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Re: Advergaming Enters the I-Marketing Olympics
Posted by: Charlyn Keating Chisholm 2001-09-21 07:04:55
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Let's face it. Pop-up ads are annoying. Spam is illegal. Offline advertising is so, well,
non-interactive. In response, major U.S. advertisers are, one by one, discovering a new
approach to Internet marketing. If your spellchecker is not already saturated with buzz
words coined in the Internet era, it's time to add this new term: advergaming.

Advergaming combines
advertising campaigns with high-tech online game playing to create an entertaining,
engaging message.

Re: Advergaming Enters the I-Marketing Olympics
Posted by: anakcerdas 2003-10-20 08:09:58 In reply to: Charlyn Keating Chisholm
There's another addition for advergaming. One always thinks that advergaming is used in internet environment only. However, you can use advergaming also for promoting brands in offline activities, such as exhibitions or venues.

Re: Advergaming Enters the I-Marketing Olympics
Posted by: Mark Ripley 2001-09-21 07:09:24 In reply to: Charlyn Keating Chisholm
Hi, my name is Mark Ripley, CEO of Friendly Giants. We have been developing the best content in this field for five years, yet we have never, ever, come across a client (including some of those named in your article) which has a budget anywhere near a tenth of the budgets quoted in your article.

If you could supply the contact details of these clients I'd be delighted to prove you right :o)



Mark Ripley
Chief Executive
Friendly Giants Ltd
Tel.+44 1625 576075
Fax.+44 1625 560950

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