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Re: HomeGrocer.com IPO Seen in Peril
Posted by: Nora Macaluso 2001-09-30 13:24:37
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After putting 22 million shares up for sale Friday at an asking price of $12 (US$) per share, HomeGrocer.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOMG) is facing widespread industry speculation that it will fail to attract investor enthusiasm in much the same way that rivals Peapod (Nasdaq: PPOD), Streamline (Nasdaq: SLNE) and Webvan (Nasdaq: WBVN) have faltered.

Re: HomeGrocer.com IPO Seen in Peril
Posted by: L.Richard, MSW 2001-09-30 13:38:03 In reply to: Nora Macaluso
I have been watching for online groceries to be available in my area for sometime now. It never has come here. I am a social worker in a rural suburban S.California community. My primary clients are elderly and their elderly spouse. Transportation for our seniors and disabled is extremely limited. I think that online grocery shopping would assist many of my patients tremendously by allowing them to continue to be independent and remain at home. Some of these folks are quite savy on their own computers and would have no trouble submitting orders. Others could be helped with the ordering process through accessibility to social workers, like myself, or through Department of Adult and Aging Services.

What do you think about targeting this population in regenerating interest in online grocery shopping?

Lori Richard,MSW

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