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Re: Market Research: A Gold Mine for the Web?
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-12-13 11:52:40
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Experts told the E-Commerce Times that the Web is nearly a perfect medium for conducting
marketing research. It is less costly and faster than traditional methods, such as mail
and telephone surveys, and recent success stories have helped erase many lingering
questions about the accuracy of Web-based research. "We put to rest the notion that
accurate marketing research couldn't be conducted via the Internet," Harris Interactive
spokesperson Dan Hucko said.

Re: Market Research: A Gold Mine for the Web?
Posted by: Luca 2001-12-17 12:19:35 In reply to: Keith Regan
Being a survey methodologist who has tried to apply sample surveys to online contexts for sometimes I am at the same time glad and concerned about what you report.

My gladness is due to the increasing importance online market research is assuming.

My worries are motivated by probable abuses of the apparently-easy-to-apply instrument, sample surveys, which in reality conceals a handful of potential errors (coverage, measurement, nonresponse, ecc...). If not take in due account, such errors may cause the resulting findings to be biases and, most importantly, the subsequent research conclusions to be wrong. And this is mostly undesiderable both for the client and for the researcher, no matter how positive one can be about online surveying.

My rethorical question is: who would pay again thousands US dollars for a research findings that were, in the first instance, not only unuseful, but even misleading?

I would like to end my comment with a plea to eveyone involved in designing and implementing web surveys: don't be afraid to highlight possible survey shortcoming to your customer (you know that this is no perfect science) and, in spite of possible critics, always strive for improvement of the quality of web surveys!


Re: Market Research: A Gold Mine for the Web?
Posted by: Matt 2001-12-13 14:46:00 In reply to: Keith Regan
I'm looking for professional web-based survey solution provider. I've tried to find more information on AOL opinion place & how to utilize them, to no avail. Are there other web-based survey providers out there?

Re: Market Research: A Gold Mine for the Web?
Posted by: Nigel Legg 2001-12-14 04:43:44 In reply to: Matt
There are a host of companies around.
Voxco provides a web surveying solution which can be used as a Full Service, ASP, or Enterprise solution. Other examples are SPSS MR, Inquisite, 1by1, the FIRM, etc...

Nigel Legg
Sales Manager
Voxco UK

Re: Market Research: A Gold Mine for the Web?
Posted by: Arnaud 2001-12-14 00:44:21 In reply to: Matt
Sure. Here are a few:


Hope that helps.


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