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Re: Comcast, Google Can Publish Users' Email Contents
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2017-08-03 03:05:28
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Comcast's Terms of Service for its Xfinity Internet service gives it, its agents, suppliers and affiliates the right to "reproduce, publish, distribute and display" the content worldwide. It also lets third parties copy, republish or distribute material posted or transmitted using Xfinity Internet. This would include confidential information sent by a company employee or an independent contractor to authorized persons over the service, independent security analyst Randy Abrams warned Tuesday.

Re: Comcast, Google Can Publish Users' Email Contents
Posted by: EC12 2018-10-07 21:56:30 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
The story behind the headlines:

Comcasts CEO repeatedly met with lifetime CIA asset Barry Soetoro to negotiate a deal which gave the secret government unrestricted access to Comcast customer traffic. Lavabit shut down over the same issue:

Spies no longer need a formal request or National Security Letter to access your Comcast account without a warrant because Comcast already sold you out in exchange for political favors and a piece of the action. Comcast is run by organized crime; the CIA's close relationship with the mafia has been documented for decades. Gambling & prostitution are small potatoes now, compared to the broadband internet racket with millions of subscribers in captive markets each paying the cable cartel a dozen times what it actually costs them to provide the service. If you must use Comcast, encrypt EVERYTHING.

Industrial espionage meeting - no wiretaps here!

(Notice how perpetual war for profit and warrantless mass surveillance are never discussed in the broadcast media, so they never become campaign issues. The public has a short memory, so manufactured racism & sexism are effective distractions.)
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