual and suspicious behavior on my account, for what, changing my email address. Then a couple of days later, ebay suspended me. We have been honest ebayers for several years with 100% feedbacks and now all that is gone over an email address change.... they have seriously lost their freakin minds. I honestly hope that someone will follow through with this, we have been time and time again thrown to the side and ignored by the customer service reps. Emails and phone calls do absolutely nothing. I feel they pick and choose who they want to suspend, they probably have a special department that randomly picks peoples names out of a hat and suspends them. Wouldn't surprise me if that was true. Any one following through with this, please contact us, we are more than willing to participate. Thanks.

Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-12-28 19:10:40 In reply to: aggravated1

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Bluelips 2007-12-29 22:35:27 In reply to: tuffbarn
I've been on Ebay for some time and have generally had no problems until recently. There was another seller who was selling a bootlegged video on DVD on Ebay and I reported them. They were eventually suspended, but have now been harassing me through Ebay. Ebay recently ended all of my auctions and is punishing me for alleged shill bidding. I've never shill bidded. What concerns me is people do use Ebay to retaliate against others and Ebay never gets the other side to the story. They have yet to respond to any of my emails. I'd like to be a part of any lawsuit against Ebay. If someone could let me know who is involved in these lawsuits, i.e. the name of the law firms handling them, I'd love to sign up.

lawsuit against ebay
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-12-26 20:08:32 In reply to: Bluelips
I also have been on ebay for quite some time and never, never would turn anybody in ever . you see the problem in this world and on ebay is nobody can mind there own business. you need to pay attention to your own wants and needs and not bother someone else, and as proven gets you nowhere but left with your own aggrevation and problems. I dont know if your intentions were legitimate or not but regardless i dont know why people just cant mind thier own business on ebay. also i dont know why you would tattle on somebody. theres always somebody doing cruel things to other people in this world. i have been suspended 6 times in one year and everytime i was suspended i did something wrong whether i want to admit it or not and i do!! if they tell you shill bidded then there is a good chance you did whether you want to admit it or not. i have shill bidded and most everyone on there has so you or I no better than the guy who was selling bootleg copies of whatever. look i know ebay is corrupt and you do too, all im saying is if you want to make a nice time of being on ebay selling or buying then you have to mind your own business. As for sueing ebay nobody is ever going to be able to sue ebay , its just not going to happen no way no how, its way too BIG and its all about MONEY in politics and in this country as well as ebay. I have said over and over why does ebay target me and not the guy who really does something wrong, well the answer to that is he makes ebay thousands and possibly millions and I dont, but that doesnt mean i dont deserve a punishment for doing something wrong. the other guy gets lucky and thats the way the ball rolls. I am suspended again right now and cant get back on until 1/17/09 for shill bidding and i was warned about it before and then i still did it again knowing the consequences. Im sorry I just dont believe you did not do anything wrong. well happy ebay to you and have a great night everyone. oh and i really hate ebay and i would also like to see ebay get theres too but the reality is they wont so when i can get back on im going to because i need to make money and maybe now i have learned my lesson because im tired of being suspended im the only one that suffers in the long run and as you see you did too.

reporting others
Posted by: pheeris 2008-08-24 23:23:06 In reply to: Bluelips
as a rule reporting someone elses auctions no matter how good your intentions are will always buy you trouble, just cause you feel a dvd is a bootleg does not make you right to report it, so you kind of asked for trouble with what you did

Reporting another ebayer
Posted by: gingerhaven 2008-12-27 14:01:48 In reply to: pheeris
I agree, i mean what in the hell is this person thinking, you dont go and rat somebody out and no i dont believe his or her "intentions" were good. i believe that they are either jealous, or again resentful and just cant mind their own freakin business. Im sick and tired of people lying on here. look i hate ebay too but i also have done many, many things wrong to get my account suspended, they dont come up with these ideas for no good reason. yes i believe there is ebay corruption where they let certain sellers go on things because those sellers make them thousands and possibly millions. those are the ebayers that dont get suspended because ebay loses if they do. i have been suspended so many times i cant count and everytime i was suspended i did something wrong. all i can say is think back folks to what you did wrong because i almost guarentee you did and dont want to admit it!! i agree with you this person asked for alot of trouble!!!!! happy ebay!!

U R so wrong gingerhaven!
Posted by: ebaygivesmenightmares 2009-05-28 18:12:42 In reply to: gingerhaven
You have made a lot of good comments on here, until now! believe me! or believe me not! you are wrong! I was suspended for selling 'sexually explicit material' (a pair of walking boots/shoes Size 6.5 well worn but loads of wear still in them) this was my third and final warning after another listing had 'DD' in the description (a bra?) and another one was 'T-Shirt Mans L' for goodness sake gingerhaven, explain that lot as 'doing wrong and don't want to admit it' I'm a middle aged lady, recently retired from work within the justice system. I'm no street-wise con-man, or sex perv, just a grey haired lady, trying to make ends meet and suffering serious stress, due to ebay idiocy. I have (no joke and ashamed to admit it) woke up in a night-marish, heart-banging, raging sweat over this. Ebay and Paypal have 'stolen' hundreds of pounds from my account, after retaining listing fees and commissions, then closing me down, three bloody times in a few weeks. I want justice! I want to see Ebay publicised the world over, for their arrogant, conniving, thieving ways. I would be happy to contribute to a petition against the faceless tribe of moronic nutters feeding ebay computors, but I don't know how to? So please read peoples comments and don't tar everyone with the same brush. I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: pheeris 2007-12-26 14:16:37 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am working on a documentary about the problems with ebay, it wont be a big budget film but i think it will go a long way to exposing ebays somewhat illegal if not questionable tactics, if you would like to help me with this project then please send me a message and i can tell you how to proceed, rather then wait for stories to wind up on 20/20 i think its sometimes better to make your own story and put it out there and if we collectively work to do that it could go a long way to forcing ebay to make some changes cause one thinng i have learned in journalism, is no one likes film, no one likes cameras and this could force ebay to overhaul their faulty system, thank you

Excellent idea
Posted by: lufkincy 2009-01-18 07:46:57 In reply to: pheeris
This is an excellent idea if you can get mass distribtion.

I feel there are a couple of things that need to be covered in your film and in any possible law suit against eBay.

Trust & Safety must be revamped. Before an auction is ended the seller must be notified by a live person with specific details as to why the item is in violation and how that violation can be corrected. The notice must contain the contact info, including a phone number, of the T&S individual responsible for the case. When contacted, that individual should have two working days to respond or the case is automatically closed with no action taken. No strike should be given land the auction should not be ended if the correction is made.

Before a seller is suspended, he/she should be notified by a live person, with full contact info - not a boilerplate email - as to the specific reason and before being suspended, the seller should be notified how to appeal.

There should be an appeals department that is not connected in any way to T&S. That appeals department should have the authority to override T&S actions. Decision from the appeals department must be made within two working days. If the suspension is lifted, it should be eBay's responsibility to relist all of the auctions that were ended.

Many of our problems could be easily resolved if these policies were put in place.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: DKS1964 2008-11-05 16:17:44 In reply to: pheeris
I live in Canada and have lots of free time..I am willing to help as I now hate ebay also as they decided to close my account.(193 stars and 100% feedback) Now they won't even talk to me as I mentioned my lawyer. email me and I would love to get involved...also if any one has a class action suit started I would like to add my name to it also. Thanks alot.

Posted by: vidgen 2008-08-24 16:43:10 In reply to: pheeris
I'm an editor. Email me. Thanks.

EBay did it to me too.
Posted by: canuhairmenow 2008-04-11 06:44:22 In reply to: pheeris
I would love to help out....

Posted by: pheeris 2008-11-05 17:12:59 In reply to: canuhairmenow
if anyone would like to help out in this documentary i am making about the evils of ebay then please contact me at this email address


i need your stories, your input anything that you want to contribute, just like michael moore the only way you can get them to change is by exposing them, same principle, no one likes being exposed for the shit they do

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: bmcb 2007-12-27 19:56:51 In reply to: pheeris
Dear Sir, I would like to give you info about my case. Ebay got me too. I have no clue why? The great part is. I have been on for five years. I have 609 pos feedback not one neg feedback. Not one. Not one non payment strike not one, I have never had a charge back on my paypal. I have followed the rules to the t. No one will answer me. No one will help me. I am not a big time seller. So I am not important to them. I don't make them any money. I am ready to take auction against them.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: willeverly 2007-10-14 21:22:31 In reply to: tuffbarn
One common theme on all of these folks shut down by Ebay and Paypal is the same. Just by reading the accounts of their situation, it is easy to see they failed to follow a host of seller best practices.
Best practices require should not be a burden and often protect the seller as much as the buyer. By keeping the flow of information and support common at all times most sellers can avoid problems with Ebay and Paypal.
If sales increase on a large percentage basis over a short period of time, you can expect that Paypal will ask for more information to assist it in validation of the seller reputation and ability to fill orders. Ebay on the other hand will only get involved if they are prompted by law enforcement or by some holder of intellectual property rights with concerns about listings.
The cardinal rule of sucessful marketplace sales is to keep excellent records and respond to inquiries immediately. The goals here are to create an excellent customer experience and to make money. It is difficult to make money with a poor customer experience.
Most marketplaces use how the seller reacts to complaints or customer issues as a guage of the validity of a seller on the marketplace.

how offensive the ignorant can be!
Posted by: EBAYTHEBEAST 2008-09-08 07:37:27 In reply to: willeverly
I had a cult like following for two years on ebay, my full time job. people woke up to have coffee to read my auctions because they were amusing and fun and creative. I used colorful discriptions quotes and a blog. 100% feedback, and solid customer support. ebay suspended me for copywrite violations, as I sold luxury goods, and then made me beg for reinstatement, after 7 days, I did get back on- only to get suspended perm. forever- 24 hrs later after using the word IMPORTED on IMPORTED goods. I sold IMPORTED goods and they said I could not use the word IMPORTED, and there was nothing in any help page that would have warned me of such a stupid illogial policy. I told ebay that my buisness was my sole support of my house, car and children and they igored me.
theres no buiness stablity to putting your efforts in building a buiness on ebay. ebay CAN be sued for this because theres certain grey areas that can be address in a lawsuit. they cover their butts like nothing that ever has been seen before in buiness, and ebay makes more money then anyone can fanthom. I found five other sellers of the same type of thing I sold, selling using the exact same 'policy violations' ebay told me it banned ME for and reported them at least 30 times and its been two months and ebay has yet to cite the other sellers even once. their auctions STILL have the 'policy violations' ebay says are not allowed: and the sellers HAVE been reported not just by me but by others, in case it was me ebay igored. after alot of reading, I have discovered ebay IS unethical in collecting DATA on you and me. THEY store EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU forever. they DO look up and store anyone in my household, people who live on my street, anyone and anything any THING that can connect me to anyone who might open an ebay account. and people who try to open another account who get caught all have ONE thing in common: they underestimated ebay. and I will tell you why: the goons geeks and bots at ebay have massive egos. what it is is you would think they would not care about little ole you: but in truth its a MASSIVE ego fight with the PC whiz's at ebay to hunt you down. they run MATIX like programs 24-7 to seek heat you down in the dark while you sleep and sniff out any activity you might be doing to get back on. NO one would think for a min they would bother with that! its so upsetting because ebay sends newsletters telling people to trust a buiness built on ebay: to change thier lives, and drop full time jobs, ebay does have a niche, in terms of being sued over this. I am postive if a law firm wanted to take them on they would win. however since ebay would fight with maybe 1,000 or more legal experts to the death as BILLIONS of dollars stand at stake, no law firm will fight. MOST of all, please dont assume anyone getting suspended by ebay or banned by ebay was a dirty nasty person who was trying to rip someone off. I get letters every day begging me to come back to eby by my buyers whom ebay forwards to me strangely to read but wont allow me to respond. its pitiful because I provided a really neat unique service that people adored, and I wrapped my items as gifts to them with surprises and treats. Ebay allowed me to leave an abusive marriage and gave me hope and I donated quite a bit of my profits to charity. As all the other sad stories, NO one at ebay cared, about me, or cared about stopping my suspension. EBAY is libel because they DO work publish and create, trust in sellers to BUILD a business ON EBAY as a sole source of support. the lack of- RIGHTS you would have in a typical workplace DO NOT EXISTS in ebay. ebay allows other sellers to complain about you, to take you out, and you will be taken out. after TONS of sleepless nights researching I know this is what happened to me. Jealous sellers of the same type of item I had complained about me and that is why I was slated for removal. I simply stuck out because I sold something so creatively, I was the envy of a great many other people. I lost my shirt, my faith, I have PTS from this. Please- dont defend ebay. your making a mistake. its a machine, souless and dangerous. a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: debbie77786 2007-10-05 23:58:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ok lets talk ebay.
i have sold on eBay for over 6 years and have been in good standing. I have never had a problem and helped 20 or so people start selling on eBay because up until this last year never had a problem. Well now it feels like i have a target on my back. And i can relate to all of the story's. we where a power seller ( not now i removed the icon because i truly believe we are targeted) and sold 5000.00 + per month have over 3500 hundred feed back 99.5 rate.
heres mine! it all started in march when 5000 listing where pulled i brought a set of china from a seller on e bay, i received the china but it was not as listed so i contacted the seller, i waited 3 weeks and no response so left neg, O boy i ticked her off, she was mad because i sold 2 items from the 50 pieces in the set and made enough to cover the cost of the china, so i made her look stupid as she was bragging about the value of the set she and her other 12 nasty power sellers decided to gang up on me and make 1 week of my life a living hell. i guess i broke every law in the book! if you don't know this eBay dose not moneter there site we the people do, i was told they don't have the staff or the time so they rely on you and me to turn problems in, well they went though my auction with a fine tooth comb. I would re list they would report i lost my listings. at the time this was going on i never really knew what i had done until 1 power seller stood up for me and emailed to help me, he informed me these same people did the same to him. all the time this was going on i received nasty emails which i sent to ebay trust and safety they never did a thing they allowed all of this to go on until this 1 person stood up for me and he and a lot of sellers wrote emails telling eBay they where disgusted with them to allow this to go on and they needed to do something. I receive an email from this kind man telling me it was over and what had happened, i broke down in tears.. How can a co allow this to go on, not 1 person in that 12 had anything done to them eBay allowed they to do and say what ever they wanted.
Ok now the i was kicked of for 2 weeks as where 2 of my customers for shill bidding. I have reg customers who buy lots all of the time one lives here in Wy the other in Mo. E bay say i,am shill and take 3000 auction 100 where auctions the other where store items, in the email received they tell me i can only list buy now so here is my question all store items at buy now! so if i can list in my store for that 2 weeks why did they end them? and my customers had 2000 store item they took theres to so eBay pockets 600.00+ dollars to tell us we can re list them and pay more money. Now i have helped both of these sell on eBay and i have helped them get started selling on eBay, I got to know them because they brought we got talking they wanted to learn i helped, so i have helped both of them i have been in to both of there accounts from my computer to help fix problems. if they bid they buy they win most of there auctions i have never done a file back ever on either 1 but eBay says we bidding items up, both of them tried to call eBay to and emails no 1 ever contacted them. This is bull when is this going to stop. i have never done what they accused me of!
now the feed back issue. I receive 3 negs in a month ( who did i pee off this time) i contact fair deal trade pay 99.00 to have them removed they ok the claim send an email to say they have let eBay know and they will be removed in 3 days. Ok 3 days ago there removed then i log into my account to day and there back on there. So i contact eBay they say its not showing on there end so it has to be my cookies i need to remove them, i call my son the computer wiz who fixes computers for a living we do the cookie removal there still there, my son says its eBay and not me, So i contact them again they tell me this time i need to contact e bays trust and safety, they will need to look into the problem when i start asking questions he tell me its square deal trades problem to contact them i ask for the # they say they don't have it but yet they will need to call e bay direct. I give up, i'am done when will these people be held accountable for the crap they keep pulling, i agree with the class action law suite i don't care if i get a penny as long as eBay gets theres. heres a thought maybe we need to go to the tv stations about all of this crap, do you all rember the moldy bread with Marys face on it, e bay pulled it she went to the tv stations and they let her re list it, eBay dose not like it when they look bad, we need to tell our story's i'am telling you things will change! someone out there must know a lawyer or a reporter! i'am game. i'am now going to start my own web site and find some other auction sites! ebay had there last penny from me!!!debbie

