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Re: Report: Barriers Remain for E-Commerce in Eastern Europe
Posted by: Nora Macaluso 2001-11-29 03:46:40
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While Internet use in Central and Eastern Europe is growing fast, the required technology
remains too expensive for most consumers, posing "formidable barriers" to e-commerce,
according to a report released by the Yankee Group. Yankee associate consultant Graham
Finnie told the E-Commerce Times that few people have the money to buy computers, and
regulatory barriers are keeping telecommunications companies from upgrading their

Re: Report: Barriers Remain for E-Commerce in Eastern Europe
Posted by: Robert Steigl 2001-12-03 07:45:56 In reply to: Nora Macaluso
I have some doubts regarding the conclusions in the article. It seems to me that personal opinions are presented instead of facts.
There are surely some true basic facts (expensive technology, regulatory barriers - BTW, is e-commerce really driven by home users?). But lack of trust in the internet is a common problem that is not specific for Eastern Europe. Courier services are at the same level as in the rest of the world. There can surely arise logistic difficulties in e-commerce projects. But there is again no difference to the rest of the world.
And the statement about large multinational companies is totally out of the box. There is e.g. a big increase of foreign investments, coming from these companies, in the Czech Republic. And this is surely not because of "limited opportunities".
However, e-commerce is surely not as developed as it is in the US, but I would really not describe it to be "embryonic".
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