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Re: Lightsquared Must Survive
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2011-08-18 07:25:49
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Enough already with the crappy and negative stories about Phil Falcone, Sanjiv Ahuja, Lightsquared and the whole GPS problem. This is a company and a technology and a solution that we need. It is designed to fix the growing wireless data problem many of us are already experiencing. So why isn't Lightsquared leading with PR messaging about how it will transform and improve the industry and the service? Instead it is simply reacting to negative GPS stories. It is not driving -- it is a passenger. This is a mistake that could be very costly to the company if it's not corrected soon, as I'll explain.

Posted by: reader99 2011-08-18 11:58:49 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
Lightsquared has consistently lied in their press releases and filings. They showed during testing that they did not have the technical expertise to do what they were proposing. They really have no idea what their system will do to commerce in the US. It is their responsibility, by federal regulation, to insure that they do not interfere. GPS is THE most successful technology the FCC has been involved with. Lightsquare needs to go back and do their technical homework. Just because someone says "it would be a good idea to..." does not mean it can be done. Nor does it say that something which has many times over the value to mankind than what you are thinking about should be destroyed to do what you "think".
I really don't care whether LightSquared survives or not. They have done nothing to date to deserve survival. As to whether they do in the future is up to them, as determined by their actions.
The FCC has an opportunity to do the right thing here. It also has an opportunity to do grave damage to the reputation of a commission which is supposed to serve the public interest.
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