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Re: LightSquared to GPS: That's Your Problem
Posted by: Rachelle Dragani 2011-12-22 01:11:54
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Facing a deadline from its partner Sprint, LightSquared filed a motion Tuesday asking FCC officials to confirm the company's right to use the airwaves, despite data that suggest its operations could interfere with global-positioning systems. Any interference with GPS devices is a flaw within GPS technology, not LightSquared technology, the company claimed, thus the FCC should not protect GPS by holding LightSquared back. The company has already invested heavily in fixes, it said, and it shouldn't continue shouldering the obligation of funding potential solutions.

Light Squared and GPS
Posted by: Johnww 2011-12-22 01:47:42 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
GPS, operates on certain frequencies.

Problem with many GPS receivers are that they are of a very low quality like part 15 devices and very subject to interference. But Mr kagan says Light Squared must live with the problem wonder why? Why not the Cheap GPS receive devices that are wide open to interference because they are so cheap...

Mr Kagan is working for Whom? and whom's interest?

The GPS market is huge without a doubt, but it realy is a matter for the Polictcally Motivated FCC really; but thy are playing games. It may go to the courts as to who has what rights on the spectrum issue, not the commercial vender.
But the hope by the big boys who own FCC, that Light Squared runs out of funding first by doing delays

Light Squared says they have a solution why not let them show it? They want even let them have a test? why is this so?

The Big boys in this room are DOD, Independent cell companies who are afraid of the open source broadband network proposed by Light Squared..
? Who stands to loose money if this is approved and who really owns the FCC?
For sure not the tax payer> Progress being impeded by money intentinally, to keep users in line with what they want them too.. If 4G then the big Networks will bring it on board in their own time, get the point..... No up start here!! Not as long as the big boys can sell up grades touting 4G... To my knowldge their is no 4G network any where in the US but TV leads the user/consumer to beleive otherwise... Light Squared would bring real 4G and the big boys know it so their market peice of the pie would kind of melt away.....this is the reason why!!

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