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: lorettabrown 2007-08-26 19:11:27 In reply to: tuffbarn
i know, i am now in debt and have been evicted from my house because of ebay!!!!How do they stay in business??
Everytime i open an account, they suspend me and i always have to start up new accounts.
they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Lullabies 2007-09-17 17:09:58 In reply to: lorettabrown
I have been suspended as well unfairly. I've been a seller for years - My feedback is good. I have no idea what happened - Except that my income is gone.
I called the Federal Trade commission to report ebay's unfair suspension...They took the report and said they will investigate IF OTHERS CALL AND REPORT THE SAME PROBLEM. Please...EVERYONE CALL. You can find their info in the search engines to reach them - The federal trade comission. ALSO..Send a complaint to - the Better Business Bureau ..The Attorney general in CA ...The Internet complaint center...(look them up for contact info)...Maybe they will re-instate and not be able to treat their customers so badly if everyone files complaints. These organizations need to know about ebay's abuse of their hard working, well meaning - now suspended customers!!
Call Dateline NBC....20/20...let's stop random unfair suspensions!! Please do something about it if you have been suspended and you're income has been taken away by Ebay!!

Important Phone Numbers
Posted by: canuhairmenow 2008-04-11 07:25:54 In reply to: Lullabies
Do you have the numbers that you called handy? I will call as well.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ramswel 2007-07-11 11:41:57 In reply to: tuffbarn
I'm 48 y old eBay buyer of collectables vinyl records from European Union eastern part.
I never had any problems with payments through Paypal but still my eBay account has been suspended twice. First time, last september (130 and 100% positive feedback) and it took over 20 emails and 6 month to get my account resumed. And now, only after 2 month the same happened again.
.... FPA NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - User Agreement - Abusing eBay
.... Your eBay account has been suspended. eBay took this action after determining that your account was acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies.
You are prohibited from using eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account.
Any seller fees that are still owed are due to eBay immediately. eBay will charge any amounts that you have not previously disputed to the billing method that is currently on file.
eBay Trust & Safety
I haven't violated any rules. I apperciate eBays function as protection against fraud and I never had any wish or intentions to breake any eBay rules!
Common to ebay, as always, I never got the proper reply, what happened or what to do to resume account.
Right now I had paid many Bay items which I haven't got yet. I'm not able to open any disputes nor leave feedback. Several items were even not delivered to me. I can only hope that at present situation these all will be shipped ...
Even if eBay states they function only as a gateway between ebayers, they behaviour is far from accepted business traditions and directly insulting!
Not speaking about being discriminative!
I'm really interested to join forces if there is any law suite against eBay. I believe that in EU we are able to win in the court even eBay.
PS. eBay has forced me to spend many hours googling and searching information about eBay supensions. Googling to this forum wasn't easy and therefore it's very likely that there are hundreds of similar topics in the web.

suspension notice
Posted by: poshdiana 2008-09-15 05:32:30 In reply to: ramswel
i had an ebay account and so did my husband ive suffered serious health issues so havent used my ebay account but my husband was happily getting his points then 3 weeks ago suspened we wrote to customer care as you do and got told i owed bill so payed it straight away as you do and suspension still on going they now accuseing me of policy breach and the way the worded it is that im my husband and open a new account in other words ive commited fraud ive argued and argued but have nothing but damm rude sarcastic replys my question to any high up ebay person is what if i did nt pull thro my illness would you still of suspened my husband its about time ebay started to listen to its users and if any one knows thier head office address please reply as for ebay this is nt going away il keep the fight on and on

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: maggiemay48 2007-06-12 12:13:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was shocked myself.I hadnt used ebay for a while when i sold something for my husband.Then i got a email from ebay saying i a susupended for 12mths.I did ask what for.They said shill bidding.At first i didint know hwta it was till someone expalined.I emailed ebay dozens of times to try get this sorted out.No reply.Anyway when they did reply they said i had sold items and not ent them on to customers.I said i have 360 feed back what are you talking about.They said something about someone called youcanwearyourhat.So igot my sister to have a look who it was. And The person lives in scotland.My sister emailed one of the buyers and he told her he sent money to scotland.And i live in greater manchester.I ahev explained this to ebay.But they dont want to know i wnet onto there ebay forums.Alady whom worked for them had a look at my account.And said your accounts are totally different i dont understand why they have suspended you.So thats it.Nothings being done since 17may.Oh! yes they asked for a payment forselling my husbands item.I said yes i wil pay.But sort my account out first,Still waiting since 26may, They are bloody RUBBISH.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: auxpol9273 2007-06-21 17:55:39 In reply to: maggiemay48
Hello.I am also a victim of paypal and ebay ,they suspended me and I reported them to the FTC,BBB,and Attorney General. I recently received a letter from Gaston And Gaston telling me that I can get involved in the coming class action law suit against paypal/ebay and the more people they get , the better their case will be and they are almost 100% sure they will win the case . If you want to get involved in the case , I can give you the lawyers info and they will send you a short form to fill out through a fax or email attachment and you can fill it out and you will not need to appear in the court or pay any type of fee . They need as much people as they can get and they already have many people that are getting screwed by paypal/ebay and they are asking anyone with a complaint to get involved . I will send you the lawyers email address and he will tell you what to do . Its just one small form you need to fill out and send back via email attachment or fax. Please let anyone else that has a complaint know about this . It will help us all . My email is dxhhh07@earthlink.net
Hope to hear from you .
Regards , Ronnie

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ashraf-ksa 2015-06-03 11:50:25 In reply to: auxpol9273
i was a buyer on ebay,when i raised a case for non received items -or-request a refund,they suspend my account ,and their reply to me is a funny(some times they reply"i know that this not the answer for your question" now the total money i lost about 450$

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Legallsk 2007-08-30 06:22:43 In reply to: auxpol9273
Please send me the lawyer information as I have been suspended. Thank you

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: lisa123 2007-08-23 18:57:05 In reply to: auxpol9273
yes, i waS PERMANENTLY suspended. section 9- rules/codes or something? been member 4+ yrs, 100% pos fb, 2700+ fb. never a paypal complaint. its crazy.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sickofebay 2007-06-06 20:40:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
I had my account suspended April 30 for 30 days. Those 30 days were up May 30. I contacted Live Help. I contacted Trust and Safety. I’ve contacted Customer Support. I have been requesting the account be re-activated numerous times, with no luck. I was not given a specific reason for this suspension in the beginning only that I had violated eBay’s Seller Non-Performance policy and said I hadn't sent an item to a winning bidder. These business practices are immoral, wrong, plain ignorant and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't illegal! People depend on eBay for income for crying out loud. Who do they think they are?? They are a billion dollar corporation and the customer support sucks. So, I'm responding to your posting because what they're doing is wrong and I need some help in this matter.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: vintagekitten 2007-05-28 21:59:59 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am a very angry Ebay seller here! I am a disabled person with Crohns disease, who has counted on my income from Ebay...to the tune of thousands of dollars per month- for 5 years of loyalty and a member in 'good standing'. I did have a few issues this year, due to illness and inability to work, some fairly so and some not fair... being the honest person I am, I rectified them..as we all know, sometimes no matter how perfect you are, you will receive a negative feedback, regardless...despite tracking numbers, and offers for a refund though unfair, it just happens, especially in the world of vintage clothing. This is of course nothing to speak of sending items via The United States Postal Service overseas, which if I did not, would lose 30-40% of my business...and Paypal does not care that it loses thousands of dollars and screws its best sellers on....I have been allegedly "reinstated", and can list a few items at about ten bucks a piece. This has been a nightmare! Someone please help!!!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: spicycreole 2007-07-07 12:13:24 In reply to: vintagekitten
I am in somewhat of a similar situation. I am a full-time college student and also work full-time in the corporate world where there are covenants not to compete that prevent me from obtaining additional employment in my industry. I began selling on ebay as a way to liquidate the excess inventory from a small business venture gone awry, and continued selling as a source of additional income. I had just achieved powerseller status in March when my father was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. Unfortunately, this caused me to fly 3000 miles away from my home, university, work, and above all else, my business. When I returned several weeks later, there were already claims filed against me and a slew of negative feedback for non-receipt of items. I was devastated. I refunded all of the customers and all claims were resolved through paypal, however they sent me a notice earlier in June stating that I was permanently suspended from Ebay. Do those incompetent fools not realize that sellers have lives also? And do they not recognize when a seller has taken the initiative to rectify an unsavory situation? I still just can't believe it. I know that I could potentially activate an account using someone else's name, however I run a sole-proprietorship. I'm frustrated & feel helpless, any ideas?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: auxpol9273 2007-06-21 17:52:07 In reply to: vintagekitten
Hello vintagekitten. I am also disabled and paypal and ebay suspended me and I reported them to the FTC,BBB,and Attorney General. I recently received a letter from Gaston And Gaston telling me that I can get involved in the coming class action law suit against paypal/ebay and the more people they get , the better their case will be and they are almost 100% sure they will win the case . If you want to get involved in the case , I can give you the lawyers info and they will send you a short form to fill out through a fax or email attachment and you can fill it out and you will not need to appear in the court or pay any type of fee . They need as much people as they can get and they already have many people that are getting screwed by paypal/ebay and they are asking anyone with a complaint to get involved . I will send you the lawyers email address and he will tell you what to do . Its just one small form you need to fill out and send back via email attachment or fax. Please let anyone else that has a complaint know about this . It will help us all . My email is dxhhh07@earthlink.net
Hope to hear from you .
Regards , Ronnie

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayhater 2007-03-12 11:22:44 In reply to: tuffbarn
Today i was suspended from ebay under thier policy of copyrite infringement, this was a mistake by ebay as i had full resell rites to the item in question, i have now contacted the company that i was selling for and they have told me that they have not complained to ebay about my listing, as this company owns the copyrite and have given me full authourisation to sell it. I have missed out on paydays because of ebays trust over customers who claim ownership of an item, ebay should contact sellers first before. The company who own the copyrite are now looking into taking action to find the person who reported me and find the person who claimed owmership of the item.
Once again i have tried contacting ebay to get my account and listing put live again but all i get are autoresponders......seems ebay are hiding from thier mistakes.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: auctionman 2007-04-09 12:06:04 In reply to: ebayhater
Check out this blog back2sell.blogspot.com ... this blog will help you solve your ebay problems.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mommacheryl 2007-03-20 05:22:31 In reply to: ebayhater
I AM SHOCKED! i had listed 58 items, had perfect feedback and in one second wiped me out! they stated i was suspended indefinitley as i was not who i said i was!!! i had sold inventory before on ebay and while attempting my initial listings, i found that i was listing the same thing 5-6 times! i contacted ebay over and over requesting help and all they did was send me a 1,600.00 invoice. i have written them on 5 occasions, to no avail! after selling my inventory, i assisted the buyer in list5ing the items (my home burnt down and i lost my 15 year old son) so selling what inventory i had left was urgent) ebay stated that she had negative feedback which was a lie! then ebay said she owed fees, that was a lie. cant ebay ever communitcate and address the issue? all we can do is use their ebay reponse formated questions. if there are any class action suits, pls notify me! thank you. ps, they said she didint ship an item, which was not sold! HELP

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: goshendoug 2007-12-22 20:04:51 In reply to: mommacheryl
i was 100 percent positive when i was suspended and accounts frozen for my account was supposedly linked to another sellers account they never let me back on and i got an email saying that ebay trust was telling my customers to file negative marks aginst my sales that had already been completed they ruined my name then they did the same thing to my son and froze his accounts to send and recieve thats unfair busniess practices if you ask me

