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Re: Software Companies Take Aim at Pirates
Posted by: Lori Enos 2001-12-12 11:47:15
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The Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) announced Wednesday that 13 computer and video game companies have gone to court to shut down six Web sites that they say are selling pirated versions of their software.

Re: Software Companies Take Aim at Pirates
Posted by: Mark 2001-12-12 11:52:24 In reply to: Lori Enos
I just wanted to say that while I think it's good they are finally getting more proactive in stopping piracy, it really bothers me when news agencies and sites like yours post the 'stated' dollar value they lose to piracy. These numbers are extremely inflated and do not represent the truth. They did not lose 50 billion dollars to piracy for the simple reason that a lot of the people who run pirated software would not have gone out and bought it even if the pirated version had been unavailable to them.

Yes, there are losses in regards to those who actually sell pirated copies, but most sites provide them for free and the people who download them aren't going to run out and buy it simply because the free version is no longer available. Some will, yes, but the actual dollar value of losses to the industry do not come close to the stated amounts. I don't think one deception warrants another.

Re: Software Companies Take Aim at Pirates
Posted by: Fred Lindstron 2001-12-12 14:37:20 In reply to: Mark
Hi Mark,

I agree with some of what you said, but think that while the numbers may be inflated, it is not the degree to which you attest. That is, I believe that there is a substantial loss here.

The reality is that your assertion is merely your opinion, which leads me to ask if you are not the pot calling the kettle black.

The one thing that I am certain of is that people will pay for products that offer value, even if they were once free.

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