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Re: Honesty about E-Privacy, Truly the Best Policy
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-12-06 14:21:36
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Pop quiz time. Harris Interactive reported this week that only 3 percent of consumers
bother to read online privacy policies when they visit new sites. Why is that? Could it
be that the policies are so poorly writtent that no one can understand them? It seems
that e-tailers don't want consumers to know just how eager businesses are to
accumulate a database of customer info. E-shoppers really only have one question: Will
their personal information be shared? And hardly a Web site out there answers it.

Re: Honesty about E-Privacy, Truly the Best Policy
Posted by: Devin Ben-Hur 2001-12-06 14:30:44 In reply to: Keith Regan
Our Privacy Policy is to make sure your information stays private.

We've been doing this since the internet dark ages. We've had a strict privacy policy since before it was fashionable and it's always been as simple as stated above (or at our site: http://www.emerchandise.com/help_privacy/). We also take serious steps to actually implement these privacy protections by paying attention to security and both internal and external information access controls within our operations.

The reason so many sites obscure it is because they DO WANT TO SHARE AND SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION but they don't want you to know it.

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