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: buddhaboy 2007-03-04 14:09:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
I went and open up an account in the Singapore ebay site. Is free to list up items and free commission fees. There is more sites where is free too like Philippines site. I open up an ebay store on the Singapore site is only $5/mo instead of $15/mo on ebay.com. And the buy it now on Singapore site is free and the gallery is free too. I sell a few item on ebay.com with no reserve and all items starting at 99 cents then when they bid on my items and look at my store it will link them to my ebay store in my Singapore site. The store option will show up on your account no matter what country you sell at. I know I was saving at least $200-$500/day on listing fees and commission fees. EBay wont tell me the real reason that I am suspended. They just say that I sell fake thing which I am not, I am smarter then selling copy items. I told them to call the cops and sue me but they wont they just keep sending me a bill to pay for my fees. The Trust and Safety team wont help you at all when you get suspended. Trust me I am still dealing with them. Ebay.com is making so much money that they don't care if they suspend anyone because they have so much buyers. They know once your a buyer you will sell sooner or later. The only way to really beat ebay is someone open up a free auction site. If craigslist.org would open up a free auction site. I know all ebay.com's business would be gone. No more ebay!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: buddhaboy 2007-03-04 13:48:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
Want to sell again on ebay! You need to open up an account with another person's name and address. This is the only way around it. But, you can still use your own name and information on the payment information if you wish to accept checks. To accept credit cards you need to use another credit card company to accept payment like www.authorize.net do not link paypal to the new account. They will frozen your paypal account if you ebay account is suspended. This is the only way out.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: buddhaboy 2007-03-04 13:40:52 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay is always on the customer side and never on the sellers side at all. I got suspended from ebay selling sunglasses. They say my sunglasses are fake which is not I just sell them at no reserve starting at the lowest listing fee possible and let the buyer bid on it. Man do ebay sucks, I have 100% feedbacks and have sold for along time. Then they just suspend my account saying that I was doing a scam. Then all hell broke loose with the buyers after they get the emails from ebay telling them not to pay for my item. And some of the buyers that paid through paypal went in their account and file a claim after they have received the item and say that I ship them an empty box with newspaper in it. Or for foreign buyers they would make a claim that I did not ship it even when I have the custom forms to prove that I did. My paypal account then got suspended because of that and I can not do business anymore with ebay or paypal. And when they do suspend your account and cancel your listings they still ask you to pay for the fees for the cancel listings. That is wrong because by then you can not access your account to get any of your buyers information. Paypal is a bitch along with ebay. They work together and once your ebay account is suspended. And you try to open up another ebay account. DO NOT LINK IT UP TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. YOUR MONEY WILL BE FROZEN IN THERE AND YOU WILL NEVER GET TO ACCESS IT.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: maninnottz 2007-02-18 05:51:40 In reply to: tuffbarn
Well I followed the ebay dream of self employment selling on ebay.Remortgaged the house to buy stock,bought computers,set up a office,got an accountant,ect ect.Had it all up and running,went part time at work to spend more time running the business,worked all hours to get my shop selling well.It was working a treat,then,Out of the blue everything disapeared from my shop in front of my own eyes,then listings,then I got an email saying I was suspended for copy right.I had taken a photo from a web site who had complained.The same photo that loads of others have on there listing but are still trading.I now have lots of stock sat there ,loan that needs to be repaid,all I did was follow the ebay dream.Now I wait to see if I will be let back in?.But to be honest I thought I was in control of my own destiny,working for my self,I wasnt,I was working for ebay ,they was in control,and for all the hard work,the power seller status,the 100% feedback,the shop,they rewarded me by pulling the plug with no nottice!,I cant even get on site to get buyers details.Then the final insult,paypall emailed my customers telling them I was no longer registered and to ask for a refund.Im then flooded with panicking emails asking what is going on?.Im sure this was designed to shatter my 100% feedback !which im sure it will,3 years work ruined!.The conclusion I have come to is,ebay is not the safe option I thought it was,I have now risked my families future on a dream that shattered in an instant with no regard to the consequences for me and my family!.Ebay dont give a dam about us.Please dont make the mistake I have made!.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Lifesluxuries 2007-02-05 16:55:06 In reply to: tuffbarn
I found myself in the same boat as you. Pulling in $4000 per week on ebay. I was a gold powerseller. Until one day I was considered to be abusing eBay so just that easy, my membership was terminated. I was shocked. I was so amazed at the whopping amount of money that I was paying ebay and paypal (that is a whole new story) per month and how easy it was to dispose of me. I can go on ebay today and see hundreds of sellers that don't need to be on there. After days and days of trying to contact eBay regarding my suspension, They sent me an email saying that my membership will remain terminated. And days later of asking why, the reasoning was because I was linked to some other account from 4 years ago. I had 100% feedback and was an honest seller.
Paypal (who is also owned by ebay, is just as bad.
Enough crying about it. Ebay was my main income. I had to pull myself together and get over it. I still had a family to help support. I found REDDMARK. www.reddmark.com. I have been selling on there for a few months now. It has been great for me. It is an up and coming website and not as saturated with junk like ebay. But their listing fees are way cheaper than FEEBAY.
I definitely reccomend them. I can sell my AUTHENTIC merchandise and I have not had any problems. And unlike ebay (which has not happened) If you are suspended as a seller, it does not mean you cannot buy.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayblows 2007-01-20 22:58:09 In reply to: tuffbarn
Yes! I was suspended two hours after posting an item for sale. I had bought and sold stuff through ebay for years. However, about a month ago I tried to log on to my account but it would not allow me to. So after several unsuccesful attempts I decided to open a new account. A week ago I put a couple of Gibson pick ups for sale and after a few hours I got a notice saying that I had been suspended! I replied three or four times and after about three days they replied with the same general statement about "abusing ebay". I had asked several times to give me the actual reasons and not a general policy, to no avail. I am still waiting for a specific reason for their decision. Needless to say that I have done nothing wrong.
Ebay has really grown too big and apparently they just couldnt careless about their customers or whatever it is that we have become in that bidding world.
I also have not been able to find a phone number or physical address. This is pretty outrageous. If you or anyone has any ideas on how to proceed with a lawsuit please let me know.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: screwed 2006-12-20 14:10:57 In reply to: tuffbarn
Try www.howtogetbackonebay.com I did and was back on in a few days totally incognito!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: steveanddiane 2007-06-07 14:46:29 In reply to: screwed
www.howtogetbackonebay.com is a COMPLETE SCAM, I called before I was dumb enough to make a payment for this B.S at 4pm in the after noon on a Thursday 06-07-07 and all I got was someone (who spoke clear English) who sounded like they just woke up with saying "hello" no business mannerism w/answering and than I asked... are you the one who gets people back on eBay after they have been suspended? she replied with "we are not interested and hung up". I rechecked the number on their site and YEP! that was the number I dialed. BE VERY CAREFUL and DON'T GET BURNT BY FALLING FOR THEIR SCAM!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: infreestuff1 2006-12-11 09:12:08 In reply to: tuffbarn
Why not sell from you own site

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: slush65 2006-11-30 18:34:32 In reply to: tuffbarn
First of all, for all you upset folks, here are some numbers you can call that was passed along to me...they wont talk to you, but you can call and raise h*** like I have! The numbers are 1-866-323-3229. I have had an account with eBay for 2 years and I have been purchasing from others on ebay and recently quit my job, moved From FLA to NC, purchased inventory from a company who got suspended from ebay and started selling furniutre in ebay, 6 weeks later...Im suspended for ABUSING EBAY! I call every day, email every day and you know the story. How foolish of me to trust what I thought was a reliable and forthright company. Its only a matter of time, folks. Other Internet sites will grow with ebays disgrace.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: cocochanel 2006-11-12 15:54:51 In reply to: tuffbarn

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: getbacksellin 2007-02-11 08:20:03 In reply to: cocochanel
hi evaryon just came across this site on the world wide web as you do now and again.. suprised at to how many people have been suspended from ebay, well actually im not really, i was suspended 2 yrs ago for no reason and ebay wouldnt let me on, but after a few months i found some information out that was very helpfull from a friend of mine so i left it a while and now im back seling and have been for about 17 months with no problems of suspension again, its cool
if any one would like some helop in getting back on ebay selling pleas efeel free to email me at ty_teddie@yahoo.co.uk

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: daveanthes 2006-11-03 04:13:43 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too was suspended this week for "User agreement - Abusing Ebay". Like everyone else they won't tell me what I did. This seems very unprofessional and unbusinesslike. I hope there is someway we little guys can do something against this big company. Keep me in the loop.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: epscham 2008-02-26 22:05:51 In reply to: daveanthes
Hi Dave,
How are you? One more person suspended without any reason and no reply from Ebay.
Please help me if you found any solution for it.
This is the only income for me and my family.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: theebestofbmx 2006-09-11 17:51:24 In reply to: tuffbarn
as of 9/11/06 Ebay is still wrongfully suspending accounts with no reasons. i was suspendid due to late payment, payment was made and after 30 messages and numerous hours live on Ebay nothing but headache. iam sure its a matter of time til i have alot of disgruntled buyers complaining due to Ebay blocking my seller account info. what next?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: doxiemom 2006-10-17 15:49:33 In reply to: theebestofbmx
My story is the same as most of yours. Someone at eBay linked me with a past member who owed fees of $36.41 fron June of '05. That person had a username similar to my email address of 8 years, assigned to me by my IP. I was suspended Sat the 14 with NO questions, NO notice, No consideration of any kind. I do not know who this person is. I have been successful with 100% feedback since April this year. What kind of American company, short of the IRS, does business this way? No email replies, NO recourse! It's completely un American!
Is anyone involved in a class action lawsuit?
Please, oh PLEASE, let me know! I will gladly add my name and voice to a suit!
Thank you!
Gwen alias, doxiemom

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: azncutiemee 2006-07-21 23:45:10 In reply to: tuffbarn
how can we really deal with these problems ? are there any solutions ? I have been suspended too because ebay said i was connected to another ebayer whom i do not even know and never encountered before .

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-19 09:38:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hi, you know come to think of it, the time I got suspended was the 10 cent listing day, I listed about 50 items, and two days later I was suspended for knowing someone that was suspended. This all does not make sense to me, I hope we can find something to do about their blood thirsty deals, and they have charged my credit card three time now, for the 3 months that I have been suspended, I finally had to close my bank account and credit card, I just said I lost them, and they reissued a new one in a different number, but ebay managed to get about 125.00 from me, for what I don't know. And pay pal froze my account with 208 dollars in it, and that has been 3 months ago, and I didn't do any thing wrong, that I know of, they won't tell me nothing, and I can't get my money. So what do we all do.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 08:57:00 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was unfairly suspended on ebay for knowing a person that was unfairly suspended. It was for shill bidding and I did not shill bid, I bidded on an item that I wanted, and I was suspended cause some unknown person said I was bidding on an item just to up the price. I did no such thing, but you think ebay wants to hear? No they listen to anyone, and take there word, and the sellers are not alloud to voice their side, it is unfair all the way. That was my way of supporting my two grandchildren, which I keep. I think ebay is totally unfair and needs someone or some organisation to put a stop to their crime. We the sellers make them money, and have no rights at all. Also a worker at the place that I work at, bidded on one of my items, and won it and paid for it, and they suspended her for knowing me. she had no Idea it was even my item, it just seems to have no end, also paypal freezes your account if some one complains with out a cause, even if the description was excatly as sold, the buyer did not even return my item, but they refunded him, and kept my account froze. This is a bunch of bolongna, and I hope someone does something about it. Thank you for lisenting to me cry, but I am so mad.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hightowerc123 2006-05-05 08:29:22 In reply to: tuffbarn
E BAY SUCKS!!! WHY YOU ASK? WELL FOR ME They have suspended me unfairly because one of my tenants was bidding on items I had for sale they proclaimed it to be SHILL BIDDING!!! I am an honest EBAYER who is selling items and I believe anyone should be able to BID!!! According to EBAY no one related to you, friends with you, working with you in the same office or living with you, living in the same house even if it is a separate apartment or even using the same computer can bid on any of your items!!!! What the HELL is that!!! This I find to be very DISCRIMMINATING agaisnt so many people it's ridiculous. I too have had trouble getting any kind of decent response from them. I would like to hear from anyone else who has been unfairly suspended.
I also have a strike agaisnt me from a another EBAYER who said I did'nt pay for my order three days after I had purchased the item!!!!! The next day he got my payment and sent me an Email saying it is EBAY"S procedure to report non payment and do you think the strike was removed I THINK NOT!!!!!
So here I sit at my compute SEEING RED and SEETHING what the HELL kind of internet business is this!!! not only suspended but a strike without EBAY even contacting me about any of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:05:29 In reply to: hightowerc123
Hey, same thing happened to me, I just work in this place and I was bidding on some art that I won, and paid for, they still suspended me and everyone that works here, and they did nothing, neither did I, just bidded on something that I wanted, who's business is it, if you know the person, I should have just as much right to bid as the person across town, if I really want the item, it is not fair, and I wish someone could do something. I live in Dayton, but I have my items shipped here to where I work, so since everyone else here does the same thing, and check's their Ebay here, they suspended everyone, including the owner. That sounds like BS. to me.
Thanks for having a place that we can sound off.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: debz 2006-06-18 04:39:51 In reply to: patchess
i was suspended from ebay last week for selling a evisu customised skirt, which i bought from ebay the previous week, i loved the skirt but it did not fit me, i decided to relist it myself as i felt it was not the sellers fault it did not fit,after listing the next day i tried to sign in but it said i had been idefinatly suspended, i was a power seller with a 99%feedback rating of over 700 i have listed items such as chanel bags before and had the listing removed due to the fact i could not garuntee the bag was authentic due to it being a gift i was not to know if it was genuine or not so i liked to be honestand mention this, as for the skirt it was 100% evisu only customised why was i aloud to buy it, but if i listed it get suspended, totaly unfair and i am really upset over this please can anyone tell me how long an idefinate suspension lasts for, as i have purchased items from other sellers which i have paid for but not recieved, i am worried that the sellers may not send my stuff now that i am classed as no longer a registered user

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sveety 2006-04-02 17:40:06 In reply to: tuffbarn
I too after 7 years of service with ebay was suspended for shill bidding and ALSO connecting me with two other suspended accounts - This is highly unfair and untrue - Cant get anyone to talk with me except for generic email s- This is absolutely disgusting.!! I have numbers and if anyone wants them i will be happy to post or email you with them - I would love to know what if anything can be done....

