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Re: Techies Take Roads Less Traveled
Posted by: Mark W. Vigoroso 2001-11-09 14:15:37
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Many former Internet and technology workers are too busy to hang their hopes on market
prophecies. They're neck-deep in brand new careers. You can't pick up a newspaper
or sit in a cafe these days without hearing stories about 180-degree career shifts. A
software engineer labors happily at his new carpentry business. A marketing executive
celebrates the grand opening of her flower shop. A CTO tries his hand at organic farming.

Re: Techies Take Roads Less Traveled
Posted by: Scott 2001-11-10 12:44:56 In reply to: Mark W. Vigoroso
If we learned anything between excess and recess, it should be that doing what you love to do is THE work to pursue. While the moment has given us a glimpse of the future it will truly be what we make of it. Made to be, by those driven by care or commerce, what we want it to be. The dawn " Information Age" is only now beginning to show it's light. The big bang of the new age is just ahead of us. The history of the railroads as an industry shows us the lesson before us now; They were a huge boom and bust in the beginning, before we figured out how they really should work and by survivorship the profitable business model evolved. When it did, the railroad business boomed like never before imagined. This is about to take place in the Internet, world wide web, e-mail, v-mail, e-commerce, web-publishing, video conferencing, distance learning, telemedicine, downloading, telecommuting, fiber optic, instant messaging, universal messaging, wireless, data-enhanced, digital world. Knowledge is the ultimate resource, and the only inexhaustible resource.The irony is that the world will only be improved by those individuals willing to champion an idea, dream, cause, commerce or community.
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