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Re: Former Microsoft GM Explains Why Nice Phones Finish Last
Posted by: Rob Spiegel 2011-12-27 11:57:30
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The Windows Phone OS is great, but Microsoft's dealings with device makers and carriers is lousy. That's the gist of a blog entry posted recently by Charlie Kindel, a former general manager of Windows Phone, who's explained why he thinks Windows Phone sales have failed to take off. Kindel also laid blame on customers who don't know what they're buying and are thus putty in the hands of advertising and retail sales professionals. Though he thinks Windows Phone is better than Android, Android's success is thanks to Google's ability to work well with device makers, he said.

Microsoft's problem is obvious
Posted by: BrucePerens 2011-12-27 12:14:38 In reply to: Rob Spiegel
The only reference to end-users, the real customers, in Kindel's blog message is a disparaging one: "They donít know what they hate. All they know is they buy phone service from mobile carriers and/or buy a phone from a carrier. They love speeds & feeds and will generally buy anything they are told to by television ads and RSPs (Retail Sales Professionals).".

You're not going to make the sales if you fail to understand the end-users to the point that you actually despise them.

Is it any surprise that Apple, who engineers their products for one thing: to be fervently, obsessively desired by the end-user, does better in this market?

Yes, Android has mostly failed to deliver upgrades to users that already own phones, and will suffer for this if Google doesn't get it fixed. But Android has an enthusiastic crowd of jailbreakers who currently solve that problem for them with well-respected products like the ClockworkMod ROM manager.

Hasn't Microsoft learned from Vista, the OS version they developed to carefully govern the user's actions at the behest of media companies? Still no clue why that failed, guys?

Bruce Perens
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