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: pame5z 2006-07-20 21:45:07 In reply to: sveety
I would welcome any assistance with numbers....After getting over the suspension shock today & how they get away with their hiding behind the e-mails, I decided to look for a board like this ....Thank you for any assistance!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: laddsgirl 2006-06-15 18:39:47 In reply to: sveety
I was just wondering if anyone has got reinstated after an indefiniate suspension. If so how long has it been.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jayman 2006-04-21 01:58:02 In reply to: sveety
hi there, i too have been suspended from my ebay account under the excact same circumstances, i am supposed to be linked to a previously suspended account, i have emailed ebay and they have offered me no help whatsoever, in fact they have been as much use as a chocolate tea pot. i was selling a my vehicle on ebay and had quite a lot of people interested. . . . . . i have now lost a sale worth £1'300 and no contact addresses for my buyers as ebay has blocked me. This is so unfair and an appauling way to treat an honest ebay member so if you know of any phone numbers for dispute council or suspension appeals on ebay then please forward them to me..... cheers

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:20:05 In reply to: jayman
Hi, I was suspended too, and ebay don't give any phone numbers for you to call and I sent the fax to get my account reinstated, and they said I can't for 15 months because I new someone that was suspended for shill bidding. I did nothing, but I am still suspended, and the person who bought one of my items, cancelled it, cause I was suspended, I told him I would send the item, but he went to pay pal and reversed the money, which was almost 500.00, plus I had bids on the other items, and they cancelled them all, and sent the members a letter that I was suspended for shill bidding. I guess we all are just screwed, and there will be lots more, they suspend thousands every day,for no good reason. Good Luck to all of you, and someone needs to start another place like ebay for the lost ones on ebay. Thanks for hearing me.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: tippyairie 2006-05-02 13:49:18 In reply to: jayman
I too have been suspened due to being linked to a previously suspended account which happens to be my husbands account.Something he failed to tell me about.We have offered to pay any outstanding fees on his account but as a seller and bidder of someone with a (used to have) shop and a 1000+ positive feedback I would have thought that they would have given me at least some notice.We have both emailed them after he admited that he had outstanding eBay fees but all that we have got back is repeat duplicate emails which offer nothing apart from the notice that I am refused to ever sell or bid on eBay in my lifetime.Two words....crap service..No regard to feedback,fee payments on my account,no contact number...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jewels1966 2007-01-07 18:30:23 In reply to: tippyairie
Hi... I was also suspended from eBay because I was linked to my son's account similiar to your circumstances... I was just wondering if you were ever able to resolve the issue?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:26:20 In reply to: tippyairie
I too was suspended for knowing my son, and he lives in another town, he was suspended for knowing me, I was suspended for knowing another person that was shill bidding. This makes no sense at all, I emailed ebay, and it makes no difference, they like you said, send the same email back over and over. After I was suspended, they suspended me twice more, for shil bidding, and I was already suspended, does this make any sense at all. Thanks everyone

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mydogsloveme 2006-04-20 12:13:53 In reply to: sveety
I too suspended for same reason. Did you get back on after 7 days? How long did it take?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: turquoise 2006-06-30 00:11:10 In reply to: mydogsloveme
Have you found out after the 7 days?
Just happned to me and not sure if I will get my money from Pay Pal.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: surges 2006-03-28 19:03:29 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was wondering if anyone is still talking about being suspended on ebay. I just received an email from ebay saying that my acocunt has been suspended for 7days due to shill bidding and linked to another suspended user. I admit that i was trying to get some bids in but it was just one time. I have another account which my husband opened and i do use it once in awhile but i also think that someone has stolen some info from me too as i received a few spoof emails already. They had also sent me emails before saying i was violating their policy of selling counterfeit items. I suspect there are some sellers who because of competition reports it to vero. I don't know how they can proof what people are selling are fake or real. I even listed on my listing that i sell for people on consignment and have receipts for some of the items i sell. I don't know how long exactly they will suspend me on top of what they told me of 7days. I have emailed them 5times so far since they sent the email and it has been under 72hours. Does anyone know how to be reinstated or how to get back on ebay without them detecting it. Or if i am really only suspended for 7days.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:33:55 In reply to: surges
Hi, I was suspended for seven days, and after the seven days, I sent a fax begging to be reinstated, they wrote me back and said that I was indefinatly suspended for making a new account of the same suspended account, I even used a new name, and address, but I guess they look at the ip address, and found it out, so I am suspended again, and twice for shill bidding while I was suspended, how can you bid if you are suspended? beats me. I guess they have nothing better to do than sit all day finding innocent people to harase. If anyone figures out a way to get back on, I would like to sale the 3,000 dollars that I invested in my software, that I can't sell now.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mydogsloveme 2006-04-20 11:30:12 In reply to: surges
I'm in the same boat as you and this just happened to me yesterday! I think we shld have at least been given a warning 1st. I have 100% feedback, power seller. I've had no luck getting thru either. I do have their 800 number but that didn't help. Please let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same! I've heard some people are suspended up to 90 days to 6 months!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: epscham 2008-04-02 20:44:48 In reply to: mydogsloveme
Hi! I am one more victim of Ebay already suspended for 2 months!
I need to came back and sell the 8000 worth inventory sitting on my basement.
Please help a mother of 2 desperate.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:37:16 In reply to: mydogsloveme
Hi, I don't want to burst your bubble, but I have been suspended for 3 months, and they said I can't try for 12 months, so I don't know, I wish you all the luck in the world, and let me know if you get back on, they sure won't do anything for me.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: daniel_r 2006-03-29 02:12:41 In reply to: surges
Hi Surges, just had my account suspended for shill bidding, have to admit I wanted it to attract some attention and only had done this twice. I received an email "This email is to notify you that your account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to violation of our Shill Bidding Policy. " Which is fairly standard. I replied to the email and said I admit what I done and apologised. I have not heard back, its only been less then 24 hours. Any suggestions?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: art1 2007-01-31 17:43:13 In reply to: daniel_r
Hi Daniel,,Have you received any suggestions? The same thing just happened to me..Did you lose your membership forever? Were there any charges ? Thanks

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jadzn67 2006-03-10 19:20:45 In reply to: tuffbarn
This guy is write one. My story isn't as long but it is interesting. My friend just signed up for an ebay account and made the mistake of assigning an easy password. You guessed it someone (I can give you there email) broke in and sent an email from with in there new account trying to solicit a sale outside of ebay. Now She can't even get ebay to respond to her messages when sent through their message system. I have located a phone number for ebay but have been advised that calling it only makes them mad. What can any of us do other than quit using ebay. Unfortunately, not everyone will....

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: patchess 2006-05-17 09:43:23 In reply to: jadzn67
Hi, and you know, there is nothing we can do, just pray that someone starts another auction like ebay, and takes all their sellers. I guess that is like winning the lottery. I didn't do anything, and I got suspended, and I have tried for 3 months now, and still same ole thing, no reply, and you are right if you call the 800 number they not only get mad, but they tell you to fax in your info, which I did, and they still didn't do a thing. All I was suspended for was knowing a person that was suspended for shill bidding, and I bidded on one of her items, and won it, and paid for it, but I am still suspended.
It really sucks, but what can we do?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: rfk311 2006-02-04 15:29:17 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay has unfairly suspended me twice now and say that I am indefinitely suspended this time. The first time I had a very hard time trying to find out what I had done wrong. After many emails and requests they said it was a trademark violation. I was selling designer bags (authentic ones). I don't really understand who reports these items, could it be someone who is jealous. They would not even let me send proof. Now I am indefinitely suspended for the same so called offense. They will not even listen to my side of the story. What can we do? I am very disappointed with ebay and I hope they go belly-up for treating so many people like this. I think we should all start supporting overstock auctions. They are friendly and cheaper to deal with and seem to care about the little people.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: neondiva 2006-10-24 21:52:22 In reply to: rfk311
Two things... first, I'm strongly considering switching to Yahoo Auctions... they tout no selling fees. Anyone have any experience with them?
Second, I've just been suspended for a second time, also for "trademark violation." I've collected Fendi and Coach bags for years and feel darned confident I know how to spot a fake. I was just tossed for a beautiful, vintage Coach briefcase. Who makes these decisions? And if the item's a "fake", why will E-Bay not tell you what it is that made the determination? I can't even close my account, or store, while suspended.
And this has totally messed with my financial situation.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: surges 2006-03-28 19:06:40 In reply to: rfk311
Did you finally get back on ebay and if so, how? YOu said that you were suspended twice already. What did the second email say? Did it really say you were suspended indefinatly this time? Is there no way for us to sue Ebay?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: sadchild27 2006-03-07 00:11:34 In reply to: rfk311
I am a buyer, not a seller. I too have been unfairly suspended from ebay. My most recent suspension, was yesterday. this is my second suspension. the first time I got over my head a little. but I did pay the people I owed. and it took ebay a whole year to lift the suspension. this time. I was trying for a mutual agreement. with a seller. and he striked me. I have sent many emails to tell my side of the story. It is a long drawn out story. but I am trying to resolve it.and some of the items I had won, got suddenly cancelled. part of the problem was having numerous problems with paypal. It would pay people then block it. up and down up and down. that is what it was like. which is how I got the item strikes. so rather than keep them waiting anymore. I tried to come to some mutual agreement. two gave me item strikes anyway. I had explained to ebay and the sellers. but nobody is answering me. It feels like a shunning for something I had no control over. I hope ebay falls on it's HUGH FAT ASS!!!!! Sorry about that, I am still so very upset. any other buyer facing the same delemma please let me know. I can use someone to talk to.

Unfairly Suspended by eBay
Posted by: karenella 2011-12-15 20:53:25 In reply to: sadchild27
I, too, was recently suspended FOREVER by eBay. This is my story: I have sold part-time on eBay for several years, with no problems and only ONE negative feedback - from a woman who won an expensive watch, decided she didn't want it later and stated that it was fake. Even though I had it certified genuine by a jeweler, eBay sided with the buyer, as they almost always do. The watch was later re-sold and great Feedback was given. My Policy Compliance was always high, as was everything else. My DSR's in all areas were between 4.8 - 5. Two weeks ago I was emailed by eBay that my DSR's had fallen below Standard - although they WERE THE SAME, and my account was being suspended. When I called eBay for further explanation, I was THEN told that I was suspended because I had 3 cases open at the same time - not allowed, they said - even though two of the cases were due to Buyers not paying ME in time - and were not even instigated by me, but by eBay! I asked how long of a suspension and was SHOCKED when I was told FOREVER! Even the eBay agent seemed surprised. I was told that they do not reconsider suspended sellers. As with the other stories told here, it is unbelievable that eBay is able to get away with things like this. I truly believe they are methodically weeding out their smaller sellers.
I have been unhappy with eBay's completely self-serving practices for a long time, and am simply furious with them now. Hopefully I will find another FAIR venue to sell in.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: halox 2006-01-28 18:02:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
Sure, you can jump through their hoops and wait until they exploit you and those who you send documentation to them about. Or you can get smarter and learn how to circumvent this whole mess. I came across some very enlightening info at
that tells how to get back on the right way. Ebay's new security is *nearly* impossible to get past. I say nearly because when it comes right down to it, there is no bulletproof way they can stop you from selling, if you're knowledgeable and resourceful.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: VIPcontacts 2005-12-22 09:47:03 In reply to: tuffbarn
go to www.vipcontacts.com
- we have all the direct fax numbers , names , addresses, emails and everyone else in the Corporate offices.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jkccharming 2006-01-28 15:19:20 In reply to: VIPcontacts
I was recently suspended again because my account was linked to a previously suspended account, which was suspended for reasons I don't understand. Can you provide with any contact info or advice?

Im Selling Again!
Posted by: Kathrine 2005-12-18 08:37:49 In reply to: tuffbarn
I got suspended from Ebay for selling a designer dress, it seems that you can't list brand names... vero or something. They didnt warn me or anything and they never responded to my many emails to them.
My friend referred me to www.section9.i8.com and they got me back on in less than a day, YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Im Selling Again!
Posted by: angeldove 2006-05-18 11:28:09 In reply to: Kathrine
I wonder why you can't list name products, I was selling cakewalk software, that I bought, but that is not why I got suspended, so if it is a brand name, why can't you use it? I don't understand this at all. I was suspended for knowing my suspended Mother. Lord help us when we are not loud to know our Mother. Good luck

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: elegaizi 2005-11-28 09:25:59 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am NOT a seller and that I DO NOT KNOW this manuel1555!!
How much trouble am I in (my account is suspended)?
"Hello yaseen1979 (elegaizy@hotmail.com),
This email is to notify you that your account has been suspended for a minimum
of 7 days due to breach of our Shill Bidding Policy.
Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item’s price or apparent
desirability. Shill Bidding is prohibited on eBay. Information on eBay’s Shill
Bidding Policy can be found at:
Your account has been found to be involved in Shill Bidding with the following
associated accounts:
You are prohibited from using eBay in any way (including use of other existing
accounts or registering new accounts) during your suspension.
Any listings that you currently have open have been cancelled. Please note that
any fees incurred for these Listings will not be credited back to your account.
Your account will remain suspended for a minimum of 7 days, after which time you
may appeal the suspension by replying to this email.
SafeHarbour Department
eBay International AG".

