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Re: BlackBerry Ripe for Growth, Predicts CEO Chen
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2014-08-06 22:41:05
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BlackBerry -- the "sick man of mobile" -- is poised for better times. That was the sentiment expressed by CEO John Chen in an internal memo distributed to BlackBerry employees last week. BlackBerry has completed its restructuring and the workforce reductions that started three years ago have been completed, Chen reportedly wrote in the memo. Better yet, barring any unexpected downturns in the market, BlackBerry would be adding workers in several areas, including product development, sales and customer service.

Re: BlackBerry Ripe for Growth, Predicts CEO Chen
Posted by: jescott418 2014-08-07 05:12:17 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
I have my doubts that RIM can every recover in the mobile phone market. They would be the first.
First and foremost they would have to compete with the two biggies Android and iPhones and then somehow subdue a company like Microsoft and its Windows phones from gaining small percentages in market share. Blackberry is certainly not ripe for growth. Its position itself in a very precarious position and ripe growth in my opinion would be setting the bar unreasonably high with a company that almost became another Palm.
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