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Re: Report: E-Biz Success Not Easy To Measure
Posted by: Nora Macaluso 2001-09-21 10:50:45
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Many companies are misleading themselves when it comes to measuring the
return on investment they gain from their e-business ventures,
because they rely too much on in-house studies and calculations to gauge success,
according to a report released Thursday by Jupiter Media Metrix. The research
firm said that 59 percent of e-biz studies conducted by enterprises
to measure the value of their own online initiatives generated positive results.

"If you have the Internet project manager measure whether the Internet
project is doing well," it is not shocking to hear that the answer is yes,
Jupiter analyst David Taylor said in an interview with the E-Commerce Times.

Re: Report: E-Biz Success Not Easy To Measure
Posted by: John Dimick 2001-09-24 08:19:45 In reply to: Nora Macaluso
We have recently completed a significant "e-metrics" program for a Major auto manufacturer in Europe.

Their objective was to create a more precise measurement on their ROI with regards their E-Business operation.

We found it possible by engaging multiple data sources that you can measure very accurately ROI on E-Business. This is about collating not only traffic and transaction data but by fully analysing all "Online touch points" that has influenced a customer.

We agree categorically that measuring clicks and transactions into cost metrics does not provide a definitive ROI it merely clouds the real issues.

E-Business is becoming increasingly integrated as an accepted business channel that has more of a role than revenue generation. Therefore it has to be measured within many of the same processes as any offline operation

John Dimick
Vice President
Kaiser Associates

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