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Re: 2015: The IoT, Big Data and Cloud Come Together
Posted by: Jeffrey M. Kaplan 2014-12-14 00:33:23
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Since December 'tis the season when industry prognosticators provide their predictions for the year to come, I'll offer my ideas about how three major tech forces -- cloud computing, big data the Internet of Things -- will converge in 2015, and four ways organizations can capitalize on this convergence. The idea that cloud computing, big data and the IoT are interrelated may not be a revelation, but the various ways in which they will interact truly will be transformational.

Re: 2015: The IoT, Big Data and Cloud Come Together
Posted by: RevenueMaven 2014-12-15 10:33:02 In reply to: Jeffrey M. Kaplan
Jeff - agree wholeheartedly that Cloud laggards will miss opportunities that result in inefficient processes. The Cloud is perfect for streaming data and other data of a temporal nature. And, its not only the data.Cloud enabled applications are better synchronized and updated and have better access to the IoT resources which will most likely make their debut in the Cloud first. We are changing the way people consume data and make decisions. VisualCue enables a class of user who was never even considered for BI tools, but we have enables them with Cloud-based real time decision-making.
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