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Re: The New Theory of E-Commerce Relativity
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-12-17 19:06:21
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Amid an overall slowdown in consumer spending, e-commerce is growing at a relatively
healthy rate, posting a 10 percent gain in November. Ask a few traditional retailers how
they would have felt about 10 percent growth in that same time frame and you'll start to
see why it's all relative and why e-commerce has to learn that less is sometimes more.
Could it be time for e-commerce companies to declare the dawning of a new era? For one
thing, e-tailers need to understand that sometimes, less is more.

Re: The New Theory of E-Commerce Relativity
Posted by: Mark A F Hayes 2001-12-18 16:20:13 In reply to: Keith Regan
Good common sense article. For a few years now companies like Flowerbud.com have laid the foundations for such writing. Any one of our staff from customer service to the CEO could have penned this and indeed have at times. There are no earth shattering revelations here just a recognition of the inevitable. It is very sad that neither common sense nor early recognition of the inevitable change to tried and true business methods warranted a moment's notice from investors or their advisors. In actuality one was seen as a heretic for promoting such things. Whilst it is gratifying to see Darwinism in action, it is upsetting to think of monies lost that could have been better spent. Funded or unfunded, the companies that make sense will survive. We look forward to the future of ecommerce.

Re: The New Theory of E-Commerce Relativity
Posted by: JohnB 2001-12-17 19:11:27 In reply to: Keith Regan
I'm so tired of these articles about Ecommerce where they talk about the potential in the future and "can this business model work."

I've been running an ecommerce site since 1996 and it's been profitable the whole time. We are growing 140% year over year and it just keeps looking better.

And yes, we offer free shipping, and yes you can do that and be profitable. Sorry if I sound like a dink, but too many "knowledgeable sources" are full of crap.

Ecommerce is a screaming winner of an industry, you just can't spend more than you bring in.

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