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Re: Taxes Won't Kill E-Commerce (Part 2)
Posted by: Lou Hirsh 2001-11-05 18:27:31
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Despite concerns from federal officials that taxes will stifle growth of the Internet
economy, industry and government observers told the E-Commerce Times that an end to a
moratorium on certain Internet taxes will not mean the extinction of e-commerce. Gartner
Dataquest principal analyst Ron Cowles said that taxes will only
hurt e-commerce companies that "had a bad business plan to begin with."

Re: Taxes Won't Kill E-Commerce (Part 2)
Posted by: Alan J. Zell 2001-11-05 18:36:49 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
Well, right on. The sales tax issue has been one that has been, I believe, perpetuated by those that thought the Internet was different from other forms of marketing when, as you and I know it, it is not.

First of all, any sale outside of the state the business has a presence in does not have to pay the sales tax anyway. What all the hullabaloo does, and the federal law that prohibits sales tax on Internet sales, is say that sales made within a state does not pay the sales tax.

What the Internet firms did not want to have to do is the paperwork that goes with paying a sales tax. It is not a case of confusion because states with sales tax do not all have the same rate because one only has to pay the tax of the state they are in.

The only thing that might cause confusion is the definition of what state someone is in if the service or ISP is not in the state the firm is housed. This may need defining and until this is determined, then I think the prohibition for sales taxes on Internet sites is fine. But, once defined, then the prohibition should be dropped.

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A member of www.salesbureau.com cadre of speakers, coaches, and trainers.
Winner of the Murray Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sales & Marketing
Chairman, PNW Sales & Marketing Group

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