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Re: Tech Trends in 2012: What's Hot, What's Not?
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2011-12-22 05:45:59
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My Pick of the Week is a brand new category of computers called "ultrabooks." Think of Apple's thin MacBook Air -- but on Windows. These are a hit with Apple users, so there is no reason they shouldn't be just as popular with the Windows crowd, as long as they run well. I have not used them yet, but from what I have seen, they have a full-size keyboard but are light and thin -- very easy to carry around. Personally, I had a problem with the little netbooks. The screens and keyboards were small and uncomfortable. These ultrabooks seem like just the right mix of portability, power and usability.

Posted by: Coldquin 2011-12-26 17:20:01 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
I find it very ironic how a consumer report can highlight AT&T's coverage, and signal woes, and at the same time, it can congratulate a whole sale buyer of the same network, see Tracfone take honors :)In fact, tracfone's SVC (senior value cellphone brand) phones, makes almost exclusive use of AT&T's netwrok infrastructure, and if ever there is a harsh, and critical demographic, then it's the senior market...maybe that's why tracfone is the only national prepaid wirless provider to the aged.
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