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: fabziart 2005-11-25 09:18:28 In reply to: tuffbarn
Well I have to say that eBay are not going to answer anybody's prayers nor do they care about the fact that WE the little people, we made eBay what it is today. I have checked out eBid and I must agree though not as popular as eBay it is certainly a predator in the dark for eBay. Their fees are FREE absolutely FREE and I believe if we all pull together in an army of consumers and sellers at most we can put eBay out of the limelight for good. But I can't write this alone and not have anyone back me up here. All traffic head for eBid go, go, go, go... whether you sell fine arts or baby clothes, we must unite and make people aware of the money daylight robbery scam that eBay are thriving on is WRONG. Sorry but that my point of view. eBay has suspended me too many times for all the wrong reasons... we are the puppets and traders don't own their business on eBay... eBay does. So when you're suspended, eBay has just sacked you. Own your own business, think again...

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: angeldove 2006-05-18 11:24:37 In reply to: fabziart
Hi, I agree with you, I have been suspended 3 times, for knowing a suspended user, I can't help it cause I know my Mother and Brother, and they were suspended unfairly, with no good reason, I too think that we need to stick together, we could make ebid as big as ebay if we all do it together, you can't win much of anything alone, but with lots of people we can shoot down ebay, and that is a wonderful thought. I am a songwriter and I am writing a song called ebay sucks, I have a guy going to record it and produce it, and see if we can get it going, LOL, I am a spiteful thing, but it makes me so mad, I can't see straight, I was a member for 5 years, and all positive feedback, and zap, they got me for knowing my Mother, I am scared to know anyone now. Thanks and hang in there everyone

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: tbedbug 2005-11-23 11:18:38 In reply to: tuffbarn
can anyone help i have been suspended for 14 days its now been 16 and my account isnt reinstated does any one now how to get your account back

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: angeldove 2006-05-18 11:30:52 In reply to: tbedbug
Hi, and yes, you fax your life history to them, and then they send you back a email and say sorry, we need more info, it depends on what you were suspended for, but 9 out of 10 never gets back on.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hotdog 2005-11-25 13:37:20 In reply to: tbedbug
Dear tbedhug,
I too have been suspended from Ebay for shill bidding. I turned my computer on as always on Monday morning to read my emails and was absolutely horrified. Over a hundred listing's on Ebay, gone. All listing fees non-returnable, bla bla. As you can imagine, my heart was throbbing, I was physically shaking. I did lots of Google searches to read forums like this, to some idea of what to do. I got hold of an Ebay phone no: 0208 605 3000. There will be someone alive & human on the other end of this line, even though they couldn't actually help. Also, a handy email address if you're other's haven't been answered yet: ukreception@ebay.com
Anyhow, I sent off 3 emails, all saying the same thing : I had no idea what I was doing was wrong...Ebay is my only source of income, etc please inform me as to what I should do now -
I got a reply on Wednesday :
Your account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to breach
eBay's Shill Bidding policy.
After reviewing the details of this suspension, I have found that you
have not yet completed the full term of the suspension. Once a minimum
of 7 days have passed, you may reply to this email and we will provide
you with the steps that you will need to follow to be considered for
On Thursday I got an email saying:
Thank you for writing to eBay. I would be happy to assist you further
regarding the suspension of your account.
Your eBay account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to a
breach of eBay's Shill Bidding policy.
Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item's price or
apparent desirability. eBay does not allow a seller to bid on their own
items. Additionally, family members and individuals living together,
working together or sharing a computer may not bid on each other's
Your account will be suspended for a minimum of 7 days, and will be
considered for reinstatement once you have read the information
described below, and have replied to this email including a statement
that you acknowledge and understand eBay's Shill Bidding policy and
agree to comply with that policy.
You must read the User Agreement located at:
You must also read the Policies and Guidelines located at:
and the Shill Bidding Policy located at:
Upon reviewing the information provided on our site, should you still
have concerns about eBay's Shill Bidding policies, please contact
SafeHarbour using the Webform address provided below:
Any future Shill Bidding policy breaches may result in the immediate
indefinite suspension of your eBay account.
To be considered for reinstatement, please include the following
information at the top of your reply to this email:
I acknowledge and understand eBay's Shill Bidding policy, and agree to
comply with that policy as a condition of my reinstatement as an eBay
Name: (insert your name here)
User ID: (insert your eBay User ID here)
Email Address: (insert your Email address here)
Address: (insert your physical address here)
Phone Number: (insert your telephone number here)
I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter and
look forward to your response so that we can resolve this matter as
as possible for you.
So there is hope out there, I will keep you informed

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mickey6590 2006-02-26 05:51:50 In reply to: hotdog
Hi! I too just got suspended for shill bidding, even though I didn't. I know a person who bids on my items once in awhile. Can you tell me what finally happened with your account? Did you have to wait the 7 days, then just OK some stuff they sent you & you were back on?? I'm very upset! I have auctions on that I'm selling for other people. I'm trying to get an eBay business going, now I have auctions that just got cancelled! Please help! If you tell me I'll get reinstated in 7 days, at least I'll feel better!
Thanks for any help!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: hotdog 2005-11-24 13:36:04 In reply to: tbedbug
Dear tbedhug,
I too have been suspended from Ebay for shill bidding. I turned my computer on as always on Monday morning to read my emails and was absolutely horrified. Over a hundred listing's on Ebay, gone. All listing fees non-returnable, bla bla. As you can imagine, my heart was throbbing, I was physically shaking. I did lots of Google searches to read forums like this, to some idea of what to do. I got hold of an Ebay phone no: 0208 605 3000. There will be someone alive & human on the other end of this line, even though they couldn't actually help. Also, a handy email address if you're other's haven't been answered yet: ukreception@ebay.com
Anyhow, I sent off 3 emails, all saying the same thing : I had no idea what I was doing was wrong...Ebay is my only source of income, etc please inform me as to what I should do now -
I got a reply on Wednesday :
Your account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to breach
eBay's Shill Bidding policy.
After reviewing the details of this suspension, I have found that you
have not yet completed the full term of the suspension. Once a minimum
of 7 days have passed, you may reply to this email and we will provide
you with the steps that you will need to follow to be considered for
On Thursday I got an email saying:
Thank you for writing to eBay. I would be happy to assist you further
regarding the suspension of your account.
Your eBay account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to a
breach of eBay's Shill Bidding policy.
Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item's price or
apparent desirability. eBay does not allow a seller to bid on their own
items. Additionally, family members and individuals living together,
working together or sharing a computer may not bid on each other's
Your account will be suspended for a minimum of 7 days, and will be
considered for reinstatement once you have read the information
described below, and have replied to this email including a statement
that you acknowledge and understand eBay's Shill Bidding policy and
agree to comply with that policy.
You must read the User Agreement located at:
You must also read the Policies and Guidelines located at:
and the Shill Bidding Policy located at:
Upon reviewing the information provided on our site, should you still
have concerns about eBay's Shill Bidding policies, please contact
SafeHarbour using the Webform address provided below:
Any future Shill Bidding policy breaches may result in the immediate
indefinite suspension of your eBay account.
To be considered for reinstatement, please include the following
information at the top of your reply to this email:
I acknowledge and understand eBay's Shill Bidding policy, and agree to
comply with that policy as a condition of my reinstatement as an eBay
Name: (insert your name here)
User ID: (insert your eBay User ID here)
Email Address: (insert your Email address here)
Address: (insert your physical address here)
Phone Number: (insert your telephone number here)
I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter and
look forward to your response so that we can resolve this matter as
as possible for you.
So there is hope out there, I will keep you informed.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: freakyb 2005-11-21 15:39:17 In reply to: tuffbarn
I got suspended from ebay, it says 7 days. They removed my listing and they say I have to pay for the service I did not receive. The listing fees, final valve fee. I been a member is 1999. I hate ebay for this. Can not get any support on this, why I was suspended. They say read your email. Email says I was shill biding. I buy alot of stuff out line.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebysux 2006-07-28 12:21:21 In reply to: freakyb
If you have been suspended by ebay and would like to get back on so that you can sell within 24 hours, contact me. I have been selling on ebay for many years, and I wish someone would have done this for me a long time ago, so I am offering my services to you. I will set you up with a brand new ebay account completely verified under a different name and whatever country you would like (you can provide info, or I will create), and ready to sell on for $70.00. This account will be brand new, I am not a rip off who will steal another persons account with points and resell it. The points are your responsibility. Account will be set up via an anonymous ip with no link to your suspended account. I can also set you up with a new paypal account and bank account, contact me for details.
I accept egold only. ebysux@hotmail.com

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: syl0863 2005-10-25 14:51:11 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am so upset that I had gotten suspended from Ebay the SECOND TIME!!! I understand the first time, I had listed Designer inspired handbags without knowing what the problem was. But after learning about it I chose never to deal with replicas anymore. Anyways the problem was, I tried communicating with Ebay and nobody would respond back. It took 10 days before I was reinstated. And it happened on my birthday back in August(nice present). Anyways since then I was careful with what I had put on. I had gotten many positve feedbacks about shipping items quickly and being a good seller and buyer. I worked endless nights trying to list my items. I then had authentic designer bags with authentic cards and serial numbers and their they go again suspending me. I am so sick of Ebay right now. I am so frustrated with them. They wont communicate nor see that I have a legitimate item. I feel as though Im being discriminated and my rights as a seller are being violated. Not to mention any of my deals that I was working on, I cant even get to my customers. Next Ebay will be contacting me for money that they'll want from me for listings they took off. Right now I am looking into other auctions that are not like Ebay. I think Ebay is just a place to steal your money. They are worthless and an uncaring company. Its not worth putting up a store front with them because they will attack you and destroy all your hard work for NO REASON AT ALL without any warning. You CANNOT trust ebay. I say find a better auction.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: marge40 2006-01-11 18:26:30 In reply to: syl0863
You know. I wonder is it even worth trying to reinstate with them!! I would never sell anything on there any more. I would just buy and be very careful with that. They do not stand behind you if someone has taken your money. Neither does weak paypal!! Its very sad!! Also to not be able to communicate with anyone via phone is terrible. They know they would get cursed out a many of times That's why!! Don't trust them!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: infreestuff 2006-12-08 05:19:47 In reply to: marge40
Hello peeps been looking at your comments and I was also suspended for no reason they took down over 300 items and when I emailed them over 15 e-mails and 3 weeks later they apologized and said it was a mistake and they could not put my listings back on!!!! I had to do it manually ?? I was so annoyed anyway I no longer want to relay on ebay or any other auction site so I thought I'd make my own site (not a auction site!!!) I e-mailed everyone who paid via paypal to look at my site now because I don't pay any fees I pass on saving to my customers in fact I make more money on my own site then ebay now I still use ebay for bits and bobs but no longer rely on ebay. Ok I no some of you thinking you cannot make sites but it's easy I did a online course FREE downloaded FREE software and published it for only £15 a year and a domain name cost around £10 a year too you do the match's.
by the way I no paypal is apart of ebay so I will get rid of them as pay option as soon as I get better at making sites.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: oohlala 2005-10-17 22:43:08 In reply to: tuffbarn
To all who has been wrongly suspended by feebay, don't get mad, get even. I strongly recommend ebid. The fastest growing auction site. They started out in the UK, now Australia, US, canada... more to come. Free listing, $1.5 for a life time gold membership. Excellent service. It's about time we support other auction sites. Give feebay the boot!.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: angeldove 2006-05-18 11:41:31 In reply to: oohlala
Yes, I agree, lets all go to ebid and get them going great, and smash the bug ebay, who wants a lying deceiving place that punnishes you for knowing your family. It should be called suck bay. They really like sucking your money away.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: tippyairie 2006-05-02 14:02:32 In reply to: oohlala
i found ebid as well and am going to see how it does.ebay was a secondry form of income for me..needless to say i have my fingers crossed

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: marge40 2006-01-11 18:21:08 In reply to: oohlala
You know you are so right about ebay. I was suspended. I was selling knockoffs at first, I did not know. I began to sell the authentic handbags and they still suspended me. I was so upset at first!! The whole day. I only had one item for sale.I realized that I could go somewhere else(auction). I don't trust them to set up a big store with them. No way!! I would not sell anything anymore there. Too risky!!! There's life after Ebay!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ihateebay 2006-01-12 19:20:51 In reply to: marge40
hello, i am suspended from ebay too.. so where are you selling now? I want to sell my product to another website. i search ebid, but it seems there is not many people go there... help pls..are you still selling knockoff stuff... I have sell knockoff purse too but suspended by ebay...:(

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: nightchase 2005-09-25 21:57:36 In reply to: tuffbarn
Hi I got the boot too. I was knocked off E-bay saying that I was E-mailed about it and I didn't get it. I checked my account and everything was fine. Went to check out some items for resale and got them! Then came back home about 45 min later and tried to log on to E-bay and was suspended saying they contacted me by e-mail and didn't. This is the same e-mail I have used since my account was opened. they said I was kicked off for having something to do with a person that had been suspended for a short term or long term but didn't say who it was and I didn't deal with anyone outside of E-bay on my items. So I don't know what it is really about. I tried all the things to find the reason why but I got like most the same run around. I think they need to be stopped! they are ruining lives. this was my only income they need to check into matter more before taking an account away from people and not even giving them just cause. I can't believe that a business can get away with business tactics like this and not be shut down
Thanks for this forum on this!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: myrhsc 2006-04-21 21:52:36 In reply to: nightchase
I too have just been booted from ebay, for being associated with another account. Worked for a previous business as an employee that was banned from Ebay. There is no way of seeing what items are sold or who to ship to. I talked with a lawyer friend tonight and this would then classify as mail fraud as buyers would not receive product (do not know where to send or how to contact). Hence Ebay is causing mail fraud. He is going to call Ebay and write a letter, but from what I am hearing this will not do much good. He was wanting me to research and find out how many other people have had this problem and to start a list for a class action lawsuit due to blocking information that could lead to mail fraud.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: wamitchell3 2006-10-13 15:14:55 In reply to: myrhsc
There should be as class action suit against ebay for unfair suspensions. We had a former employee who unknownst to us set up an ebay account and apparently didn't respond to an ebay question and was suspended. One year later we decided to set up an ebay store account for one of our retail stores. We invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours and were days away from being a power seller when ebay informed us we were suspended due to our association with his username. We were shocked. We tried to communicated to ebay we had no knowledge of what the former employee did. We have fifty employees in our company. Ebay sent back emails stating their sorry, but we are indefinately suspended. It is inherently unfair and I believe illegal not to have some form of legitimate remonstrance when a party has a considerable investment and is cavalierly suspended without any consideration of the facts. Surely, there's an attorney who would take on a class action suit.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: gergedan 2005-09-20 05:50:14 In reply to: tuffbarn
I am with you! They just suspended my account UNFAIRLY! I wanna do something about this!
Let's go!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: canyonroad 2005-08-29 09:27:44 In reply to: tuffbarn

