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Re: Not an Orbitz-uary, But ....
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2001-12-05 12:30:18
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Those of us who discovered the relative ease of booking travel online were primed and
ready for the debut of Orbitz this past summer. So far, Orbitz has had a difficult time
living up to its original hype, and in response to a recent series of questionable
business moves, many of us may choose to remain loyal to the two "founding fathers"
of online travel -- Travelocity and Expedia.

Re: Not an Orbitz-uary, But ....
Posted by: Mike 2001-12-07 05:50:15 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
The only problem I found with Orbitz is that it is occasionally extremely difficult to book the very low fares. I tried one night for over an hour with the site crashing my browser several times. When I returned the next day the fares were 50% higher. The fares have since reduced but not quite to previous levels.

Other than that I find Orbitz to have lower fares available then either Travelocity or Expedia. For instance, for the exact same flight Orbitz shows a fare of $122 while Expedia and Travelocity both show $170.

One other item I have found with Orbitz is that their rates for car rentals agree with the rental company's site. I booked a trip previously through Travelocity and when I arrived found that the rental was over $50 higher than the rate quoted by Travelocity. Even though I had the quote in hand, the compqny told me it was a Travelocity problem and not theirs. Upon calling Travelocity I was told there was nothing they could do.

All in all I think I'll stay with Orbitz. BTW, the $5 service fee is waived if you register.

Re: Not an Orbitz-uary, But ....
Posted by: Steve 2001-12-05 14:08:30 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
Obits-uary would be more like it. If I ran my business like an airline runs theirs I'd be arrogant and pompous and not think about customer service or creature comforts.

I'd plot to have a pricing system that every time I increase the fare to a profitable one I would then have a 50-70% off sale with higher fares than it was before I raised them. But the public thinks it's getting a bargain.

Then I'd cut my expenses by laying off anyone who has over 10 years' experience, taking lettuce, tomato and bread off the sandwiches and replacing them with pretzels & peanuts and that's in first class, outsourcing all my public contact people at the airport to hourly contract workers handling check-ins, baggage handling and security, etc., etc.

Or there's one airline with 3 billion cash on hand that could borrow 9 billion against its aircraft who comes out and says though fuel has gone down we still will keep the fuel surcharges because we have to squeeze every nickel of profit we can.

Oh yeah when there's nothing left to cut let's take another 5% from the travel agents and that'll keep our stockholders happy.

I could go on but there's not enough room, but would I pay $5 for a ticket and still not have anyone to complain to. I can get the same service at the money store who also sells tickets without a service charge or I could go to my travel agent and pay $15 or more and have someone look out for my interests and book me either through the internet or the airline system and when there is a problem I have someone to contact and ease my stress levels.

good luck to everyone else

Re: Not an Orbitz-uary, But ....
Posted by: Michael Hay 2001-12-05 13:58:24 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
What's wrong with the $5 service charge? Just regard Orbitz's first 6 months as a promo. Expecting that a service should be free is a remain of the dot com culture, but real companies that actually make money charge for their services one way or another. Hotels even charged more for electricity during the energy crisis, Hotmail is starting to charge for email space. Why would Orbitz not charge their customers??

Michael, San Francisco, CA.

Re: Not an Orbitz-uary, But ....
Posted by: Linda 2001-12-05 13:40:30 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
I am a VERY satisfied Orbitz customer. Quick, easy. Would recommend to anyone.
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