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Re: Analysts: PayPal IPO Should Pay Off
Posted by: Elaine X. Grant 2002-02-05 14:52:24
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With online payment company PayPal set for its IPO, analysts are optimistic about the
company's prospects. "The signs are there that they will continue to be successful,"
Gartner analyst Avivah Litan told the E-Commerce Times. Litan expects the IPO to be
strong, but not show "the wild kind of success we saw a few years ago." Despite strong
revenue, PayPal has yet to get out of the red. But Litan expects the company to book a
profit of about $3 million in the first quarter.

Re: Analysts: PayPal IPO Should Pay Off
Posted by: eyom 2002-02-08 10:34:47 In reply to: Elaine X. Grant
PayPal's IPO is expected to test the stock market's appetite? But this company is boasting their tremendous growth but where are the profits? PayPal's e-mail payment service more than doubled during 2001 to 12.8 million accountholders, but the company continued to lose money. Since its inception in March 1999, the company has lost $283 million, according to records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This means that this is another buy then dump stock which is not a good long term investment. A company that makes no profits is a little too risky for my taste.

Re: Analysts: PayPal IPO Should Pay Off
Posted by: howard__ 2002-02-05 19:26:32 In reply to: Elaine X. Grant
I'm surprised that PayPal would be considered a success because (1) the software tends to be buggy (try changing an address after moving) & (2) they will freeze accounts without warning or cause.

The net seems to be littered with disgruntled users of PayPal. Personally I'm waiting for someone to implement the idea correctly.

Re: Analysts: PayPal IPO Should Pay Off
Posted by: FatesFolly 2002-02-14 12:00:48 In reply to: howard__
I agree with you about Pay pal and it's questionable "success". I have NEVER had any problems with it but have only used it to PAY for purchases. I have, however, talked with and read online at eBay about too many horror stories of funds not only being taken out of seller's Paypal accounts without notice and without authorization. The service also seems to be dipping into these seller's personal CHECKING accounts!!! After seeing that this was not an isolated, disgruntled few sellers who were simply lax in paying their bills but an all too frequent situation to ignore, I closed my Paypal account.
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