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Re: More Things, More Cyberattacks
Posted by: Peter S. Vogel 2015-12-02 06:51:51
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Not a day passes without mention of the Internet of Things in the media, as it appears to expand exponentially. Roughly 6.4 billion things will be connected to the Internet in 2016, at a rate of 5.5 million new things per day, according to Gartner. More than 20 billion devices will be in use by 2020. As a result, everyone must be more cognizant of cyber-risks, including risks to businesses; utilities; heating, HVAC systems; autos; and homes. The IoT is at risk of being ensnared in a tangled web of legal and security issues.

Re: More Things, More Cyberattacks
Posted by: prp8683 2015-12-03 08:14:30 In reply to: Peter S. Vogel
The gas pump overflowing a vehicle's tank is a bit far-fetched, given that overflow prevention in modern gas pumps is almost universally handled by a purely mechanical device in the pump nozzle that is independent from the pump.

Re: More Things, More Cyberattacks
Posted by: LelandRodgers 2016-01-22 23:35:13 In reply to: prp8683
The cyber attack is really a great issue now. All the one will really need a good support to find the best advice to protect their account.
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