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Re: U.S. House Approves Anti-Spam Bill
Posted by: ECT News 2001-05-11 07:33:53
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The U.S. House of Representatives voted almost unanimously Tuesday that spam should be unlawful.

Re: U.S. House Approves Anti-Spam Bill
Posted by: sybesma 2002-02-02 20:12:51 In reply to: ECT News
Just as there are degrees of seriousness in everything, I feel the same should apply to all UCE.

There should be a base penalty for all of it to begin with, but the most grievous forms of it, such as UPE (Unsolicited Pornographic E-mail) should perhaps have an enhanced penalty.

I feel the perpetrators of UPE should face both a stiff civil and criminal penalty, including the possibility of some jail time.

Unsolicited Pornographic E-mail has got to be the nastiest thing yet that has not been adequately addressed by itself.

I find it beyond offensive. It is harassment.

Re: U.S. House Approves Anti-Spam Bill
Posted by: Andy Hatcher 2001-08-23 13:44:42 In reply to: ECT News
This would be a really great bill if it were enforced. I have been receiving more than four times the amount of spam I used to receive, and so far, NONE of the return email addresses have been good ones. Is there someone I could forward these spam messages to in an effort to curb the flood?
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