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Re: Google Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay
Posted by: Rachelle Dragani 2012-06-05 09:39:29
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Google is nixing its free product search model, opting instead to charge merchants and retailers to appear in Google product search listings. Currently, retailers can provide information about their products and then add them to the search listings for free, where they are ranked by popularity and price. Under the new model, dubbed "Google Shopping," retailers will be required to pay in order to appear in search results. Rankings will then be determined by merchant bid price in addition to relevance. The products will appear in Google Shopping boxes, which will feature the paid search results in "sponsored" boxes above the regular search results.

Re: Google Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay
Posted by: Montclairguy 2012-06-10 01:21:38 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani

This change will greatly hurt the economy by negatively impacting small businesses. Further, it will make Google's product results biased and useless. People use Google Product Search to get the best deals on items. This will force an increase in end user pricing, for any merchant who even dares to compete with the big players. Inevitably, the small businesses which drive the US economy will be squeezed out by their inability to financially compete with the heavy hitters. This change is bad for Google, bad for consumers, bad for small businesses and bad for the US economy.

Re: Google Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay
Posted by: megankrow 2012-06-06 13:00:10 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
they are smart!
first they get you hooked by allowing you to get it for free
and then,once you like it and are comfortable with the product they charge you knowing that you will not shy away

excellent how they figure out how to beat the consumer vs business owner over the head

Re: Google Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay
Posted by: lynschuette 2012-06-05 11:06:08 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
Skeptical people wonder if charging money for something ever "levels the playing field" for anyone other than whomever has the deepest pockets. I would not expect these companies client's to complain about paying for the advertising. Now they know they can finally dominate online sales because they have the deepest pockets. It's when things are free that the Corporates have the most difficult time.
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