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Re: The Mystery of the Missing LinkedIn Post Views
Posted by: Quinten Plummer 2015-11-25 10:06:32
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There's a disconnect between the number of connections a LinkedIn user has and the number of post views attracted, one LinkedIn influencer has noticed. There are several possible explanations for cases in which LinkedIn influencers with millions of followers average only thousands of post views -- or less -- but the company hasn't offered any. This gulf between the numbers of followers and post views was noticed by Itai Leshem. Prepping his startup for the launchpad, Leshem dug into LinkedIn's post distribution data for about six hours one day.

Re: The Mystery of the Missing LinkedIn Post Views
Posted by: TheDigger 2015-11-26 02:04:02 In reply to: Quinten Plummer
As a result of this Article and my posts, LinkedIn has made a global change in the last 36 hours for its notification message when posting a post. They now do not claim they send notifications for all your connections/followers. This is how the new notification looks like:

Re: The Mystery of the Missing LinkedIn Post Views
Posted by: philfriedman 2015-11-25 11:40:45 In reply to: Quinten Plummer
You have put your finger on probably the most contentious issue relating to LinkedIn today. More than anything else it is, to my mind, a class-actionable breach of contract with authors who were invited in April, 2014 to contribute their work product and publish on LinkedIn's long-post platform in specific exchange for the promise that their posts would be distributed to the connections and followers whom they amassed in doing so. See:


Re: The Mystery of the Missing LinkedIn Post Views
Posted by: TheDigger 2015-11-25 10:39:38 In reply to: Quinten Plummer
Good reporting job. This is the latest post on this issue which:
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