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Re: Does Egghead Deserve To Be Fry-ed?
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-11-06 12:30:19
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They say never to kick someone when he's down. But there are exceptions to every rule.
So, even though is down, way down -- all the way down, in fact, it deserves
a good swift kick in the yolk.

Re: Does Egghead Deserve To Be Fry-ed?
Posted by: Mike 2001-11-07 05:33:42 In reply to: Keith Regan
Good day.

Egghead deserves everything it is getting.

Although I empathize with those who lost their jobs, the owners of the company are
completely without any interest in their customers and apparently without any
personal values which may be even slightly considered to be in the realm of morality.

I agree with the previous two posts. It was extremely difficult to get removed from the
mailing list. In fact I finally had to set a filter to send all Egghead messages directly to the trash.

Additionally they would send me 'special offers' which they then made unavailable on their
website until they expired. They have definitely been a continuous 'bait and switch' operation.

I remember a time when Egghead seemed to be honorable. Obviously that time is far gone.

I sincerely hope that someone with more resources than I can bring suit against the owners
for their egregious business practices.

Re: Does Egghead Deserve To Be Fry-ed?
Posted by: Frans Vereulen 2001-11-06 13:16:23 In reply to: Keith Regan
Watch out also...Tried to opt-out of their newsletter/offers probably a total of seven or eight times to no avail! Tried reply-to and opt-link but continued to get mailings weeks after my first attempt.

Very shaky.

Re: Does Egghead Deserve To Be Fry-ed?
Posted by: web 2001-11-06 12:38:14 In reply to: Keith Regan
With some of the things I witnessed Egghead doing, I'm not surprised at all that they are out. Padding shipping prices to make up what they didn't gain with bids is the perfect example.

I once bid on 3 kensington mice and won them with a bid of $1.00 ea. They of course shipped them to me in one box and charged me $9.00 each to ship postal service ground, so those 3x $1.oo mice ended up costing me $27.00 in shipping. After inquiring about the shipping I was told that I knew what the price was for the shipping and I didn't have to bid on these items. Funny that the shipping label didn't reflect the $27.00 shipping
charges. Good Riddance!

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