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Re: I-Marketing Interview: Carat Interactive - Part 1
Posted by: Mark W. Vigoroso 2002-02-17 23:02:53
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Founded in August 2000, Carat Interactive specializes in digital messaging programs that
are integrated both offline and online across all interactive mediums. The company's
clients include Adobe Systems, Bank of America and Palm. Carat Interactive vice president
and media director Mark Stephens recently spoke with the E-Commerce Times about the
untapped potential of interactive advertising and the future of integrated marketing.

Re: I-Marketing Interview: Carat Interactive - Part 1
Posted by: Johann Sebastian S. 2002-02-17 23:22:26 In reply to: Mark W. Vigoroso
The biggest challenge in marketing on the Web is getting surfers' attention, which has been minuscule ever since Internet marketers betrayed them with misleading banner messages, annoying pop ads, and dubious offers.
Therefore, there is no way you can develop good branding by displaying large, even Flash-based ads. You might get attention early on (remember those that suddenly appear in the middle of Web pages?), but over time they all become background noise. Worse, interactive, Flash-heavy, rich media ads aren't practical, considering the limitation of bandwidth -- very slow Internet connection of most users (even in America).
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