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: canyonroad 2005-08-29 09:15:21 In reply to: tuffbarn
HELP PLEASE...ATTORNEYS WELCOME ON A CONTINGENCY..I make My Sole Living on Ebay and Have for 3 years. I have Paid these Bloodsuckers over $36,000.00 in sellers fees during that time. On August 15th I paid My sellers fees of 800.00 as I always do. I simply made a Mistake and Grabbed the wrong Checkbook they look alike. I MYSELF REALIZED what I had done and on the 19th I remade the Payment with the RIGHT account with no prompting from Ebay to do so. My Mother Suddenly passed away with no warning and it was unexpected..I was very Flustered..A few Days Later with no warning at all for me to explain what happened. Ebays automated system Closed 400 Items in My Ebay Store and Cancelled all auctions.. They Were Paid CURRENT AT THE TIME and I HAD NO PAST DUE AMOUNTS OWED.. This was my sole living. I have no Income and a Funeral to Pay for, I cannot Buy food etc.. I have had 7 Hours Of Live Chats with Billing and a Supervisor has said he would escalte the reinstatement as He Understood what I had done. I have Copies of the Conversations.. 5 Days Later I get a Form Respoonse from accounting saying i can ask for reinstatement in 21 Days.. In 21 Days I won't have a House or be alive.. There were no Condolences from this Jerk even Just a Form Response.. So I know He did not look at the situation. I spent 25.00 Faxing Accounting the Appeal showing it was paid and Cleared the Bank and I faxed the Transcripts of the Live Chats and Literally begged them to reinstate my Living. I was not in the wrong, they were.. I have Had No response.. The Matter Gets Worse Because My Customers Think I have Fallen Off the Face of the Earth They Are Threatening Chargebacks on thier Credit Cards which Would destroy My Paypal Account and Sellers i bought from Are Giving Me Unpaid Item Strikes Because I cannot access any Part of my account. So As it Stands I Lost My Mother, and Because Of Ebay I Lost My Sole Living, Will Lose My Home and utilities with No Money To Move and My Daughter has had to Take a Leave From College as I cannot Pay her Tuition That is due.. In OTHER WORDs EBAY TOOK MY LIFE with no Compassion to a simple Mistake That I fixed BEFORE they suspended the Account. It would be a Matter of seconds for them to do what is Right. But you cannot Contact anyone by Phone. I have a Phone Number for Ebay BUT EVERYTIME I ask the Operator to Transfer me to Accounting. I get a Message They are Unavailable. It Does Not Matter what time of Day I call it is the same Message. Which Leads me to Believe They NEVER answer it. I am so Mentally Distraught I am Not safe to Drive even. I am Numb... HELP PLEASE before I no longer have a Life... I want My LIVING back....

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: VIPcontacts 2005-12-22 09:46:00 In reply to: canyonroad
We have the contact information for EBAY - Direct fax numbers and if you need direct names addresses and office numbers, we have that as well - we too have been suspended due to a virus that infected our email and sent SPAM to EBAY's Office of the PRESIDENT - We proven that this was a virus and EBAY still has us on suspension.
go to www.vipcontacts.com to get the contact information - it is listed right above the clikc buttons

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ebayback 2005-08-21 11:07:47 In reply to: tuffbarn
Ebay just suspended my 8 accounts per chapter 9 without explanation, 4 of them had more than 2000 positive feedbacks. After our company providedd all information they requested, one of our accounts was reinstated for 1 month and then suspended again for no reason at all, they motivated it as "we changed our mind". We are loosing allot of money and ready to open class action low suit against ebay trast and safety department. anyone who has any information about such low suit is existed, please reply to the post.
Attorneys- welcome to contact me for all details.
eBay does this to allot of people for no reason, it has to be stopped.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jkccharming 2006-01-28 15:29:41 In reply to: ebayback
Did you ever get this resolved? I have had problems with eBay and had three accounts suspended and don't know what to do. I'd be happy to be a part of a class action suit. Please let me know if there is hope.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: determined1 2005-07-24 03:25:31 In reply to: tuffbarn
Well Ebay Sucks really.
but as a former ebay staff, i can tell you, they are smarter than you think especially with automated monitoring.
i have come up with some information to help suspended ebay users on how to get around ebay suspensions and if you wanna get back on without being suspended again, then see this. it will help you real good:

Hey since you have worked for ebay, can you tell me if they look at ip address, I admit i was shilling but I was so careful that is the only way i can think they found out. Thank you for your time!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ImaPiamp 2005-09-20 17:24:31 In reply to: determined1
I tried going to your link: http://store.payloadz.com/detail.asp?c=13&s=58&i=10719 but it was inactive. Do you have another active link I can check out? I was suspended from eBay for selling an item that was removed by Vero, but the item was completely legitimate I had purchased it several years ago from the actual brand's store. When I questioned Vero about why it was removed I never received an answer and eBay kept directing me to Vero. I never violated any selling policies and gave them every piece of information they needed from me, but they can't even give me a legitimate answer as to why they're suspending me.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: 420shelley 2005-08-16 16:58:57 In reply to: determined1
I too have just been suspended i have just bought on ebay and have got upto a feedback of 9. I had received an email from ebay saying that my account had been suspended because i had been linked to a previously suspended member. This is completly wrong because when i opened my ebay account back in may 2005 i had only just come online and had not posessed a computer or even accessed the internet since high school. I am awaiting a response but i bet it looks bleak!!
regaurds EX - 420shelley

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: planes 2008-04-04 14:14:22 In reply to: 420shelley
I think what is happening is people change their IP to get back onto eBay. This is a relatively easy thing to do.
So IPs are getting crossed. I think this is going to be the achilles heel to eBays present policies.
See people change their IPs clear their cookies and histories and cache and go back onto eBay clean.
So before you started your eBay account someone may have had that IP. Then they got banned and came back clean but you then ended up with their IP.
So eBays software sees that old IP and immediately bans you.
On their end they know you are a scammer because they THINK you are that person. But they are either to stupid or know and dont care or just dont know what the heck to do.
In my opinion, they are in for a rude awakening. They are dumping truly honest good business people
and destroying lives.
Oh boy, I really think they are in for it!!

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: jonesantiques 2004-11-15 17:36:04 In reply to: tuffbarn
I was just suspended on Saturday nite. THe reason was that I am accused of using false or having missing contact information! I am a silver reseller, and Ebay is my main source of income. They canceled over 100 auctions that had been bid over $1,000 and would have reached $2,500 to $3,000 when closed. I sell holiday collectibles, so only have so many weeks a year to make my $$. I haven't moved, changed my name, changed my bank, changed my cc, changed my email.... but I did get rid of my landline in order to use only my cell. I noted the new # on the site, but that is the only thing I can think of that they could have issue with. I am STILL waiting on a reply. I sent them a response immediately, and I am freaked out. I have over $40,000 in stock that I need to sell. I don't know what to do. I can't call them, or do anything until someone emails me. AAAGGGHHH. Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: lvthwatr 2004-10-10 22:07:35 In reply to: tuffbarn
I totally understand what you are going through with e-Bay. Obviously the other person responding doesn't have a clue about the deceptive practices of e-Bay and the lawsuits threatening them now. Unless they cause you problems everyone thinks they're great, just get on a "list" for no reason and e-Bay can and does do whatever they want to you. Just as Paypal is paying for their illegal practices, e-Bay will pay too. A lawsuit will allow for Request for Production, and documents containing contact information can be requested then. I would assume there are already lawsuits pending against e-Bay.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: workinghard 2002-03-19 19:49:04 In reply to: tuffbarn
WAAAAA! You haven't said much other than you don't like eBay. Go somewhere else, there are plenty of other auction sites and leave eBay to folks like myself and my gentle Wesley.
eBay IMO is the finest establishment I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: angeldove 2006-05-18 11:56:58 In reply to: workinghard
To Princessbuttercup Well thanks for that bit of wisdom, you are as dumb as ebay, sit and wait, they will get you at sometime, and please don't come crying to us members when they do, you would deserve it. At sometime you will bid on something that don't sit right with the bloodsuckers, and they will get you, I thought they were great too, until they got me, for knowing my Mother, is that not a hoot. excuse me for the nasty remarks, but you probably work for ebay, helping to suspend us innocent people.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: kgermack 2007-06-08 10:06:21 In reply to: angeldove
I totally agree with you on everything you said to this ignorant woman. She'll get hers and then she'll be crying..waaaaaaaaaaaa And she better not post her complanint on this site!!
I too was suspendid for a year for selling under "TRADEMARK VIOLATION" I sold handbags. Well, I got a "WARNING" first because of my wording. I said in my discripton, I didn't think it was a real "Coach" but was not sure. My prices were like 9.99. OK...I understood that and I didn't word my discriptions like that again.... AFter that... I tried to sell a "DESIGNER INSPIRED" handbag. I said.. "This is NOT the real thing". WELL, because I had one picture with the workd "Prada" on the side of the bag,(it was a real picture that I took of the bag) I was suspendid for a week. OK.. I was upset, but could understand about fraud and stuff... OK I Faxed in the form. A week later I get an email saying I forgot to write my email address down!!!! They EMAILED ME TO TELL ME THAT!!! OMG.. so I faxed the form again with EVERYTHING filled out. That took about 5 days. Ok, I was back on... GREAT.. I started to sellmy bags again. Most were just ordinary cute bags, but then I bought some "Designer Inspired" bags". These were pretty expensive. I did my homework first and I researched other eBay sellers who were selling pretty much the same bags as I wanted to sell and 2 were EXACTLY like the ones I wanted to sell. BUT on their sites, I saw the NAMES of the bags they looked like and some even had logo's.!!!!
WHAT? HOW are they selling and not being taken off??? I thought OK<<< I will be VERY careful and list mine as "designer inspired" but also put in the discription.. "This is NOT the real designer bag" I even had a DISCLAIMER!!!! I NEVER mentioned the brand that my bag was suppose to look like.. Just the measurments, Pictures, and a brief discription. That's it. Nothing else. Well, within 2 hours of my listing... I was shut off completely.. Right in the middle of my discribing a bag. I was like.. What the H&*%!!!!
They emailed me and said I was suspended for TRADEMARK VIOLATION for ONE YEAE!!! OMG>. was I mad. All of that work I did. Listing and discribing and taking pictures. I tried writing to them explaining how I had described my bags and how my wording was just so, NOT mentioning any brand names or logo's. Well that's like trying to see God in person!!!!(before your time)...They just keep sending that darn form letter!!! OOOOOOO.. That just makes my blood boil!!! There is NO way to talk to a REAL person. How is that OK?? How can they get away with that. Oh.. and I had PERFECT feedback too.
I was just sick to my stomach. I went back and looked at the other sellers bags and couldn't believe how much more entailed theirs were than mine. BUT... What can you do? I guess I'll try Overstock.com?????? Any other advise or good selling sites?

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: kd5fxh 2005-11-30 17:06:51 In reply to: workinghard
Then explain this,
1st email from ebay,
Dear kd5fxh (xxxxxxx@hotmail.com),
We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the eBay community.
Per the User Agreement, Section 9, we may immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to provide our services to you if we believe that your actions may cause financial loss or legal liability for you, our users or us. We may also take these actions if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us.
Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited from using eBay in any way. This includes the registering of a new account.
Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.
Safeharbor Department
eBay, Inc.
My 1st response to them,
Please provide the reason for suspension..Section 9 does not provide
enough detail to determine the issue at hand..
There response after sending this 3x about 2 days time,
Hello kd5fxh,
Thank you for writing in to Safe Harbor with your concerns, I will be happy to assist you.
Due to the high demand and limited supply of Xbox 360 products we are
taking stronger measures to protect both buyers and sellers in the eBay
community. This means that sellers who list Xbox 360 products on eBay
must have physical possession of the products at time of listing.
If you do have possession of the Xbox 360 product you would like to sell
on eBay, please provide us with the following:
1) A photograph of the actual Xbox in your possession. Please clearly
have your USER ID displayed within the photograph. If you have multiple
Xbox 360 products in your possession, please send one photo containing
all items. No stock images will be accepted.
2) A copy of the sales receipt(s) (or other proof of purchase) for the
Xbox 360 product(s). Please black out any sensitive personal information
such as credit card information.
Once you have this information please fax it to us at 1-888-260-6355
Please allow 12-24 hours after faxing in your information for a
Do not respond to this email, as your reply will not be received.
We appreciate your patience in this matter.
Thank you for your time.
Investigations Team
eBay Trust & Safety
so it appears that they suspended it for a pre-order listing.. so I have sent them this response,
So, you disabled my account and ruined my credibility with ebay community,
instead of just removing the auction and notifying me of any policy change.
Do you normally make policy changes without notifying buyers and sellers of the changes?
This was a pre-sale and if you do not allow that any longer I will be more than happy to adhere to the new policy, but it was unnescessary to suspend my account as I was buying stuff as well, and the suspension will cause me unneeded bad feedback..Please provide the link to the new policy change so that I might read it..
Thank You
well no response from them for 3 days now..I even went to the website and looked up their policy for pre-sale items and found this,
Pre-Sale Listings
Pre-sale listings are those that describe items for sale that are not in the control or possession of the seller at the time of the listing. These listings generally consist of items that are sold in advance of a delivery date to the public.
eBay permits Pre-sale listings only on a limited basis. The seller must guarantee that the item will be available for shipping within 30 days from the date of purchase (i.e., the day the listing ends or the date the item is purchased from a store front listing). The seller must also clearly indicate within the listing the fact that the item is a pre-sale item with a delivery date that indicates the item will be shipped by the 30th day from the end date of the listing. Additionally, this text must be no less than the default font size of the eBay Sell-Your-Item form. Currently, the default font size is HTML font size 3.
Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
Listing cancellation
Limits on account privileges
Account suspension
Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
Loss of PowerSeller status
All the above conditions were met, so there was no reason to suspend my account based on the above policy..

