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Re: Congress Looks To Slow Internet Gun Sales
Posted by: Mary Hillebrand 2001-11-07 05:45:46
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As the U.S. Congress returned to work Monday, gun control legislation topped the House of Representatives' agenda. Several of the measures before the House could have an impact on a growing, though quiet, e-commerce sector: gun and ammo trafficking.

Re: Congress Looks To Slow Internet Gun Sales
Posted by: you first 2001-11-20 19:41:25 In reply to: Mary Hillebrand

Therefore it is not as simple as all these individuals make it sound. And if there is a waiting period then that buyer must wait the number of days. If you think about it the only people that these useless gun laws affect are the law-abiding citizens. If an individual is willing to commit a murder do you really think he would think twice about committing robbery to acquire that firearm? I'm not one to point out the problems and provide no solutions. In order to operate a vehicle you are able to take drivers Ed in most high schools, correct? Why don't they provide every student with a firearms safety course? Education is the key. To own a firearm is a right yet most schools don't provide safety classes. To drive a vehicle is merely a privilege and we offer courses on that. Before anyone jumps on the reply button do a little research and see how many people are killed, maimed or brutally injured a year in vehicle accidents and then you tell me how many are killed by guns in a year. A vehicle cuts thousands of lives short each year but I haven't heard of any bans on them. I'll give up my car, will you? Just think, everyone would be healthier and the environment would be more improved. But that's just me...

Re: Congress Looks To Slow Internet Gun Sales
Posted by: yours first 2001-11-20 19:39:51 In reply to: Mary Hillebrand
First of all, the brain surgeons that are passing these bills for gun control probably have never even fired a gun let alone purchased one. This article is extremely inaccurate and obviously whoever wrote it just took a couple of notes and then threw a bunch of words on a piece of paper.

First of all, if you purchase a gun on the internet the weapon is not shipped directly to the person buying it. That definitely would not have been a hard one to research.

A person shipping a gun must send it to a FFL holder, which stands for Federal Firearms License, whoever wrote this story. A FFL holder would be someone who owns a gun shop or is [BOLD] FEDERALLY [BOLD] approved/allowed to sell guns. Therefore, If I were to sell the ignorant individual whom wrote this article a gun, that person would have to go to a local FFL holder and have them send me a signed copy of their FFL license. Upon receiving the signed FFL copy I would then place the firearm in the mail - (proper shipping channels apply but I don't have the time to educate all the ignorant people about everything). That means that the weapon is shipped to the FFL, remember, that's FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE, holder. Upon receiving the weapon that FFL holder places a call to the fine individual supporting the second amendment and the reason we are not all speaking with British accents to this day. I can also provide history lessons if no one understands the last comment. I have the time. This individual comes to the FFL holder where he then completes the transaction by doing a BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE BUYER....

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