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Re: What Makes a Good Online Brand Name?
Posted by: ECT News 2001-05-05 13:22:51
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What's in a name? Plenty, when it's an online name.
At least that's been the conventional wisdom.

But with many of the best-known e-commerce brand
names -- from to eToys and --
now resting in peace, and without the piles of money
needed to fuel the type of name-building efforts that
were common two years ago, enthusiasm has quickly
cooled for all-out efforts to build Web brands.

Re: What Makes a Good Online Brand Name?
Posted by: pika4444 2004-04-17 12:16:48 In reply to: ECT News
I am burning to get investors involved in my e-business. Also, I would like to generate more traffic to my web site. That always seems to be easy, but the trick is getting the customers to buy and continue coming back...any of you have suggestions or idea?
Roger M Pichardo MBA

A very true & smart story.
Posted by: Artashes 2001-05-06 16:06:31 In reply to: ECT News
Keith Regan is telling us what we already know, here she is adding some important comments and details. This is a true story. The dot-com business now is going only after companies like Yahoo! and Amazon.


Re: A very true & smart story.
Posted by: pika4444 2004-04-17 12:19:07 In reply to: Artashes
I agree, but the reason why the dot-com is only going after yahoo is because we are enabling them too.

Re: A very true & smart story.
Posted by: Hibijibi 2001-05-07 12:59:07 In reply to: Artashes
I think what we have learned in the past year is that more than a catchy name and more than a ton of funding for a good idea, you need to provide a good service to really be profitable and a good business!

A interesting exmaple in the ashes of the ecommerce market is travel. Online travel is the most viable B2C venture on the Web and the fierce fighting over the entry of into the market (from travel agents, booking systems, travelocity and now SOuthwest has sued them) is a great look into how new competiotin shakes up the existing framework. It also underlines how consumers really do profit by being privvy to more information than ever!

Go web capitalism!

Re: A very true & smart story.
Posted by: celticsfan 2001-05-08 18:46:39 In reply to: Hibijibi
a lot of the first movers on the Net got the "good" names, like and because they were there first. However,
like you say, catchy names are not enough when no one wants to buy pet food or furniture online. Duh!
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