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Re: Amazon More Friend Than Foe for Small E-Tailers
Posted by: Mark W. Vigoroso 2002-01-30 20:50:55
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Accusations of anticompetitive land-grabbing often befall category leaders like Microsoft
and Wal-Mart. But e-tail juggernaut Amazon.com is no bully, according to analysts. "Amazon
has been more of a partner than a competitor," Giga Information Group analyst Andrew
Bartels told the E-Commerce Times. "Other retailers are nestling under the jaw of Amazon,
and Amazon is picking up [product categories] that it couldn't [otherwise] go after."

Re: Amazon More Friend Than Foe for Small E-Tailers
Posted by: airmikes 2002-01-30 21:41:22 In reply to: Mark W. Vigoroso
A comparison of Amazon to Wal-Mart is pointless. Yes the perception of Wal-Mart as a thug is not doubt very true. On the other hand, Amazon does not need to try to price match them. The product lines that the two retailers offer do not even overlap. Wal-Mart sells rock bottom cheap crap for the most part. You cannot get yourself a Hitachi 3HP 1/2 inch router at Wal-Mart. While at Amazon, you can order one of those from the Tool Crib of the North. If you choose to order music from Wal-Mart, be sure it is not on their "banned" list of recordings. I am sure the Amazon hosted Borders will surely be able to accommodate you. Try to buy brand name clothing from Wal-Mart, or a high quality watch. Nix that. I have watched the gradual disappearance of almost every other retail option *except* Wal-Mart from the area where I live, only aggravating my freedom of choice, and I'm only 55 miles outside of New York City.
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