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Re: Consumers of All Ages Still Struggle on E-Commerce Sites
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2020-11-13 03:41:54
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Online shoppers face myriad basic obstacles, including not being able to complete a purchase transaction. Research by customer engagement firm goMoxie shows that consumers across all ages, genders, and regions in the U.S. struggle to complete basic tasks on retail websites. Most are more likely to abandon the experience or switch to a competitor rather than seek assistance.

Re: Consumers of All Ages Still Struggle on E-Commerce Sites
Posted by: nyharvey 2020-11-18 07:55:15 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
There have been numerous issues raised about Ebay, Inc. and its "restriction," of sellers. There are some basic metrics that must be used. First, the Seller's monetary loss should be calculated based upon the calendar period of being a Seller; the total number of transactions, finally the actual value of the sales. Did eBay warn the Seller of perspective restriction? Or did the Seller become unable to list items, and then requested assistance from eBay. This is important because there eem to be a huge disparity between a claimed method for some sellers and another for other sellers. Upon asking for clarification did the eBay user receive an email or telephone call? I would like to develop a class action suit about the restriction process and eBay. If anyone wishes to assist me by providing data that would be terrific. If you live in CA then eBay, inc as a registered domestic corporation would be a similar class action. One last question was any restricted eBay seller advised of the Arbitration Process? If you wish to join a potential class action then the data must be obtained to provide your monetary losses. Harvey Brody, Of course, all information will be kept confidential.
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