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Re: Dish Offers New Ad-Vanishing DVR Service
Posted by: Rachelle Dragani 2012-05-12 06:46:00
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Dish Network began offering a new service Thursday that lets users skip all commercials for shows broadcast on major networks when watched the day after the programming first aired. Dubbed "Auto Hop," the feature on Dish Network's digital video recorders allows users to bypass commercials on recorded HD prime-time programs from ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Most DVRs allow users to manually fast forward through commercials, but Auto Hop is an exclusive Dish feature, the company claimed. Viewers can start using the feature at 1 a.m. Eastern on the day after the show aired.

Re: Dish Offers New Ad-Vanishing DVR Service
Posted by: megankrow 2012-05-15 11:29:40 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
Dish also has another service!
once they have your credit card on file they dont feel the need to let you know that they are charging you
and in addition once you call and ask what the 41.00 charge is
and no one knows after calling 3 times and speaking with a supervisor!!
the answer is
" ohhhhh sorry we will refund you it has been a mistake "" LOL.

Re: Dish Offers New Ad-Vanishing DVR Service
Posted by: infanati 2012-05-12 15:33:32 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
I went into my office at DISH yesterday to find my coworkers all abuzz about Auto Hop. I have to admit, it's a great way to give our customers more control over how they watch their favorite shows. For me, I know that when I'm trying to catch up on a show I don't want to get carpal tunnel because I keep pressing the skip button. But, there are times when I actually want the commercial breaks to talk about the show or get a snack. Auto Hop allows me to choose, and I love that.
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