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: Biloxi 2005-10-19 13:38:32 In reply to: workinghard
If I had read your post a few weeks ago
I might have agreed with you, but wait
until you are exploited and defrauded by
an unscrupulous and dishonest seller, and
you will find out how much you can depend
upon eBay. I have documented proof that
sellers in an eBay auction cashed my payment checks, they didn't send the items I paid
for, and all eBay offered is ridiculous
back and forth Dispute postings between the seller and the buyer, during which the seller
is allowed to make untrue statements, and
insult the buyer they defrauded.
I know there are wonderful sellers on eBay,
and I have a list of my favorites. I have
an excellent reputation and complimentary
feedbacks, but if you DO get victimized
by a dishonest seller you will quickly
find out eBay's method of operation, and
they just leave it to you to handle. I
will have to go to the Internet Fraud Complaint
Center and the Federal Trade Commission for
help, and I am utterly shocked and disgusted
by the lack of help from eBay. I am looking
for reliable auctions to bid in, and also
would love to find a reliable and legal
site for downloading music.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: ipod-sales 2006-08-06 04:45:25 In reply to: Biloxi
I too have been shafted by ebay, quite a few times over the last 5 years. In total I have amassed over 20,000 feedback and still I get suspended through incompetence. I have been shouting for years at the conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to steal angle but have had no luck in getting anyone to take any notice so I am pretty much dealing with it myself and I have started a one man war. At the moment I am nothing more than a slight prick of a thorn in their side however as each day goes by I manage to raise just an incy bit more awareness.
Like all you people I have my own story and part of it is here:
I was selling the cheapest Apple ipods on ebay. I only sold two of them, the 4GB nano for 132.00 and the 60GB video for 237.00 both in black and white (please don't email and ask for any as I am now out of business). Like other people I was suspended for no real reason (section 8, their get out of jail free card which suspends a person if they believe something might be wrong even though they won't tell you)
I went down and over 100 of my customers got burned. As you will already know the phone goes bananas, the emails don't stop and buyers who know no different/better because ebays suspension email makes a seller look like a crook, start using threatening behaviour either over the phone or by turning up at the house. Anyone that has been suspended knows that the stress ,aggravation, threats from buyers, and overload on administration through emails and telephone calls caused by ebays suspension of the account can be almost impossible to deal with.
If it hasn't happened already, there WILL be deaths through this, there will be people that just can't cope and they will top themselves, maybe when innocent everyday human beings around the world start killing themselves because they can't cope with the unlawful and wrongful 'mistaken' suspensions......maybe then the authorities around the world will sit up and take notice and maybe do something about it.
At the moment ebay are paying government departments like SOCA upwards of 100.000 (one hundred thousand english pounds) to be able to use logos like the 'get safe online' logo they have.
SOCA is run by
Steve Edwards
Stephen Edwards M.B.E.
E-crime Liaison
Serious Organised Crime Agency
PO Box 10101
E14 9NF
+44 (0)870 241 0549
I have corresponded with MR Edwards and pointed out to him that the worlds biggest fraudster (ripping off innocent mebers of the public) ebay are paying them 100.000 to help them catch online fraudsters. A bit like the Mafia donating money to crime fighting. MR Edwards in all his wisdom was not interested in seeing or hearing one shred of proof against ebay, rather he could only pat both ebay and paypal on the back for all the good work they are doing. In my country we call people like that little 'Tommy Tankers'
I don't want to bore you as we all have millions of words to say I am sure. The owner of the site I have posted on has started a forum for anyone interested in a class action law suit against ebay here:
I have the facility to record conversations anywhere in the world and have recorded 3 conversations with ebay so far.
Here are the 3 voice recordings
1) The original voice recording with Malcolm at ebay power seller support, you will not believe the incompetence, lies and the drivel that comes out of this guys mouth. He states categorically umpteen times that ebay customer support WILL tell me what the suspension was actually for and as you can see from the conversation in the link (my story) above they refused to answer those questions. I copied the entire conversation with myself and Mandy Rogers from the ebay suspensions team and have posted it here:
The conversation with Malcolm is here:
2) The second telephone call to power seller support, this time it's Richard and Richard not only agrees that ebays system is wrong but also agrees that A) the automatic email ebay sends out to buyers does indeed make the seller look like a crook and that this is done on purpose. B) he openly admits that ebay as a standard practice procedure takes money from suspended sellers even though ebay are not owed that money, basically admitting that ebay use theft of sellers funds as standard practice. If this recording doesn't make News at 10 I will be a monkies uncle. This recording is the absolute proof of ebays conspiracy to defraud and theft.
3) This is a recording from one of my customers that lost money and his attempt to talk to someone and get some kind of resolvement. This recording is 10 minutes long and you can listen to Phillip from the power seller support team be about as helpful as an umbrella with holes in a downpour. This recording is again proof beyond doubt that ebay have NO customer service and are not interested in serving their customers.
If you have had a problem with ebay and want to try and phone them then call using this number and the call will be recorded, you know it's recorded both ways but they think it is just recorded from their end and have no idea your call to them is recorded by you.
The number is: 07033 21 98 46
If you haven't done so already then check out the links left by Garden of Eden, one of the links is this forum
The links are:
They make some seriously interesting reading.
One of my customers called me yesterday to let me know they have received a full refund through the paypal protection they had although most people have lost money because ebay will not give them any assistance whatsoever.
Whilst I still have CyberCash, I am more than happy to refund any of my customers that have been burned with that, just email me if you are a customer of mine that has got caught up in this fiasco.
Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my post, I wanted to keep it short and ended up writing a book......lol

thank you and i can relate
Posted by: jborning 2011-08-08 23:31:18 In reply to: ipod-sales
i recently experienced this about 4 days ago. we had become a very strong seller; selling deeply discounted electronics; laptops, tv's, accessories, etc... and with very great sales!

i woke up 4 days ago, checked my mobile to see where our feedback was at, and all inventory had been disabled.

and then the negative feedback started to flow in. and we have about 400 customers left hanging, their purchase disappeared from ebay, etc...

and yes the customer hate messages and calls have been non-stop. i am worried they will find where i live. i have been receiving multiple threatening messages.

ebay doesn't respond or care. i absolutely despise them. their actions are appalling and horrific. i just about had a heart attack the day it occurred and am still worried that i may have had a small stroke. i can't afford this at the young age of 33. plus my wife's health is not great and i was so scared that she may have a break down (she has some mental diseases as well as some plagued health).

we're not planning on returning to ebay, we're going to just continue refunding every customer as well as telling them a brief explanation why. our company is shot, and we're going to start over from scratch.

i believe that ebay is wrapped up in another scheme where they are connected with some buyers to give poor feedback. i've read from first hand sources that ebay is attempted to alleviate all of their successful small business sellers. i have many theories and am strongly considering legal action. i could fund a strong law suite and i'm not afraid to go for it. i'm not afraid of ebay or paypal and believe they both need to be shut down completely. i've read 100s of these stories of businesses completely going to sh!t because of ebay's random suspensions.

a very frustrated man in the USA

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: epscham 2008-04-02 21:10:12 In reply to: ipod-sales
Any Lawyer wants to look at my suspension case and go ahead ! I have a very strong report from BBB !!! Contact me for more info.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: mannyjr40 2008-03-25 04:21:55 In reply to: ipod-sales
I recently got suspended on ebay after reaching powerseller status. There was a death in the family last year dec 11th and I had to leave town unexpectly because of it and many of my customers got their product after x-mas. I received 25 negatives in 2 weeks. I tried to explain to ebay that I had an unexpected death in the family and because it was a hand made product I couldn't do them until I got back and I could do them during the time I was out of town due to the circumstances.
Ebay has no system in place to deal with unexpected events or personal tragic events. They just shut you down if your rating falls and they don't care of the reason. I find this very disturbing and unfair. If you work for anyone and there is an emergency they will work with you to help you cope and deal with it the best they can, but Ebay doesn't.
Ebay was my major source of income so unfortunately because I haven't been able to replace this income, I'm facing eviction and shutoffs of my heat, internet, lights...everything.
How does a internet company have soooo much power over an individuals life is beyond me. Please inform me of any class action law suits. I would do anything to get revenge on a company that cares little for their sellers.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: kissdemon 2007-09-14 18:37:04 In reply to: ipod-sales
Hi, do you still have those sound recordings of your conversations with eBay?. I am in a fight with them at the moment. Please let me know.

Re: Please respond all of you who have been suspended by ebay wrongly
Posted by: goofy1028 2007-09-28 02:01:49 In reply to: kissdemon
i was recently suspended on 8/31/07. paypal shut me down due to too much money going in and out of paypal. I have been a member since 2002 with over 2000 feedbacks and they shut me down for no apparent reason. I had money going in and out of paypal. Which we certainly pay for all this money on fees. I thought that was crazy. So what happened when my paypal account was placed on limited access, ebay suspended me. My current buyers, ALL filed a dispute. the funds were all held. Paypal required me to show them invoices and pay all negative balance. ***note the reason why it was negative is because when the buyers saw that i was suspended, they received an email from ebay not continue the transaction. all of them filed for all their money. anyways, they required me to pay that all off and provide them of invoices of EVERYTHING that i recently sold. I did that within 2 weeks. Paypal finally restored and lifted my account to good standing. NOW, ebay is refusing to place my ebay account in good standing. They dont return ANY of my emails. Everytime I call they tell me that only trust and safety can handle this and there is no way via phone or email. you have to go through ebay message center. Everytime you email, it goes on the bottom of the stack. If you dont follow up you dont know if they are actually doing anything. Its been a month and still no word from them. Its pretty sad that a lot of people like myself use ebay as a source of income. In the blink of an eye, they can suspend you and you can NEVER get your ebay account again. Its a shame that as Ebay is so well known, they have a lot of people that HATE THEM! I do hate them, but this is how I provide for my family. I continue selling with using different user names and accounts. Have to start all over but what can i do right? please comment!

Posted by: EBAYTHEBEAST 2008-09-08 07:45:59 In reply to: goofy1028

Posted by: DoNothing 2008-07-21 22:25:20 In reply to: goofy1028
they have suspended my account for link with other suspended user without giving any reason and not replying my email with valid reason. All that mentioned is all correct. There must be another site like Ebay to BEAT them. I think they are taking some extra money from some people to close other people account so that they do not sell similar items. I do not know but they are having MONOPOLY so they think they can do anything they can.

Posted by: shinta 2008-08-03 08:56:44 In reply to: DoNothing
Has anyone had any experience with this site? ive been looking for an alternative to get back on ebay but the majority of sites troydes, bashar, lobbay are all owned by the same scam artist. Not sure about RestartEbay.com they seem to be open to letting you pick your own method of payment instead of forcing you to wire money.

any feedback would be appreciated :)

Re: www.Lobbay.com
Posted by: fnfreek 2008-12-17 05:01:54 In reply to: shinta
I gave this company $300. over 3 months ago. I got an ebay account a month later and it worked for 3 weeks. I am still waiting for a paypal / bank account which was part of the package. This enables you to get your money out.
In wanting to get my money out of paypal. I tried to use an old account and ebay cops caught me and cancelled the account. This never would have occurred if I had gotten the whole package at the same time.
These people don`t seem to give a darn about you. Sound familiar?
I do believe their product works as I have seen it. I will have to update this if and when I get the other part of the package and whether I have to pay for another ebay account or not

Lobbay.com very good service :)
Posted by: Samyfiyi 2009-03-09 17:38:05 In reply to: fnfreek
www.lobbay.com helped me tons to get back on ebay. I have a fully seller ready account with 10+ feedback and I got now my own 20 other seller feedback. I have a total of 20 items sold and 20 positive feedback made on my own.

I cannot thank them enough. They were really patient with me. I was skeptical at first because of people leaving negative comments on different websites, but I decided to take a chance and it worked successfully. For those of you who wanna try them, say glinka referred you, they will take good care of you.

A+ service and A+ support. Great people to work with.

Re: Lobbay.com very good service :)
Posted by: miblehy 2009-03-10 20:45:05 In reply to: Samyfiyi
here is a good third party review I found about lobbay.com , they actually have a very good reputation and I like them a lot myself for having used them in the past. Read it: http://lobbay.blogspot.com/

Ebay suspension, For eBay's OWN FAULT ????
Posted by: akash3553 2008-10-07 12:55:10 In reply to: shinta
eBay also just suspended me due to selling acaedemic software. I was a great seller, with 100% posotive feedback and over 344 sales.

NO Where does it mention in eBays user agreement, that you are not allwoed to list such items.

I am in a huge dispute with them and have also told that the matter will be taken further if the suspension has not been removed.

I am now considering a lawyer to deal with this case as it is TOTALLY UNFAIR.

800 poisitive feedback then suspended
Posted by: jackdaniel 2009-03-04 22:21:33 In reply to: akash3553
I have been a customer on Ebay with 800 positive feedback. Ebay still shut me down even though i had psoitve feedback but seller status was low. How could i avoid this, if customer, gives 3 stars out of 5 for product, or 3 stars out of 5 for delivery, this is beyond my control. I cannot predict every customer will be satsifed at the end of the day i am selling used car parts. Its not easy.

Ebay have not been supportive, when it comes to money they send you laods of emails, when it comes to help, they dont want to know, if you do get a email, woheyyyyyy, lucky me, its jsut a auto bot at the other end. I respect ebay for giving this online oppurtunity but they have taking the fame and money way to up their heads and now they are under panic, i wish some bilkionair company coems out competets with them, then i will join them.

