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Re: E-Commerce Comes to $352B Global Seafood Market
Posted by: Robert Conlin 2001-11-23 13:07:41
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As evidence that e-commerce has come to even the most old-fashioned of trading industries, Seattle-Washington-based Fishmonger.com launched a business-to-business (B2B) portal for the $352 billion (US$) global seafood industry today.

Re: E-Commerce Comes to $352B Global Seafood Market
Posted by: Johnny 2001-11-23 13:16:08 In reply to: Robert Conlin
11-23-2001 --- Gofish.com is gone.

Fishmonger is gone.

Nobody could read it because we were all busy fishing.

But, wireless communications are coming into their own, and the people on the fishing boat who catch the fish, and own the fish, will soon be players in the

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