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Re: California Governor Vetoes Net Tax Bill
Posted by: Jon Weisman 2002-01-02 00:37:15
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A proposed law that would have forced businesses operating in California to charge sales tax for online transactions within the state was vetoed Monday by Governor Gray Davis.

Re: California Governor Vetoes Net Tax Bill
Posted by: bigbh 2002-12-19 14:35:08 In reply to: Jon Weisman
Seeking others who have been illegally penalized by the Board of Equalization, without due process for purchases of cigarettes out of state. No law, merely a regulation that is illegally and improperly enforced with interest and penalties. This is a violation of the Federal Civil Rights Act.
Respond with any similar harassment info.

Re: California Governor Vetoes Net Tax Bill
Posted by: Mark Bendick 2002-01-02 00:57:24 In reply to: Jon Weisman
The thought of taxing the internet as recommended
by Carole Migden would have significantly added to the current economic problems which are facing California today.

As we have learned from some very costly Energy Policy decisions during the past year, it is very risky to have a politician making decisions which are better handled by the appropriate professionals. Strangely, Carole Migden is now wishing to become elected to California's most important Tax Policy position (BOE Board Member), even though she has no actual education, experience or qualifications to manage the California Tax System.

The Board of Equalization Board Member position is the most obscure and unknown Tax Policy position. Isn't it time that we start asking some questions about Tax Policy and whether or not this is simply an opportunity to spring-board into higher office?

Mark Bendick
Republican Candidate
for BOE Board Member

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