Im currently looking at amazon and yahoo shopping and alibaba.com

Take care guys. dont give up beat the system!!!


uk suspended ebay accounts
Posted by: ukebayaccounts 2009-12-25 14:49:15 In reply to: jackdaniel
we have started a service providing ebay eller accounts for those suspended by ebay


Willing to purchase suspended ebay account
Posted by: inneedof 2009-03-07 00:42:17 In reply to: jackdaniel
Hello and how are you i am willing to purchase your suspended ebay account.Please contact me.
Best Regards

Ebay suspended id
Posted by: raman_i 2011-01-23 08:05:25 In reply to: inneedof
I guess, there is no use of suspended id. I m using ebay from more than 3 yrs. Creating other seller id is legal but my id was suspended due to creating another seller id.

I've gotta say
Posted by: brokerbandit 2011-04-14 18:09:39 In reply to: raman_i
You know I've gotta say this, I started selling on eBay almost 4 years ago, the first 3 I did all the wrong things...I made money yes, but I was suspended again, and again and again, I had to create new accounts constantly (I even wrote a book on the subject of getting back on eBay!! - you may have heard of it eBay Undercover?) - I was constantly bashing ebay and upset - and then I basically one day read something in a book somewhere I think about the golden rule of eBay - "You burn them, they burn you - you help them, they help you" - So this year I started one final new account in January, and this time I took everything I learned through trial and error about eBay and Paypal, and I am happy to say that I am now a year later a Top Rated Gold level powerseller, I have over 1500 hundred 100% positive feedbacks, and close to a 5 star seller rating in all categories...And what I have to say to everyone is this in my experience now: eBay treats me like ABSOLUTE GOLD, it is a total pleasure working with them now, they bend over backwards to help me everytime I call with a problem - They even give me a nice little heads up email if there's a problem with one of my listings WITHOUT removing it (thsi only applies to minor stupid things, not anything serious lol)!! I have never been treated better by a company in my entire life, and I'm making a full time income working about 10 hours a week at best - They actually THANK ME each and everytime I call up to speak to them for being such a good seller...So I think it just goes to show, when I was doing the wrong things I was constantly unhappy, fustrated and cursing eBay - But now that I follow the rules to the letter, sell unquestionably authentic or non flagged known counterfeit items, and treat my customers like absolute gold (I bend over backwards to make my customers happy at all times, even if I lose money) - I must say eBay treats me like an absolute king, and I'm happy to be a seller on there...yes it's a bit expensive to sell there, but I get a 20% fee discount now, so thats nice...Sorry to all you people on here, but all I can say is, get back on (you can check out my book eBay Undercover to help you do that if youd like - just type the title into google to find it) do everything absolutely right and learn from your mistakes - and once you do that, trust me it does get alot better..Good Luck to you all...

Re: I've gotta say
Posted by: ginger-5 2016-06-16 15:39:30 In reply to: brokerbandit
Pile of cr... from the first letter to the last one. I understand you want to sell your useless book, but please, dude, don't lie to US - we KNOW what kind of scam eBay is... so take a break.

Violating Ebay Policy
Posted by: paulaol 2011-12-29 05:43:44 In reply to: brokerbandit

I will go ahead and try to find your eBay account, because registering multiple accounts after one has been suspended is against eBay policy. Hopefully eBay will pop your little bubble and find you and suspend you off the site and you can write here what we are all feeling.

liar, liar, pants on fire.
Posted by: jborning 2011-08-08 23:56:35 In reply to: brokerbandit
and then you woke up and realized you were on ebay's payroll as an executive???

I worked for eBay Trust and Safety and can help !
Posted by: wyllie832 2011-10-06 10:44:41 In reply to: jborning
I worked for eBay's Trust and Safety Department for many years and know for sure that the only way to use eBay again is if you can register under a different individual, with a different address, computer, bank account, and credit card. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. BUT there is a way of getting around this if you know exactly how to explain yourself to eBay's Trust and Safety. Having worked there for over 10 years, I know what they are looking for before they will lift the suspension off of any eBay account. Email me at wylie832@gmail.com and I can help you.


No power seller? No nothing
Posted by: 440rt 2011-10-23 21:42:45 In reply to: wyllie832
Saw your post about working for ebay.

I'm not suspended from there. But think they are very wrong in what they do.
I feel as though they should be sued for discrimination.

Still work for them? Perhaps you can answer this.
I had some brand name watch boxes listed they pulled a while ago. Said I wasn't allowed to sell them because they
could get into the hands of a person selling knockoff items and using the boxes for that. But others are selling the same
thing still. I don't care about the "some get caught rule" because if your policy is your policy, it applies to everyone. not just some.
Put all that money they are making to good use and find a way to apply the rule to everyone.

All the idiot that pulled my listings had to do was a search for more listings of the same items to find the others selling them and
pull them too. But no just mine.

So they should pull all the vehicles that have brand names on them (because someone might rob a bank with it) down and
all the brand name items listed because someone might use it as a weapon and that would be illegal. Its crap. No one can do anything

I'm just guessing but it might be easier to find the people selling knockoff items by watching to see who is buying the boxes all the time
and not the person selling to an individual that had a box for his watch and lost it some how. So stupid.

Its just wrong and unless you are a power seller you are nothing to them. It has always been that way.

Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: rbichr 2011-07-11 18:08:49 In reply to: brokerbandit
I signed up with ebay 3 months ago and since then I've sold a few items, no complaints, 100% positive feedback, zero claims against me, and one day after I listed a bunch of items and wasted hours of my time, ebay suspends my account saying that it is for security reasons. I called them and customer rep would not tell me the reason. When I insisted, after putting me on hold several times because he was clueless on giving me any explanation, he tells me "basically ebay decided they do not want your business". So unprofessional and unfair. I hope they go out of business soon. I would love to file a class action against them. If someone wants my testimony, I would love to do that and hurt their business. Their policies are so unfair to sellers to a point where buyers take full advantage of it. Their fees are so high and they keep getting higher. I can't believe they even charge fees on shipping charges now. What are they going to do next, charge fees for ebay fees. They are so greedy and take advantage of people in need. I hope they rot in hell

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: dconnerii 2012-06-01 08:53:05 In reply to: rbichr
This type of issues is why i never put all of my "eggs into one basket" so to speak!!!

I still use eBay but not like i used to, the majority of items are listed on Amazon.com with eBay second and Craigslist 3rd.

I am also expanding to other online channels within the next 3-6 months in addition to looking at the options of flea markets.

lets face it eBay used to be a great place to make a living however we as online merchants must adapt and change with the times.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: albertking 2012-07-04 15:42:13 In reply to: dconnerii
I have searched all over the internet for ways to deal with ebay suspensions and paypal limitations. It isn't easy losing your source of income and getting booted off ebay. But after searching far and wide I found a variety of tools to help me get back on ebay after being unfairly suspended. The best forum I found where this topic is discussed is http://www.modeeworld.com/forums

Modeeworld did it for me. Modee is super knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend the modeeworld forum for anyone trying to learn about how ebay and paypal really work, and how to get back on ebay and paypal and how to STAY on ebay and paypal.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: eddie80_5 2012-11-12 07:44:43 In reply to: albertking
E-bay is a becoming a bunch of aholes, I was a power seller for 8 years full time income, as my kids got older they wanted to also sell on e-bay, I had set them up with e-bay user names, I had no idea that you can not have more then one user at home using one computer, this is what ebay said to me " your are suspended for no reason" when I contacted them, there rep with broken English from Pakistan or China said you have more then one user, I said I have my sons who have there own account and I have business account and PayPal business, she said no one is allowed to use the same computer on the ip address this is why you got suspended, contacted pay pal, and they said the same thing, so I said if I have a friend come over and he wanted to check his pay pal or e-bay he can't they replied this against there policy and that person will be suspended, to I said what the I u talking about, and after a week 14 friends of mine and my Mom who sells specialty machines to pay for her bills also got suspended, I went off at them, and the same thing, what is the reason, they said multiple people logging in, no chill bidding, they said to many people, bull shit, bull shit, then they limited my pay pal and everyone that ever used my computer, I e-mailed every one to the top on e-bay, and still no clear answer, I really would like to get my account back, I have over 1400 feedback all positive, I want to be a part of that law suit.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: UsAuctionCompany 2016-07-21 01:43:40 In reply to: eddie80_5
Add me to this list. 20 yrs. Certufied Ebay instructor,power seller, tip rated seller, trading assistant etc etc. All poof. ALL my sales and work on listing unique items gone! People cant pay, items ending with bids... call ebay... i took me 6.5 hours to get a human. I was on hold for almost 4 hours from a machine call back when my place in line was ready . I got Brad and Kath... y in the,Philipines who said the system was automated..your account suspended... so sorry. Waving my flag eBay.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: nuzzo 2016-04-15 11:40:40 In reply to: eddie80_5
I agree. I didn't eBay was that stupid until I was suspended. They never gave me any reason, just the runaround.

After researching more, apparently they suspend you at anytime whenever they please and for whatever reason they can think of.

Going over this article: http://auctionessistance.com/ebay-suspension/

I would have initially thought it was stupid, but after being on the other side, I can now see where they come from.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: ginger-5 2016-06-16 15:35:04 In reply to: nuzzo
I want to be a part of this lawsuit, too! I've been tracing their b-shit activities for a long time now, and I am convinced eBay is a huge scam. I also have a feeling they have somebody in our Government in their pocket, and it would be very interesting to find out whom...
Anyway, I'm in! Let me know how can I help, please!!! I am sick and tired of their cr...

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: dbeavers1955 2017-01-19 21:22:47 In reply to: ginger-5
Hi All. I want to be added to this law suit also. I may also look for my own lawyer. EBay has been missing with me for over a month. I sell many coins and many in penny roll form. Been doing this for over a year. But last month eBay pull some of my penny rolls. I was surprised and I had to call support, lucky me! Anyway, the message when they took down my penny rolls, was very ambiguous and I ask support to help. Support wasn't sure why this happened and needed so time to figure out what happened. Later she called me back and was at a lost for why this happened. She was saying that I needed to show all my coins in the penny roll. So I request a supervisor. The support person and the supervisor were trying to tell me that I had to open the penny roll so buyers could see all the pennies before buying. I asked the supervisor to check with someone that knows about selling rolls of coins. I told her eBay has a sole category for rolls of coins and someone else may understand how they should be listed. I also told her that there were over 3,000 listings that do what I was doing in selling "Unsearched" coin rolls. And I sold myself probably hundred or more penny rolls on eBay. The support person and the supervisor did not know about selling coins. So, the supervisor said she would get back to me after research. She did not call me back, but someone sent me an email saying I could sell my penny rolls, but I need to remove one picture that shows a stack of Unsearched penny rolls. I have this email from eBay in my possession. I didn't agree with their recommendation, but did what they asked since I didn't think it would hurt my selling. Now I removed the 1 picture and listed, again, the penny rolls. The next day I seen the listing was removed again, and I received the ambiguous email about what they did. I had the 1 day suspension for me again. Then I called the support team again and talked to another support rep. This support person told me to make another change of adding 1 coin with a picture of front and back and then relist it. I did this and relisted 5 penny rolls. Of course, on eBay there are well over 3,000 coin rolls for sale by other sellers that were like mine exactly before I removed the stack of penny rolls. My question is "I wonder why the other sellers of Unsearched rolls can sell their rolls when I cannot". Now, after I made this next change of creating pictures with 1 coin's front and back in my listing. So, I made the changes and scheduled the listings to start in a couple of days. I also called support to confirm my 5 listings looked good, and they told me it looked good to list. Great, after a couple of days my scheduled listings went out and almost right away my penny rolls were removed again, and I received another email but this time, I was suspended for 3 days. I was beginning to think that I am being singled out. I feel it may be that the supervisor I first talked to was unhappy with me since I asked for a coin person that knew about selling "Unsearched penny rolls". Anyway, I called the support rep who sounded just like the first support rep that I opened this issue with. However, she said she didn't talk with me before and her name was "Sam". She also said she couldn't help me. So I asked to speak with a supervisor. She told me his name was "Paul" and would call me back in about an hour. Of course, like many times with eBay, no supervisor called back. So, count me in for a law suit against eBay for me being suspended for no reason. I will not re-list these penny rolls back on eBay. I feel I have been singled out by someone at eBay. This is bad business for eBay and its losing them lots of money because of their bad support personnel.

Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: tj8799 2018-08-04 18:46:52 In reply to: dbeavers1955
I used to sell on eBay but about 2-3 months ago they suspended from selling (But I can still buy off there (Weee of course they want me to buy )

I sold on eBay to help our abused and abounded cat shelter we have I always shipped on time package it will so no damage would happen I had only 1 negative feedback it was from a buyer who said the parts and repair laptop that got did not work that was after he already took it apart.

I see on eBay there are seller that have more then one negative feedback they still sell and my prices and shipping was below what they have there for I don'y understand

I can see if I was below Standard as they said I was at least let me improve not just cut the selling all together No warning nothing just the next day no more selling

and No appeals eBay is getting to big and worse

used to be a good place I would sell about 5-6 items (Laptops) a month and was a power seller

it helped our shelter a lot

Now nothing trying Bonanza I hope we have better luck

But what can a seller do as they change rules almost twice a month

I give up I hope Bonanza Online selling is better as least they don't charge for listing items but I have not sold anything and been two months


Re: Ebay Account suspended for no reason
Posted by: fritomarky 2019-09-03 14:05:36 In reply to: tj8799
I just joined eBay on 8/30/19 and all I wanted to do was BUY. 8/31 I tried to bid on an item and it would not let me, saying that I was new and restricted?? I called-the first agent was helpful, but we got disconnected. The next girl was useles- I couldn't understand her and she was rude. She also asked a lot of weird questions which I politely answered. I still was never able to bid. The item ended Sunday evening, so I called Sunday afternoon with no help, tried multiple times. Sunday night I spoke w/ a kind gentleman that told me that he was working on it, asked numerous questions. Long story short, the auction ended and I never placed a bid. The following morning, I got 3 emails from eBay. My account was blocked/suspended and I can't even purchase anything!? What is going on?? I don't understand anything about this and have no clue why. They told me absolutely Nothing.
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