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Re: Cybercrime Fighters Lobby Congress for Support
Posted by: Lori Enos 2002-02-11 08:16:11
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Cybercrime fighters are scheduled to continue lobbying U.S. Congress on
Thursday for more money and power to combat hackers, con artists and other
cyber crooks.

"No one knows the full extent of the fraud being committed on the
Internet," Thomas T. Kubic, deputy assistant director for the U.S.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), told the House of Representatives
subcommittee on crime Tuesday. "Not all victims report fraud,
and those who do, do not report it to one central repository."

Re: Cybercrime Fighters Lobby Congress for Support
Posted by: LadyMoon 2002-02-11 08:52:46 In reply to: Lori Enos
I was the victim of cybercrime more than once and in all reality there was no recourse. In one case I had names but no one would listen. In the other cases there are ways but no one's interested as well I am still will to help because as we speak I know there is someone still hacking into our systems ....
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