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Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a half-dozen magazines full of pornographic
articles and photos. It's easy to spot a lot of the X-rated material in your inbox.
Subject lines like "hot teen babes" are a giveaway. However, some obscene spam is
disguised with misleading subject lines that give no clue of the contents of the message.
Each time you fill out a Web form asking for your e-mail address, you are at risk of
having your name sold to an undesirable company. Even the simple act of handing out
business cards while networking can lead to your e-mail address winding up in the
wrong hands.

Re: No Solution Foreseen to Stop Delivery of Pornographic Junk E-Mail
Posted by: jimf12 2002-01-11 13:51:32 In reply to: Chris Cobbs
I have complained to AOL for years. They continue to not provide any filtering of subject or content in their email. Since the mails come from various sources, blocking addresses is not very effective.

Hey, would this work for SPAM? Require that all email sent is tagged and verified as to return address as it is sent and before it is delivered. No valid IP and no working server = no delivery.

Re: No Solution Foreseen to Stop Delivery of Pornographic Junk E-Mail
Posted by: edbreyer 2002-01-09 17:11:14 In reply to: Chris Cobbs
I've found the junk mail filtering on hotmail.com to be pretty effective. It's not perfect, but now I don't see 20-30 junk emails in my inbox each day - instead they go to the "junk mail" folder and are deleted automatically if I don't pull them out. I'm guessing the other email providers offer (or soon will) this type of filtering service.
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