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Re: Bringing Retail Into the 21st Century
Posted by: Seoggi Kim 2014-07-29 11:45:08
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Let's get one thing straight: E-commerce will not kill the physical retail store. Hold on, I hear you object, the digital world has utterly disrupted our shopping habits. We rarely enter a store without having researched the big-ticket items we want to buy. Much of our holiday shopping is done with the click of a mouse. When we do venture into a store, we rarely do so without clutching a smartphone or a tablet -- whether it is to compare prices or to ask our friends on a social network for instant feedback on those new shoes or shirts.

Re: Bringing Retail Into the 21st Century
Posted by: sureshherald 2014-07-30 07:01:44 In reply to: Seoggi Kim
Interesting article. Technology has certainly changed the dynamics of retailing it has in many respects leveled the playing field in the industry. Adopting a multichannel approach will ensure a comfortable shopping experience to consumers which is critical in building relationships.

Re: Bringing Retail Into the 21st Century
Posted by: mod 2014-07-29 11:52:00 In reply to: Seoggi Kim
Great article! The biggest eye-opener was that omnichannel customers spend much more than those who confine themselves to one vertical or the other. The biggest challenge for retailers will be to find management that understands how to identify, attract and properly serve the omnichannel customer while maintaining profit margins. As always, it comes down to enlightened management, doesn't it.
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